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Want to learn how to create and execute a million dollar trading fraud? Here you go. The Virtnext Trading Application is a automated trading system that operates within the Binary Options arena. I was able to confirm that this scam has done over one million dollars in sales. Amazing marketing that appeals to the most desperate and vulnerable. A complete bullshit operation. Owner is threatening me with all sorts of lawsuits and legal mumbo jumbo. The guy is a complete and total fraud. The worst of the worst.

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Pros: Absolutely nothing to recommend.
Cons: A complete and total fraud. Owner of company is threatening to sue if I post this review. Its posted. Please sue me. Let the audience be the judge.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Virtnext

What is Virtnext? The Virtnext Application is an automated trading system that specifically trades binary options in the stock market. Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this review, I think that it is important to note a couple of different variables. The first is that I have now received 19 emails about this company. The tone and tenor of the emails are all the same, the complaints are remarkably congruent. In a nutshell, all of the complainants describe making trading deposits ranging from as low as $250 to as much as $30,000. Everyone claims to have lost money. Some have lost all of their money, while others have lost less. However, all are losers to various degrees. I confronted the owner of the company with my research and a compiled list of verified complainants.

The owner of the company did not take my accusations very well. In fact, after several weeks of going back and forth and attempting to verify the legitimacy of his magic trading software, he has now hired an attorney and is threatening a lawsuit. Apparently, he feels that the publishing of my research and my accompanied opinion is going to harm his business. His lawyer sent me a scathing 11 page cease and desist letter. In his letter he is threatening a federal lawsuit and has promised that any negative information whatsoever would constitute a claim of defamation of character. Though I cannot say too much about any pending litigation, I can tell you that I will not be cowered or intimidated by any trading vendor, or his ambulance chasing lawyer. In fact, I welcome his lawsuit and see any pending litigation as the perfect opportunity to bring more attention to this shit filled industry where anyone can make wild and outrageous claims of trading success and seemingly never feel the sting of financial regulators. With this in mind, lets jump into the evidence. The first is this 10 minute marketing video, that makes some remarkable claims of amazing trading success. One page one of the Virtnext.Co website, the company boldly proclaims, Watch the short video below to start making $18,000 EVERY WEEK from home.

Ok, so if you watched this ridiculous video, then you are probably laughing pretty hard at this bozo. But it gets better. Once you sign up to Learn More, you then are emailed the following short video. This one is even more ridiculous.

More amazing bullshitery. Just fund your account today and start making $18,000 each week with absolutely zero risk and guaranteed profit! And remember, the more you invest, the more guaranteed profits that you will earn. Has anyone ever witnessed a bigger scam in your entire life? How can this guy even make such outrageous claims? And threaten to sue me? Laughable. OK Dipshit, please sue me!

More Fraud

In addition to creating this nonsense video, the company owner has also created these wonderful visuals of supposed websites that have published glowing reviews of his amazing magic trading software. Have a look. What he has done is take snapshots of these reputable websites, and then created fake headlines. None of these articles were ever published on Bloomberg, Fortune, CNN Money, etc. Pure fraud and complete nonsense.

VT_Bloombergnews VT_financial times VT_Fortune VT_TheBuzz VT_Yahoo

More promises of riches

Whatever you do, don’t allow yourself to become part of this ass clown’s email list. Every morning, I receive an amazing update on how he turned yet another person into a overnight trading sensation. Complete with photos of expensive sports cars and exotic locations.

To make matters worse, when I registered for the “free software”, I also included my real cell phone number. At 3:30 AM CST, I received the first of several telephone calls from a boiler room Virtnext Assclownsalesman that offered me some amazing advise on how to increase my returns.

Harassing telephone calls from boiler rooms is not enough for this ass clown organization. He also sends me text messages to potential victims proclaiming how much the users of his amazing software are making on a daily basis. All “100% verified with real money accounts”. Amazing stuff folks.

The size and scope of this scam

Many of you reading this are probably just laughing at this ridiculous ass clown story. Generally speaking, most people would never fall for such a blatantly ridiculous fraud. And this guy actually went through all the trouble of finding and paying an ambulance chaser to draft a cease and desist letter. Maybe this fraud is bigger than I had imagined? It turns out that this fraud is indeed large.

More sleuthing and digging revealed that the Virtnext trading program has an affiliate program. I followed this lead and discovered that the affiliate program is managed by a company named What is Basically, someone like Virtnext brings his magic day trading software to ClickSure and then ClickSure distributes the affiliate opportunity to an army of professional online marketers. How much traction and audience did ClickSure bring to Virtnext? Plenty. A simply YouTube search of the keyword, “Virtnext” revealed over 3000 videos of people that have supposedly earned big bucks with this magic trading software.  Some of these videos are just plain outrageous, “real” stories of people earning $10,000 everyday with absolutely no risk and only a little investment.

Next, I signed up for the affiliate program at and then dug into the marketing statistics for the Virtnext affiliate program. Apparently for every referral, the Virtnext company is willing to pay $250 for each new customer that is signed up. How many people have signed up the Virtnext magic trading software? ClickSure has the Virtnext trading program listed as one its top sellers. Hope you are sitting down…ClickSure has sold over 4000 units. This means that Virtnext has paid out over $1,000,000 in affiliate commissions.

If Virtnext has paid out over $1,000,000 in affiliate commissions, then just imagine how much the ass clown owner of the company is earning. Its not wonder why he can afford a fancy New York City law firm (ambulance chasers) to come after me. I hope this ass clown actually does sue me. What a publicity jackpot this would be.

How the fraud really works

Some of you might be curious how this fraud is executed. Let me explain. Virtnext is selling an automated trading program that churns trades through various binary options brokers. Many readers might be unfamiliar with binary options. In a nutshell, a binary option is simply a wager on a security in which the counter party to the trade is the options broker. This is much different than trading through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange or the New York Stock Exchange. When you trade with the regulated exchanges, then these trades have a counter party with an actual person or company that is not affiliated with the exchange. For instance, when you trade an Emini contract to go long, then this trade is matched with a person that is going short. The price moves due to the auction market.

Binary options are different. The house is the counter party. In other words, when you go long the house is going short. In effect, the house is acting as a casino. The house has pre-programmed statistical advantage built into every single binary option. It does not matter how many trades the house takes, they are guaranteed a profit because each trade has a built in statistical advantage. So when you are trading binary options, you need to realize that you are nothing more than a person visiting a casino. My friends, this might be hard for some of you to read, but the casino always wins. Las Vegas was not built upon the back of winners.

The Virtnext program, in reality is more of an automated slot machine. The slot machine is going to earn a percentage based upon the net trading volume, no matter what. However, if you have 50 people that are simultaneously pulling the handles of the Virtnext slot machines, then the odds are built in such a way that a few are going to be big winners. These few are used as the marketing fodder that lure in the next group of suckers. So when the lawyers of Virtnext counter my claim that its a fraud, they in effect are absolutely correct. However, what Virtnext does not disclose is that the vast majority are guaranteed losers, simply because of how the slot machine is rigged to favor the house. Regardless of how much any person wins, at any time, if they stay long enough and play the Virtnext slot machine long enough…then they are a guaranteed loser.

More Fraud

I could write another 3000 words on what a shit show this company is. However, I will leave this review with a point of contention that I had with the Virtnext lawyer/ambulance chaser. Specifically, Virtnext is claiming that they manage money for some large and well know companies such as Dell, IBM, Shell, and Toyota. Have a look at this image clip that I took from the Virtnext website…


As I told the lawyer, this is complete hogwash and outright fraud for financial gain. Of course, he told me that I needed proof that these companies were not affiliated with Virtnext. And if I published this as a fraud, then this constitutes defamation per se. OK, Mr. Ambulance Chaser, I call your bluff. Sue me!

Wrapping Things Up

Virtnext is obviously a complete and total fraud. This is a criminal enterprise. This is what happens when the regulatory bodies in charge of oversight are so slow to move on these frauds. They can scam people out of millions of dollars before the regulators ever catch wind of the scam. The regulatory body that would have jurisdiction in this particular matter would be the CFTC, and of course, I have already filed the complaint and forwarded all of the evidence. In the meantime, hopefully this shit bag that owns this company will keep his promise and sue me.

Thanks for reading today’s review. Sorry it is yet another scammer. Wish I had more legit trading products to write about….unfortunately they are are hard to spot as Bigfoot.




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