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An all around excellent trading room. The focus is 100% on making money as well as mitigating risk. Carlos Diaz is an excellent trader. He trades with patience, discipline, and cares about the audience. No high pressure gimmicks to entice you to purchase an expensive indicator package, trading course, or trading system. Trades are easy to copy and consistently profitable.

Pros: Very honest room moderator that really trades. A trading style that is risk averse. Very easy to follow trades. No salesmanship or attempts to sell a multi thousand dollar trading course. All trades are verified. A consistent performer. Very experienced trader.
Cons: 7 months of verifiable results might be considered light. Not cheap at $297 a month. Took an average of two days to get questions answered via email.


Trading Mission Review

download (1)Today’s review is a futures day trading room that I originally discovered back in August of 2014. At that time, the trading room had been in business for only 2.5 months and my initial screen recordings showed promise. However, the trading room had very little history, a rough looking homemade website, and the head trader was a guy fromPuerto Rican ES Trader Puerto Rico. Now I have to admit, I have not met many people from Puerto Rico and maybe I carry around a few racial stereotypes of the average Puerto Rican. In truth, people with a heavy latin accent remind me of my gardener or maid. Please excuse my ignorance and subtle bigotry. Lets jump into the review.

Last September 2014 I contacted the room owner, Carlos Diaz and managed to get a free trial for a week. During the trial week, I recorded approximately 23 hours of live trading. The following week, I again contacted Carlos with a pen name and a new email address, I again requested a free week of the trading room. The following week, I recorded approximately 26 hours of live trading screen recordings. Since the trading room was new, I put the 49 hours of screen recording aside until January.

My Initial Assessment

Carlos reports his trades on a spreadsheet that his embedded on his website. Of course, we have seen many spreadsheets from many different trading room vendors, and have learned that they are mostly worthless, made up nonsense. So, my approach is to review the screen recordings and then match up the trades from the spreadsheet that the moderator posted. Specifically, I want to make sure that the moderator is not creating a “live” trading video from a recorded playback of a previous market session. This is an old trick where they have the market session recorded, they then execute trades over the recorded session, of course they know where the turn points will occur and hence produce amazing  trading results. The next thing I look for is to see if the trading room vendor is placing his trades directly on the chart or directly on a DOM. This gives me an idea of whether the moderator is posting trades clearly and concisely, where the rest of us can actually copy what is happening.

During the two week trial period, I live recorded and was able to clearly identify 14 trades in the Crude Oil contract. The gross profit for the crude oil trades was $1080. For the ES emini 500 contract I recorded 4 trades for a gross of -$325. The total net profit after commission for the two week period was $645.

During this two week trial period, I was actually quite impressed with how well the trades were clearly called  and executed on the charts. Another impressive aspect was how the trading day never lasted more than two hours. And I was receiving no pressure to purchase any subscriptions or trading products whatsoever. However, since the trading room had a very limited track record, I decided to come back a few months later and conduct a follow up review.

December 2014 – Continued Review

I returned to the Trading Mission trading room on December 1st, with the intention of having my assistant in the Philippines trade on a simulated account from December 1st through December 12, if she produced a positive result, then I would trade my live account from December 15 through December 19.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about my assistant. Firstly, she is located in Cebu City, Phillippines and her english is not perfect. How would she perform on a simulator while the room moderator was speaking with a latin american accent? To my surprise, she executed each trade with perfection. With the ES she executed 5 trades for -$25, and with crude oil she executed 15 trades for a gross profit of $1750. After commission paid, my assistant netted $1625.

Trading LIVE

I was really impressed with how well my assistant performed on a simulator, and since I had over 100 hours of live trading recorded and verified, I was comfortable trading my live money account. However, during the week of  December 15 through December 19, I had to visit relatives in Idaho for the Christmas holiday. And so, I decided to let my 13 year old son, who lives at home with his mother, trade my live account on my behalf. I dont this very often, but I trust him (mostly), and he has his own account that he trades every morning before school.

Anyway, he traded Trading Mission with my live account and reported -$100 in the ES on 4 trades, and +$1060 on crude oil with 15 trades. A pretty good result. I gave my son half the profit, which of course he quickly squandered on Xbox games.

What I Like About Trading Mission

There are several things that I really like. The first, and most obvious is that I made money and put forth little effort. I also find it very impressive that my assistant was able to replicate the trades, considering that Carlos speaks with an accent. My teenager was also comfortable taking trades and he mentioned that it was super simple because Carlos trades directly off of the chart. With a chart present, and the open orders sitting on the chart, things are easy to understand. Carlos also is not frenetic about moving around profit targets and stop losses. The few exceptions would be when he decided to just close out a trade at the market. These market orders to close an open position also included the average slippage of one tick, which would be considered the norm.

Another thing I really like is that Carlos Diaz is a trader first and a marketer second, not even a close second. In fact, he is a terrible salesman. No fluff or nonsense with this guy. He just trades. I have seen and heard hundreds of these trading room moderators come and go, Carlos Diaz is a skilled trader and a not so skilled salesperson. He lets his trading do the talking, the results speak for themselves, and I can confirm that he definitely is pulling the trigger on his trades.

Another thing I believe that is quite remarkable is that he offers an interesting money back guarantee. Of course, there is no money back on any losing trades, but he does offer an unconditional money back guarantee. For whatever my opinion is worth, I do believe he would honor it. He has shown me nothing but honesty, reliability, aversion to risk, and a heart of compassion to attendees within the trading room.

Well thats it for today. Its nice to write about what I believe to be a good trader and a good person. Best of luck with your trading. And dont forget to leave your comments below.


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georges (@guest_2271)
5 years ago

This message is to correct the former ones regarding Trading Mission
Live Trading Room.
As I was stopped out a couple of times,I left the Room and missed
the second part of the movie:
When Members face a losing day,
Carlos gives them a chance to recover ,waiting to enter a second trade
which of course can last a much longer time.
But ,at end ,it reduces or cancels the loss of the stop.
Therefore the bad R/R i mentioned is not correct anymore.
Doing this ,he shows that he really cares about his clients results.
Carlos shows

Mike (@guest_5087)
5 years ago
Reply to  georges

And this is, in my personal opinion, where risk control gets tricky. If you close the room after one successful trade but continue trading when the first trade is a loss, you expose your account to more risk. What if the second trade is a loss too? What are the chances the second trade will be a winner in relation to the first trade? Well until now it seems to work and those second trades are usually winners but i would be careful.

georges (@guest_2193)
5 years ago

in my former message ,my calculation was based on June and July results.

georges (@guest_2181)
5 years ago

There is some fresh news about Trading Mission. and Oil Trading.
I just watched a whole month the trading room as a member.
Why?Because Carlos Diaz Website was claiming results as good as
3 to 4000 USD per month!Quite Good!
Here is the reality: Carlos is trying to catch everyday a 10 pts trade for
his members.To obtain that he has to protect his trade with stops up
to 30 to 40 Pts .Even with a rate of success of 80% ,here are the figures
Maxi 20 trades/month 16 Good tradesx10 pts (maxi) 160 ptsx10 usd= 1600 USD
4 Bad trades x30 pts= 120 ptsx10 usd=1200 usd. Gross profit is 400 USD less
monthly subscription of 297 USD =103 usd less commission = 0
One more marketer who claims to be a professional trader?

Jeff (@guest_1301)
5 years ago


You are correct that I am not interested in your services at this time.
Why not disclose if someone is a CTA? That is public information.
A person can find out by going to nfa’s website and doing a search,
I do not choose to do that. It is the seller’s responsibility to provide that information.
If you are hesitant to provide public information about your trader then what other things do you not disclose?

I really do not care as I have asked you basic questions from the information that is posted on your website and you did not answer them. You provided another excuse.
I am not going to contact you.
You are not being dishonest but you are not being forthcoming either. Making people go the extra mile to verify information or lack of information on your website is not prudent business practices in my opinion. Good luck on your business.

Jeff (@guest_1253)
5 years ago


It is good that you admit that Carlos does not trade his own money in his own account.
If I wanted a fund trader then I would use a professional fund manager that is a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) not someone who claims to be a trading expert.

All your website says is “Carlos Diaz is a recognised trading expert with over 20 years’ experience in forecasting market trends”
Just a note you should correct the spelling on your website (recognised).
Who recognizes him?
What are his credentials?
Is he a CTA? I bet he is not.
Let’s see proof that of who recognizes him.

Jimmy TM
Jimmy TM (@guest_1297)
5 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

Jeff, I feel like there is nothing I can say that will win you over. It feels like you have made your mind up that you don’t like us and now you are just trying to damage our credibility in order to win the argument. If I’ve got it wrong then I apologies (that’s the UK spelling like recognise. I am English and have been brought up with our traditional spelling) for being over sensitive but these comments seem more about discrediting us than serious questions about whether the trading room might be a good fit for you or not. If you are a genuine guy who really does have questions but is also skeptical then I would be happy to set up a skype call with you where I can talk to you about when Carlos achieved his CTA along with other credentials he has. I will also pass to you references which you are welcome to call as well as showing proof that he has been featured in the financial news. Email me at jimmy ‘at’ and we can set something up. Please understand that I am not dodging the question but I also don’t feel comfortable writing about another person in this much detail on the web.

Jimmy TM
Jimmy TM (@guest_1057)
5 years ago

Jeff, you are wrong. It all seems simple and easy to you because you are on the outside looking in. You have absolutely no idea of the logistics nightmare we are dealing with over here when managing large funds for 10 different clients who all want their money managed in different ways to suit their own various objectives, goals and risk tolerance. We would never publish all of those accounts for 2 reasons: (1) Confidentiality. (2) It would be unbelievably confusing. Other traders might publish their broker results because they trade 1 normal sized account. We are not like these small fish. We have a much bigger REAL trading business outside of the trading room. We publish on the website EXACTLY what Carlos makes in the room himself. People who join or visit can see that. People who only read comments and make assumptions about us will never truly understand what we offer because it is more than just signals. This is the last comment I will make about the results because the problem has been addressed and I’m just writing the same thing over and over again. If people want to try our room risk free without paying then they can. We have nothing to hide. What more can I offer than that?

Jeff (@guest_1248)
5 years ago
Reply to  Jimmy TM


Carlos has not published his live account statement on your website.
Again, have Carlos publish his account statement.
Who cares about results of other members or other funds.
Carlos can publish his account statement and every one knows it.
It is his choice to publish it
I want to see that he is taking the trades he indicates he trades.
I want to see that he is trading his own money in his own account.
The only way to verify that is for him to publish his live account statement.
Until he does he is just another trader that cannot verify he trades his own money in his live account.

Jimmy TM
Jimmy TM (@guest_1251)
5 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

Jeff, Carlos does not trade his own money! That is the point here. It is no secret either. He is a fund manager. That means he manages other peoples money and gets paid a fee and percentage based on his performance. He has been doing this for a small number of large clients for many many years. The sums we are dealing with are far larger than what the target clients for the trading room has to trade with. Because of this we have no live account to show that would be relevant to the trading room. Surly you can see this? If you are only interested in traders who trade their own personal money then we are not the service for you.

Steve (@guest_724)
5 years ago

I would like a response from Jimmy too regarding having 2 spreadsheets. One representing Carlos’ trades and one from the members.

The most important being Carlos’s trades. Even if a trader in the room can’t match his trades tick for tick, which you never can, if you could see Carlos was actually making the return of 27%/month the results page claims I would join in a heartbeat.

I have just spent too much money and time in other rooms where figures are fudged a bit and don’t have the same trust I used to.

In all honesty if I was hosting a room I’d be happy to show actual brokerage statements (with account details blanked out of course). It makes me wonder why room hosts don’t do this unless they are full of it and have something to hide.

Jimmy TM
Jimmy TM (@guest_734)
5 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

I’ve replied to your other article.

Jimmy TM
Jimmy TM (@guest_732)
5 years ago
Reply to  Steve

The reason Carlos doesn’t show a live brokerage account is because he trades lots of accounts on behalf of clients and also trades outside of the room hours. It would be far too confusing.

Jimmy TM
Jimmy TM (@guest_733)
5 years ago
Reply to  Jimmy TM

damn it! this was meant to be a reply to an earlier comment (Steve). Emmet can you delete and I’ll repost in the correct place?

Steve (@guest_819)
5 years ago
Reply to  Jimmy TM

Ok. I see how it would be hard to show brokerage statements then but surely you can still track his personal results in the room along side the ‘member’ results you currently show. Is this possible? I think it would help sales and legitimacy of the room a lot. Thanks Jimmy

Jimmy TM
Jimmy TM (@guest_953)
5 years ago
Reply to  Steve

Steve, I explained the reasons why that is a bad idea on the updated thread about our business on another page on this website. However, rather than read that just watch these 2 videos which I will post below. They are recordings from last week (untouched and unedited). They show why our members are happy for the most part and why so many stay with us for a long time. Everyone on here is so caught up in these published results but they aren’t important. What is important is what you can personally achieve when you trade with us. If you can achieve something worthwhile, then that is all that matters. Some people do amazingly well and stay with us for months and months on end. Some people join, complain and leave straight away. I don’t know what makes one person do well and one person do badly but I just know by looking at customer profiles that this is what is happening. So please forget the results and just try a couple of free sessions or watch the videos. That is the best way to see if you personally will do well with us. Numbers on a page wont give you the insights you need. Here are the 2 live session recordings from last week:

How it works

and here is how you get a free trial:
I hope that helps in some way.

Jeff (@guest_977)
5 years ago
Reply to  Jimmy TM


The site is promoting the skills of the trader (Carlos) not the members that follow the trader. I know It is possible for Carlos to publish his account statements. I have seen other traders publish their account statements. I do not care if Carlos trades are outside of room hours. I want to know that Carlos is profitable trading his own trading system. The only way to verify that Carlos is profitable is by him publishing his account statement. Every reason you have posted so far is an excuse. Good luck on getting people to sign up without verifying Carlos is actually profitable trading his own method.

MrsBernieMadoff (@guest_8057)
4 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

“Good luck on getting people to sign up without verifying Carlos is actually profitable”. I’m signing up the minute I leave here, and I have no problem, with signing with him. And I don’t need two set of charts, to convince me to sign with him, Jeff…………..smh

David (@guest_718)
5 years ago

I tried trading Mission based on your review but the main reason was the guaranteed refund. After 3 days I tried to cancel and obtain a refund and as yet I have not received even a reply to 3 emails I sent.

Jimmy TM
Jimmy TM (@guest_729)
5 years ago
Reply to  David


As it happens we have switched to a no refunds policy since we became aware of a group of guys in Australia who were sharing login details and abusing the refund policy in order to get the service for free. So when you signed up you agreed to our TOS which stated no refunds. This is on the page where you paid.

However we received your email asking for a refund and we decided to give it to you anyway with absolutely no questions asked or issues at all. An email explaining this was sent and the refund was processed. If you give me permission I will post a screen shot here which shows the exact date or I will post a video showing me logging into our account to prove it was done. I just don’t want to show your full name without permission.

We have responded to every email you have sent (again I’m happy to prove it) but it seems you aren’t receiving them since we received another from you this morning. If you call your bank you will be able to get them to verify that the money was returned straight away.

Thanks for trying the service and apologies for the confusion.



[…] January 31st, 2015 I published a review of the Trading Mission day trading room. At that time, that room had been broadcasting since August 2014. Prior to January 31st, I had […]

John Carper
John Carper (@guest_660)
6 years ago

I spent a little time in Carlos’s room. I liked it and felt he was honest and easy to understand but at that time he was scalping with some really big stops and took a few nasty drawdowns on a few cars. Scared me away then but I want to give him another shot. It really makes me happy to see a room listen to people.

greg (@guest_649)
6 years ago

jimmy, what happened with your meeting with carlos? are you going to post actual results of his own trades? i have been monitoring this site before I take the plunge as his service is on the expensive side for me.
hope you can quickly do a re-review of trading mission if they don’t respond asap regarding the recently brought up issues with recording the results. can you give us an idea of what the 2 weeks of recording look like initially?
and i also agree with the posts above that it doesn’t look right to say they are 1 contract results when it’s reporting an average of what people are making for2 or more contracts in some cases. if so, this would be totally false advertising, isn’t it? especially when carlos says you should have $10k per contract and the prospect is thinking i can make these results with just 1 contract when its actually the average reported by members which could be based on 2, 3 or more contracts. in anycase, it should be carlos’ actual results not the members anyway.

greg (@guest_650)
6 years ago
Reply to  greg

also a suggestion is maybe you can put “(review update pending – see comments)” next to the title up top next to “trading mission review”? i’m not sure if that will change your search engine rankings but at least people won’t join just based on your initial review. i’m glad i read all the comments before joining. i still might join if they change the results page back to his actual results.

Jim (@guest_542)
6 years ago
Todd (@guest_544)
6 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Thanks for your brutal honesty Emmett. I didn’t even notice the Warning link up top until now. I think we all have had some issues in the past which we’ve had to deal with later on. I appreciated your work before reading the Warning page but now I appreciate your work even more.

Getting back to the subject. I too was about to join Trading Mission based on the great review but now I’m not so sure after seeing the recent comments. Also going back on Carlos’ YouTube page, I see that he has pitched other things such as MLM programs and various other trading programs. Not to say those reflect whether he runs an honest and profitable trading room now.

Since this review has gotten Carlos many subscribers I assume, I would like to hear from those that are having success in the room since according to Jimmy, they apparently are. If they are successful and were introduced to him here, I’m sure Carlos or Jimmy can have them post their results/statements (minus their private information). That would really explode Carlos’ membership if proven to be actually profitable, I would think. And I would certainly join in a second.

Like many here, I have tried many chat rooms over the last 3 years both stocks and futures and so I also have a thought. Why not create page where we can talk about our own success or failure with rooms? For example, I was a part of Daytrading Power which you gave a pretty good review but I had a terrible time following the daytrades but his overnight trades are actually pretty good and I still get his free emails on them and make a good profit on them overall. Now, if DTP was not reviewed by you but I saw someone post what I just did on an independent page, I would try out his overnight trading alerts.

Not trying to be Investimonials with fake reviews but at least something where we have a community of traders like myself that are looking for the right fit since each service does not fit everyone’s personality no matter how good their results may be. But if someone finds something good, we can all go try it and post our results in brutal honest fashion and maybe find the few gems we are all looking for. Maybe another tab on top like Reader Reviews or something like that?

Keep up the good work Emmett and I hope to one day thank you personally for all the effort you put into this site!

arnold (@guest_538)
6 years ago


Jay (@guest_539)
6 years ago
Reply to  arnold

Yes, really sad. I was getting ready to join this site but certainly won’t be joining now. The answer is obvious to post the actual trades and the average of the traders like Andrei said. Jimmy I really hope you reply to this and take Andrei’s advice. If so I would join, if not I won’t even consider it again. Disappointed.

jimmy (@guest_555)
6 years ago
Reply to  Jay

I’m meeting Carlos this weekend to discuss this and other things. The frustration here is that it was a paying member who asked us to change it in the first place he and suggested this new way of reporting. We asked other paying members in the chat room if they thought it was a good idea and they said yes.

Now a load of non-paying members are asking us to change it back. It’s a tough call because we want to keep old customers and of course attract new ones. However I can see now that we’ll never be able to keep everyone happy. No matter what we do there will always be complaints. We will discuss it this weekend and I will be back here when we have decided how to proceed.

steve (@guest_558)
6 years ago
Reply to  jimmy

Hey Jimmy, good to see that someone from Trading Mission is trying to help here and not running away from the issues brought up. I’ve been a member and seen both the good and bad as well but overall I think Carlos is profitable and most can easily follow his trades.

My suggestion is that you go back to original format or just have 2 results one mirroring exactly what Carlos has made (only during trading room hours for all contracts he trades) and one with the current average of reported ticks. The way it is now, it’s not very accurate anyway because you report 1 contract results when some are trading 2, 4 or more contracts per trade skewing the average made/lost per contract. So you should just take out the 1 in the contract column and put AVG or something like that. Having 2 results on a Google docs spreadsheet is easy too with tabs at the bottom so people can access both.

Things like this spread quickly on the internet so I would suggest just be honest and if Carlos’ results are not as good as his students’ it’s OK, it just proves he’s a good teacher. I know I’ve done better some days than him and other days he does better but overall I’m profitable and that’s all that matters anyway.

Rogue (@guest_2263)
5 years ago
Reply to  jimmy

I know I’m late to the party but I had to say something because none of this makes sense. So A member tells you ( I don’t believe it) to put member results instead of Carlos’ and you oblige, I believe that you guys used this member results ploy to get away from actually publishing your own results.

People who join trading forums are not joining because of some member but because of the people running the show and their apparent track record.

KP (@guest_536)
6 years ago

“Once the trade is over everyone writes their results in the chat box and we take an average. ” — Come on Jimmy, give me a break, do you really think that you are going to get real accurate results from members in this way? And really, what good does it do to publish performance of this type? You don’t even know if members are following Carlos’ trade management instructions anyway — most likely they are not. You should only post results of the moderator … that is what people pay for when they subscribe.

jimmy (@guest_556)
6 years ago
Reply to  KP

What you describe is exactly how we did it originally but the change came at the request of an actual long term paying member. We floated the idea to the group in the chat room and they all said they would like to do it this way instead so we changed it. We were just responding to the group needs. It’s very easy to poke holes in things from the outside but when you are the ones trying to make it work and keep everyone happy it is much harder. Everyone has a different opinion on what we should do.

I’m seeing Carlos this weekend and we plan to discuss this in detail since this thread is the first we’ve heard of people having such a problem with it. I’ll be back with an update soon.

Geoff Evison
Geoff Evison (@guest_632)
6 years ago
Reply to  jimmy

I for one am on your side on this, Jimmy. The complaint is easily rectified: Carlos’ results are always better than the posted room’s average. So, if people are okay with the average, they should be fine with Carlos’. Of course, you could post both, but I know that Carlos stays in some trades much longer, too.
And the other downside of using Carlos’ is he’s most likely getting a better fill, especially in CL. By the time everyone else gets in, they may have missed several ticks. So would it be fair to show Carlos’ results if a member can not expect to replicate them? That’s your point, and I agree.

Jimmy TM
Jimmy TM (@guest_731)
5 years ago
Reply to  Geoff Evison

Thanks Geoff. I guess what we have learned is that we will take crap no matter what we do.

Sue (@guest_5485)
5 years ago
Reply to  jimmy

The problem with that Jimmy is that there are traders in there who trades their own methodology so when Carlos asked how everyone did, they would write down on the chat box how they did that day-including their own methodologies. I was in the room for 2 months and I didn’t like the way they post the results. It was not accurate and the stop loss (sometimes 70 ticks) is too great considering Carlos encourage you to get out with 10 ticks. These 2 reasons were for me leaving the room, even though Carlos, Jimmy, and Juan were really nice.

Christian (@guest_534)
6 years ago

..and a final word about taking profits at 12 pips: To see if this will be an profitable trading room for you just do a simple thing: download his Excel file and replace all profitable trades with 12 ticks only while keeping the losing trades at the value already register and see what the total is at the end of each month. At the time I was in the trading room I did this simple calculation and since was not a positive number (not even considering commissions for each trade) I canceled my subscription.

John (@guest_5508)
5 years ago
Reply to  Christian

I agree Christian. I was in the room for 2 months and couldn’t make money. Afterward, I look at that months result and I understood why. The room emphasis is to get out with 10 ticks, so I did that, but the stop loss is so large that I lost money for 2 months being in the room. If you replace all the positive trades with 10 ticks and leave the losers and add them up, you will most likely end up with 50-100 ticks loss. That was my end of it so I left.

Christian (@guest_533)
6 years ago

I was a member of the trading room for a month and had the same problem with the registered results that did not match with Carlos trades shown. Take profits were rarely what could be seen on his charts.
He encourage you to take 10-12 ticks profits but when he lose his loses are usually 30 ticks and beyond.
Another frustrating thing was his trades shown next day because were taken after the trading room (these are not recorded) closes the previous day, These are usually big runners taken especially after a losing day. Considering the amount he charges for the room he could at least send an email to his subscribers about the setup occurring after the trading room hours.
What I cat tell for sure is that his losing trades are registered accurately, so before subscribing decide for yourself if you can manage those losing streaks that could exceed 1k USD. The problem is you can not figure out in how much time you will recover because on how the winning trades are recorded.

KP (@guest_527)
6 years ago

One thing I didn’t care for with — is that the performance results that they post on their site are apparently an average of what everyone in the room achieved for each trade. Here is what Jimmy (from the site) wrote to me in an email ….. “Members then post their results in the chat window and we take an average of what they made and use that for the results so it’s as accurate as we can make it to what members are actually achieving.” Quite frankly – I am not very interested in what others do in the room – I am interested in what Carlos is able to do – especially if I am interested in trying to mimic his results. Emmett – did you experience this?

Jimmy (@guest_530)
6 years ago
Reply to  KP

Hi, it’s Jimmy here from TM. Let me clarify what is going on.

When we first opened the room the idea was for clients to exactly copy Carlos and his exact trades would be what were listed on the results. This is what we always wanted. However we ran into a problem.

There seems to be 2 types of trader in the room. Those who play conservative and those who like to stay in longer and take bigger risks. In the beginning Carlos always played it very conservatively and this meant he would be out of trades while some members with bigger risk tolerances would stay in for longer. This meant Carlos would have to then talk them through the trade without an onscreen aide to show them what to do. We also received lots of emails from these types of trades wanting bigger/more risky trades.

This lead Carlos to change things in order to keep everyone happy. Now he verbally tells the risk averse traders to exit with conservative profits. Then he stays in in order to keep the bigger players happy.

Once the trade is over everyone writes their results in the chat box and we take an average.

Please understand that this is NOT what we wanted but it is our paying members who demanded this approach. We’ve talked at great length about it and although it isn’t what we set out to do it really is the only way to keep everyone happy.

If anyone has any better solution then I would be happy to hear it, but this is a complex problem and it requires a fairly complex solution.

The good thing is that the results represent what actual members achieve and is therefore an excellent representation of what someone new is likely to achieve if they join. It also means that many members are making more than what the results on the website shows so we can’t be accused of exaggerating.

I hope this answers your question and I hope your understand the difficult dilemma we are tackling with the published results.



Andrei (@guest_532)
6 years ago
Reply to  Jimmy

Jimmy, the solution is very simple. Just publish Carlos trade results (on his 2 contracts) in a separate table. We all see Carlos live trades on the chart trader, but there is no way to verify student’s results. You are assuming that everyone of them is telling the truth, i.e. nobody is bragging and nobody is shy to report a loss. Fat chance! I cancelled my subscription because your reporting made no sense to me. I presume that you lost some more subscribers for this reason. As I said just publish two tables and the problem gets solved.

Stuart Sugden
Stuart Sugden (@guest_8742)
4 years ago
Reply to  Jimmy

You may have caved in to members’ requests to record average results. This does not make sense to me. So now Carlos is “forced” to coach some members through trades he hasn’t recommended himself. If his best results come from being conservative then this is what he should stick to. Trading 2 or more ways on the same trade is tricky in a trading room and tricky to follow. So I am in the room, paying $297 a month and now I am spending some of the time watching Carlos coach people thru trades he hasn’t recommended? Is this the tail wagging the dog?

sam (@guest_8748)
4 years ago
Reply to  Stuart Sugden

Have you seen the updated review?
It’s all a sim sham. Anyone having read most of the reviews and comments at should have learned these vendors have not traded live for years if they can secure a monthly churn of subs out of members. In this case it’s 300/month.

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