The Duomo Initiative: Snake oil?

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Yet another trading educator offering ‘social proof’ of success, but no actual record of live trading. A trading and investment course by a couple of characters that proclaim to be highly successful prop traders/investment managers/financial wizards with a secret-sauce formula of trading. For a small fee of only $850 they will reveal the supposedly groundbreaking investment theory.

They proclaim to be wanting to help single moms, and ordinary people to become filthy-filthy rich. Claim to be Swiss-based asset managers, but Swiss financial authorities have no record of their existence.

Pure marketing sizzle, but not much steak.

Pros: Funny, world class marketing efforts. YouTube videos contain useful information.
Cons: Owners of company have no verifiable track record of success. Rediculous 'social proof'.

Thanks for reading today’s review of The Duomo Initiative. What is The Duomo Initiative? The company is a trading educational company offering an online trading course at $895. The company is owned by two individuals named Alexander Cassar and Nicholas Puri. The company appears to have arrived on the trading educational scene sometime in 2014.

In addition to the trading educational course, the Duomo Initiative claims to be a subsidiary of a Swiss-based money management company named A web search reveals that also arrived on the scene, at about the same time as the trading educational company The Duomo Initiative.

The company front person and chief entertainer is Nicholas Puri. In several promotional videos, Nicholas claims that he has been a highly successful London private banker and “earned a massive salary managing money for celebrities and professional athletes.” Nicholas also claims to have managed money through the supposed money management firm, PuriCassar AG. In fact, he loves to purr and eloquent about the many successes of his supposed money management firm, PuriCassarAG. One such claim is that he “turned $50k into $500k in only 6 weeks.”

However, TradingSchools.Org contacted, which is the Swiss Financial Authority and in charge of regulating all companies claiming to be Swiss-based asset management companies. Unfortunately, there is no registration for a money management firm named In addition, neither Nicholas Puri or Alexander Cassar are registered with Finma as financial advisors or money managers in any capacity. Finma replied to our telephone inquiry by simply stating, “if they are managing money in Switzerland, then they must be registered, and neither individuals of this supposed company is registered.”

The Finma representative explained that many individuals claim to be a Swiss-based money management company, or Swiss-based hedge fund because it simply sounds nice. The imagery of “Swiss Money Managment, Swiss Hedge Fund, Swiss Banks has the effect of conjuring images of safety and security” replied the Finma rep. The Finma rep also recommended that I contact the Swiss Funds and Asset Management Association and inquire if they are registered, or if anyone has heard of this supposed Swiss money management company.

The Swiss Funds and Asset Management Association replied that they had no record of these individuals or their companies.

What is probably happening

On the surface, it appears that is simply a ‘front’ website. That it has no purpose or intent of actually managing investment funds for anyone. In fact, TradingSchools.Org sent multiple inquiries to and requested information on the fund, how to invest, fund performance, etc. Unfortunately, PuriCassar AG refused to reply to our requests. However, all TradingSchools.Org email links are embedded with real time auto tracking, and so we could see and observe someone opening the emails and then simply deleting the emails. They had no intention of answering.

In addition, TradingSchools.Org sent several anonymous emails to and acted as if we were customers that simply needed to withdraw funds from our investment account. Once again, no reply. The emails were opened and promptly deleted. I find it very strange that a supposed Swiss-based money management firm would choose to simply ignore all inquiries. This supposed company doesnt even have a phone number.

Am I writing that is some nefarious scheme to defraud investors and trick people? No. But it certainly appears that The Duomo Initiative is using the backdrop of ‘Swiss-based money management’ as a show prop. A shiny trinket. Something that conveys the appearance of success. The equivalent of this marketing method would be Tim Sykes’ orange Lamborghini, or Anton Kreil with a picture of his supposed rocket ship (true story) that he plans on taking to the moon, or Cameron Fous (douche bag) with pics of his many bikini model girlfriends and private yachts.

Day Trading Glory

Learn my day trading secrets and hot babes will be wearing your name on their underwear.

It seems as if trading educators only seem to get more and more outrageous and outlandish in their claims of success. Several years ago, most trading educators had only one Bentley, now most have a fleet of Bentley’s, Porche’s, Mercedes, Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s. Heck, even Nicholas Puri has his own Maserati to show off…

Duomo Initiative

Buy my trading course and you will soon own a new Maserati.

In my opinion, it appears that The Duomo Initiative and PuriCassar is quite simply a marketing entity. With its only purpose to sell a recorded trading educational course at $850 per person. Actual investment companies do not spend their time pumping out massive amounts of promotional videos and sales propaganda. The following websites are a testament to the marketing savvy…

The following video is also 100% promotional huff-puffery. I especially love the part where Nicholas Puri explains that one of his biggest motivations is “helping single mom’s.” What in the hell is that all about? And I love the part where they discovered a “secret trading method” that only the rich and famous have had access too. But us lolely folks on the bottom of the food chain can now be privy to these super-secret trading methods. Have a look at the video, its pure entertainment.


If you took the time to watch this video, you are probably feeling like you just took a bath in snake oil. But what if PuriCassar and The Duomo Initiative really do have a ‘super-secret’ trading method and they really do want everyone to become ‘filthy-filthy rich’ as they claim in their video?

TradingSchools.Org reached out to The Duomo Initiative and asked for some sort of proof of their amazing trading success. However, no response.

Wrapping things up

Although this review is negative towards the materials and marketing, it is important to note that the overall marketing is excellent. And I found the various YouTube video to be both informative and highly entertaining. But is this enough for me to pull out my credit card for yet another trading educator? Not a chance.

The only way that I would spend my hard earned money is if either of these clowns were to show some sort of proof of prior success. At this time, they are not willing to entertain this idea. Perhaps in the future, we can get a new review written, but it needs to be accompanied with an actual trading record for either Nicholas Puri or Alexander Cassar.

Thanks for reading and watching the corny video. As always, your comments and opinions are greatly appreciated.

And one last thing, a special message for Nicholas Puri, if things don’t work out with The Duomo Initiative, you can always go back to your old day job selling books and courses at Your Success Academy. Leave the business of trading and investing up to the professionals, or at least those with a verifiable track record of success.

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Lol this is rich coming from a convicted scammer and swindler. Your entire website is probably based on blackmailing people and extort money


He can smell scammers better than anyone.

Stray Dog

Yawn. Same old accusation and faulty logic that we’ve heard before. Dark, if Emmett was trying to blackmail people because he a scammer and swindler then he’s certainly lost his fraudster skills because he’s failed colossally at doing that. Look through the pages here, it’s a who’s who of frauds and you don’t think that they would have parted with some cash to prevent a negative review?

Leonardo Donatolli

Amazing review Emmett. Thanks for putting the time in to weite the review and run the website. Another typical scam trading educator with no trading experience!

Charl Rome

In the video above with the Maserati in the background, Nicolas specifically states that it was RENTED. Which proves you did not even bother to watch the video in full.

Ciprian Vatamanu
I do understand your efforts to attract people on your page, by writing a review about the duomo initiative. You know people are interested in this method, and for new guys, they want to take a look on some reviews. You article is full of nonsense, and you improvise on some subjects that are not the case with the duomo method or Nicholas. For those that want to take a look and see if PuriCassar AG exists, just take a look on their website where they have the registration number and do a quick search on google. A site with… Read more »

i watched many of his videos he is knowing what he is talking about he knows what he is doing he has some great ideas that is i checked and they are very helpful ..don’t be such a hater


Joined the course and it is the best decision I’ve made in my life. It is well worth the money and time to learn. Don’t know anything about their previous success, but all I know is what they are teaching on that course, it is working for me on the Forex market, and that’s enough for me to prove they are not scammers.

Alex T
Just click the link below and find the Puricassar firm in the swiss registry. You needn’t call in Switzerland. Its all on the web. Just sayin. I did research on them as well. and also they should be in that list. I haven’t tested their method yet. But for scammers, as ou say they are, they are putting a lot of effort in interaction, live events and other exposure. Now as a scammer I would stay hidden, and shifty as much as possible. I will do further research and let you know. One more thing: the bit where… Read more »

Its always the story, no dont trust these people they are scammers.. meanwhile, hey why dont you sign up to my friends course instead

Rob B

“Its always the story, no dont trust these people they are scammers.. meanwhile, hey why dont you sign up to my friends course instead”

Not the same story from most poster here. The story is don’t trust anyone selling Day Trading Room or their education package or amazing indicators.


those links don’t work.


your links dont seem to work


I can tell 1o0% that the guy writing this article & the people commenting are not making any money from the market’s! You posed as a customer? No wonder he didn’t reply to you.


It seems like there is damn near nothing out there that isn’t BS or snake oil. Pretty disheartening. Still, maybe there is hope out there, or maybe I’m just holding my breath for nothing.


Emmet, what happened to The Trading Fraternity review that you did recently? It’s removed from your site…


I do join his program and it is really useful.
Although I do not know his trade proof just like you said, it does not mean his course is a scam. lol


Yeah i saw their vid on youtube for educational purpose. But for joining their class ??? I am not that fool.


A used maserati from 2015 costs $50K roughly and with some down payment plus trade in financed at 1-2%, monthly payments come to $500 to 700. I bet this guy is driving Uber to pay up for his ride…………..if he actually owns it i.e. not a relative or good friend. Slick talking guy nothing else. Thanks Emmet for putting him in the right place.


he specifically stated in the video that it is a rental …


Notice how he looks off to the right and left between sentences in the video, a sign of dishonesty.