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Zero honesty with this trading room. Dont waste your time or money. Mellisa Armo does not trade, and can barely talk intelligently about trading. Disgraceful, lack of morals, character or basic human decency.

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Pros: The trading room is quite entertaining. Mellissa loves to talk, and she communicates well. The environment is light and lively. Mellissa is a great salesperson and you find yourself wanting to buy what she is selling.
Cons: Mellessa Armo does not trade. She just talks about trading. And she talks a lot. She represents everything that is wrong with trading educators: does not actually trade, makes big claims of trading success, is a master of telling how well her methods worked (after the fact). Provides references of people that barely even know her.

Owner: Mellissa Armo
Gap Day Trading Stocks
Cost: $2500 to $249.

The Stock Swoosh is a day trading room room, specializing in gaps, owned and moderated by Mellissa Armo. You can find her constantly running paid webinars on Online Trader Central at a cost of $800 per webinar. Since she has done multiple webinars, then she must be selling plenty of educational packages. But are the educational packages of any value, does she really trade? Is she the real deal?

The First Thing I Notice

The first thing you will notice on her website is that she posts no track record of trades called inside the live trading room. There is not a shred of trade history anywhere to be found. I emailed Melissa and asked for a spreadsheet of past trades, she responded that she did not keep a history of trades, but that I should not worry because most of her trades were winners. OK, I guess.

Asking For Proof

Since she has zero track record, I politely asked for an account statement showing that she actually trades. I told her that it matters not whether the statement shows a profit or loss, just any statement will do. Just show me one singular trade, please. She responded that if she shows trades then it could reveal “the secret sauce”. I am not sure what “secret sauce” is, but it sure sounds tasty!

Any Proof Will Do

Since she does not keep a record of trades, and no account statement to verify, I ask for some personal references from former students. She then sent me the names and phone numbers of 3 people: the first was a black kid that told me that he was a free trial student, and did not have a trading account. The second person told me that they were also a trial student, and the 3rd person was an actual purchaser of the course. However, they were trying to get a refund, and felt they had been scammed. This person referred me to a personally written report that they had submitted to The Rip Off Report. You can read about it here.

But I Always Give The Benefit Of The Doubt

Of course, I know of several other trading educators that have been tarred with a few bad reviews, and you simply cannot judge the validity of a trading educator by the often unrealistic expectations of newbie traders. Regardless of no track record of trades, no account statements, and a terrible review from one her best references, I decided to give Melissa the benefit of the doubt. I would try her service with an open mind. And so I signed up for a trial of the trading room, and then began my one month period of observing and recording. Important note: each trial period lasts only one week, to counter this, and avoid having to pay the monthly subscriber fee, I used a proxy service called Hipe My Ass, and several different randomly created email addresses. This allowed me to sign up for multiple trial accounts and also remain anonymous.

Melissa Is A Persistent Salesperson

The Stock Swoosh Golden Gap CourseBe warned, Melissa is not afraid to sell you. She aggresively attacked each of my fake profiles like a dog begs for rib bones at a barbeque. She is not afraid to call you, and with a sweet voice, she tells you that she just wants to help you realize your dreams of trading success. She is smooth and sweet. Admittedly and a bit shamefully I allowed myself to become bit enamored with her sweet voice and curiously wondered if she were a single lady. Her profile picture is kind of cute, so be warned if you like pretty ladies because Melissa plays it well.

Inconsistencies That Made Me Leary

Quite a few times some things would happen that made me really worry. For instance, on several occasions I was 15 to 20 minutes late to the opening of the live trading room. Every damn time I would show up late, as soon as I entered the room, Melissa would then start cooing about the big winner we had this morning. She would be congratulating the attendees and telling them that this is how its done. While I would sit there green with envy. After this happened 3 times, I began to smell a rat. So I decided to set up a rat trap…

The Rat Trap

I set up a test to see if my theory that Melissa was purposely puffing up the performance as people would arrive throughout the trading day. So I set up 2 separate accounts; account A would show up at exactly on time and record the exact trades that Melissa called out. Account B would show up later in the session to see if Melissa would start up the glory of winning nonsense that I suspected. Sure enough, whenever I used either account as a late entry into the trading room, she would pull this nonsense. Its pretty clever how she pulls it off. I felt like I was at a Las Vegas magic show, a little slight of hand, a little smoke, a nice shiny mirror, etc.

Swishes and Swooshes: good luck attempting to replicate

Mellisa uses two primary words to describe her trade set ups; either a swish or a swoosh. But does she call out exactly entry and exit points? Nope. Not even once during the month I spent in her live trading room. She would use a lot of nebulous words like “thats the swish pattern we have been looking for guys! That’s it! But no mention of the entry or exit price. The best way to describe her trading service…imagine that its a clear night, and there is not a cloud in the sky. There are plenty of stars in the sky. And both Melissa and yourself are desperately attempting to find a UFO. Every so often, you will hear Melissa’s sweet voice make a mighty declaration, “There is it! A UFO. Did you see it?” But just as you look at the direction she is pointing, and see nothing, she say’s “Wow, you need to be just a bit faster in your observation”. And then she mutters, “Don’t worry about not seeing it as quickly as me, if you just spend $2500 on my advanced course, you will be able to see the UFO’s with no problem.”

Finally Its Over

Money Down The Drain

The Mellisa Armo investment method.

Admittedly, I was really glad to get out of the live trading room and get this report written. The constant deception made me tired and irritable. I would catch myself, time and again, thinking to myself that she is going to start that glorious winning nonsense everytime someone new arrived late into the trading room. And the constantly talk of swishes an swooshes, with no data to prove here theories was frustrating. At the end of the day, Melissa knows its all just a hustle and she is praying upon the gullible person, that is desperate to learn and earn. She is just another in a long line of hucksters with a never ending supply of snake oil to cure every ill. However, I have to give her a few positive accolades. And that would be that at least she does not populate her website with fake and fraudulent performance numbers. She is old school and relies on pure salesmanship to get the deal done.

What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading.

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Maher Hanna
Maher Hanna (@guest_5056310)
7 months ago

I just got scammed for $7000 to take one of her classes next month in June 2020 and after having attended one of her live trading … it’s a scam save your money. Even though the class didn’t start yet I asked for a refund and she refused to refund my money even though I did not take the class

Email me for details if you are interested maher.hanna@me.com

Robert Higgins
Robert Higgins (@guest_3053549)
1 year ago

Stock Swoosh


Same experience as everyone else. False advertising. Has anyone reported to SEC or State Atty General?


  • Slick and persistent marketing


  • Seems to guess at trades.

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John (@guest_1044984)
1 year ago

not to be trusted


For the last couple of weeks Melissa sent me email asking for $5999 for some training. Today I replied by asking her for an equity curve from a live trading account. Instead she sent links to videos claiming fantastic profits. I replied telling her that I asked for an equity curve of a live trading account but instead received power point slides which anyone could have made at home; and I then asked for a copy of live trading account brokerage statements. She replied that she wasn’t legally allowed to show them. I politely informed her that we both knew she lied about that. Also, I mentioned that God is watching her, a day of judgement is coming, and there was still time to turn her life around and make an honest living for a change.


  • Her very slick, bold, claims inspire a false confidence.


  • I believe she is deceptive to the core.

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mike (@guest_32331)
2 years ago

Thanks for the heads up, will stay away from crazy koala lady.

Dave (@guest_27783)
3 years ago

SHE IS PAPER TRADING. Bottom of her screen shows vtdir on her Orbis software. That stands for virtual trader directory. Look at any of her videos and it will show this.

She will not tell you her entry, will not tell you her position size, will not tell you her exit points. She will tell you that she is “up $7,000” on good days. The bad days she is magically barely down while the whole room is losing their homes.

Todd (@guest_27786)
3 years ago
Reply to  Dave

But… but… on her twice a month seminars she heavily markets on Trader Central, she promises a quarter million a year just working 30 minutes a day!

Are you saying this constant promotion for years and years is not true? Say it isn’t so!

Lamont (@guest_27230)
3 years ago

I see everybody chooses to ignore the “black guy” comment. Emmett, would you like to explain?

Lamont (@guest_27329)
3 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

“the first was a black kid that told me that he was a free trial student”

Todd (@guest_27330)
3 years ago
Reply to  Lamont

I don’t think anyone really gives a sh-t. Too much racial sensitivity from certain groups these days. If Emmett would have described a guy as an English chap or Latino or Asian, no one would have said a word. Stop crying about things that mean nothing.

theReaDone1 (@guest_26933)
3 years ago

She was a successful mortgage broker until 2008 when she gave it up to pursue her love of trading….Yeah, right. It didn’t have anything to do with the housing crash or anything. Seems legit

Koala (@guest_11944)
4 years ago

Hello Emmett Moore
(concerning your Review of The Stock Swoosh(Melissa Armo) on tradingschools.org),
and (commenting on that review)
That f\’king voice, avgdwner, Ricardo De Furgburber, Rob B, David, Thomas Power, RV, Alexander, steve chisholm,
Sam, Tom, Joe, Todd, mike, Todd & FedUp

All of you seems to have voiced complaints about Melissa Armo concerning
-How she looks
-How she sounds
-How she Markets
-Taking the Trade she calls
-Doing/showing the things you think she ought to.

First off, what is the most likely reason one would subscribe to an online trading room?
Shouldn’t it be that her methods are ***effective*** at making money (even if it’s not how you think money should be made) in the market?

If she’ll extend a trial period to you, have an open mind.
Be in the Stock Swoosh virtual trading room before the market opens,
say by (0900ET or) 0915ET or so.
Take her trade(s)(even in a simulator) when she calls it, as they can trigger quickly.
See how she did.
Did her calls make money or not(quite often within 1/2 hour of market open)?
Repeat each day for the remainder of days in your trial period you have in her room.
See for yourself how her calls worked out.

I’ve been in her room, taking her trades for months.
For example, for today, 15 Dec 2016, I took her call on
YHOO. Rating: 20(/26)Pts.
Resistance: $40.00
Possible Targets $39.39, $39.00

~0932:30ET Short Entry $39.69, Long StopLoss $40.10 called by Melissa
0933:07ET – I entered that short trade @ $39.69,
then placed my Long StopLoss order at $40.10
0959:45ET – I took off 1/2 of my position at $39.57
making $.12/on those Shares
1001:21ET – Lowered the StopLoss Order on the last 1/2 of my position to $39.86
(should’ve done at leaast $39.87)
1007:34ET – I took off the last 1/2 of my position at $39.51
making $.18/on those Shares
Removing the remainder of the StopLoss Order for that trade

YHOO went on to make lower lows
Made ~$.4R (Where R = Amount of $ you Risk (hopefully which is prudent for your amount of risk capital))
(P.S. – Melissa has mentioned before, that if you have a small amount of money(say $3K, for example), that you can make arrangements with a Proprietary Trading Fund, that for fee(s), they will magnify your trading purchase power… under their day trading terms & conditions)

Haters (…. and I suppose some of Melissa’s competition), if you are are going to hate, so be it. You won’t need much rationale to do so.
You’re in good company.
During the US war of Independence, the British used to grouse about how
those pesky, upstart americans would sometimes fight like the Indians, from behind Trees & big rocks, instead of out in the open.
A thousand years ago, the prevalent world view seemed to be that the earth was flat. Any ship sailing beyond the sight of land would surely fall off the edge, right?
The Wright Brothers’ own dad once preached that mankind would never achieve what we now refer to as, heavier than air flight.

Ricardo De Furburger
Ricardo De Furburger (@guest_12242)
4 years ago
Reply to  Koala

Melissa, you are one crazy bat! Tell us how the institutional traders trade. Show us how you did it when you worked at JPM Securities and SAC. Oh wait! You never traded anywhere. And BTW – Nobody leverages $3,000 for intraday trading anymore this is not 2000 you clown. You’re a clown, the worst part about u and your type is you guys think you’re smart but you literally are clueless to how finance actually works. That’s why we laugh at you.

Smith (@guest_31477)
2 years ago
Reply to  Koala

Koala= Melissa

bobby (@guest_9398)
4 years ago

i have day traded 15 successfully years and was listened to her strategy in the webinar and its a total scam …shes making all her money from people that don’t understand trading and people that have lost money and that are looking for a fast way to make back the losses…don’t waste any hard earned money getting swooshed to the poor house.Just think about it, a person that repeatedly refuses to provide a track record has a lot to hide..she claims that she makes $1000 a day easy…..then why are you scared to put your money where your mouth is by showing documented proof.

That f\'king voice
That f\'king voice (@guest_9373)
4 years ago

I did the free week trial (mostly for laffs), and lasted less than 2 days as I found myself wanting to puncture my eardrums with a Phillips head screw driver after 30 seconds of that voice. That neanderthal shrieking at a stock is more than I could stomach. I still have occasional nightmares.

avgdwner (@guest_9381)
4 years ago

I don’t think it’s even worth it for the “trade porn” with the shrieking and babbling. At least Alla Peters “fibonacciinstitute” has a soothing voice and doesn’t need to use web site silhouette photos to try to look attractive. FibQueen Borodin could be a 7 , but she’s a tool of John Carter’s room now. LBR is a has-been, 20 years over her prime.

Bob V
Bob V (@guest_26915)
3 years ago
Reply to  avgdwner

Alla Peters doesn’t even trade the markets with real money! She is full of crap! Her methods are open to interpretation and confusing. She says one thing and does another. She makes all her money by selling her bull crap course that she shows how to do in webinars only.Alla does not even have written material on what she teaches. A successful trader should be selling and teaching, not someone who does not put his or her money where his or her big mouth is! Show live trades on a live trading platform with real money every day and make consistent profits and then you have something legitimate to sell, not some crap head that does not trade their own money. What a bunch of hypocrites!

dtchurn (@guest_27331)
3 years ago
Reply to  Bob V

I hear you. I sheepishly tried a trial despite all the warning signs and it was a waste of time. All she did was kept promoting her course and implying she would attend parties where hedge fund managers were present like Bob Ackerman, and claims she knew better than them but “they” wouldn’t listen to her. No dom, no sign of trading just commenting endlessly about her brand of fibonacci and telling stories. I think all those recorded audio testimonials are shills or paid actors. I’d already had my own methods of fibonacci and I wanted to try her fibonacciinstitute almost for fun, and it was a mindnumbling shamful waste of time.

Ricardo De Furgburber
Ricardo De Furgburber (@guest_8904)
4 years ago

Full scam. Any of us in the industry can tell. I watched on of her webinars and asked her a simple question which she fumbled over and tried to make sound right. Melissa, I can tell that you’re highly insecure and have some deep issues, so I know you probably check this twice a day; Sweetheart, you’re not fooling ANYONE. Only people too dumb – the older crowd it seems, to know any better. Enjoy that rented, overpriced, NYC pad while you can cause I am long puts in size on you and your company. Also, take out the part in your bio ‘she has made a life many would envy’ its tacky, dear. Nobody envies you. At all.

Hmmmm.... (@guest_7583)
4 years ago

I’m interested in knowing why you chose to point out that one of the references you spoke to was black. What does that have to do with anything?

Ricardo De Furgburber
Ricardo De Furgburber (@guest_8913)
4 years ago
Reply to  Hmmmm....

Melissa we know this is you. Get back on your lithium ya crazy ole bat!

Lamont (@guest_11748)
4 years ago
Reply to  Hmmmm....

Whether this is Melissa or not the question deserves to be answered. Why is that mentioned?

Todd (@guest_7204)
4 years ago

By far the most frequent marketer with online trader central. Heavy marketing the last couple of months. I logged into a webinar about 3 weeks ago, this was not an online trader central one, and listened to her say how she predicted various directions of the market to pinpoint accuracy several times over the past 4-5 years or so, as if anyone is to believe that. Then, she very clearly stated again, we can expect the market to continue UP UP UP and break through the last highs etc. Of course, since her prediction, the market has continued down and it looks like it will be down for probably 6 months or more. I wonder what she is going to say about that? Gee…. One can only guess. She is among the most egregious scammers out there and shameless in how she conducts herself

Todd (@guest_7286)
4 years ago
Reply to  Todd

Latest promotion. She went from promising $20K a month trading to $300K a year now. The more outlandish the claims, the more people get on the “yellow brick road” with their bag of cash hoping to find the wizard “holy grail” that is promised by these bottom feeders

Ricardo De Furburger
Ricardo De Furburger (@guest_12243)
4 years ago
Reply to  Todd

No it’s 1 million a year now. She is so full of shit. Melissa – show us some trade statements. At least make some fake ones up for us.

joshua ching
joshua ching (@guest_7121)
4 years ago

thanks for your effort, appreciate that. salute =)

Todd (@guest_6396)
4 years ago

She seems to be ramping up marketing


She has 2 webinars on OnlineTrader Central last week and then yesterday I got this email… Lots of desperation to get dollars in the door apparently. Good marketer!!! She works really hard at creating a persona that CARES about people etc

It is safe for me to change. I now release all thoughts or
vibrations of confusion, chaos, disharmony, disrespect, or
distrust-they are eliminated from my consciousness completely,
and I feel like a brand new person!

Welcome Spring!

Are longs different than shorts to trade? Yes!
What is one important reason to learn how to go long?
The overall market direction is currently bullish.
The long term outlook for the market is bullish.
If you are interested in trading long term overnight investments
it will benefit you to learn how to find and pick quality longs.
Again, it is all about the pick.
It is smarter and wiser to be with the market in overnight trades
or long term investments than against it. So therefore, if you have
money invested in longer term investments, or in a 401K, or
are doing swing trades- it is imperative to take this bullish class.
Learn how, what and when to go long stocks.

Sign up for the Bullish Golden Gap
Course by April 3rd and receive
The Stock Swoosh Show Live
Trading Room FREE until 12/31/2016!
Savings= $2400!!!
A course on how to strategically find,
pick and play stocks
that are professional bullish gaps.
Deadline: Tonight April 3rd at midnight.
Email: Melissa@thestockswoosh.com for this special.

Bullish Golden Gap Course
April 6th & 7th, 9am-5pm est
Class Tuition Fee: $4999

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

FedUp (@guest_7105)
4 years ago
Reply to  Todd

Total Scam – I am an experienced trade and you need to use at least basic charting/Technicals and who the hell has time to go over a 26 point check list gimme a friggin’ break

Todd (@guest_4859)
4 years ago

She is really all about that marketing, as are the best scammers in the business of course. She is always advertising on OnLine Trader Central and then makes a promo video now on that ad that she has you click on for a close up of her jibber jabbering away. The funny thing is, I think she looked better when she had the camera at more of a distance, though I don’t find her attractive. When it was at a distance, at least I couldn’t see her as well,and could imagine her being attractive. Now, I not only don’t find her attractive, but her voice is always annoyed the heck out of me, and when I watch her lips move when she it talking… Yuck! Of course, that is purely my opinion and while folks may frown on me weighing in so negatively about her looks, which I am being truthful about she is asking for it clearly,… Remember, she is PROMOTING her looks to gain more business from you old guys (I am not that young) who get taken in by that stuff. This business is really something else. Maybe she will be in a bikini someday! I wouldn’t put it past her

sam (@guest_5368)
4 years ago
Reply to  Todd

The site’s changed with a “swoosh” sound. And you were prescient about it. There are more “glam” pics on each tab click. Where is that place she’s at? Good looking professionally done scenic photos. She must have taken these comments to heart and upped her personal glam marketing. Even the “faq” tab links have more pics. http://www.thestockswoosh.com/armo/faq.html

mike (@guest_6380)
4 years ago
Reply to  sam

thank you for this report , to my amazement paul lange formally of pristine just joined this snake oil site.

Jonathan Schrager
Jonathan Schrager (@guest_12101)
4 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

she is now charging 5k for her golden gap course!

Todd (@guest_12108)
4 years ago

She did a LIVE trading session the other day and in that session, she had charts up on a monitor but you couldn’t see them, both because they were too small and there was a major glare. She seemed to concentrate on 2 stocks and called a trade on one of them to go short or long, not sure which, and she kept changing her mind as to whether to take it or not. If someone was following her, it would have been impossible. The other one, she hesitantly called correctly, and when it went her way, she was very very proud of herself… she wouldn’t top talking about herself. Then she said she has a LIVE trading day on a particular day during the week, and a question was asked multiple times whether she would show her DOM during this session and she kept ignoring the question despite almost no questions being asked, and she did answer the other ones, at least to some extent. Live trading session that she claims she is trading, but she will NOT show her DOM… Same crap

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_12111)
4 years ago
Reply to  Todd

At least folks are wising up to ask to see a DOM. That is at least a step in the right direction.

dtchurn (@guest_12255)
4 years ago
Reply to  Todd

They always say “live” such as Shadowtraders or even FollowMeTrades in his new scalping room trying to get by fooling people into thinking their entries are somehow live or otherwise rationalizing that trading sim on an ongoing market is “live”. Long time ago I was in a now defunct sham room. I was trading along sim and the guy happened to make a good big call where the “scalp” was more than 40 ticks on a lucky volatile move. The host was so excited so when I commented my trade was only on sim, he misunderstood me and thought I was pointing out the room was sim where I had no way of knowing prior since the room was advertised as “live” as usual. Then he exclaimed “yes, it’s sim!, but..” , then realizing what he said he fumbled over his words than tried to distract with mumbo saying how good the method worked ad nauseum. That only goes to show these scam hosts know they are always on sim and 99.9% of rooms as TS has proved are on sim and do their scammiest to try to fool newbs otherwise, or a best instill the kool-aid rationalization that sim on a “live” market is just like real! either to keep interest and staying power in the monthly churn of the room, or support another lie claim such as they trade for a living, made 100k last month, etc. etc.

Joe (@guest_4210)
5 years ago

I also almost fell for her sneaky charm. I must admit she is sexy even behind a computer. The way how I figured out that she is a scam is once I paid attention to the way she talked. She talks fast.

Now not every fast speaker is a scammer but I am in sales and most scammers and great scumbag salespeople talk fast. Why? Because when you talk fast,you confuse the listener and they lose track of what you actually really say. You may be talking about horse shit and after a while the person only gets focused on how you talk rather than what you say.

This is actually a very advanced method and you need to be really good at what you are doing to pull this off. She does a great job and if you watch her videos and pay attention, you’ll realize that she just talks nothing but a bunch of bull and 50% of her sentences are just fillers.

Another thing that got my attention was she never shows her trades. Ever. This is actually the number one red flag you should pay attention to. There’s nothing wrong by showing your trading screen and nobody could do anything bad or steal something by just looking at it.

That being said, if someone is not showing you the actual screen than something fishy must be going on. Maybe she is not really trading at all. That’s what came to my mind and I pushed it further and thought maybe most of the people in the room are all her.

Look at Meir Barak for example, I watched his videos and this dude really trades live. You can clearly see he is buying and selling. Although I know nothing about this guy, everything is pretty much see through and that’s how it should be.

Melissa Armo on the other hand only shows a ridiculous screenshot once in a while which can easily be photoshopped with entry level skills in less than five minutes.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend anybody to spend any money on any person for training. Go get yourself a demo account, play with it for a few months and once you feel you are ready, do it live starting with a small amount you are comfortable losing. Practice, practice and eventually you will get better.

Ricardo De Furgburber
Ricardo De Furgburber (@guest_8912)
4 years ago
Reply to  Joe

She is NOT sexy. Those teeth, flabby arms and sagging breasts are gross. If I were her I would fly to Thailand and get some work done on the cheap. Mellissa, if you ever give up this fraud life I hear women your age can do well ‘abroad’ if ya know what i mean.

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