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The owner of Cyber Trading University, Mr. Fausto Pugliese claims to be a world champion trader. Specifically referencing a supposed trading competition titled, “World Traders Challenge”. Mr. Pugliese claims that he has been the grand champion of this competition for 12 consecutive years. However, after an exhaustive search, apparently no such trading competition actually exists. The live day trading room contains very little actionable advice. There is no live trading DOM present on the screen, no trading from the charts, and no track record. Mr. Pugliese offers no verifiable record of ever trading successfully, yet expects consumers to happily pay him upwards of $15,000 for his magical trading advice.

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Pros: Good for the basics.
Cons: Zero transparency. Owner of company making wild and outrageous claims of being a 12-time world champion day trader. No track record of trades. Day trading room is a complete joke. Overpriced education.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Cyber Trading University

What is Cyber Trading University? Cyber Trading University is a stocks, Forex, and options day trading educational school that appears to have been founded back in 2001, as per Archive.Org. Cyber Trading University describe themselves as a “University.”  However, this appears to be a moniker with no actual university accreditation–similar to how Donald Trump prefers to describe the now defunct, Donald Trump University (for suckers).

Cyber Trading University is owned and operated by a person named Fausto Pugliese, operating the business out of 6800 Jericho Turnpike, Syosset, New York.

Cyber Trading University offers the following Stocks related products and services:

  • Phase 1, Stock Trading Class $2,500
  • Phase 2, Stock Trading Class $10,000
  • Phase 3, Stock Trading Class $10,000
  • Platinum Edition Stock Trading Class $15,000 (includes all three phases)

Cyber Trading University offers the following Forex related trading courses:

  • Phase 1, Forex Trading Class $997
  • Phase 2, Forex Trading Class $1297
  • Phase 3, Forex Trading Class $1697

Cyber Trading University offers the following Options related trading products:

  • Phase 1, Options Trading Class $997
  • Phase 2, Options Trading Class $1297
  • Phase 3, Options Trading Class $1697

In addition to the above referenced training programs, Cyber Trading University also offers approximately 14 different courses designated for intermediate to advanced users. These courses range in price from $159 to $549, per course.

In addition to the above courses, Cyber Trader University also offers a live day trading room experience. The company claims that the trading moderators show “live trades.”

All courses and materials appear to have been developed by either Fausto Pugliese or Jesse Colombo.

Since January 2015, Trading Schools has now received 40 requests to review Cyber Trading University. In addition to the requests for a review, Trading Schools has now received three direct emails from individuals claiming to be former students.  A Google search for the keyword “Cyber Trading University” reveals an average of 500 to 700 global monthly search volume.

Live Trading Room Experience

During the month of May 2015, Trading Schools attended approximately five days of the “live trading chat room.”  During the course of the five days, we witnessed zero live trading. No trading DOM was present on the trading screen, no live account was displayed, and no record of trades being recorded.  Instead, what we witnessed were a series of suggestions and verbal exclamations describing what may or may not be happening with individual stocks.

During the pre-market, Fausto Pugliese will usually issue a series of stocks that he is “watching,” and that these could be “big movers.”  Unfortunately, during the live day trading sessions we never witnessed Mr. Pugliese (or his moderator) ever taking any live trades.  Since the “watching” list contains several potential stock trades, then there was a very good chance that at least one of the stock symbols would break out. Whenever the inevitable stock did actually break out, Mr. Pugliese would began hollering into the live chat how he nailed the trade perfectly.

After the live trading sessions, using an alias email address, we requested that Mr. Pugliese send a redacted account statement that verified his claims of “nailing it.” Unfortunately, all requests to verify performance claims with a redacted account statement were ignored.

Mr. Pugliese also likes to make bold claims of his amazing day trading abilities on Twitter.  A review of his Twitter account reveals hundreds upon hundreds of supposed winning trades.  Never does he lose. In fact, a thorough review of his official Twitter track record reveals not a single losing trade. Since 2009, a constant and unrelenting stream of winner upon winner. You would think that with such an amazing track record of never losing, Mr. Pugliese would be willing to post a redacted brokerage statement that corroborates this truly outstanding track record. But, after repeated requests to verify his trading, we can only theorize that Mr. Pugliese has no interest in transparency.

World Traders Challenge

Fausto Pugliese claims to be “World Champion Trader.”  In fact, on his website he states, “I am a 12 time champion of the World Traders Challenge.”  What is the World Trader Challenge?  Nobody really knows.  An exhaustive search on Google reveals absolutely nothing about any World Trader Challenge contest, company or any person related to this so-called World Trader Challenge.

You would think that a person who was the grand champion of 12 years worth of trading competitions, that he would be more than willing to provide some sort of reference to verify such an amazing claim.  Instead, Fausto Pugliese seems to have forgotten or simply cannot explain where readers can find this information regarding the World Traders Challenge.  Once again, Trading Schools reached out to Mr. Pugliese for references to the World Traders Challenge.  Zero response.  However, contained within all of Trading Schools emails are pixel tracking codes that auto alert whenever an email is opened.  In real time, we could watch him opening the email, but no response. Why no response?

Through the years, Fausto Pugliese has given many recorded interviews on various online trading websites.  In some interviews, he mentions that he is the nine-time World Trading Champion, in other interviews he claims that he is the 16 time World Trading Champion. Is it 9, 12, 16? Nobody seems to know for sure, even Mr. Pugliese seems genuinely confused by how many times he has been crowned the World Traders Challenge champion. If I were the World Champion of anything, I would proudly display it…like this guy holding a beer.

Cyber Trading University

It seems the Fausto Pugliese has a real panache for self promotion. But sometimes self promotion just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need more flair, more sparkle.

Cyber Trading University’s Star Student

Trading Schools reached out to Cyber Trading University and asked for student success rates.  Most legitimate universities publish this sort of information.  However, Mr. Pugliese can provide nothing more than unverifiable “written testimonials” and a reference from a former Playboy Playmate and Cyber Trading University Alumni named “Kennedy Summers.”

In an interview with (2015), Ms. Summers explains that since she began day trading, in only a few months, she has transitioned from knowing nothing about stocks to becoming a full time professional day trader. Really? Trading Schools reached out to Ms. Summers and requested comment and whether she is maintaining some sort of trading log that prospective, dreamy-eyed students could review.  No response.  It seems that since the initial promotional splash, Ms. Summers has decided to once again focus on her modeling career.  Her Twitter profile makes no recent mention of her new career as a full time day trader.

Ms. Summers is certainly a lovely looking woman. The following pic is certainly a very revealing photo. But, I have to wonder if her words on the T-shirt do not tell the real story of her involvement with Mr. Pugliese.

Cyber Trading Univesity


Wrapping Things Up

So lets go over a few things…

For the past 20 years, Mr. Pugliese has been touting himself as a financial guru, yet he can provide absolutely no verifiable track record of sucessful investing.

Cyber Trading University is selling a financial education for upwards of $15,000 per student. Yet, there is no verifiable track record of how students have performed with this so-called financial education.

The live day trading room has zero track record. There is no official record of trades by Mr. Pugliese or his moderators. No live trading accounts are on display, no trading DOM on the screen, and a refusal by Mr. Pugliese to provide a redacted account statement that verifies that trades taken inside of the live trading room.

A boastful and self aggrandizing Twitter account for Mr. Pugliese reveals nearly 7 years of consecutive winning trades…and never a Tweet or mention of a single losing trade.

And finally, Mr. Fausto Pugliese claims that he is the World Traders Challenge champion…for the past 12 consecutive years.  Yet a thorough and exhaustive online search reveals that no such trading competition exists.  To make such a claim with the lack of evidence, in my opinion, is a display of extreme dishonesty.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments below.  Even the haters and trolls will find that their comments are warmly received.


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