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Valdemar Kazana, the owner of KongzanaTrading.com was recently charged with investment fraud by the State of Ohio. Supposed “real time, 100% authentic” trading results are a complete and total sham. Mr. Kazama propositions subscribers of the live trading room, to allow him to trade their accounts for a percentage of profits. For those that fell for the scam has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. This guy is a top-notch, world-class charlatan, that is currently being heavily promoted and enabled by Ninja Trader Brokerage/Ninja Trader Ecosystem. Avoid.

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Pros: Absolutely nothing to recommend.
Cons: Recently busted for fraud by the state of Ohio. The supposed trading results are a complete and total fraud. Trading room is a sham and a blatant fraud currently being promoted by Ninja Trader.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Kongzana Trading

What is Kongzana Trading? The trading service is a live, day trading room owned by a person named Valdemar Kazana. The cost of the day trading room is $299 per month.

The Kongzana Trading day trading service has been highly touted and promoted by Ninja Trader Brokerage. The business has enjoyed a prominent listing on the Ninja Trader Ecosystem. In addition, Ninja Trader has given free webinars that provide further promotion for Valdemar Kazana.

A review of the domain name registration reveals Kongzana Trading is in fact registered to Valdemar Kazana, currently residing at 1506 Trinity Place NW, Canton Ohio 44709.

Kongzana Trading Social Media and Performance Claims

The business has a large social media presence. On the website, Investing.com, Valdemar Kazana claims that he maintains a “world class trading record” and consistently is a top 5 performer among the 26,000 registered investors that currently contribute personal trading data. Supposedly, the trades are all tracked and verified by Investing.com.

However, TradingSchools.Org investigated Investing.com and discovered that anyone can create a multitude of various “live” trading accounts and a fictional trading history could easily be imported into Investing.com through the MT4 trading platform. In other words, the Investing.com website and “live” trading histories are nothing more than a fictional input.

As a result of these magnificent performance figures, Mr. Kazana has been able to curate quite a following and convinced quite a few individuals that his trading credentials are superb and authentic.

In addition to the supposed performance figures from Investing.com, Valdemar Kazana also maintains a YouTube account with various videos. All purporting to show videos of Valdemar displaying his “live” trading account to the audience.

TradingSchools.Org spent a great deal of time watching the videos, specifically looking for video’s that displayed any losses. Apparently, Kongzana Trading has never had a losing day at trading.

In addition to the amazing Investing.com performance and the all-winners, You Tube video playlist…Mr. Valdemar Kazana also displays supposed “live” trading account screenshots embedded within his daily email marketing campaigns. TradingSchools.Org has been tracking these emails for several weeks.

Incredibly, Mr. Kazana never reports a loss. In fact, his average trading day usually contains net profitable winning days ranging from $2,000 to $15,000 per day. I find it very interesting that none of these “real account statements” can be found posted on the Kongzana.com website, but are prominently blasted through email. The following are the most recent, “live” account statements that Mr. Kazana uses to lure in potential customers and investors.

Perhaps these few screenshots are not enough trading performance on which to base your decision making? Well, I have great news because Valdemar Kazana also maintains a Twitter page that links out to a mountain of these supposed “real trading account statements”.

Page upon page of amazing trading performance. The list is long and truly remarkable. A review of several months of these supposedly real Ninja Trader Brokerage statements reveals absolutely zero losing days.

But is any of this real? TradingSchools.Org reached out to Valdemar Kazana and ask for proof. Absolutely no response.

The truth about Valdemar Kazana and Kongzona Trading

If you are at all suspicious of Mr. Kazana, well you should be. It turns out that Mr. Valdemar Kazana is a complete and total fraud. Apparently, in addition to selling a live trading room, Mr. Kazana’s ultimate goal is to gain access to his subscribers live trading accounts and to convince subscribers to allow him to trade these accounts on the subscriber’s behalf. Mr. Kazana simply charges a percentage of any profits. You take all the risk, he takes no risk. The ruse all starts with faked results and ends in pain and misery for those that are foolish enough to trust Mr. Kazana.

In the past year, multiple readers of the TradingSchools.Org blog have reached out to anonymously complain. Some readers might still be questioning and astonished at these allegations. Well, don’t believe me…instead, read what the State of Ohio, Department of Commerce, Division of Securities ultimately discovered about Valdemar Kazana.

Apparently, for many years, Mr. Kazana has been convincing people in local churches, bible studies, and co-workers (He works in a candy factory) to give him unfettered access to their trading accounts. The following victims all lost the following amounts of money by giving Mr. Kazana access to their trading accounts:

  • Victim A $165,700
  • Victim B $29,500
  • Victim C $6,800
  • Victim D $59,800
  • Victim E $11,100
  • Victim F $17,600

Please read the following document, dated March 31st, 2016…

16-009 Waldemar Kazana C&D

If you read this document, then you are probably feeling sick to your stomach. This guy is a monster. A real predator with little to no feeling for his victims. His sole ambition is to manipulate, defraud, and steal as much as possible from his victims. Yet, like all good charlatans, Mr. Kazama is able to convey to his victims a sense of trustworthiness and proficiency. An example would be a thread on Futures.io where many individuals publicly proclaim the amazing trading abilities of Mr. Kazama. Page upon page of people writing about how wonderful Mr. Kazama is, how nice he is, how much they trust him. I have to give Mr. Kazama a bit of credit, he has certainly mastered the art of manipulation and is a world-class con artist.

What is amazing to me is that Ninja Trader continues to push and promote educators that are very similar to Kongzana.com and Mr. Kazana. The information regarding Mr. Kazana (and many other fraudulent trading educators) is readily available to the public, and can be easily found with a simple Google search. Yet Ninja Trader Brokerage, through its Ninja Trader Ecosystem continues to allow these frauds to happen before their very eyes. It is simply amazing to me that brokerage clients continue to do business with this company, continue to trust this company, continue to trust the individuals that manage this company.

Wrapping Things Up

Normally, when I write these reviews…I do so with a smile. Some of these trading educators are just ridiculous and I find it darkly humorous that anyone would believe in 1000% returns every month. But every once in a while, I read the legal findings from complaints like those found in the State of Ohio complaint against Mr. Kazama. I think about the elderly victims that lost their savings, and I think about the people in the bible studies, and how these victims were so close to Mr. Kazama. There are his neighbors, they live in his community, they see his face. And yet, he seems to show little to no remorse for how he has affected these people.

Any sane or normal person, after being caught and charged by the State, and losing the money of his neighbors and co-workers, would close the fraudulent website and try and be a decent human being. Learn from the experience. But yet, Mr. Kazama has learned nothing and continues with the fraud, as if he were never caught. Absolutely zero respect for the securities authorities. And in an alliance with Ninja Trader continues to push the fraud forward. Hurting yet more people.

Thanks for reading. Sorry about exposing such darkness, it is depressing. Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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majormongo (@guest_9590)
4 years ago
robert (@guest_9323)
4 years ago

There are dozens, maybe even a hundred vendors associated with NInjatrader, and almost as many with tradestation and other platforms.
Basically none of them do much – except give gullible traders the illusion of insight into the market.
If you have followed the thread on futures.io I would think far more people joined Kongzana based on the shills there, than because they saw it at ninjatrader. Ninjatrader makes no recommendation as to it’s usefulness- while a number of posters at Futures.io praise this conman as the market miracle man.
Maybe they should be charged with fraud- or futures.io

Crooked Hillary
Crooked Hillary (@guest_9328)
4 years ago
Reply to  robert

Futures.io and Big Mike- No one would ever take those fools seriously- Would they? LOL

Pete (@guest_9352)
4 years ago

Thousands of people have bought into pricey mind-tricks from Ninjatrader, Al Brooks, Futurestrader71 and Dionysus_Toast (Jigsaw tools) due to futures.io marketing manipulation. These scumbags prey on the desperate and vulnerable whom the law must protect. The “it takes two to tango” defense of the scammer is no longer held as acceptable in civil or criminal defenses.

David (@guest_9353)
4 years ago
Reply to  Pete

Bullshit, FT71 doesn’t sell anything.

Crooked Hillary
Crooked Hillary (@guest_9354)
4 years ago
Reply to  David

Wonder why futures.io has now been registered in Panama?

Ft71 not charging? image attached.

David (@guest_9355)
4 years ago

160$ for excellent material is nothing, its if you want to donate for his free youtube channel or webinars.

Crooked Hillary
Crooked Hillary (@guest_9356)
4 years ago
Reply to  David

I am aware of his material- I don’t share your opinion. But you said he did not sell anything and now you have been corrected.

You can go back and hug Big Mike now.

David (@guest_9358)
4 years ago

This is not selling, this is collection of money for charity. You are so angry, have you been banned from Big Mikes? 🙂

Crooked Hillary
Crooked Hillary (@guest_9359)
4 years ago
Reply to  David

Not angry so much..

I dislike anyone who tries to tell me how to think or how I should think.

Trading has taught me that I need to be an independent thinker and the need to develop a method independently, Not someone else.

Everything at futures.io is made in the image of Big Mike he tells you how to think- how to trade and how to act.

And if you don’t think like and act like Big Mike wants – you get banned.

If you don’t get banned what does that make you? 🙂

Once you remove the blinders you can see what is really going on there.

Btw- I think Fat Tails is a great guy and very sharp, I see even he was attacked recently.

I have nothing against Ft71 or Jigsaw- Convoluted comes to mind but that’s my opinion of course I refer you back to the 1st sentence.

The best trading guru is yourself.

David (@guest_9360)
4 years ago

Could you please point where Fat Tails was attacked, just curious, thanks?

Crooked Hillary
Crooked Hillary (@guest_9361)
4 years ago
Reply to  David

It was a while ago last month if I recall – some guys were getting on Fat Tails case over nothing and Big Mike did not back him up at all.

Sorry to painful for me to try and revisit that site. It’s basically a waste of time for me.

I like this place though- Emmett keeps it juiced LOL.

toto (@guest_9383)
4 years ago
Reply to  David

whatever dude…you are probobly FT71

dtchurn (@guest_10861)
4 years ago

It’s not just those webinars which are a just a rehash of Dalton’s “Mind over Markets”, particularly the section on types of market days of which years ago on bmt the proceeds were proved not to have gone to a certain charity as was claimed. there is also has some subsidiary of the prop firm he’s affiliated with, which signs up clients with a particular brokerage who continue to fail at trading probably paying a hefty fee for “advice” and commissions.

Crooked Hillary
Crooked Hillary (@guest_9320)
4 years ago

I have filled a complaint against Ninja with the CFTC- In addition I have filled a complaint against a vendor currently promoted by Ninja that I was taken by. Perhaps if more people reported Ninja it would be taken seriously?

Trader (@guest_9317)
4 years ago

Ninja Trader, Meta Stock, eSignal, Trade Ideas. Always cooperating with fraudsters. That’s is their core business. Much better platforms out there, without affiliation with anyone.

avgdwner (@guest_9313)
4 years ago

Thanks very much for the review Emmett. I was looking forward to this one in particular. I wonder if those fraud charges were just the tip of the iceberg and if ten times more clients lost their savings than was reported. However, it’s supporters who may have been fooled tout the live session as racking up “live” or sim wins where the semi-auto entries are too fast to follow. So it sounds like you were not able to view the live calling session which seems to be invitation by email only through VK. Even if the NT results were sim, how did he rack up so many sim wins? using multiple sim accounts, editing the NT executions and trades somehow? still some mysteries..

Jus (@guest_9301)
4 years ago

it surely isn’t ok that ninjatrader promotes such scammers but as long as there are people who don’t want to do the necessary work which is needed to trade, there will always be another guy who will promise riches and rob their money. it always needs two persons for a scam to work. a scammer and a fool who doesn’t think.

Chris (@guest_9288)
4 years ago

The Google street view of VK’s address looks like the place a guy making thousands of dollars a day would live in…….lol.

NLK (@guest_9298)
4 years ago
Reply to  Chris

As I mentioned before with Robert Amico and Trading Futures in Action, Ninja Trader does next to nothing to vet these partners. If the prospective third party partner has a website, that seems to satisfy Ninja Trader’s due diligence.

Why does Ninja Trader take such a lax approach with an intentional blind eye? The answer is simple: Cross marketing promotion from ecosystem partners to bring customers to Ninja’s brokerage arm and license to use the Ninja Trader platform.

It’s a slimy relationship, to be sure; one dirty hand washes the other.

avgdwner (@guest_9315)
4 years ago
Reply to  Chris

On zillow, that house property is worth 75k and far below the average zestimate value of the neighborhood.
Oh well, maybe it’s a facade like the sim results, and there’s some loot buried in that small but nicely green yard.

Jang Hyun Cho
Jang Hyun Cho (@guest_9271)
4 years ago

I’m currently using Ninja platform, but I will ditch them as soon as I find replacement, only because of their immoral marketing strategy by partnering with so many scammers. They deserve the same amount of criticism as every thieves they promote.

robert (@guest_9276)
4 years ago
Reply to  Jang Hyun Cho

honestly I feel it is not Ninjatraders job to sort out the scammers. Just look at the thread on futures.io . Until news broke, proving the guy was a fraud so many “experienced” traders were banging the wood about this guy.
How are ninjatrader to know?
yes I know it should have been obvious what with the “investimonials” ranking, the lack of proof of trading , and etc – but still.

Pete (@guest_9296)
4 years ago
Reply to  robert

Raymond Deux and Ninjatrader Group LLC should be preparing for civil litigation if any of these allegations of fraud can be proven to have actually occured..

As a financial security issue, I would not feel comfortable having any money in a Ninjatrader Brokerage account with the potential litigation Mr Deux and his company could face in the months ahead stemming from these grave allegations.

Winter Is Coming
Winter Is Coming (@guest_9310)
4 years ago
Reply to  Pete


Unfortunately, there will be no legal action that would stick against NinjaTrader. They clearly have a legal disclaimer on the home page of


As a product and platform I really like NinjaTrader. However, the ecosystem is a systemic cesspool of grifters, charlatans and criminals. It keeps growing because NinjaTrader is fuelling that growth every single day.

In NinjaTrader’s defence, they simply cannot weed out the legitimate vendors. They promote everybody until something breaks and they remove them.

IMO, NinjaTrader should stop promoting any vendors and finish NT8.

Fact is they can’t and they won’t because it all boils down to the incoming $$$’s.

Pete (@guest_9362)
4 years ago

Disclaimers are the first and last resort of a scammer. “These disclaimers may be able to protect you from an E&O lawsuit, but they don’t always. Even if you clearly state that you are not responsible for errors and omissions, a judge could find you liable.” http://www.techinsurance.com/blog/business-liability-insurance/errors-and-omissions-disclaimers/

Crooked Hillary
Crooked Hillary (@guest_9363)
4 years ago

I don’t understand why an upgrade of NT8 is of any importance? I find NT7 stable and fast enough to do everything I need. I don’t plan on changing anything with my trading machines other than perhaps adding more network redundancy.

I need to enter trades and exit them hopefully resulting in profit at the end of the day. Getting to this point was the hard part. I don’t get the importance of updating the tool. To me it’s just adding risk or am I missing something?

Winter Is Coming
Winter Is Coming (@guest_9364)
4 years ago

@Crooked Hillary

Even though I think you are trolling here, don’t be asinine….

Just because it works just fine for you, doesn’t mean NT should’nt develop a better product.

Sure, NT7 works well, but its architecture is old and archaic. There are also more players in the trading platform space that are gaining market share, so NinjaTrader need to innovate. NT8 is that innovation. Will it be successful? I don’t know, it is looking good still very buggy.

NT8 has also been opened up that allows the developer to delve more in to the framework, so once developers get more into it I expect we will start to see some pretty interesting stuff.

Crooked Hillary
Crooked Hillary (@guest_9365)
4 years ago

Not trolling and not asinine either. If Ninja was worried about market share perhaps they should not have closed their platform to only their brokerage?

With all their ecosystem activity it all seems to feed into more software sales and brokerage fees for a limited customer life.

For traders using their platform who are profitable there is little incentive it would seem to them. Longer term users of their software simply increase their software support costs.

I seriously have zero interest in new features / indicators or automation.

So if I understand the thought process is to remain competitive they need to upgrade the framework to continue to attract new blood (new traders) into their market- Despite them butchering them and killing off their customer herd with their existing broker and ecosystem practices.

I would think if the effort of developing was to open up support to additional brokers that would provide benefit. Typically software vendors upgrade to provide a consistent revenue stream – but with a lifetime license
per user that model doesn’t work.

If the thought is that new innovations will come from it and allow them to bring more people into their existing brokerage and ecosystem because of those enhancements. I guess I
can understand that although I am certainly biased against the ecosystem providing any value at all.

GemBow (@guest_9337)
4 years ago
Reply to  robert

“How are ninjatrader to know?”

SIMPLE – do a background check AND ask for account statements.

Vlad (@guest_9268)
4 years ago

Oh man, this guys really is full of shit. Emmett, I hope you were wearing hunter boots while digging up the facts, and not white trainers.

robert (@guest_9264)
4 years ago

sorty. the name was sharmas not kiwitrader.

robert (@guest_9263)
4 years ago

awesome. there was a guy on futures.io – kiwitrader who was promoting this scam. it is a pity the govt. cant ust these types as they play their nasty roles as part of the supporting cast

Tony (@guest_9339)
4 years ago
Reply to  robert

Robert….there were few people in the forum that share their experience and is there a crime against that. Also have you stopped for a minute that these people might have not been aware of what the background was of this guy. They were paid members and invested their hard earned money and shared their experience.

dan (@guest_9262)
4 years ago

Is dumpster Donnie trumps trump university running this room..scam…con, rip off

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