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Dr. Al Larson is an adorable old guy. But he is also a certifiable nut that needs to get back on his medication.

Performance claims that border on fantastical, with no trading losses in the past 25 years. A certifiable whack-a-doodle that claims he can “See the face of God” and this imaginary God revealed a super secret trading formula that he is willing to sell for only $6,000.

Claims that secret energy fields from a yet unidentified alien planet are permeating our bodies and we must use these secret energy fields to predict financial markets. Claims to be able to time travel.

Thanks for reading today’s review of and

Day Trading Forecasts and Money Tide is a day trading educational service and signals trading service by a person named Dr. Al Larson. The companies are selling the following trading products and services:

  • Emini SP500 day trading signals for $297 per month.
  • Chaos Trading Course $300
  • Fractal of Pi Trading Course $300
  • Face Of God Trading Trading Course $1250
  • Stargo Trading Course $2600
  • WinXGo Trading Software $1800

Dr. Al Larson claims to be a PhD scientist in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, a Veteran of WW2, a professional day trader, and a “fellow traveler on earth.”

Truth be told, Al Larson is an adorable old character. But he is also batshit crazy.

Supposed track record

Dr. Al Larson claims quite the track record of day trading the Emini SP500 futures contract. In fact, he states in promotional materials that since he discovered the “secret hidden energy formula” that he has not had a losing month of trading. And we are talking about since the 1980’s.

An examination of his supposed track record that is posted at shows a flawless track record. Not a losing month since February 2002. Yep, you are reading this correctly…never a losing month in 15 years! He claims over $4,000,000 in trading profits during this span.

Furthermore, he also claims that one of his customers made over $2,000,000 in profits while trading only 5 months.

Contacting Dr. Al Larson

TradingSchools.Org reached out to Dr. Al and requested some sort of proof of his supposed trading glory. We figured that with a trading course that claims to teach how to “See the face of God” and apply this to trading, that he would be more than willing to show redacted account statements of his trading success.

Dr. Al is a scientist, and surely he can appreciate actual evidence. Data points that can be measured and scrutinized by peers within the trading community. But alas, Dr. Al wanted nothing to do with sharing his personal trading results. Instead, he offered anecdotal evidence that since many people had paid him up to $36,000 to learn his magical secrets, this validated his material.

One has to wonder whom would be nutty enough to give Dr. Al Larson $36,000 to witness “The Face Of God”.

I love an old quote that my mother used to say, “Never argue with someone that believes their own lies.” In the case of Dr. Al Larson, he has been selling this nonsense for so long, that it has created a feedback loop. When he sells yet another sucker his trading course, this validates his belief system.

Thanks for reading. Sorry if I wasted your time with this review. But incredibly, 11 people requested that I contact Al and attempt to verify his performance claims.

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ted chuang
ted chuang (@guest_3048417)
1 year ago


Please kindly add me to the reviews on Dr. Al Larson. Thank you.


DBJ (@guest_32607)
2 years ago

The only reason why your “review” wasted my time was because you haven’t actually reviewed any of Dr. Al’s tools, methods or techniques! Based on the number of inaccuracies there are in your article and subsequent comments, it doesn’t look like you have even seen any of the courses you purport to review, never mind studied them.

Carrying out a character assassination of Dr. Al rather than an objective and / or rational critique of his work is unprofessional, and is no use to the readers of this website. You might be tempted to deny that your commentary qualifies as character assassination, but given your patronising “adorable old character” comment veiled as an attempt at seeming to be nice to him, while following up with accusing him of being “batshit crazy”, clearly indicates an ad hominem attack on Dr. Al rather than any sort of actual assessment of his work. In my view that qualifies as slander, but I’m willing to bet that Dr. Al is far too busy to pull you up on it.

Frankly, I’m surprised that this website would sponsor or be willing to let such a review remain on its site. It is one thing to have a different opinion about what constitutes a good, or the best trading methods out there, but it is entirely different to completely misrepresent this material the way this review does. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, even people that still believe that the world is flat!! History is full of examples of people laughing at scientists for providing theories that challenge the status quo of what was previously believed. As adults, we can choose to remain as troglodytes or we can educate ourselves to learn more and be more successful. Sometimes it is hard to keep an open mind to new ideas, but for those willing to put the time in it is worth it.

For the benefit of the readers of this website, Dr. Al takes a demonstrably scientific approach in the discovery, development, and description of his methods. I know this for a fact because I have been studying his techniques for over 10 years now. I have taken his 4 main courses, and have subscribed to his Day Trading Signals service, so have watched him take winning trades more often than losing ones, and witnessed that his positive trades are almost always larger than the negative results.

It is quite clear that, because of the scientific approach, there will be people that will not understand all of the details. Truth be told, I don’t understand all of his methods even after studying them over such a long period, but I understand enough of them to use several of them to good effect. In fact, I am one of several traders who share my observations with other students of these techniques regularly in the private Chaos Traders room that Dr. Al provides.

As for the doubt, and even scorn expressed about whether the Face of God pattern could have any causal relationship over price movements in financial markets, you just have to see it to believe it. Dr. Al provides numerous examples in his course of this pattern in action, in a variety of markets, and the relationship is nothing short of amazing. I have studied statistics for long enough to know the difference between correlation and causality, and whilst I agree that there are often inferences of correlations between variables made in the press that do not in fact mean that there is a dependence between them, with the Face of God pattern the distinction is clear. The more time you spend with it, and if you use a tool that enables the pattern to be drawn directly on your charts, the more convinced you will become on the causality of the Face of God pattern on those price movements.

Another favourite of mine is the Fractal of Pi pattern. The best way to describe this is to say that the Face of God moves the market prices, and the Fractal of Pi pattern helps you see how that price movement will progress. In short, the Fractal of Pi is a better way of looking at price movements than Elliot Wave. Furthermore, it is a way of using and understanding Fibonacci retracements without having to measure them anymore.

In short, I still use some more conventional indicators and techniques for analysing market movements like Elliot Wave, Fibonacci extensions, and momentum indicators, but mostly for confirmation these days. I have seen a great many tools and techniques to assist traders over the years, too many to mention, and quite a few good ones, but nothing has worked better for me than combining the Face of God and Fractal of Pi patterns that Dr. Al has discovered. Other people are free to agree with me or choose something else as they wish. But mocking them without any sort of rationale or objectivity is just bad form.

DBJ (@guest_32616)
2 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Thank you very much for your reply. I happened to have a conversation with Dr. Al today, and I mentioned your review in passing. We didn’t have a lot of time to go into any details, because we haven’t spoken directly for quite some time so we took the chance to spend more time talking about our analysis of the market. But he is at least aware of your review. I can’t speak for him, so I will leave it to him to decide how he wants to reply, or not. In my own experience, he makes time to speak with serious students, but he doesn’t seem to need to spend much time selling his courses or products. I have never had the sense that he sells his product for the purpose of making an income. They are certainly valuable courses, so it is right that they cost the money that they cost, but that doesn’t seem to be where his main interest is.

I just wanted to add to the other comment that was posted a while ago, by someone else who had actually had experience of the courses and methods. I highly recommend them, and get a lot of value out of them. I just wanted to redress the balance so that other serious traders, who have an analytical mindset that might also get value from these incredible tools, would not be put off by the review, by adding some views that come from direct experience of using the tools.

If you ever find the time to look in detail at these tools, and decide to update your review, I will certainly look forward to seeing what you think.

Douglas (@guest_28511)
3 years ago

Hi guys,

I never post on these sites but I couldn’t help but write this one.

Your site here is supposed to help others avoid the scam artists in the industry, the list of these people is huge. But Dr. Larson isn’t one of them.

While you take pleasure in making fun of an eccentric old trader, he’s making money and you are not. I’ve been watching Dr. Al Larson for almost 20 years. One of the interesting things he offers is to watch him trade for free every Friday as he uses the same S&P daytrading signals that he provides to you. So every Friday, I would hop in his ‘trading room’ and watch his trading. It has been eye opening. As you look at your own chart, you see when and where he puts in his own trades. There is no room for faking here. And the result – he has good days and bad days. But the bad days are very few and far between.

The review that you posted here almost implies that he claims to have a perfect record. You didn’t get that from him. In his trading room I’ve watched him make many bad trades, but by the end of the day his trading balance would almost always be on the profitable side. He’s simply that good. And if you average out all his trades for a week, his negative trades never superseded his good trades.

Look guys, isn’t that what you’re looking for- a method that really works?

So don’t scoff him please. You’re misleading someone else to avoid an eccentric genius that might just help them get a helpful understanding of the market movements that they can’t find anywhere else.

Okay, one more thing. You are all scoffing his ‘face of God’ tool. If he feels God impressed him with a a concept, there are millions of other people that say that all the time. Do we all say they are wacko or do we acknowledge that many people believe God can influence their thoughts, whether we agree with them or not.

Dr. Larson’s version of God is quite new age in concept. God is both personal to him and pervading nature at the same time. Again, my view is different. But I can differ with him while still realizing what he is trying to say or explain.

He considers that natural law part of God, hence he’s looking at God when he is looking at nature or the laws of nature. This belief isn’t uncommon either in this society. And so I can easily see why he would say, I see the face of God, when he is overwhelmed with the enormity of the significance of the natural phenomena he is seeing for the first time.

As for me, I had the background to put this ‘face of God’ tool to good use in trading. You may not. So I’m not saying if it will make you money or not.

If I was going to rate it as a tool, I personally would put it above all the general trend following or momentum based tools common to today’s charting programs, because it is part of the cause of market movement and not merely a lagging indicator. It works a little better and is far more interesting.

Enough said. Dr. Al Larson is a trading genius who is lousy at marketing, lousy at website design and all the other things that make a slick marketing package. If he was a con man, this wouldn’t be the way to do it. He’s simply passionate about what he is doing and is sharing his excitement with others.

He’s an energy trader, someone who believes that humans actually are effected by the changing energy from the sun.

Now my challenge to you. Have you tested his theory out? Have you taken NASA’s energy data that they collect, smooth it out and plot it out against the S&P, or watch Dr. Al Larson trade successfully week after week? If not, you are doing a disservice to speak out against him in your ignorance. You are actually part of the problem and not part of the cure.

dtchurn (@guest_28258)
3 years ago

What a farce. If you look at the “professional profile” page, there is a marked difference in the abstract compared to the resume items which possibly look like pulled from other resumes. I’m not an EE, but have had training in a related field and some items look “plugged in” and inconsistent. Is this guy a certifiable genius who’s that accomplished yet is now teaching about moon tides in trading the markets? Bottom line, can’t prove live trading as tradingschools demonstrated, and I bet if was pressed further, probably can’t prove a lot of items in the tech resume either.

dtchurn (@guest_28267)
3 years ago
Reply to  dtchurn

I wasted more time trying to look up more on this wack. Looked at a few of his videos. His site has been around since the late 90’s.
Supposedly he wrote as pen name “Dr. Hans Hannula”, several articles on cycles in Stock and Commodities magazine.
And a kindle book last year which seems to be a reprint of a 1997 book on electrical/human “energy fields”.
I tried to be more fair, and really couldn’t find anything with simple search earlier than 1997 to verify any of the tech work at AT&T and Bell Labs., except for Stocks&Commodities archives for sale in the late 80’s, lol.
Overall, this nut’s vendor site selling “education” to retailers has been around a long time, longer than most and is certainly a legacy site. He may even be the progenitor of the “moon tides trading” at the fringe of trading ideas we’ve all heard about sometime in our trading journeys.

Chris (@guest_1041690)
2 years ago
Reply to  dtchurn

Wow! I know very little about Al Larson, but you clearly have applied a rigorous scientific method to your analysis. At least if you are going to slander someone’s character, provide some actual evidence that he deserves it. I could call you a nut but that would just be opinion.

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_28246)
3 years ago

Dr. Al, I’ve got a message for you from God. He’s looking for his cut. Otherwise you won’t just be on Emmett’s naughty list.

Face of god 1.jpeg
Face of god.jpeg
Cyn (@guest_28261)
3 years ago
Reply to  Stray Dog

Now, those pictures look like a true stray dog.

May you smite him down mightily for daring to lie about you, Mighty One.

dtchurn (@guest_28296)
3 years ago
Reply to  Stray Dog

I’m beginning to think, hustling a legacy sham for so long can be dangerous to one’s mental health. After so many years of burying the last remnants of ethical conscience, the submerged guilt seeps out in just so many eccentric and crazy possibly senile ways. Looking at the recent Infinite-churn videos, those young sham artists kind of look half-depressed when not showing for the camera. They know they are caught up in their shamshow business. Their two white desks in their new IPchurn office in Orlando(?) I hope they turn it around before it’s too late where years later they end up like dr. moonhead or HELPdesk carnival lady.

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