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A stock day and swing trading service about as enticing as a lukewarm jacuzzi. No official track record of trades. Owner refuses to disclose personal trading performance. However, the owner is not a bullshit con artist claiming to something he is not. Owner of company can probably trade successfully, but to what degree is as mysterious as a big foot sighting. Trading recommendations about as useful as using Egyptian hieroglyphs on a job application. Owner of company needs to improve the service by being more precise with trading recommendations. More transparency required.

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Pros: Owner of company is not a BS trading guru promising overnight riches. The YouTube channel contains useful information for newbies.
Cons: Zero performance disclosure. No track record of trades. Owner refuses to disclose individual trading performance. Trading recommendations are not clear and concise.

Thanks for reading today’s review of

What is Cluesless8 is a day and swing trading informational website that is selling a quasi advisory, informational type trading service without specific entry and exit of trades. The company is offering a silver, gold, and platinum trading service that ranges in price from $40 to $80 each month. The $40 a month plan allows a viewer to simply read the blog and watch daily and end of week video’s. The gold package at $60 per month also includes a private, live twitter feed as well as live chat, and a long term basket of stocks that the company likes. The platinum package at $80 per month also includes a 1/2 hour phone session with Clueless8 and a weekly webinar.

There is no official track record of trades for the trading service.

Clueless8 can be found on several social media channels including (as of 02/16/2016): Twitter (122 followers), StockTwits (21,000 followers), Facebook (118 likes), And YouTube (105 subscribers) with a little over 100 videos.

A review of Archive.Org and domain name registry shows that the website has been active for about 1.5 years.

During the past 6 months, I have received approximately 6 requests to review the Clueless8 trading service. Typically, I do not initiate a review unless I get a dozen requests. There are quite literally thousands of people with hastily thrown together day trading websites, located all over the planet, all offering stock, futures, and forex trading advice. They all want money to learn some sort of secret. Why did I jump on the Clueless8 review with only a few requests? A reader sent me a private message with a very detailed story of their individual experience. It was not a good story. However, everyday I receive a boatload of complaints about various vendors, so I do not take any negative email as a confirmation as to whether a trading service is good or poor. In fact, several months ago I received a review request on and the reader was absolutely positive that the vendor was a scam. He was not. He turned out to be a very good trader running an excellent service. With this in mind, lets jump into the particulars of is owned and operated by person named FrankR. The information was pulled from the Clueless8 Linkedin page. The last name of Frank is never revealed on any social media or on the companies website. With the commercial grade sleuthing tools that I employ, I was actually able to identify the person, however they wish to remain anonymous and I will honor this. However, I can confirm that FrankR is a graduate of Boston University and aged approximately mid 50’s.

Trial Membership

During the first week of February, I signed up for the trial membership. The very first thing I look for is a track record of trades that the moderator has called with the advisory. Often, this is where you can immediately spot the fraud. Many vendors will claim that they consistently earn $50k each month, with no losing months, and you can watch them trade and learn the secrets for only $89 a month. Of course, if you read my reviews, the vast majority of these guys are full of horse manure. With Clueless8, you will not find any such horse manure. Rather, all of the trading recommendations are posted on the private Twitter feed.

Next, I spent approximately 3 hours watching various YouTube videos of Frank talking about the markets. At no time does Frank talk about his amazing profits, the red Ferrari that he just purchased with his trading profits, or the newest bikini model that he is dating. Unlike this bozo. Rather, I did find the YouTube video’s mildly useful and entertaining. To the newbie trader, I am sure that they could find some value here, for free.

After observing various YouTube video’s, I next spent a good deal of time reviewing the StockTwits page. The StockTwits page is filled with different charts, indicator overlays, and general commentary on what Frank believes is happening in the market. Nothing fancy here. However, I did notice a good deal of overlap between the StockTwits page and the private Twitter channel. On the StockTwits page, you will not find Frank boasting about the latest massive profits that he earned buying some obscure penny stock company that manufactures reusable condoms or the color of his newest mega yacht.

One of the things that you will not find with Frank and his Clueless8 trading service is specific trading recommendations. There is no “buy here, sell there” type of stock picking. Rather, theClueless8 Trade twitter feed contains, what I describe as chunks and pieces of information that you may or may not find useful. For instance, the following is a private Twitter alert that says, “OIL: Large Reversal Candle, inverted hammer off resistance, monitor support.

Honestly, I am not too sure exactly what he is saying in this truncated Twitter romp. I believe he is saying that oil is going down. But perhaps he is looking for a long side entry? The truth is that I had a hard time figuring out exactly what he is trying to convey in the vast majority of the trading alerts. There are no attempts by Frank to deceive or confuse, however the lack of clear instruction I found to be annoying.

For me, I like very specific set ups. Perhaps he could of said, “Sell oil at 31.50 with a price target of 28.65 and a protective stop at 33”. As traders, we need to be exact else we get our heads handed to us. I can only imagine the poor guy that perhaps took Frank’s advise of this trade and then oil rallied $5 on a rumor of a supply cut. And so Frank, if you are reading this, maybe you now know why I got a few bad messages about you. The lack of preciseness in your trading calls is where the Devil lays his trap and burns your subscribers.

With all of this information and research in hand, I next reached out to Frank and revealed that I was going to be writing a review about his trading service. I sent him an email that detailed my concerns and requested that he call me immediately. Nobody likes getting my emails, they are accusatory, snarky, often nasty, and full of little threats that if I don’t get full disclosure then a negative review will be released. Frank called me pretty quick, which is a good sign.

Speaking with Frank over the phone

For the next 30 minutes, I spoke with Frank over the telephone. He very much has an New Yorker’s attitude and was really annoyed that anyone would criticize his trading service. Frank is definitely not used to being critiqued, and boy did I give him my usual mud stomp, where I lay out the long list of what I perceive to be gaping holes in his trading service. Of course, my biggest complaint is that there is no official track record for calls made inside of the private twitter feed. The calls are all highly subjective and as I told Frank, as about as useful a carnival palm reader. He didnt like that analogy and so we go round and round and I do my best to coerce him into releasing his personal trading performance. I explain that his personal trading performance can be used as baseline to determine if his methods are valid or BS. Whom would want to spend the time and resources learning a method from a person teaching a method that they cannot make work for themselves? As hard as I tried to get Frank to release personal trading performance, he simply refuses.

Many times, the vendor will make a blanket statement that they earn XYZ dollars each year from their trading. But Frank simply wouldn’t budge. I explained that this guaranteed a poor review, but he stood firm. He explained that he did not want to be boxed into a situation with subscribers need to have their hand held at every interval of the trade. They can take the information that he is offering and do with it as they pleased. If that was not good enough for me, then he was prepared to receive a bad review.

At this point, I usually start bashing the vendor. However, with Frank I have to actually give him some credit here. He is not a liar and he is not dishonest. He is simply only willing to give, what I consider to be of marginal value while he considers it to be of high value. Does Frank trade successfully? Who knows! Would I subscribe to such a service? Heck no. I prefer my trading advisories to have a verifiable track record like, where he is willing to show brokerage account statements.

Wrapping Things Up

Frank, you are going to read this review and you are going to think it really sucks ass. And that is OK because in my opinion, your unwillingness to keep a track record of trades or disclose any personal trading information really sucks ass. So we are going to just disagree on this. However, in speaking with you over the telephone, I do sense that you are probably successful at trading, at least to some degree. And you are clearly not a dishonest individual looking to scam people for a few bucks each month. I would love if you would bring more clarity and disclosure to the trading community. It would be a massive leap if you would start to be more clear on your trading recommendations. Include specific set ups that give the newbie more guidance. Your current method of tossing out ideas is actually hurting people because some are getting stuck in trades and not sure when to exit. Think about this just a moment, someone takes your set up and then the trade moves against them. They are getting no guidance from you on when to exit, and then they start emailing me and complaining. Hopefully you take this as constructive criticism and made some changes. When this happens, I will be back to write a new review. Hopefully the next review will actually endorse your trading service. However, at this time, I have to recommend that readers avoid.

Thanks for reading today’s review. Please do not forget to leave your questions and comments below. And where are my haters? Miss my haters.




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Stray Dog

“where are my haters? Miss my haters.” Let me help you out Emmett – I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! Hope that the words of Monty Python make you feel better.


Stray Dog, the best, man. You ought to copyright that. It’s way better than the real hater stuff I see on most sites. You have a real way with words.

Rob B

2 stars for someone that shows a channel and an inverted hammer bar. Man this industry is in sad shape. A picture is worth a thousand words and I could not say it better.


Thanks for the laugh, Rob.


thats funny as hell love the verbage there all fking phonies, thanks for the review


Lol. Good pic of the bored “meh” kitten. Another pic that was a good laugh was the carnival potshots booth for tradershelpdesk finally exposing that scam of worthless yearly increasing priced indicators.
It would be a hoot if all your tradereview icons were displayed as a mural where bypassers could see as an attraction on las vegas blvd!

Hi Emmet, Please consider me as your hater. I am finding your reviews to be boring. Needless to say, this is not your fault; clearly, the trading industry has nothing else to offer, but scammers and Ferrari Top Gun Acrobats, like that guy from “F” Alerts. I posted the fact that I am not able to trade for a living a while back, and that just because I am not able to, it does not mean nobody else can. I am going to stand my ground and say nobody can trade for a living. Each day, I look forward to… Read more »
Rob B
Yogikeung, I am hesitant to respond as I am sure I will get flack. But being no one else has responded I will. First, I must say; “Yogikeung”; cool name!! I got to tell you I think you are asking for a lot. I will give you my opinion for what it is worth. You can take it or ignore it or call me names (You can Donald Trump me LOL). I want to set parameters based on your post. Let me know if I am in error. You are looking for a trader making a living trading with a… Read more »

Real traders don’t run trading rooms full of noobs!


Yes, there are definitely people who trade and make a living doing it full time, don’t let Butthurt Rob B convince you otherwise, you have to remember that these services don’t sum up all traders, I personally know traders who earn their living trading and have no desire to ever start any service, they make more then enough trading without the headaches and social media smear that follows by failed traders.

Rob B
LG, I want to be clear I never said no one can day trade profitable. What I have said IMO the unrealistic fantasy results promoted by 99% of the trading room operators and vendor is just that a fantasy. From what I have seen their goal is simple to sucker underfunded investors into believing trading futures with a small account is easy. And many posters here have an ulterior motive to promote that fantasy such as running a trading room or selling trading products. The fantasy being promoted varies such as no losing days, no draw downs, the capability to… Read more »
Can anyone pay their monthly bills from a trading account of let’s say $50,000? Please feel free to move that account size to $100,000, and please try to stay away from “depends on your standard of living”. This isn’t a realistic question. Can someone pay their bills with a $50k account? in theory, sure. The reality is simply not there. What moron that can trade would always stay on $50k, or $100k, etc. I started with less than $50k once upon a time. I pay my bills off the market. I don’t do it trading off $50k. Can you make… Read more »
Hello David R, Your response is appreciated. I have to admit, most of what you said went above my head,and your answer is very comprehensive. If I read your post correctly, you are basically saying, “yes” you can trade for a living with starting capital of $50,000. The amount of money gained by “wins” exceeds the amount of money lost by “losers”, hence, positive expectancy, enough to pay bills!, and then ultimately, overtime, the $50,000 grows to a much larger sum with 50% return per year (I think this is what you alluded to?),…anyways, thanks for the response! Emmett, any… Read more »

I think Emmitt writes extremely well although the subject matter in this review leaves a lot to be desired. My first response was who cares about this fly on the wall operation, that touts stocks? I’d venture out on a limb that most of the readers here are more interested in Futures trade room calling vendors.

Rob B, Much appreciate your comments! We’ve had the opportunity to converse in past, and you are always to point with insight that set the stage with a dose of reality and honesty. I read all the great books way back when, starting with Trading for a Living by the Dr himself. The more I read, the more I deluded myself that I can actually trade for a living. It’s been 5 years, it cannot be done. I did not have any grandiose goals, I simply wanted to proof to myself that I can “average” 200 bucks a week over… Read more »
Rob B
Thanks, not use to anyone here posting anything nice to me. I will expand upon my view of day trading. And to the vendors and shill posters out there remember this is my view so take it or leave it and keep the hate mail down. The way I day trade is like 180 degrees the opposite of what most day trading rooms teach. And I am not bragging that I came up with my way of trading. I trade the way the truly great traders said they trade. To me the day trading rooms are just try to sell… Read more »
Rob B
In response to the comments that real traders do not run trading rooms. From what I read it is not just trading rooms but also prop firms and etc. Most traders leave prop firms after a few months with heavy losses and from what I can gather most prop firms make their money off commissions not profitable traders. Here is an older article that I think is interesting (and day trading was easier back then) If anyone knows how to get the real stats from prop firms I would love to see them. One way to bring some light… Read more »

Such information won’t be ever published. It’d be a sad reading.
Thanks for your comments on this web btw.


Another fun “meh”-like cat pic.comment image.html ; maybe it can be used for another title pic review.


You forgot to mention that the owner is banned from trading, that he has 5 open lawsuits against him for aggressive trading.


How do you know this?

big dog

The guy is an idiot. His trades sucked.

Frank is a grade A scam artist, i spoke to him several times. He is an excellent verbal manipulator, he makes up lots of stories of grandeur from his lineage and family. I don’t believe any of it is true. The truth is that he operates a martingale system using weekly options on various stocks/etfs at support and resistance levels. He does not understand options or the risk of what is he doing, I realized I was paying an amateur who has no risk control. I am fairly confident that this guy isn’t making money… Ironically trading with him was… Read more »