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Hawkeye Traders is a long time trading educator and indicator “sales shop” with the core proclamation that trading volume predicts price direction. The trading room is a one hour, weekly infomercial with no live trading. Instead, the trading room acts as a platform in which to showcase the trading indicators, primarily in hindsight.

The owner of the company, Randy Lindsey is certainly a nice person with good intentions. However, his claims of being a “full-time trader” could not be verified. No individual trading performance is disclosed. We must simply hope that the trading indicators will work.

As much as I genuinely like Randy Lindsey, and I liked everything that he said, it would be nuts to shell out $2k for an unproven product. Perhaps in the future, if Randy Lindsey can produce some sort of verifiable track record, then we can draft a new review. As things are currently presented, there is little to differentiate Hawkeye Traders from the myriad of other trading educators selling products that appear to be similar to Hawkeye Traders.

Pros: No overblow hype or outrageous marketing chicanery.
Cons: Lack of track record for owner of Hawkeye Traders makes this product hard to justify spending $2k for 'magic indicators.' Live trading room contains no live trading.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Hawkeye Traders

What is Hawkeye Traders? The company is a day trading, swing trading, and position trading educational company. The core value proposition revolves around a set of trading indicators, which supposedly contain a predictive element.

The company appears to have originated sometime in 2006, as per Archive.Org. The original founder of the company is a person named Nigel Hawkes. Recently, the company was sold to a personRandy Lindsey named Randy Lindsey. The Hawkeye Traders website describes Randy Lindsey as an Electrical Engineer that worked for the United States Air Force as a research engineer. Randy describes his trading journey beginning with having half of his retirement account lost during the crash of 2000. After this difficult experience, Randy then began the oft-repeated tale of hiring many different trading “gurus” that lead him down the wrong path.

His experience with various trading “gurus” was disappointing and left him with multiple trading accounts that were wiped out. Sometime in 2005, Randy purchased the Hawkeye Traders educational package and suite of trading indicators. The indicators worked so well that Randy quit his day job as an engineer and supposedly became a full-time professional trader.

Randy Linsey claims to be a full-time professional trader. But what does that actually mean? What does that look like? This is where things get tricky and confusing. Unfortunately, Randy never mentions any sort of individual trading performance or annual track record. As a reviewer of trading products and trading educators, the central question that I ask myself…where is the track record? Using various alias names, TradingSchools.Org reached out to Randy Lindsey and asked for some sort of verification of trading results. Unfortunately, none could be provided.

Does this mean the Randy Lindsey is yet another trading scammer? No. But the lack of any verifiable track record does nothing to distinguish himself from the rest of the creatures that are also living in the same swamp.

The Live Trading Room

Since TradingSchools.Org could not convince Randy to release individual trading performance, our next best option was to attend the live trading room and evaluate from this perspective. The trading room operates every Wednesday at 9:30 AM Eastern and last about one hour. TradingSchools.Org anonymously attended and recorded three separate trading room presentations.

Unfortunately, the live trading room is not a ‘live trading room.’ It’s an hour long infomercial packed with well-curated examples of hindsight trading scenarios. Considering that the Hawkeye Hawkeye TradersProfessional Package of trading indicators comes at a steep price tag of $1,997, I was expecting more. Much more.

In my opinion, the ‘live trading room’ had the feel and veneer of an automobile showroom. But not just any automobile showroom. Not the flashy and semi-exclusive showroom reminiscent of a Mercedes, Audi, or Porshe showroom. Nor a middle-class showroom of a Hyundai, Nissan or Toyota.  But the Hawkeye Traders/Randy Lindsey showroom very much feels like the experience of shopping for a new Buick. An upscale General Motors. Not too much bling, but just enough.

Randy Lindsey’s “sweet spot” audience are middle-aged and retired folks. The type of people that are not looking for the orange Lamborghini experience. In truth, I sort of like Randy’s style, demeanor, lack of hype, and a general niceness. He is certainly not a hyped up con artist promising that all of your hopes and dreams will be answered with his magical trading indicators. Instead, he attempts to portray his product as something that average folks can use to better manage their retirement nest egg.

Lack Of Science

Randy Lindsey definitely believes in his trading indicators. He is a true believer. And he has a conviction that you can feel and appreciate. But are his convictions rooted in science and verifiable fact? Do his trading indicators pass the test of statistical significants? Since we have no individual track record in which to judge how well these trading indicators perform, we are only left with a vague supposition. A general feeling of ‘I hope this works.’

Randy’s enthusiasm is infectious. He is a nice guy. He sounds smart and has a very folksy style of selling his product. I wanted to believe! Sort of the way we want to believe the television evangelist. We hear the message of goodness and how all goodness leads back to Jesus. But in the tiniest spot in our mind, we cry out “Was that 2000-year-old guy really the son of God?”

At the core of the argument, we are only left with two points in which to judge the product. The first point is a verifiable track record. Unfortunately, none could be provided. The next point is whether the myriad of trading indicators have any sort of mathematical edge that can be defined. Today’s modern trading platforms all have the ability to program ideas and backtest. It appears that all of Randy’s trading ideas are coded in the form of indicators, which in turn should be testable and quantifiable. However, no backtesting of the Hawkeye Trading indicators are provided.

At the end of the day, we are expected to just hope and have faith. To spend $2000 on a notion, conjecture, inference, theory, a hunch or a presumption reminds me of the old saying, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Though Randy is certainly well intentioned, I am not so sure that the path he is enthusiastically promoting leads to the promised land.

Tough Review To Write

Writing a review of Randy Lindsey and Hawkeye Traders is a tough review to write. In my heart, I don’t believe Randy is a bad guy. And after an exhaustive search, I can find very little negative information on Hawkeye Traders. Considering that the company has been around for over 10 years, you would think that quite a few bad reviews would have appeared on various trading forums. But the truth is that very little negative information has been written. In addition, no negative reviews or complaints have hit my inbox.

Moving Forward

I would love to write a positive review of Hawkeye Traders. But unfortunately, the big stumbling block is the lack of an individual track record for Randy Lindsey. Perhaps he will be swayed by this article and provide TradingSchools.Org with something substantive. A track record of the proprietor. Something that shows the audience that he is actually using his product, and can substantiate his claims that he is a “full-time professional trader.”

I don’t dislike Randy. And I hope he does not dislike me. But at the present time, I think it would be nuts to blindly send this guy $2000 for trading indicators with no proof that they actually work. Or, at a minimum provide a statistical backtesting report that shows some sort of trading edge.

Thanks for reading. If you have had any prior experience with Hawkeye Trading indicators, I would love to hear your opinion. Thanks again, and don’t forget to leave a comment below.


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