TradeGuider: Volume Spread Analysis the Holy Grail?

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Complete and total nonsense from a financial bozo. The owner of company claims to be a successful hedge fund manager. The hedge fund appears to be a figment of his overly active imagination. No hedge fund exists.

A collection of volume based indicators that cost thousands in upfront fee’s, and hundreds of dollars each month to lease. Owner claims that his super-secret trading indicators can predict all markets, all time frames, all the time.

Live Trading Room is a complete and total joke. A pathetic infomercial akin to a fancy, table top chicken roaster. No live trades, no live trading account, no track record of trades, and absolutely no transparency.

Trading room moderators and mentors are a couple of knuckleheads with a long history of selling all manner of get-rich-quick schemes.

Absolutely avoid.

Thanks for reading today’s review of TradeGuider

What is TradeGuider? The company is a trading educational company that specializes in something called Volume Spread Analysis. The company occupies the following websites and social media profiles:

They claim that their proprietary trading indicators can predict future price direction on any time frame. It matters not if you are trading on one tick bars, 5 minutes bars, daily bars, or monthly bars, they claim that their trading indicators can predict the future “with incredible and amazing accuracy.”

TradeGuider claims that their trading software is used by “Hedge funds around the world.” And that these supposed hedge funds do not want you to know that they are using this super-secret software.

The company claims that their trading indicators work on all tradable markets. Including stocks, futures, Forex, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s, just about anything that is traded.

TradeGuider offers their trading indicators as a stand-alone software product, as well as an importable indicator package that is compatible with NinjaTrader, TradeStation, MT4, and Sierra Chart.

The company offers a monthly subscription service with the following price points:

  • $97 per month to use the indicators.
  • $197 per month includes alerts and chat area.
  • $297 per month includes an educational library and the ability to ask questions to a financial counselor.
  • $397 per month includes a “mini-mentorship” recorded training course.
  • $997 per month includes a scanner, charts, and “ultra-secrets.”

The company also offers a Lifetime Ownership package at $1997 and $197 per month.

In addition to these “Legacy Trading Products”, the company also sells a trading product called the “Wyckoff VSA Sharp Shooter Scalping Strategy” at $6,995 per person. The company claims that this software is Hedge Fund Professional Software that the company uses to manage the Wyckoff Williams Investment Portfolio Hedge Fund.

What is the Wyckoff Williams Investment Portfolio Hedge Fund?


Gavin “Fake Hedge Fund Manager” Holmes

The company claims the owner of the company, Gavin Holmes uses this super-secret software to manage a large, institutional hedge fund. TradingSchools.Org contacted TradeGuider in hopes of discovering the performance of this supposed institutional hedge fund. Gavin Holmes refused to provide any performance metrics for this supposed hedge fund. What better way to measure the efficacy of these super-secret trading indicators than to witness the supposed trading greatness of Gavin Holmes?

Unfortunately, Gavin Holmes refuses to talk about his own personal trading performance. Or the performance or his supposed hedge fund. TradingSchools.Org ran a thorough and exhaustive background check in an attempt to discover the truth about this supposed hedge fund. None exists.

It appears that the Wyckoff Williams Investment Portfolio Hedge Fund is nothing more than a ruse. It is an attempt to manipulate prospective purchasers into believing that the software is somehow special, or exclusive. That it is used by a “Hedge Fund.”

The title of this supposed Wyckoff Williams Investment Portfolio Hedge Fund sounds fancy, authoritative, mysterious. Unfortunately, this supposed “Hedge Fund” does not exist.

The owner of TradeGuider, Gavin Holmes also makes some bold and grandiose claims about himself. Including:

  • He has developed a 6th sense.
  • He can harness universal laws to bring him whatever he wants.
  • Uses vibrational energy to effect any outcome.
  • Can communicate with pets using only mind power.
  • Understands the science of communication with God.

Gavin Holmes is certainly not ego-deficient. What will he think of next? A magic cape that allows him to fly? Bizarre.

Inside the TradeGuider Live Trading Room

TradeGuider does offer a live trading room that is moderated by either Danny Younes or Steve Phillips. TradingSchools.Org attending several of these “live trading sessions” and witnessed no live trading whatsoever.

Instead, the “live trading room” can best be described as an infomercial. A sales presentation for the software. Where the trading room moderator will skillfully weave in and out of various charts. Displaying how the software worked perfectly…in hindsight.

We asked for a trading record of calls within the live trading room. None exists.

We asked for a trading record of either Danny Younes or Steve Phillips. The trading mentors and trading room moderators. None exists.

Danny Younes

Danny “Professional Charlatan” Younes

Danny Younes, a long time “investment educator” and formerly employed by a company named The Financial Freedom Institute. Selling all manner of get-rich-quick investment and multi-level marketing schemes out of Australia.

Danny Younes also sells another online money making scheme named A ridiculous scheme where you can sit on your computer and “Get Paid To View Ads“.

Steve Phillips

Steve “The Rastaman” Phillips

Steve Phillips, selling all manner of trading wizardry at He will personally teach you to trade for only $14,995. If you don’t like Steve Phillips trading products, you can also hire him for $5 to write you a song at

How is anyone supposed to verify the authenticity of these three-trading-stooges when none have a verifiable track record of trading results?

More nonsense from Gavin Holmes

In 2016, Gavin Holmes claims to have traveled and traded currency futures live in front of an exclusive private audience at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. That this was some sort of groundbreaking event to display his new Wyckoff VSA Sharp Shooter Scalping Strategy. However, the currency futures trading pit located at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has long been shuttered.

All Chicago Mercantile Exchange currency futures contracts are traded electronically from a data center in Aurora Illinois. Nowhere near the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Once again, another display of ego and narcissism by Gavin Holmes. This story of his travels to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange dovetails perfectly into his supposed Wyckoff Williams Investment Portfolio Hedge Fund. A hedge fund that nobody has ever heard of.

Wrapping Things Up

TradeGuider, what a joke. Let’s wrap this up…we have a fake hedge fund manager named Gavin Holmes. Whom claims to talk to God, can predict the future with his magic trading indicators, has a 6th sense, can communicate telepathically with household pets, is a master guru in new age philosophy. And has no verifiable track record of trading. No trading account. No nothing that he has ever earned a nickel at trading the markets.

And then we have Danny Younes, a long time hustler out of Australia. Selling multi-level marketing schemes; has worked for a sad and sorry string of now defunct trading educational companies, and in addition to being a “full-time professional trader” is also peddling a course on how to make money online by simply watching advertisements.

And finally, we have the lovable Steve Phillips, who just wants to smoke rasta all day long and listen to music. Somehow, after a very long night of smoking weed and partying, he awoke to discover that he also is a “full-time professional trader” and trading mentor.

The three stooges.

Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to leave a comment.

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Brian (@guest_5057293)
7 months ago

I’m a plumber and farmer , one contractor that I worked for a few years told me there is only one way to plumb and that’s the right way! He is the best I ever seen and learned very must from him. Been trading for lots of years and seen mostly everything. Point is if there is desire to learn and master these platforms , They all work, because you know there is a chance they will not preform to you satisfaction .The VSA makes complete sense to me. I been looking at is free web cams and books all makes sense to me. I know for sure the markets are rigged in a way that greenhorns will always get in at the wrong time. The money is made at the start of the trend ,with a volume spike , we know volume and it’s not all buying .The trend starts in the middle of night when your sleeping and the greenhorns get in the morning to get wipped sawed. Ted Murrey of Murrey Math is out of business I may have the only working software in the world . I posted some charts on Yahoo . I will be looking into this VSA software with my eyes wide open , These reviews sure made me think twice .

upticktrader (@guest_32067)
3 years ago

Several months ago I bought a subscription to the short term intra-day signals. Sounded very good and interesting in the promo. (Don’t they ALL?!) What a joke in the real world. For 5 days in a row not one single signal could EVEN BE EXECUTED! The signals given were very far out of range of the price. I kept emailing telling them something was wrong. Even sent screenshots to show that there was a problem. No answer.
I cancelled, after emailing exact specific data several times. How could he give levels to trade from when they were MILES from the price of the day. 2 weeks of not one single trade triggered!
Gavin was supposed to contact me, they said when I finally got a reply. Never did. I guess he was too busy with his big hedge fund that was so much more important than the people he sold his new trade alert service to!
FYI, I bought TradeGuider years ago. Never made money with it. Thought it was just ME. Maybe not…yet it seemed to make sense on the logical level. Heard a number of Tom’s workshops, which were interesting and I learned form the concept of the whole VSA. But me and 4 of my friends could not make money with it. I had hoped it had evolved but my experience was very poor with this.

jOHN (@guest_31137)
3 years ago

Seb please accept my apologies i was so eager to compose a reply that i misread your involvement regarding your post obviously have no affiliation to Holmes or mistake..

jOHN (@guest_31134)
3 years ago

Seb is obviously a personal friend of Holmes and no doubt receiving financial reward as who in their right mind would compose rubbish of this calibre regarding Traddingschools and Emmett Moore….
Are you Sebastian Mamby by any chance ?.
The bottom line is this, Gavin Holmes is an egotistical liar, this individual sold Tradeguider 4 software almost a decade ago on the promise of a free upgrade to tg5 within a 12 month period… on numerous occasions in his webinars software owners asked the question “When will the free upgrade be available” the answer from Holmes always the same “Should be within the next few months” almost ten years later nothing……Tradeguider 5 has never materialised…no upgrade has ever replaced TG4 free of charge.. Holmes sold software on false promises this reflects on a person’s character….Holmes was in the police force no doubt a bent copper and one not to be trusted….

How ever Tom Williams was taken in by this individual i will never know….Tom was a gentleman thru and thru and would never have been the subject of scorn and derision as seen on these pages and elsewhere online…..
Holmes honesty and integrity is in serious doubt…the infamous MASSIVE MARKET COLLAPSE email of September 12 17 appears to have put a end to emergency alerts as Holmes ego was obviously deflated from his incorrect market analysis..
IT still remains to be seen if Holmes is a profitable trader, the jury is still out on this one and i would not write him of regarding his ability… as i have said before …he was tutored by the best (Tom Williams)…
Holmes is a disgrace to Tom Williams name and that is the greatest condemnation of them all………………..

Seb (@guest_31107)
3 years ago

This is the answer. He tried to blackmail us last year, FBI is aware. Details are as follows, he does this to many trading rooms.

I emailed Gavin Holmes and asked him about this review, this was his reply:
Thanks for your email regarding

I wanted to respond personally to put the record straight.

This so called review site is a scam. This guy tried to blackmail TradeGuider last year and threatened to post bad reviews if we did not pay him $2000. He has also done this to many other companies.

This is some of the information on Emmett Moore who claims to do the reviews, and I can confirm not only has he never been a customer of ours he has also never had access to our live trading room or any of our software, so how can he can post this review with no experience of our company.

I enclose chapter nine of my book which explains my beliefs that Mr Moore makes fun off. There is always negative people on this planet but I choose not to engage with such people.

Here is our complaints record at Better Business Bureau which is an accredited organization in the US that deals with genuine customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

We have had no complaints logged since we opened our office in Chicago 14 years ago.

Seb (@guest_31116)
3 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

I agree that Gavin should do this. in sharing his results, as should everyone else. The great thing about belief systems is that they are subject to change. This is the only other review I can find:

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_31118)
3 years ago
Reply to  Seb

Investicamers is not a reputable source on which you can base your decision about the validity of a vendor or his/her product. Try writing a negative review and negative responses to the vendors on that site and see how far you get. It’s simple. If a vendor can’t or won’t display their verified track record they’re a scam and you should move on.

trader cloud
trader cloud (@guest_31833)
3 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Emmett you are a genius with big balls, I bought this software just as Tom Williams passed it over to Gavin, I bought a lifetime licence, when needing an update from a computer crash they had no record of my purchase. Then got duped into needing to pay for upgrades.
Tom was the real deal. Wish I got involved before he left. baad vibes I ran a mile.

GemBow (@guest_31115)
3 years ago
Reply to  Seb

“Better Business Bureau which is an accredited organization in the US that deals with genuine customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction.”

Please explain how the BBB “is an accredited organization.”

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_31119)
3 years ago
Reply to  GemBow

@ GemBow, It’s not. Seb’s post suggests that being a member of the Better Business Bureau offers some form of protection or guarantee of legitimate service and standards but it does none of that. “The Better Business Bureau is not affiliated with any governmental agency. Businesses that affiliate with the BBB and adhere to its standards do so through industry self-regulation.” (good ol’ Wikipedia) What that means is you pay your money to BBB and they take you at your word that you’ll behave but they don’t check and in return you get to use their logo. It’s a bit like trusting that horny teenage boy not to shag your daughter because he promises that he won’t if you let him take her away on the Spring Break beach trip.

GemBow (@guest_31121)
3 years ago
Reply to  Stray Dog

Stray Dog,


I used to own and operate a small business. The BBB contacted me about joining, so I know what you mean. The BBB is practically a scam, too.

GemBow (@guest_31123)
3 years ago
Reply to  Seb

“I wanted to respond personally to put the record straight.”

You have not provided any “record.” That’s the problem.

Cyn (@guest_31126)
3 years ago
Reply to  Seb

Yes, of course, you did enclose Chapter Nine of your book. It is as visible as your proof of profitability. I guess that is why I can see neither of them? No?

alex (@guest_31025)
3 years ago

I attended a london seminar few years ago prior to Tom Williams passing – he was there and made some brief presentation; They were expecting alot more people than showed up that day and watching gavin and his crew there was something in physically being there that i needed after many of the webinar/youtubes that i had listened to from the past. More from tom’s book and some of the basisc i know all i need to know in reading the chart and continue to apply ; but they are missing key pieces of knowledge particularly as they speak mostly of futures and FX of liquidity and market structure; this became apparent from some other more quality training i attended the last few years. I am grateful to what they have shared but alas they have just become a sales marketing machine .. constantly churning out WAY OVERPRICED software under the guidance of gregory who was there. It is constantly sold at a ‘very special’ price that like with retail and online shopping now you would be a fool to ever pay full price – even at 50% discount and their sharp shooting smart centre control centre – it is still over priced.
I asked gavin there about their hedge fund .. and received no answer and others asked too and still to this date – does it exist or is it used as smoke and mirrors to add to their sales pitch. For someone who claims to have been sherlock holmes a police man there is something i DO NOT trust about this guy; he is the epitome of what is ugly about this industry. His attempts to predict the collapse in gold or other instruments are laughable .. like in hindsight he will say i told you on that day … to the lemmings who follow his tips unless you shorted at exactly the right place .. you would likely have lost or your account would not have been big enough to take the trade – this is where his EGO has gone haywire .. he is being tested by life and the universe and his greed and is classically following the same pattern and journey of other self proclaimed ‘gurus’ – a guru he is not .. a salesman yes ; a pioneer in the ‘secret’ or the law of attraction he is not – he reduces it to an absurd level of simplicity – but perhaps i do see he is trying to communicate how one things can affect ones state of mind – but he misses out so much more – again he has contrived and twisted this law to suit his sales agenda and for this i question his integrity and his intent. I would say overall beware and think very carefully on spending $6000 or more or even when on ‘special sale’ for ‘only the first 20 customers …. his false sales tactics are so false and transparent. Read tom williams free book .. practice reading and marking charts .. even go to forexfactory and there are some good forums there – gavin tried to undermine and trash some of those forums because he was losing out to customers .. ignore gavin and read some of the material there – tradeguider from other postings here will take your money … and in a few years you will need to pay more for upgrades etc … seems loyal customers of the past have been stung on this as gavin and his crew move on to fresh new naive traders who arent aware of their past.

Pete (@guest_30519)
3 years ago

Emmett, you need to be a lot more careful before you give out poor quality info. Tradeguider (based on VSA and of course Wyckoff) is (if there was one) the Holy Grail. Make no mistake. Gavin Holmes may be many things but he is a promoter of VSA and that is a good thing. You should try it yourself – or maybe you are only a critic?

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_30529)
3 years ago
Reply to  Pete


You cannot be serious! Is this the same Pete that lost all his school loan money trading Al Brook’s Method?

As someone that has stated on numerous occasion that the closest method to the way I trade is Wyckoff I think I am qualified to comment. NO METHOD IS THE HOLLY GRAIL; PERIOD!!

I have talked about my Holly Grails and they have nothing to do with the reason you take a trade. Honestly I think you could almost use any reason (within rational limits) on why you take a trade. The Holly Grail is about everything else that surrounds the trade, such as being properly funded, not being leveraged 500 to 1, only risking a certain % risk per trade, not using any arbitrary targets or stop losses and so forth.

John (@guest_30498)
3 years ago

I also received the Tradeguider emergency e mail alert on the 11/9/17 predicting an imminent market collapse on or around 12/9/17…on the 12th Holmes presented a webinar to coincide with his dire market prediction…if you go over to Youtube you will see the presentation “the power of belief” at around the 2:01:47 mark almost at the end of the presentation a member of the audience unfortunately asks Holmes the question “Is there likely to be an imminent market collapse”to which Holmes replies “Good question !!!!!!!….it is plain to see that if the question had not have been asked no mention whatsoever would have been made of Holmes flawed analysis of market conditions.. In answer to the question the ego driven  Holmes gave a performance a frontbench politician would have been proud of, Gav is indeed a sultan of spin.. since Holmes prediction both the Dow and S&p 500 have made record highs….
This is not the first times Holmes has made inaccurate predictions and then attempted  to cover his tracks.. these alerts are sent out mainly with the intention of getting newbie traders to sign up for the webinars so Holmes can go thru the sales patter regarding the over priced Smart center pro and Sharp shooter software………..

IT is about time Holmes stepped down from the helm of Tradeguider his ego driven attitude and misleading statements are a discredit to the trading community…emergency e mail alerts that mislead novice traders into possibly making poor trading decisions are no help to anyone …
I am surprised that Holmes has not sent out a further emergency Email regarding the “end of a rising market” indicator on the daily Dow 15/9/17. ,,keep an eye on your inbox!!!!!

Gotcha Bar
Gotcha Bar (@guest_30484)
3 years ago


A massive market collapse is imminent and this could happen tomorrow, Tuesday 12th September 2017 or soon after.

No Demand at market top’s is a strong indication of market weakness, however, we also see potential for a massive Shakeout in the markets internationally which means we can all buy at lower prices and not at the tops.


Martin (@guest_29741)
3 years ago

If you think tradeguider is even close to Wyckoff then I urge the reader to re consider .
We also knew Tom dating back to 1997 – he never did proclaim to be. Wckoff expert even though he studied the course. His concept was a very crude interpretation based on early computer programming and mere study to see if the v v v basic principles would manifest in a given timeframe. He was a very nice humble guy who would be happy to chat logic .

So forward 2017 and having the occasional glacé to see what antics are being pedalled – if you think this is how the professional operates within a market please take time to research. .A few limited conridictory points of difference between classic chart reading (Wyckoff) and utter rubbish we have noticed being the ‘pitch’ . Tradeguider insist of a no trade zone and the waiting of confirmation next bar or bottom reversal followed by something with a green arrow or bell going off! Take time to study Wckoff and even for free these days and you will learn that time based volume on a given bar is market suicide and the mention of smart money is waiting for your crude analysis marking off these areas taught by these clowns. It’s a flawed spin off in order to sell complete heartbreakingly nonsense to newbies wanting to better themselves.
Please please please avoid and take the time to really educate yourself in Wyckoff before entering this most hardest of businesses directions.. It really is NOT hedge fund software the industry uses but rather laughs at!


jOHN (@guest_29403)
3 years ago

Tom Williams has been around a long time i started using his software some twenty seven years ago, it then went by the name of Genie then vsa and finally when Gavin Sherlock Holmes came on the scene Tradeguider….  
Tom Williams was always the real deal,very humble and unassuming. his computerization of the  Wyckoff method in the early 90s together with programmer Bob Harwood  produced some of the the best trading software available with the signals being uncannily accurate….the learning curve to master volume spread analysis is not an easy one…like most skills it takes time and effort …but once learned and then put into practice with a trading plan and discipline it is one the most powerful  trading tools you will ever own…
I have traded Toms methods for years using nothing else but his software.. not that you need the programme .once you can read a chart using volume and spread analysis you can use charts produced from Investing .com or any other free provider…
So as regards Tom Williams and vsa….this man was honest..a real trader …and 100% genuine..
Enter Gavin Sherlock Holmes around the year 2000 ..if you have listened to Holmes then the story of his association with Tom is well documented i can only assume that Holmes was far less egotistical than he is now for Tom to even consider him as the heir apparent…
Holmes has morphed into everything Tom Williams was not …egotistical..dishonest..and a pain in the ass to listen to…on and on about his house in the national forest…his trips around the world …his time as a working class copper ..the list is neverending…
May be Holmes should spend the same amount of time explaining to those that purchased Tradeguider 4 on the promise of a free upgrade to TG5 where that upgrade is …that promise was made almost a decade ago..Holmes should THINK ,LINK,CREATE on this one and use his now famous “law of attraction” to bring TG5 into the present moment free of charge to those who qualify……..   
Their is no doubt that Tom Williams choose the wrong man as regards honesty and regards trading skills i would not underestimate Holmes ability as a trader..after all he was tutored by the best..and i think Trading Schools may have underestimated him in this respect…i think you will find Sherlock has the last laugh on this one ….
TO sum up, Tom Williams left us a great legacy and traders should learn his invaluable’s such a pity that Gavin Sherlock Holmes is part of that legacy…..       

Pete (@guest_30518)
3 years ago
Reply to  jOHN

You got that right John. RIP Tom Williams – Long Live VSA

Mark (@guest_28923)
3 years ago

I have been a customer of tradeguider for several years. I have never known anyone affiliated with Tradeguider to sell dreams of easy riches. They definitely tell you it is possible to make money but never sell it as easy. Tradeguider is a system that is only a good as the operator. If you are an impulsive trader you will fail with Tradeguider. If you have no plan of action you will fail. But if you carefully read the dialogue boxes on the program and back that up with an understanding of the principles and have the ability to patiently wait for a high probability set up you can make money with Tradeguider. I feel this site has been very unfair to Gavin and Tradeguider. I have been an impulsive and impatient trader and failed miserably with Tradeguider but somehow when I am able to sit and wait for a good set up I do well.

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_28929)
3 years ago
Reply to  Mark

” feel this site has been very unfair to Gavin and Tradeguider.”

The problem is what you just wrote is what every scammer writes. Sorry but it is meaningless. Yes meaningless hearsay. There is only one thing that matters and that is can the TR Operator actually trade what they sell profitably. Nothing else matter, Period!!!! If you have such high confidence then tell Gavin to show Emmett proof he trades profitable. It really is not complicated, but difficult yes as all these Con Artist TR operators are just that scammers who cannot trade their way out of a paper bag. But you can be the 1st to prove me wrong and get Gavin to show proof of this claims.

Mark (@guest_28932)
3 years ago
Reply to  Rob B

Rob B I am not a scammer. I am not employed by Tradeguider. I have never been employed by Tradeguider and other than being a customer I have no interest in the company. I have not been in a Tradeguider room since October when a British and an American ran it. The American did not have his series …whatever it was that was needed to run the room so t had to shut down. That is unfortunate because he was very skilled with VSA and a good online teacher. However, I do not care for trading rooms. There are scores of people competing for the attention of the moderator and I often miss trades that may be called because I get bored listening to them address other traders trading markets I don’t trade among other reasons.
I feel you are looking for a holy grail trading room when none will ever exist. It is far too difficult to make money following someone else in fast moving markets. Tradeguider sells a philosophy that when applied with patience and understanding works well and a trader does not need someone else telling him when to enter and exit. I have no doubt that if the moderator made a profitable trade and called out his entry and exits as they happened a great number if not the majority of listeners would manage to mess it up for themselves and lose money. It is the trader’s own responsibility to learn a method that works for him. He needs to accept probability and accept losses will happen and not blow himself up emotionally over losses. If one employs discipline one can succeed with a crude understanding of the markets. The vast majority of us lack the proper discipline to discover a method that works and keep losses small while maturing as a trader. It is just as easy to blow your account up and do great damage to your personal life with Tradeguider if you don’t use it properly as it is with any other program. But if you use it well with patience and discipline it is a magical money machine, as the late Tom Williams, the founder of Tradeguider said many times in webinars and other videos “…that no one can take away from you.”
I do not disagree there are charlatans out there that do not know how to trade and are focused on taking your money by selling dreams they are not capable of fulfilling. I have been watching Gavin for years and look forward to meeting him at an event in Chicago at the CME later this month. Gavin knows how to trade well. I don’t need to see his account record to know that. I have seen him call many trades before they happen. Gavin and Tradeguider are not charlatans.

Mike M
Mike M (@guest_28937)
3 years ago
Reply to  Mark

Mark, I hope the method works for you and that you will make money in the market. However, IMO, if the master can not prove that he can trade the method he teaches successfully then what chance will the student have to produce similar results. As you stated trading is very difficult and requires discipline, determination and confidence in the method, but if the student loses faith in the method then the chance of success is zero. Once the student questions the method during draw downs, at the very least the new trader can try to remain diligent by knowing that the teacher has skin in the game and produces from his strategy. The new trader can refine his game and discern where he is failing at reproducing the method properly. Unfortunately, what has been proven time and time again is the fact that 99.99 percent don’t trade live and may have never been profitable. Rob B is trying to get newbies to think logically. If the teacher can’t do it successfully what makes you think it will work for you. The new trader’s chance of survival is minimal at best, with a failed strategy it is zero. I believe that some people that have been scammed don’t want to see it happen again and that’s what you get from this website. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_28939)
3 years ago
Reply to  Mark

“I feel you are looking for a holy grail trading room when none will ever exist.”

You say you are not involved with the room but then just spit out typically scammer nonsense. Any legit person would have addressed the issue I brought up instead of going on an on about how legit Gavin is. Gavin refuses to show any proof he can trade profitably. Anyone can do that. Create a room and claim to trade profitable is easy, showing proof is another thing. And if you were legit you would be the 1st person to demand he shows proof of his claims.

Mark (@guest_28934)
3 years ago
Reply to  Rob B

BTW I just reread your post and there is one thing that I strongly disagree with. “There is only one thing that matters and that is can the TR Operator actually trade what they sell profitably. Nothing else matter, Period!!!! ”
The only thing that matters to me is can I trade what they sell profitably.
I have seen Gavin trade profitably . But I have become bored to tears waiting for others, Gavin included, to show me their trades everyday only for me to step away and miss the set up. I have not been in the room recently but I have seen other moderators successfully employ Tradeguider principles. They all have their own style of trading but the core principles remain the same.
But again if I cannot trade another’s program profitably but they can I don’t care. There are many out there using a confusing array of lagging indicators selling their programs for ridiculous prices that I will never make money trading with.

Mark Walmsley
Mark Walmsley (@guest_28599)
3 years ago

Heres my take. I have spent years learning about trading from different stratergies to price action trading to Gann to Hurst to vsa and I have to say VSA has had me make the most consistent and biggest profits ever. My trading is based off of price action VSA and some other bits and pieces I have learnt along the way. I first came across VSA from a lady called Anna Couling whom I read a book from. Since then I have read about every volume based trading book there is, and then I came across Tom Williams book. Not only was it free it also gave the best rundown of using VSA out of any VSA book I had read.

I have also read Gavins book which (because a newer book) gives an even better rundown of VSA in my opinion. Now I am in no way affiliated to them and have never used their software (and by god Gavin Holmes is the most annoying salesman I have ever come across, even Tom Williams death was spun into a advert for VSA!) but I can vouch that their principles work and are based on common sense. They do work! I dont know if their system works but I imagine it does although from my understanding there is a large element or human decision to it.

I have come across many stratergies that people say are scams that I know arent and I think people say these things because they failed to use them correctly! People want their hand holded and to be told when to sell and when not to and they dont want to put the time and effort into trading and maybe the onez that do that still fail just arent cut out to make money from the markets! I know people dont want to hear that but I hear so many people moaning and calling things scams when they clearly arent I cant see any other reason for it.

I know Gavin is a salesman and I am sure he is a liar as I can just hear his character from listening to him for a while and maybe his whole thing is to sell this product and not make money trading but the fact is the principles work. I am not saying to buy their software or books but to not trade with VSA is setting yourself up to fail. Regardless of whether any of them have ever traded a day in their lives what they are teaching works!

I wonder what peoples take on Tom Williams is? Was he a scam artist? Is every other VSA trade and educator a con artist? I am really interested in hearing this. Did Tom Williams ever work for a trading syndicate or was this all a load of rubbish too? These are genuine questions. Even if I were to find out Tom Williams was a con artist it still wouldnt take away from the fact that what he has taught me has I believe been the most valuable thing I have ever learnt trading wise!

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_28610)
3 years ago
Reply to  Mark Walmsley

Really? Here is the problem with your motherhood statement, they say nothing! I have talked about the way I trade most resembles Wyckoff. The problem with these TR Operators is they take concepts and turn them into complete nonsense. Telling people they can trade a small account using a high 500 to 1 leverage and trade a highly volatile instrument such as CL by taking 20 4 tick scalps a day. And do it with no or little drawdown and quit there day job and make a salary day trading. And make 1000% return a year. That is the problem.

You have not stated how you use VSA or provided any actual proof of your claims. But if you say you use VSA in your trading and get rational returns with realistic draw downs, I might give you the benefit of the doubt. But most teach people to trade in what I call the fantasy world and sadly most rather lose money trading in that world than have a chance of making money trading in the Real World and that is the problem.

If you are claiming to be microscalping CL day in and day out using VSA I say BS and please prove me wrong by showing proof of your amazing microscalping results. BTW, I have been here for what seems like a lifetime and I am still waiting for that person to show any proof. You can be the first. Anyone willing to take a side bet on this one?

Mark (@guest_28936)
3 years ago
Reply to  Rob B

Telling people they can trade a small account using a high 500 to 1 leverage and trade a highly volatile instrument such as CL by taking 20 4 tick scalps a day. And do it with no or little drawdown and quit there day job and make a salary day trading. And make 1000% return a year. That is the problem.

Please show me where someone from Tradeguider said that. I have listened to into the thousands of hours of webinars and videos over the years and unless it was taken out of context I have never heard any such thing from Tradeguider

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_28943)
3 years ago
Reply to  Mark

In fairness it was a general comment about TR. Dr. Gary does it all the time in his Wyckoff Deep (whatever he calls in) webinars. Tom Williams and his associates also which Gavin was part of. I am not as familiar with Gavin and his new room.

Seriously, does it not bother you that Gavin refuses to show any proof what so ever he can actually trade profitable? Apparently not, which speaks volumes to your true motives IMHO.

Mike (@guest_28033)
4 years ago

I finally told Gavin’s wife to remove my name from his email list. I also told her that I had never seen Gavin trade with more than one contract. Possibly the best trade I saw him in might have made 75 dollars!!! What a hoax!! BEWARE!! I am glad for sites as this. Thanks for your work!!!

Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips (@guest_27961)
4 years ago

Emmett should try sitting in the trading room with me for 6 months 3 hours a day and see for himself. Then I would appreciate a correct analysis based on the facts. Follow along and track the Performance. My agenda is to help others help themselves. Emmett I suggest you hangout with me so I can help you along the way and you can come up with an unbiased opinion based on your trading experience with me. I will show you how to trade successfully in the market. This is Steve Phillips thanks for the nickname peace and love brother!. I love creating music for fun and trading real money to create wealth. Come hangout you may have a change of heart. Base your opinion on the facts and track my trades in the room. If you go to my site you can get free trading lessons from me to help you get started. Trying to help others help themselves, respectfully, Steve Phillips trade guider trading coach and live trading room trader educator…… In the live trading room the objective is to show you live trade set ups and traded live in the market These set ups can be learned and taken for a life time. Giving you a tool that can be used to trade effectively the rest of your life.

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_27969)
4 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

” The bar is so low that just about anyone gets through.”

Sadly even with your ridiculously low bar virtually none of these con artist trading room operators can meet it.

BTW, as a Wyckoff disciple, I have been to; I think; every Wyckoff offshoot TR. Steve is your typical talk about possible trades and how you could have made money in hindsight. I never saw any evidence he is or can trade live profitable. Just typical TR illusion con artistry.

If he produces any reasonable proof he can trade the nonsense way he teaches profitable I will probably drop dead of shock.

Steven Phillips
Steven Phillips (@guest_27972)
4 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Hangout in the room for 6 months. Try it and see what you think. Track my trades discover for yourself. I will help you become a good trader.

Pete (@guest_30520)
3 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Emmett the bullshitter

Jed Dye
Jed Dye (@guest_27877)
4 years ago

Gavin Holmes is nothing but an actor and a marketing sales guy. He studied drama at Southampton Tech College

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Gavin Holmes has probably never traded real $$$ on a live account. I have watched several of his videos when he says he is trading his live account real $$$ when he is not. All you have to do is watch his last video on YouTube.

and I will explain.

On this video he says he is trading his real live account. To trade a real live account you need to be logged in. He says he is trading on his Infinity account so here is what you get when you log into your infinity account.

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you have a choice for Demo mode, live mode and simulated live. On the video 3.28 mins in you will see he is NOT logged into a live account yet he said he had taken that trade in his live account.

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you can clearly see his account is faded out because he is not logged in to live real $$$$. anyone with an Infinity account trading real live $$$$ will know this. Here is my infinity account in simulated mode

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See it greyed out and asking me to log in.

Here is his Tradestation account he refers to 23 mins in clearly SIM

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Later on in his video he tries to hide his infinity account

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On the video 11 mins 50 seconds in he realizes he has not done his disclaimer. Here he clearly says ‘because we are trading as I say real money ‘he has to read the disclaimer. Here it is clear as day that he says he is trading real money

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He then goes on to say that Tradeguider is an authorized representative of Forexmax and he say that ‘We’ are regulated by the FCA which is a lie. Forexmax is regulated but Tradeguider are not representatives. Here are the appointed representatives of Forxmax Furthermore there is a warning on the FCA website to say that Individuals are using this firm to suggest they work for a genuine firm

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During this video Gavin Holmes continues to pretend he is trading a real account 30.45 mins in he says ‘I’m only trading a small account publically’

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utter nonsense he should be reported to the CFTC

Like Emmett refers to he has umpteen websites you will see that Richard Bednall is an active participant on those websites I will do another thread on Richard Bednall.

Gavin Douglas Holmes runs 3 companies from the Uk: Tradeguider , TGVSA & Wyckoff Williams Portfolio which I presume is his Hedge Fund. It was started 12 January 2017 with zero accounts.

Tradeguider was a dormant company initially which was started in 2003. His first accounts published was 2016 which shows a loss of -85k. The company shareholders are Gavin himself, Neil McGrigot, Gregory Margolin, Philip Friston, AJ Robinson & Media Rich again another dormant company (run by Richard Bednall wife)

TGVSA is his other company and Richard Bednall his sidekick is his partner in this company this was his sales engine company

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again this company has made losses since 2005. The last accounts 2012 shows losses of in excess of -43k and now the company has gone dormant meaning no further accounts to show.

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His business partner Richard Bednall is an interesting character who has had many failed business in the UK one in particular is in insolvency with numerous charges against the company

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Who in their right mind would want to do business and trust these Muppets?
So basically all his businesses are unproductive.
Make your own mind up.

Wedzi (@guest_27784)
4 years ago

I have been a victim of these fraudsters. I spent years spinning like hamster trying to eek out a profit from this rubbish. Thanks for exposing these crooks. Surprisingly they keep on selling this crap to gullible sheep like I was .

Mike M
Mike M (@guest_27785)
4 years ago
Reply to  Wedzi

I’m glad to see Emmett exposing these fraudsters. Hopefully, the more informed the general public becomes, the shorter amount of time these scammers are in business.

Pete (@guest_27788)
4 years ago
Reply to  Mike M

The uptrend in web traffic for Gal Crooks shows no end. The sad truth is the majority of the most deplorable of these fraudsters only stop when they are physically and or mentally incapable of continuing their frauds due to biogenetic decay or incarceration. The mass consumers are like girls gleefully bended to the will of these beasts.

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