TradeGuider: Volume Spread Analysis the Holy Grail?

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Complete and total nonsense from a financial bozo. The owner of company claims to be a successful hedge fund manager. The hedge fund appears to be a figment of his overly active imagination. No hedge fund exists.

A collection of volume based indicators that cost thousands in upfront fee's, and hundreds of dollars each month to lease. Owner claims that his super-secret trading indicators can predict all markets, all time frames, all the time.

Live Trading Room is a complete and total joke. A pathetic infomercial akin to a fancy, table top chicken roaster. No live trades, no live trading account, no track record of trades, and absolutely no transparency.

Trading room moderators and mentors are a couple of knuckleheads with a long history of selling all manner of get-rich-quick schemes.

Absolutely avoid.

Thanks for reading today’s review of TradeGuider

What is TradeGuider? The company is a trading educational company that specializes in something called Volume Spread Analysis. The company occupies the following websites and social media profiles:

They claim that their proprietary trading indicators can predict future price direction on any time frame. It matters not if you are trading on one tick bars, 5 minutes bars, daily bars, or monthly bars, they claim that their trading indicators can predict the future “with incredible and amazing accuracy.”

TradeGuider claims that their trading software is used by “Hedge funds around the world.” And that these supposed hedge funds do not want you to know that they are using this super-secret software.

The company claims that their trading indicators work on all tradable markets. Including stocks, futures, Forex, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s, just about anything that is traded.

TradeGuider offers their trading indicators as a stand-alone software product, as well as an importable indicator package that is compatible with NinjaTrader, TradeStation, MT4, and Sierra Chart.

The company offers a monthly subscription service with the following price points:

  • $97 per month to use the indicators.
  • $197 per month includes alerts and chat area.
  • $297 per month includes an educational library and the ability to ask questions to a financial counselor.
  • $397 per month includes a “mini-mentorship” recorded training course.
  • $997 per month includes a scanner, charts, and “ultra-secrets.”

The company also offers a Lifetime Ownership package at $1997 and $197 per month.

In addition to these “Legacy Trading Products”, the company also sells a trading product called the “Wyckoff VSA Sharp Shooter Scalping Strategy” at $6,995 per person. The company claims that this software is Hedge Fund Professional Software that the company uses to manage the Wyckoff Williams Investment Portfolio Hedge Fund.

What is the Wyckoff Williams Investment Portfolio Hedge Fund?


Gavin “Fake Hedge Fund Manager” Holmes

The company claims the owner of the company, Gavin Holmes uses this super-secret software to manage a large, institutional hedge fund. TradingSchools.Org contacted TradeGuider in hopes of discovering the performance of this supposed institutional hedge fund. Gavin Holmes refused to provide any performance metrics for this supposed hedge fund. What better way to measure the efficacy of these super-secret trading indicators than to witness the supposed trading greatness of Gavin Holmes?

Unfortunately, Gavin Holmes refuses to talk about his own personal trading performance. Or the performance or his supposed hedge fund. TradingSchools.Org ran a thorough and exhaustive background check in an attempt to discover the truth about this supposed hedge fund. None exists.

It appears that the Wyckoff Williams Investment Portfolio Hedge Fund is nothing more than a ruse. It is an attempt to manipulate prospective purchasers into believing that the software is somehow special, or exclusive. That it is used by a “Hedge Fund.”

The title of this supposed Wyckoff Williams Investment Portfolio Hedge Fund sounds fancy, authoritative, mysterious. Unfortunately, this supposed “Hedge Fund” does not exist.

The owner of TradeGuider, Gavin Holmes also makes some bold and grandiose claims about himself. Including:

  • He has developed a 6th sense.
  • He can harness universal laws to bring him whatever he wants.
  • Uses vibrational energy to effect any outcome.
  • Can communicate with pets using only mind power.
  • Understands the science of communication with God.

Gavin Holmes is certainly not ego-deficient. What will he think of next? A magic cape that allows him to fly? Bizarre.

Inside the TradeGuider Live Trading Room

TradeGuider does offer a live trading room that is moderated by either Danny Younes or Steve Phillips. TradingSchools.Org attending several of these “live trading sessions” and witnessed no live trading whatsoever.

Instead, the “live trading room” can best be described as an infomercial. A sales presentation for the software. Where the trading room moderator will skillfully weave in and out of various charts. Displaying how the software worked perfectly…in hindsight.

We asked for a trading record of calls within the live trading room. None exists.

We asked for a trading record of either Danny Younes or Steve Phillips. The trading mentors and trading room moderators. None exists.

Danny Younes

Danny “Professional Charlatan” Younes

Danny Younes, a long time “investment educator” and formerly employed by a company named The Financial Freedom Institute. Selling all manner of get-rich-quick investment and multi-level marketing schemes out of Australia.

Danny Younes also sells another online money making scheme named A ridiculous scheme where you can sit on your computer and “Get Paid To View Ads“.

Steve Phillips

Steve “The Rastaman” Phillips

Steve Phillips, selling all manner of trading wizardry at He will personally teach you to trade for only $14,995. If you don’t like Steve Phillips trading products, you can also hire him for $5 to write you a song at

How is anyone supposed to verify the authenticity of these three-trading-stooges when none have a verifiable track record of trading results?

More nonsense from Gavin Holmes

In 2016, Gavin Holmes claims to have traveled and traded currency futures live in front of an exclusive private audience at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. That this was some sort of groundbreaking event to display his new Wyckoff VSA Sharp Shooter Scalping Strategy. However, the currency futures trading pit located at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has long been shuttered.

All Chicago Mercantile Exchange currency futures contracts are traded electronically from a data center in Aurora Illinois. Nowhere near the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Once again, another display of ego and narcissism by Gavin Holmes. This story of his travels to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange dovetails perfectly into his supposed Wyckoff Williams Investment Portfolio Hedge Fund. A hedge fund that nobody has ever heard of.

Wrapping Things Up

TradeGuider, what a joke. Let’s wrap this up…we have a fake hedge fund manager named Gavin Holmes. Whom claims to talk to God, can predict the future with his magic trading indicators, has a 6th sense, can communicate telepathically with household pets, is a master guru in new age philosophy. And has no verifiable track record of trading. No trading account. No nothing that he has ever earned a nickel at trading the markets.

And then we have Danny Younes, a long time hustler out of Australia. Selling multi-level marketing schemes; has worked for a sad and sorry string of now defunct trading educational companies, and in addition to being a “full-time professional trader” is also peddling a course on how to make money online by simply watching advertisements.

And finally, we have the lovable Steve Phillips, who just wants to smoke rasta all day long and listen to music. Somehow, after a very long night of smoking weed and partying, he awoke to discover that he also is a “full-time professional trader” and trading mentor.

The three stooges.

Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to leave a comment.

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I finally told Gavin’s wife to remove my name from his email list. I also told her that I had never seen Gavin trade with more than one contract. Possibly the best trade I saw him in might have made 75 dollars!!! What a hoax!! BEWARE!! I am glad for sites as this. Thanks for your work!!!

Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips
Emmett should try sitting in the trading room with me for 6 months 3 hours a day and see for himself. Then I would appreciate a correct analysis based on the facts. Follow along and track the Performance. My agenda is to help others help themselves. Emmett I suggest you hangout with me so I can help you along the way and you can come up with an unbiased opinion based on your trading experience with me. I will show you how to trade successfully in the market. This is Steve Phillips thanks for the nickname peace and love brother!.… Read more »
Jed Dye
Gavin Holmes is nothing but an actor and a marketing sales guy. He studied drama at Southampton Tech College Gavin Holmes has probably never traded real $$$ on a live account. I have watched several of his videos when he says he is trading his live account real $$$ when he is not. All you have to do is watch his last video on YouTube. and I will explain. On this video he says he is trading his real live account. To trade a real live account you need to be logged in. He says he is trading… Read more »

I have been a victim of these fraudsters. I spent years spinning like hamster trying to eek out a profit from this rubbish. Thanks for exposing these crooks. Surprisingly they keep on selling this crap to gullible sheep like I was .

Mike M

I’m glad to see Emmett exposing these fraudsters. Hopefully, the more informed the general public becomes, the shorter amount of time these scammers are in business.


The uptrend in web traffic for Gal Crooks shows no end. The sad truth is the majority of the most deplorable of these fraudsters only stop when they are physically and or mentally incapable of continuing their frauds due to biogenetic decay or incarceration. The mass consumers are like girls gleefully bended to the will of these beasts.

Nobody Special
Nobody Special

You used your ‘words’ beautifully writing this review. 4.5 out of 5 star review!

Rob B
I have to comment on this one as I am familiar with it. As I have posted in the past, my trading does not mirror any specific guru, but I am a student of Wyckoff. So I am familiar with Gavin who came from Tom Williams and VSA, Dr. Gary and all the other so called Wyckoff disciples. And here is my take. These Wyckoff TR operators have done what all the other con artist TR operators have done. There concepts are based on the concepts from “REAL” profitable traders from the past, but then they turn these concepts into… Read more »

Wow! All these reviews bring up so many bad memories of my trading past. I remember these guys from 2003!! Back then my idealistic tendencies made me think there was something worthwhile out there. Never sent these guys a dime but remember Gavin from a seminar for Tradeguider I sat in on.

Your website is a timeline of my Boulevard of Broken Trading Dreams!!

Mike M

Mike that was a great post with undertones of believing in fantasy as I did for many years. I couldn’t have said it better myself. “idealistic tendencies” is what these fraudulent sites are hoping to hit a nerve with in new traders. They are looking to cash in on a dream of easy riches in a very short period of time. In the meantime, they will charge you until you run out of money or realize they can not trade and do not trade.


So true brother.. I felt something was really “wrong” with this industry years ago but I’ll be damned if this website hit home the fact that it is way more corrupt than I ever wanted to believe… I think there’s been only a handful of reviews over 2 stars and even some of those have been proven to be less than stellar.

If something decent does come along that would be great but I have significantly lowered my expectations!!!