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Kam Dhadwar of The Trading Framework is yet another trading mentor with no verifiable track record of ever trading successfully.

Live trading room contains no live trading whatsoever. Multiple complaints from various customers. One customer was promised a refund, but it never arrived. Multiple excuses were given.

The company owner was uncooperative with this review, refused to be interviewed, has no verifiable track record of success. Avoid.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Kam Dhadwar of The Trading Framework

Who is Kam Dhadwar of The Trading Framework, and what are they selling? The company is a day trading educational company specializing in auction market theory and trader coaching. Kam Dhadwar also operates a live day trading room based out of the United Kingdom.

Kam Dhadwar has been a day trading educator for quite some time. A deep internet search reveals that he began selling day trading educational products as early as 2007. The original business name was L2ST.co.uk, or Learn To Stock Trade. Over the years, the business also briefly occupied a web address titled, TradingPerformance.net.

The company currently occupies the following social media profiles:

Sometime in 2015, Kam Dhadwar rebranded the name of the company to The Trading Framework, which can be found at the following web address.

The Trading Framework product price list

The company is currently selling the following list of products and services:

  • $350 Live Day Trading Room
  • $3,500 Live Seminar in London
  • $900 Online Training Course (Recording)
  • $500 Mystery Of Mastery For Traders (Recording)
  • $950 Peak Trading Performance Course (Recording)
  • $300 Perfecting Execution and Trade Management Course
  • $1300 Profile Trading Mastery
  • $1900 Trader Transformation Package
  • $65 Futures Spread Trading Introductory Course
  • $385 per hour coaching call

In addition to selling the above products and services, Kam Dhadwar also advocates and teaches some sort of ‘new age’ religious dancing technique which traders are recommended to apply to their daily trading routine. Frankly, I am not sure how to properly describes this sort of dancing. To me, it appears to be some sort of dancing that requires a mystical waving of the hands. Video included below:

Kam Dhadwar appears to be very much into this mystical ‘hand dancing’. If you enjoy this sort of thing, you can view many more of these dancing videos at his dedicated YouTube channel.

Truth be told, I found myself snickering at these videos. But hey, is there much difference between this and Catholics ‘eating the blood and body’ of Christ? To each his own.

Honestly, the only thing I care about is whether Kam Dhadwar can trade successfully, and do his students enjoy what he is teaching?

Complaints about Kam Dhadwar and The Trading Framework

In the past two years, TradingSchools.Org has received three complaints. In addition to the complaints, TradingSchools.Org has received nine requests to review the trading service.

Two of the complaints were very generic complaints. Both persons described purchasing the educational package for several thousand dollars and were not able to achieve any trading success. The complaints were detailed in that neither person was able to verify whether Kam Dhadwar was ever actually trading. They explained that the live trading room contained no live trading whatsoever. Instead, they described the live trading room as an informational chat room. A place where Kam would talk about the markets, but no live trading ever occurred.

I asked both people if they had verified the trading performance of Kam Dhadwar. Neither did. Both explained that they had listened to a podcast by ChatWithTraders.com and since there was a podcast about Kam, they assumed that he must be a verified trader. Else why would ChatWithTraders.com have given Kam so much publicity?

The Trading Framework

The most recent, and the third complaint was much more disturbing. This person found Kam Dhadwar through YouTube videos and was promoted by TopStepTrader as an educational provider. This person describes spending nearly $4,000 for a “complete educational experience” and that he was assured by Kam that this would be the last money he would ever spend on a trading education. Once again, this person experienced no success.

In addition to experiencing no success, this person also describes multiple occasions where Kam Dhadwar would not show up for the pre-paid coaching sessions. Some of the excuses that Kam used include the following:

  • His grandmother died.
  • He got stuck in traffic.
  • A spider bit his finger.
  • He had a headache.

So frustrated with Kam for not providing the coaching sessions that the customer demanded a partial refund of only $500. Kam agreed to refund the customer $500. However, the refund never arrived. But plenty of excuses followed. Everything from, “I have no extra money this week” to “there is something wrong with my bank.” The excuses were doled out easier than a fart on a cattle farm. Finally, after 6 months of being blown off…the customer began contacting TradingSchools.Org in a staccato of emails.

Contacting Kam Dhadwar of The Trading Framework

During the month of April 2017, TradingSchools.Org contacted Kam Dhadwar directly and requested a formal review. Initially, he was cooperative. However, TradingSchools.Org asks the tough and uncomfortable questions that most customers are too afraid to ask. Specifically, we wanted to see proof the Kam Dhadwar has ever traded successfully?

We could care less about excuses. But it seems that Kam only had excuses to offer. At first, he said he was too busy and that we should get back next week. We were patient, diligent, and non-confrontational. After waiting for a week as he requested, he then returned with yet another excuse “I am too busy” and that we should try again in another week.

TradingSchools.Org has been through this type of BS in the past. Many trading vendors will delay, deny, and hope that we lose interest and disappear. But we don’t disappear. We keep writing. And we won’t stop until the entire internet is flooded with the information that we uncover.

Ultimately, this is a lesson for anyone selling a trading service. If you make promises to your customers, and you do not keep your promises…you will be outed. Ruthlessly.

Moving Forward

Perhaps sometime soon, when this review arrives upon the doorstep of Kam in the form of Google page one search rankings…he will finally come around. Maybe Kam Dhadwar is actually a pretty good trader? Maybe he has a verifiable track record? But at this time, he refuses to cooperate.

Sadly, most established trading vendors refuse transparency. Only after a negative review becomes an unavoidable backdrop, do they attempt to reconcile. Only after they are backed into a corner with nowhere left to hide, do they attempt to settle past grievances and take a more friendly stance. But at this time, Kam Dhadwar has nothing to offer. But excuses.

In my opinion, he is a fraud. And he has no track record of ever trading successfully. He is just another creature slithering through the swamp, looking to hustle the naive and desperate for whatever financial resources he can steal. And when you read this Kam, I would be more than happy to draft you a new review. But I need proof that you are not a fraud and a phony.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave a comment about Kam’s dancing technique.


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