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Yet another “full time professional trader of 20 years” that wants you to spend nearly $5,000 per year for magical trading indicators. Yet, this trading mentor has absolutely zero proof of trading success and refuses to verify amazing claims of profitability. A ridiculous marketing gimmick and resale of another companies indicator and educational package. Internet marketing at its finest. Avoid.

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Pros: Slick internet marketing
Cons: Owner claims to be a 20 year, full time professional trader, yet can provide absolutely no proof of prior trading success. Wants you to spend nearly $5,000 per year for magical trading indicators. Educational product for extreme newbies only, or the financially illiterate.

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What is Triumph At Trading? The business is a trading educational company founded by a person named, “Troy Taylor” claiming to be currently living in the Bahamas. I am including the quotations around the name because in all likelihood, this is not a real person.

A google search of the name “Troy Taylor” combined with “Bahamas” reveals that a person named Troy Taylor died in a plane crash in the Bahamas in 2007. Though this may be a tenuous string, and a bit of a conspiracy theory…Troy Taylor appears to have passed away in 2007, and then reappeared to 2014. The same year that Triumph At Trading and Troy Taylor magically appeared on the trading educational scene.

I also find it awfully strange that the person that owns Triumph At Trading, has absolutely no internet finger print whatsoever. In all likelyhood, the name Troy Taylor, the owner of Triumph At Trading is simply an alias, or nom de guerre.

Regardless, the existence of an anonymous name does not portend fraud. However, it certainly casts a great deal of suspicion. Especially from a person that claims to be a full time professional trader for the past 20 years.

Full time professional trader?

During the month of August 2016, I reached out to Troy Tailor and inquired about his product offering. Which includes several courses on Udemy, a market profile scanner $147 per month, an indicator suite at $247 per month, and a full immersion experience at $397 per month, which includes a live trading experience.

However, after digging around, it turns out that Troy Taylor is simply reselling the packages that are currently being offered by another trading company named TAS Market Profile. In fact, it appears that “Troy” is simply piggybacking and reselling someone else’s products and trading room.

So, is Troy Taylor a full time professional trader? He claims to be a full time professional trader for the past 20 years. Sounds great. But is there any proof? I asked . There is no proof. There is nothing. I was very direct with Troy and asked if there was absolutely anything that he could show that verifies his supposed trading success? Troy responded with the following:

I made an active choice to provide my services by letting the quality education, rigorous methodology and solid logic stand on it’s own.  I have not shared my statements with anyone including my top one-on-one clients.  It’s what little personal and financial information my wife and I keep to ourselves over the last 20 years.

So let me get this straight “Troy”, you are claiming to be a full time professional trader, and claim to have also trained many others to become full time professional traders, and you want the general public to simply trust you? To place the future of our finances in your magical trading indicators? This guy named Troy wants us to spend $4,764 every year to lease the magical trading indicators, and its all based upon trust?

Triumph At Trading

Why is it so difficult to provide even the most minuscule amount of proof? If I were a full time professional trader, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from trading, I would be more than happy to show a little bit of proof. But with Troy, apparently that is asking way too much.

Professional Marketer

This certainly is not Troy Taylor’s first run at selling trading stuff. He also has various other websites selling his magical trading indicators and lifestyle products:,,,

Did I miss any Troy?

Wrapping Things Up

Yet another trading mentor, offering magical trading indicators that cost nearly $5k per year to lease, but can proffer absolutely nothing that verifies his claims of being a 20 year, full time professional trader. In fact, after watching a few of the Udemy videos, YouTube videos, Twitter, Stock Twits posts, Facebook posts, and Google+ posts…it is painfully obvious that “Troy” has little to no experience at trading. Everything is spoken in generalities and long standing principles that can be found for free. My guess is that “Troy” simply scraped the internet for the best sounding free stuff and simply repackaged it into his own shitty little sandwich.

Troy, or whatever your real name is…please make me eat humble pie. Nothing would make me happier than to come back on this blog and draft a new review. I truly want to believe what you told me, “my indicators work on all markets, all time frames, all the time”. I truly want to believe that you have spent the past 20 years as a full time professional trader. But something tells me that your completely full of crap. In fact, I believe its far more likely that you are “Troy Taylor”, the scamming panhandler that made the local news, than a full time professional trader.

As always, thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment. Even the haters and kool-aid drinkers will find a warm response.


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