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Summary claims a nearly perfect trading record with a combined investment return of over 7,000% since 2012. However, when asked for proof of these amazing investment returns, none can be provided. The trading room is a horror show of pure nonsense. Resembles the sad and pathetic offspring of a carnival act bred to Mad Money’s Jim Cramer. A laughable horror show of terrible investment advice. Three stooges, tinged with a shady past of boiler rooms, fraudulent investments, Finra fines, FBI arrests, and fraud. Avoid.

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Pros: Moderately entertaining financial blather.
Cons: Track record is pure, unsubstantiated fraud. Owners of company making wild claims of success, yet can provide absolutely no proof of any prior trading success. A financial shit-show.

Thanks for reading today’s review of InTheMoneyStocks

What is InTheMoneyStocks? InTheMoneyStocks is a day trading, swing trading, and options trading educational service. As per, the business appears to have originated back in 2007.

The website is registered to a person named Bryan Leighton, whom at one point was a registered stock broker.

The “Chief Market Strategist” of InTheMoneyStocks is a person named Gareth Soloway. Prior to being the President and “Chief Market Strategist” of InTheMoneyStocks, Gareth Soloway was a stock broker for a now defunct and bankrupt stock brokerage named Great Eastern Securities. As many of my readers are aware, I am former penny stock promoter that served time in Federal Prison for securities fraud. Let me tell you plainly, Great Eastern Securities was a boiler room operator that peddled highly speculative stock offerings for high commissions, and little respect for individual investors. In fact, Great Eastern Securities (and the proprietors) have a long and sordid history of hustling small investors.

Finally, in 2007, Great Eastern Securities was closed down and their licensing was revoked by Finra. A reading of the fines and penalties is the stuff that quickly turns cream into butter. Huge fines, allegations of fraud and deception, ties to organized crime, multiple complaints from various parties, FBI arrests, etc. In total, nearly a million dollars in fines and penalties from Finra.

It appears that immediately after Great Eastern Securities imploded, InTheMoneyStocks was born.

Amazing Performance Claims

InTheMoneyStocks makes some pretty amazing claims. In fact, a review of their website proclaims that their trades are 100% authentic and verifiable. Lets take a look at the performance claims of the Options Advisory Service that currently sells for $99.99 per month.

  • 2014 claims a net profit of 1012%
  • 2015 claims a net profit of 3117%
  • 2016 (Jan-July) claims a net profit of 534%

Truly amazing. For only $99.99 per month, you can now make over 1000’s of percent every year! Imagine for a moment, if you had only invested $10,000 beginning in 2014, and taken every trade. Your compounded returns would now be worth a whopping $22,680,107.

My question is simple, does anyone on the planet really believe that InTheMoneyStocks can turn $10,000 into $22,680,107 in only 2.5 years? Of course, the lottery is real and so maybe InTheMoneyStocks is also real. And so I next reached out to InTheMoneyStocks and asked for some sort of proof that these trades were ever actually executed. Their response was NO RESPONSE.

But wait, InTheMoneyStocks also has a live day trading chat room that runs Monday through Friday. From 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM the chat room is managed by Gareth Soloway. From 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM the chat room is moderated by a person named Nicholas Santiago. Surely, inside the chat room I would discover my dream of becoming a multimillionaire in only a few months…

Inside the live trading room

During the month of July, I attended two weeks of the “live trading room” ($299 per month). Not once did I ever see a trading DOM present on the screen. Nor any evidence of an actual, live trading account. No verifiable track record whatsoever. What did I see? For two excruciating weeks I sat through what can only be described as a combination of late night infomercial, vacuum cleaner sales presentation, time share sales presentation, and three-card Monte.

Both Gareth Soloway and Nicholas Santiago are nothing more than circus clowns. Dancing through fancy sounding words and carnival barking, making proclamations of big breakouts and moving average strangleholds and all manner of technical trading buffoonery. The day trading room is a combination of 4th of July fireworks show, Miss Teen USA Pageant, The Kardashians, and Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

In fact, I would nominate Gareth Soloway into the Hindsight Hall Of Fame. If there actually were such a place, I amInTheMoneyStocks sure that Gareth Soloway would have a bust on prominent display. Never before have I seen such an amazing predictor of price, a day after it happened.

The day trading room is a complete and total shit show of nonsense and useless information. No official track record of any sort. And if Gareth or Nicholas do make a losing call, its quickly forgotten and never a mention that it ever happened. Armchair quarterbacking at its finest.

The amazing product offering

Of course, perhaps listening to Gareth and Nicholas talk incessantly about technical analysis and impending market moves is not enough. Perhaps you need the ultimate predictor of price. Well, nothing to worry about my friends, because the geniuses at InTheMoneyStocks have created the ultimate fortune telling device. Its a special calculator that is named the, “Proprietary Institutional Calculator”. Its an “easy to use, amazing profit generator, never before released to the public”.

This Proprietary Calculator Allows You To Find Every Major Support, Resistance And Pivot Point On Any Chart. Use It On The Markets, Stocks, Commodities, and Currencies. Never Worry About Where A Chart Will Bounce Or Drop, Be In Front Of Every Chart. Use The Master Calculator To Profit On Every Major Move.

For only $29 per month, you never need to worry where price will go again, it works on all time frames and all securities, all the time. Easy profits my friends.

More Easy Profits

Of course, maybe options are not for you. And you just want to become a millionaire overnight. With little fuss or hassle, you can do it! Just sign up for the super amazing stock alerts service for only $99 per month. Tired of losing trades? Tired of losing months? Well no worries because since 2012, InTheMoneyStocks has never had a losing month! And hardly ever a losing trade. Lets review the supposed track record:

  • 2012 claims a net profit of 709%
  • 2013 claims a net profit of 498% 
  • 2014 claims a net profit of 670%
  • 2015 claims a net profit of 865%
  • 2016 (Jan-July) claims a net profit of 605%

Wow, for only $99 a month, all your dreams can come true. Lets once again use a simple compounding calculator, and a beginning balance of $10k to see how profitable we could now be.

  • Year 1: $80,900
  • Year 2: $483,782
  • Year 3: $3,725,121
  • Year 4: $35,947,421
  • Year 5: $253,429,321

Truly amazing folks. Start with $10k and in only 4.5 years, you could now be worth over 250 million dollars. One of the richest people on the planet. Of course, if you attempt to verify these amazing returns by asking Gareth Soloway or Nicholas Santiago for proof that they made any of these trades…the response is no response at all.

Why even offer the service for $99 per month? Why not just become professional money managers and become the worlds most successful investors? Heck, with such an amazing track record, why bother with this live trading room nonsense?

Wrapping Things Up

Sometimes when I write these reviews, I cannot help but laugh at the nonsense that I witness. And sometimes, I get really pissed off at the level of fraud, misrepresentation, chicanery, and outright BS that some of these trading operators are pushing. InTheMoneyStocks is one the worst. As as matter of fact, its a top 10 destination for trading fraud. To claim these types of returns, backed with absolutely no proof is egregious. The heart of this fraud is the fake track record. Nobody would spend a nickel on these ass clowns without the fraudulent track record. They lean on that fake track record to draw in yet more victims.

Sadly, these guys have little remorse, shame, or guilt that real people are losing their life savings investing in this stuff. The only thing they care about his suckering in folks to listen to them chat for $99 a month, and wasting a few hundred dollars on their useless educational course that focuses on tired old indicators.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments below. Sorry for yet another crappy review.


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