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One of the best systematic trading professionals on the planet. A true, battle tested champion trader with multiple triple digit years of outstanding performance in a variety of markets and conditions. If you want to be the best at the craft of systematic trading, Kevin Davey is one of the best in the game.

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Pros: No BS or nonsense. A trading education that gives you exactly what you need to be successful, from a battle tested and proven professional systems developer, that gives you exactly what you need.
Cons: A one day live seminar for nearly $2650 is not cheap. Also, if you are not well capitalized, then Kevin's systematic style of trading is not going to work for you. You need to be well capitalized to by a systematic trader.

A Review Of Kevin J. Davey And KJ Trading Systems

KJ Trading SystemsA lot of traders have not heard of Kevin Davey, or his trading systems. But, quite simply, Kevin J. Davey is one of the best traders that you have probably never heard of before. In fact, this nerdy looking guy from Cleveland is a winner of the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading. What is a champion futures trader? Every year going back to the 1980’s, a brokerage in Chicago has sponsored an event called the Robbins World Cup Of Trading. Its a big deal. All trades are verified and executed directly at Robbins Trading Company. These world cup events have launched the Robbins World Cupmoney management careers of some of trading’s biggest super stars. Winning the event is not easy. You need to put up real money and trade against the best in the world, under public scrutiny, for an entire year. Kevin J. Davey won the event 2006 with a return of 107%.

In addition to winning the event in 2006, he placed 2nd in 2005 with a return of 148%, and again placed 2nd in 2007 with a return of 112%. These are some serious numbers to ponder. Keep in mind that during the years that Kevin was competing, Robbins Trading Company charged over $20 per round turn, per trade.

In addition to winning trading contests with real money, Kevin has also published an award winning book on successful trading. IBuilding Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems Book have a copy of the book, and it is as valuable as a 300 year-old Bible on Easter Sunday. Truly, this book is packed full of  trading wisdom and trading systems that just work. If you dont own it-buy it. Do it now. Over the years, my bookshelf has been filled with thousands of dollars worth of trading books, most are useless garbage. However, a few are so good that I keep them right above my trading screen. They are a sort of totem to remind me of how champion traders conduct their business.

Kevin also has a multitude of published papers, reviews from peers, and general accomplishments. Over the years he has given many interviews, continues to stay relevant and his trading ideas have remained robust and resilient. If you troll

Kevin J. Davey

Movie Star Looks

through Kevin’s website at www.kjtradingsystems.com, you will find plenty of third party articles that tell his life story and his complete trading journey. It’s an interesting read folks, from a living legend.

So What Is Kevin J. Davey Selling?

In a nutshell, Kevin is selling a one-day live webinar, that is taught with five other traders, which lasts a grand total of eight hours. In this short period of time, Kevin basically packs into your little brain as much as humanly possible. The live training webinar is not cheap ($2650) and covers the following topics:

  • How To Find Trading Ideas
  • How To Properly Test a Strategy
  • How To Evaluate – 10+ Ways to Evaluate a Trading System
  • How To Build a Strategy
  • Why Goals and Objectives Are CRITICAL to Your Success
  • How To Test the Wrong Way
  • Why You Need a Strategy Factory
  • How to Select a Trading Software Package
  • How To Recognize Testing Pitfalls
  • How To Avoid 9 Terrible Mistakes I’ve Made in Trading
  • Why You Won’t Get Burned Again By Snake Oil Vendors
  • How To Separate Trading Fiction From Trading Fact
  • Who to Believe in Trading, and Who Not to Believe – And Why
  • How to Look at an Equity Chart And Tell if it is Fake
  • How To Test – 4 Ways of Testing a Strategy
  • Why Monte Carlo Testing Can Rescue Your Trading
  • How Incubation Helps Make You a Professional Trader

In addition to the webinar, Kevin also includes three strategies that are plug and play ready. What is “plug and play ready”? These systems represent the best Kevin has developed and trades with his own money. Just set them up and start trading.

After the webinar, Kevin responds to questions for a full six months.

How popular are the live webinars? Kevin has offered webinars the previous listed months, and all sold out.

  1. August 21, 2014
  2. September 19, 2014
  3. November 8, 2014
  4. December 4, 2014

Contact Kevin for future webinars. His contact information can be found at www.kjtradingstrategies.com


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