Daily Flash Cash with Tom Gentile. Can you really make $4,325 every two hours?

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Tom Gentile of Money Map Press wants you to get rich quick — really quick. In fact, he coos “Earn $4,325 every two hours. Just click the green buttons!”

The product is named Daily Flash Cash and Tom claims that he “hired NASA scientists to design a secret financial algorithm” that will earn finally give you the retirement you deserve.

Daily Flash Cash is a day trading product “perfectly suited for senior citizens.” So he claims.

Never does Tom Gentile mention that his parent company, Agora Financial is currently being sued by the Federal Trade Commission for selling a phony diabetes cure and scamming retirees with a related investment scam named “Trump Checks.”



World-class marketing and salesmanship


Day trading for grandma is a bad idea

No mention of potential losses

Company is mired in lawsuits alleging financial fraud

Online reputation worse than Bernie Maddoff

Thanks for reading today’s review of Daily Flash Cash, with Tom Gentile at Money Map Press.

What is Daily Flash Cash? And can you really make $4,325, every two hours — every single day?

According to Tom Gentile, “It’s so easy! Every day at 4 pm, the profits will be deposited into your account automatically — you don’t have to do a thing.”

As readers are aware, TradingSchools.Org has written several reviews about Tom Gentile, Money Map Press, and Agora Financial. None of the reviews are positive.

This latest product is a bit different than Tom Gentile’s typical investment products, which are primarily based upon options trading.

The Daily Flash Cash is a day trading product. As Tom describes, “You will flash and dash in and out of day trades. The profits magically appear!”

What exactly is Daily Flash Cash?

Tom Gentile claims that he hired a dozen software engineers from NASA, Texas Instruments, and Raytheon and tasked them with the incredible job of predicting exactly when prices will explode higher.

According to Tom, these super scientists created a ‘secret algorithm’ that only he now possesses.

Of course, he will share his ‘secret algorithm’ with you for only $5,000 per year.

Further, Tom Gentile claims “Its no exaggeration! This busts open the entire financial industry in America, at its most fundamental level!”

He continues to coo in hushed tones, “This is going to give people the chance to finally break free from the monotony of everyday lifeā€¦ and grow richer every single day in a matter of hours.”

Quite a claim. And such a generous offer. A life of unlimited shrimp cocktail, bikini models, and private jets awaits anyone that possesses Tom’s “secret algorithm.”

How does the Daily Flash Crash Secret Algorithm actually work?

According to Tom Gentile, you simply log into the software and a series of dials and time sequences will magically appear before your very eyes.

The following is a picture of Tom presenting his dials and time sequences to an awe-inspired interviewer…

Just look for the greenest dial and press the button for Flash Cash!

“Once you see the dials and sequences appear, it will tell you exactly which day trade to execute” and “all you need to do is press a button and the money just starts rolling in!” Tom Gentile gleefully exhorts like an elephant fart.

So how much money can you expect to earn from Tom Gentile and “secret algorithm” and “money buttons?” Glad you asked.

According to Tom Gentile, “you can reasonably expect to earn about 100% profit, per trade.”

Tom even includes a rolling screenshot of his supposed investment performance…have a look below…this was taken directly from Tom’s presentation…

Where are the losing trades?

According to Tom Gentile, you shouldn’t really expect nor care much about any potential losses. In fact, during his video sales presentation, he never mentions a single losing trade. (Its a miracle!)

Further, Tom promises, “You can expect 80% to 110% winning trades!” How in the heck do you get 110% winning trades? (Hint: You can’t be 110% correct)

I wish I were making this shit up. According to Tom Gentile, his Money Dial and Flash Patterns are so incredible and will make you so rich that you will hardly notice the cost — which is ‘only’ $5,000 per year.

Contacting Tom Gentile at Money Map Press

Sometimes, when I draft these reviews, I cannot help but laugh at the outrageously unbelievable investment products that people ask me to review.

Of course, it would not be a well-researched review if I did not contact Money Map Press and attempt to verify the supposed performance of the Daily Flash Cash investment software.

And so I made a phone call to the Money Map Press boiler room and asked for an audited track record to verify this ridiculous investment performance — they could not provide it.

Who would be stupid enough to buy Daily Flash Cash? Or anything from this company?

This was a question that I had for the boiler room sales agent. Truthfully, he was quite gleeful and we had a good laugh at how some people will believe just about anything.

Next, I mentioned that the Money Map Press parent company Agora Financial is currently being sued by the Federal Trade Commission for financial fraud and selling bogus health products.

He remarked, “Yeah, we get sued a lot. But we just create some new products. People will believe just about anything.”

I asked him about the bogus diabetes cure, and he demurred “yeah that didn’t work out so well, but I have an elixir that will regrow a full head of hair in only 30-days and it’s guaranteed!”

After a jolly roar, he next replied, “and if your pecker won’t get hard, I have a product for that as well!”

As crazy as this all reads, this is exactly what the dude was selling. One minute, he is selling a magical investment software, and the next minute he is selling a ‘strange white powder’ that will get your dick hard.

Like PT Barnum, the famous American circus promotor used to say, “there is a sucker born every minute.”

In conclusion: Tom Gentile and Daily Flash Cash is a SCAM

Truthfully, writing about Tom Gentile and his various investment scams has become a monotonous affair. Nearly nothing his company say’s or does can be trusted. A simple Google search of Tom Gentile, Money Map Press, or any of his investment products reveals page upon page of complaints.

It appears that the primary focus of Tom Gentile, Money Map Press, and Agora Financial is hustling grandma and grandpa of whatever resources they have available.

Thanks for reading.


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