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Andrew Keene of Agora Financial is a get rich quick, financial snake oil salesman. He “guarantees” 25X or 2,500% annual returns if you pay him $2,950 and $200 per month.

His “live trading room” is a complete and total shit show of self-aggrandizement. Nearly every day he proclaims to earn 100% gains in only a few minutes — but can provide no verifiable proof. Appears to be a complete and total financial huckster.

Claims he received divine trading wisdom while chanting with monks in a monastery. Total hogwash.

Claims to have worked at a “prestigious” trading firm named Botta Capital which turned out to be a now-defunct brokage shuttered by the SEC for scamming customers. Various employees were convicted of wire fraud, securities fraud, and mail fraud. The firm was so pathetic and scroungy that they couldn’t even muster the $100k minimum capital requirement.

Agora Financial proclaims Andrew Keene “is the best trader we have ever witnessed.” Consider that on October 24, 2019, the Federal Trade Commission sued Agora Financial for allegedly ripping off senior citizens in a financial scam called “Trump Checks” and a phony cure for Type 2 diabetes.

Avoid this huckster.


World-class marketing


World-class marketing from a company with a long and sad history of fleecing older people

The guarantee of 25X or 2,500% investment returns is pure fantasy

Shady connections in every direction

Thanks for reading today’s review of Alpha Shark Trading and The 1450 Club. What is Alpha Shark Trading and The 1450 Club? And what are they selling?

Alpha Shark Trading is owned and operated by a person named Andrew Keene. According to his self-professed biography, he claims to be a “professional trader” that received divine wisdom in a Buddist monastery, while surrounded by chanting monks.

According to his marketing materials, while the monks were chanting and doing whatever monks are supposed to be doing, he was enlightened with the ability to “spot insider trading in real-time.”

Yes, you are reading this correctly, Andrew claims he can spot insider trading in real-time. And now, for a limited time only, he will teach you a secretive investing technique that supposedly turned him into a multimillionaire trader before the age of 30.

Of course, to learn this divinely inspired investment technique, you must first hand over thousands of dollars. More on that next…

Andrew Keene and his many flavors of investment “snake oil.”

Every decent snake oil salesman knows that you never should sell only a single flavor of snake oil.

A thirsty crowd of the financially illiterate, naive and desperate needs many different flavors of snake oils to soothe their financial cravings. Andrew is only too happy to oblige. The following is an exhaustive list of some of the most creative financial hucksterism that TradingSchools.Org has ever witnessed:

The very definition of the “Get Rich Quick” scheme.

The 1450 Club at Agora Financial

This is probably the most popular flavor of snake oil. For “only” $2,950, Andrew will absolutely “guarantee” that you can earn 25X (or 2,500%) your first year!

Additionally, there is a “small maintenance fee” of only $195 per month to watch Andrew trade in his live trading room for one-hour per day, 4 days a week.

According to Andrew, “You will wait for nothing!” and “No more settling for 2% dividends.” Additionally, he boasts the following:

  • 700% in 2 days!
  • 250% in 6 days!
  • 450% in 1 day!
  • 273% in 6 days!
  • 170% in 4 days!
  • 138% in 4 days!
  • 1,300% in 2 days!
  • 300% in 1 day!

Of course, this self-promoting smorgasbord of investment snake oil never mentions any losses. And Andrew coos onto the screen, “you only need to work 1-hour a day, for only 4 days a week!”

All your money problems are a thing of the past, just log onto the computer, wearing only your underwear, and watch Andrew’s magical software named S.C.A.M. generate a life of endless riches.

Oops, typo, I meant to say S.C.A.N. Regardless, this is the essence of the sort of get rich quick nonsense that TradingSchools.Org writes about daily.

The following is portions of a highly scripted and paid promotional seminar that Andrew recently hosted. I really loved the added touches — which includes paid actors. Have a look…

Who would be stupid enough to believe that anyone is going to deliver 25X or 2,500% investment returns each year?

This is equal to 208% per month. To give you an idea of how preposterous and facially implausible — Let’s consider that Andrew is actually able to deliver an average monthly return of 208% (2,500%/12 months).

If you were to start with an initial investment of $1,000 and then simply compound the interest (208% per month) then your account balance would be $728,800,392 — After only a single year.

Who would be stupid enough to believe any of this?

Of course, some folks might not be very excited about these sorts of paltry returns. No problem. Andrew has a venerable Chinese buffet of other products and services available.

Agora Financial and Andrew Keene

Do you want to really supersize your investment returns? No problem. According to Agora Financial, Andrew Keene is the “Senior Investment Strategist” and “the best investor they have ever witnessed.”

Accordingly, they are offering Andrew Keene’s CryptoShark products which include:

  • Exclusive cryptocurrency mentoring program for $1,995 per sucker.
  • Cryptocurrency trade alerts at $139 per month.
  • CrytoShark Bootcamp $4,449.
  • Triple Confirmation Secret System $299.
  • Mastering the ICO $299.

And of course, if you have any credit left on your credit card, you can also purchase…

7-Day Spikes. According to Andrew, he has a secret 15 digit code that allows him to collect thousands of dollars, each and every Friday. And, he proclaims “collecting thousands of dollars every Friday has never been so easy!”

AlphaShark Scanner Pro. According to Andrew, it is a product that “spies” on Wall Street Insiders and uncovers their “insider trading” and some other bullshit sales copy.

I don’t know about you, but if I had a secret 15 digit secret code that delivered 208% per month, I sure as hell wouldn’t be selling it for $2,950.

Something about this “AlphaShark” smells very fishy.

A closer look at Andrew Keene’s past

Andrew Keene colors himself quite the superstar of all things investments and is quite the self promotor. His social media profiles are akin to the great pyramid of Egypt in terms of self-aggrandizement.

On his YouTube channel, he has thousands of subscribers and spends countless hours declaring his grandeur and omnipotence.

His Twitter channel is even worse. Every day is filled with yet more promotional mumbo jumbo where he declares “100% in 7 minutes” and “another day of 100% winners in the live trading room.” Nary a mention of losses.

His biography coos yet more mumbo-jumbo about Botta Capital and how he was admitted to their prestigious trading program. Well, TradingSchools.Org was curious about this so-called prestigious Botta Capital and so we did some digging. And none of it looks good.

According to FINRA and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the firm was shuttered over scamming customers.

Specifically, they were front running their very own customers for their own benefit.

Additionally, Botta Capital was also sanctioned for not disclosing that three of their employees were recently convicted of mail fraud, wire fraud, and securities fraud regarding front running customer accounts.

And I not sure how Andrew Keene could ever apply the word “prestigious” to Botta Capital in any respect. In fact, the company was so pathetic and weak that they were fined twice because they couldn’t meet the minimum capital requirements of $100k.

Andrew claims millions in profits, yet the firm cannot find $100k to stay solvent? Something smells fishy.

And finally, FINRA reveals only two names of “Andrew Keene”. The first worked in the industry for one month, and the other for 10 months. Its just nuts, have a look for yourself.

If all of this reads shady, well it’s about to get even worse.

Federal Trade Commission suing Agora Financial for FRAUD

Agora Financial declares that “Andrew Keene is the best trader they have ever witnessed.”

What does that even mean? According to the Federal Trade Commission, not very much.

In fact, Agora Financial has a long and sad history of allegedly scamming senior citizens of whatever assets these poor old folks have remaining.

FTC Sues Publisher for Targeting Seniors With Phony Diabetes Cure and Money Making Schemes

-Federal Trade Commission Press Release

A perfect example, according to the Federal Trade Commission is a money-making scheme that costs $2,950 and promised to deliver $1.17 trillion dollars for people that voted for Donald Trump.

As crazy as this sounds, they called the program “Trump Checks” or “Republican Checks.” Have a look at this outrageous promo that promises “free checks” to Trump Voters.

Poor Trump Voters. They tend to be older, on social security, and have Type 2 diabetes. Well Andrew Keene’s employer, Agora Financial, can also fix Type 2 diabetes in only 28 days.

Except, according to the lawsuit filed in Federal Court, the Federal Trade Commission is alleging the “cure” for diabetes is nothing more than “salt and pepper” in a capsule.

Pretty sad shit when you have to scam old people with “Trump Checks” and then make it even worse by selling a snake oil cure for diabetes 2 with capsules filled with salt and pepper.

Wrapping things up

I am sure there are plenty of Andrew Keene fans out there. Especially those that were stupid enough to fork over thousands of dollars for the opportunity to earn 2,500% per year. You will cling to your hope.

But I would suggest that you reach out to Agora Financial directly, and ask for audited account statements of Andrew Keene financial records. We certainly did.

However, as Agora Financial declared on a phone conversation, “We can provide no financial records that validify Andrew Keene investment performance.”

Additionally, we sent Andrew Keene a direct email, using an alias and requested financial records. He refused. Instead, we were given some mumbo-jumbo about it being illegal to be transparent. Pathetic.

Avoid this company. And this huckster.

And one final note, thanks to 86 year old Melba Ruiz of Sacramento, California. She requested this review and I wanted to make sure she was not too offended — especially since she is one of those Trump voters.


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