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Elevate Trader is currently trolling StockTwits.com for suckers. He claims to earn $1k per day, day trading stocks. Yet, he can provide no proof of even having an active trading account.

TradingSchools.Org has received various complaints from individuals that were scammed.

StockTwits.com continues to be the Facebook of Fraud where financial hucksters and charlatans prey on the financially naive and desperate. Avoid.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Elevate Trader

What is Elevate Trader? The company is headed by a person using an anonymous name–Mr. Sultan.

Elevate Trader is offering the following products and services:

  • $75 monthly chat room where ‘Mr. Sultan’ will call live trades and audience members will attempt to replicate.
  • Personal mentoring on how to trade the ‘Mr. Sultan’ secret trading techniques. Price is negotiable.

According to Archive.Org, the ElevateTrader.com website first appeared in early 2017.

How Elevate Trader generates customers

According to SemRush web analytics, the ElevateTrader.com website has only one marketing channel: StockTwits.com.

It appears that ‘Mr. Sultan’ advertises through StockTwits.com and regularly posts comments on various threads of popular stocks. In the past, TradingSchools.Org has written about fraudulent activity being perpetrated through StocksTwits. You can read the article titled…StocksTwits: The Facebook of Fraud, which gives examples of how shady characters are hustling average investors.

What does the typical “StockTwits” fraud look like? It’s quite simple.

Step 1) Create a website offering some sort of magical trading product.

Step 2) Create an advertising account on StockTwits and begin ‘Stock Tweeting’ on message board threads of popular stocks.

Step 3) Post screenshots of supposedly real trades that display amazing trading abilities. Typically $1k per day in profits.

Step 4) Create fake StockTwits user accounts and begin creating message streams that extoll the amazing trading abilities of the supposed trading guru. This is called creating ‘social proof’ via performance spoofing.

Elevate Trader: Is the performance real?

On the StockTwits webpage, that advertises the trading activity of Elevate Trader, you will see truly incredible daily trading profits. The following screenshots are examples of the supposed daily profits:

Elevate Trader

Incredible daily results. Is this real?

The following screenshot is the supposed trading averages for ‘Mr. Sultan’…

Elevate Trader Performance

Contacting Elevate Trader

During the month of January 2018, TradingSchools.Org reached out to Elevate Trader in hopes of writing a review.

The conversation with Mr. Sultan started pleasant enough. He was quite excited about being reviewed and being exposed to a wider audience. However, during our conversation, we were quite clear that TradingSchools.Org verifies all performance claims through actual brokerage statements. At that point, Mr. Sultan fled the interview like an angry cornered rat. He wanted nothing to do with verifying personal trading performance.

During the investigatory period of the review, TradingSchools.Org also received two private email messages from a user on our sister website (Trader.Help) as well as a message on our TradingSchools.Org dropbox. The messages were direct and plain…that Elevate Trader is a fraud and the performance summaries are bogus.

One person claimed to have innocently stumbled onto StockTwits and became enamored with the advertisements of Elevate Trader. He ended up losing a small trading account, and quite frankly, felt foolish for trusting this company.

Wrapping Things Up

Thanks for reading. And thanks to readers for taking the time to message us with their complaints. Although complaining does not help your personal situation, it helps fellow traders avoid scams, frauds, and phonies.

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hassan elsharkawi
hassan elsharkawi (@guest_1042241)
2 years ago

hello guys , any body know his personal number he charged me without any subscription , texted him many times , his personal website , stocktwits , he blocked me on stocktwits , called paypal they told me they can do nothing the transaction is valid , any body tell me how can i get my money back , im not rich i know its 62 $ but i lost all my money with this guy before , now i have no money

Reg (@guest_3049046)
1 year ago

Go to the cops.?

Mark (@guest_33069)
2 years ago

A colleague sent me a link to a conversation on Stocktwits. “Sultan” puts down a guy who states that a dead cat bounce is a temporary reversal of a long term bear trend, Sultan says it means a stocks trend is changing even recommending buying this reversal! He then gets utterly destroyed and exposed.

To not know BASIC trading terminology and concepts yet teach stock trading is wrong on all levels.

And his watchlists are a recipe for disaster.


John Snow
John Snow (@guest_31565)
3 years ago

Trading indeed has a learning curve. Sultan does use interactive brokers (which you can as well) to execute trades quicker. He tells you which stocks hes watching and the moment hes going enter or entered. He goes over his trades everyday for the TA. Trades do fake out occansionally but it is important to look at someone’s pick rate, which his is in the 70s%

He is far from a conartist.

Colonel Drake
Colonel Drake (@guest_31480)
3 years ago

Elevate has a great deal of value to offer when used properly. At no point does Sultan say follow me to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. He is a skilled trader showing you how he personally navigates the treacherous waters of day trading. We are each responsible for managing our bank rolls according to our individual risk levels. This article seems like a hit job initiated by someone that recklessly blew up their trading account attempting to get rich quick. Elevate is by no means a scam – I say this is a satisfied customer that was not asked to post here.

Rich (@guest_31482)
3 years ago
Reply to  Colonel Drake

I didn’t “blow” my account (I know many did). Assumptions based on no evidence are often flawed. If jumping into halts is navigating treacherous waters then I’ve got it all wrong. I lost a lot of money on his trades and can’t count the the amount of times he said “It’s all over the map” or “Is it a fake out”, the interpretation of which is – the price is falling fast. There is no strategy. And to think I’m connected to the reviewer is preposterous.

I became suspicious when he had a losing trade and he and I would suffer similar losses, more often than not I would come out worse, yet his investment was 4x mine.

Where are the entry prices, exit prices, and time on each trade?

If a trading room is unwilling to provide that basic information it’s a scam. Simple.

Colonel Drake
Colonel Drake (@guest_31494)
3 years ago
Reply to  Rich

Rich, you were kicked out of the trading group for trying to shakedown Sultan. Two weeks later this hit job blog post shows up because Sultan allegedly didn’t verify his trades with complete strangers. And who is commenting at the bottom? Rich! The con man kicked out of the group. It’s all nonsense.

Be an adult and take responsibility for your poor trades – don’t blame someone else. The criticisms above seem a bit heavy handed given the size and cost of this trading group. I, too, would use an alias in his situation because crazy people are everywhere. Additionally, a one man shop trying to focus on trading likely does not have time to implement a full scale marketing campaign so posting a daily P/L on StockTwits seems like a logical and effective approach.

As for the cost to join the group, Sultan’s scanners alone are worth more than $75/month if you investigate how much it cost to set up a trade-ideas scanner account. Maybe I’m misreading trade-ideas pricing, but it appears he’s giving you a $25 discount on what you would pay for the scanners yourself. With just a little bit of critical thinking, it’s possible to find additional value in the group by combining Sultan’s discounted scanners with your own trading style at the very least. Nobody ever says, “copy Sultan’s trades.” I rarely do. Furthermore, I would argue the lessons he provides each week help less experienced traders, such as yourself, better understand technical analysis, trade setups to watch for, and how the markets function. In all fairness, neither the scanners nor the lessons are even mentioned up above which should call in to question the thoroughness and motives of the review to a non-biased reader. The value of those two components alone exceed the cost to join the trading group.

Rich if you’re out for blood, my television bill is nearly $200/month and I only watch 3 out of 100+ channels. My internet bill is $75/mo for 400 Mbps and speed tests show 150 Mbps. Do me a favor, fire up a smear campaign against DirecTV and SuddenLink because they are actually scamming people.

Rich (@guest_31500)
3 years ago
Reply to  Colonel Drake

Hello child, try to get this through your simple brain, I was suspicious as his losses were too small, as were so were many in the group. I then asked for a review. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!

He then thought I was connected to the reviewer!! Words fail to describe such an idiot.

Seriously, are you an adult? Can you understand English? I’ve never encountered such moronic behaviour. Try to read and comprehend.. I lost money trading with him, his losses were suspiciously low, and he had no strategy, I MADE MONEY on my own.


As for the scanner… It was an alert service to stocks that had already moved.

Your lack of any intelligence surprises me.

Colonel Drake
Colonel Drake (@guest_31519)
3 years ago
Reply to  Rich

Rich (@guest_31544)
3 years ago
Reply to  Colonel Drake

I’m getting bored of you low IQ morons. Is English your first language? You’re a moderator on his site..? Rafiki..? How anyone can get chucked off for requesting a review goes to show the incompetence and corruption of the site. Grow up. As i have said, if a trading site doesn’t provide entry time exit time (verified trades) it’s a sham, I’ll stoop to your level of stupidity now and assume you’re in on it too. If not, then leave whilst you still have a trading account. Fool.

Rich (@guest_31953)
3 years ago
Reply to  Colonel Drake

So funny.. Skilled trader!!?? Jumping in on halts takes skill!!?? I can’t remember the number of times he said “it’s a fake out” or “this stocks all over the place (its sinking fast). Real skill.. I learnt NOTHING in the 6 months i was with him, luckily thats all changed now.. Avoid, unless you want to go broke.

Rich (@guest_31407)
3 years ago

Mr Sultan and I spoke this week and he actually thought I was connected in some way to Trading Schools.org, and personally know Emmet!? Incredible. Words fail to describe this idiot.

Rich (@guest_31401)
3 years ago

I was with this fraudulent extortionist for 6 months, I can personally say he is a total scam artist. I, along with many others lost a lot of money with this guys crazy trades, until I developed my own strategy. He is a shark who despite his terrible trades, miraculously always ends up in profit… His purported profit doesn’t include when he entered trades, when he exited and at what price. Lots of traders in the group have blown their accounts, I nearly did too.

No strategy, massive risk (blindly jumping into halts and buying at the top), awful. Beware

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