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If you like zero transparency, then the Futures Trading Coach is the live day trading room for you. For only $6,997 and $347 each month, you can watch a person trade that has no verifiable track record. The trading room has no transparency, no trading from the DOM, no trading from the charts, no account statements to verify trading. In addition to zero transparency, we caught them consistently publishing fake trading records on YouTube videos. Avoid.

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Pros: None
Cons: Zero transparency. Faked and fraudulent track record. No live trading, No DOM, no way to verify any claims of success. Promoters refuse to verify personal trading results.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Futures Trading Coach.com

What is Futures Trading Coach? Futures Trading Coach is a live day trading room that is moderated by Rick Mazur, the cost of the live day trading room is $247 for the first month, and $347 for each month thereafter. In addition to the live day trading room, there is a full mentoring program with a start up fee of $6,997 with an additional monthly fee of $347 per month. The mentoring program is taught by Sam Goldberg.

A quick review of the website reveals the following statements from the owner, Mr Sam Goldberg. “We win on 8/10 trades, and the reason we win is because we do the opposite of 95% of all traders”. On first blush, this sure sounds exciting. Who doesn’t want to win on 80% of all trades, and do the opposite of 95% of all traders? Some of you might not believe that the owner of Futures Trading Coach would come right out and make such a bold statement. So I recorded him saying it…


Ok, so if you watched this short little video, the owner of the company Mr. Sam Goldberg clearly states that he wins on 80% of his trades. This sounds great, and it should be easy to verify, right? Next, Mr. Goldberg states that the reason why his methodology is so successful is because he does the opposite of 95% of traders. Ok, wonderful. But how do you measure this Mr. Goldberg? Do you have a special program that performs some calculation or function that gives you this information? If so, then sign me up! I am ready to send over my payment for the full mentorship program fee of $6,997. OK, so now that we established a baseline for how this review is going to go, lets move forward.

Who is Rick Mazur and Sam Goldberg? I have no clue. After reading each and every page of their website, there is absolutely no background information on either of these characters. Rick Mazur has nothing written whatsoever, and Sam Goldberg has only this massively long squeeze page that talks about how he his a full time professional trader and that he is a super awesome trader, etc. And then he has this long, winding, non stop section of supposed happy customer testimonials. Its all fantasy and hyped up nonsense. I especially like how he signs off with the following…

Sam Goldberg Futures Trading Coach

As a general rule of thumb, when someone signs their name with a P.S., and then adds a P.P.S., and then adds yet another P.P.P.S., then this person is real douche bag trying to sell you a crap sandwich. And Mr. Sam Goldberg continues with this fine tradition of douche baggery. Lets continue.

The Live Trading Room

The live trading room is moderated daily by Rick Mazur. The trading room typical opens at 6:30 AM, PST and usually lasts about 90 minutes. On October 1st, 2015 we signed up for a free trial of the live trading room. Each day we recorded everything that happened inside of the trading room. We wrapped up recording on October 13, 2015. In total, we collected 7 days of live market coverage with a total of about 14 hours of live footage. The entire time, the room was moderated by Rick Mazur.

At no time did we witness a live trading DOM, nor did we witness any trading from the charts. All of the trades were called out over the microphone.Β On day number one we noticed fantasy trades. What is a fantasy trade? This is where Rick would suggest an entry at a certain price, there would only be a quick cursory mention and then he would go about talking about something else. This created a lot of confusion because nothing was marked on the screen. No DOM, or trading on the charts etc. Considering that he is using Ninja Trader and is one of their most highly recommended educators, I was expecting that Rick could of at least placed a demo DOM on the chart. But he refused, apparently he likes to keep things confusing and hard to track.

As each of the trades evolved, I felt more and irritated. He would say things like “OK lets get a point or a point and a half here”. Which is it Rick? Is is a point or is it a point and a half? And he never once mentioned stops, I guess we were supposed to already know that each trade had a fixed stop?

To Rick’s credit, he would very often say that he did not get filled on a limit order trade. However, he would talk into the microphone and congratulate random people that claimed that they got filled. It sounded all too pre-scripted and I really wondered if Rick wasn’t simply making up these fantasy people, in order to claim that some of the viewers got filled.

At the end of the trading sessions, I asked for a screen shot of Rick’s filled trades. He refused. I also asked for an account statement to prove that these trades were actually filled. Once again, no response. However, Rick referred me to his YouTube channel where he goes over the days trades. Rick says that the YouTube channel is accurate and all trades are clearly shown in is wrap up video.

Apparently, the only way to build a track record for these guys is to watch YouTube videos. Which I did. What did I discover? The YouTube videos are pure BS. Everyday, Rick pushed out a video on YouTube and everyday, we would go back and match the YouTube video with our own camtasia recordings. We have proof that these buffoons are just another couple of trading hustlers. Lets got ahead and watch the videos.

Video 1: The Mystery Trade That Never Happened

In the following video, you can clearly watch and listen to Rick Mazur call a short trade on a limit order. The trade did not get filled, and Rick clearly states that the trade did not happen. Watch the clip.

Ok, so if you watched this short video, the trade obviously did not happen. However, the next day, Rick published an update video of the prior day trading room performance.

Now watch how slick Rick takes credit for the prior day’s trade, claiming that he got 1.5 points.

Day after day, we witnessed this type of trading. Where Rick would call out a price on a limit order, then claim that a random person in the room got their price. If the trade was a winner, then Rick would publish a video highlighting that “winning trade”. It was pure smoke and mirrors. And he does it in such a subtle way that we had to record a lot of video to catch the repetitive nature of Rick’s confidence game.

After watching him trade for several days, and then re-watching the video, and then watching the nightly recaps of the trades, the whole smoke show really pissed me off. I have to give him credit, he doesnt just come right out and start screaming that he got another winner, he does it in a very slight manner, sort of like a street magician. The trade calling is very nebulus and since there is no trading DOM, or trading from the charts, then whom can say what is really happening? And since there is no spreadsheet of the trades, then its difficult to pinpoint the fraud.

The only way we were able to conclusively catch the fraud was to slowly and meticulously watch the replay of each and every trade. Then we had to wait a day for the recap video to be released. Then we had to go back and match the recap video with the trades that we were able to clearly identify. This review took a lot of time and effort because it required a very meticulous and thorough investigation. At the end of collecting the evidence, I couldn’t wait to get this review written and published. Not because I had found some huge fraud, but because it genuinely required a lot of time and effort to document how they are scamming people.

Wrapping Things Up

Rick Mazur and Sam Goldberg, you will read this review, and its going to piss you off. You will cry foul and threaten to sue and proclaim that you are both awesome traders…but the truth is that both of you are frauds. Scammers. Neither of you has a verifiable trading record. If you do, then I would love to see it. In fact, nothing would make me happier than to come back and write a new review on how I got this one totally wrong. But I am supremely confident in stating the both of your are completely full of crap. Prove me wrong!

Thanks for reading today’s review. This one was especially irritating. Usually the fraud is easy to catch, but this one required a toothpick and a pair of tweezers. Thankfully its over. Don’t forget to leave your comments below. Even the trolls and haters will find that their voices are heard.

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perez (@guest_1039564)
2 years ago

not good as i thought after trying it for 10 days. i heard there are over 60 people in the trading room but im sure they had over 1000 trial members past 8 years so now i kind of understand why they didn’t continue. Rick said 15% of the time you add more contracts but it i added 30 to 40% i add more contracts so it would be scary if i was trading with real money. i was trying to break even after i add but i got full stop out many times. He just won’t tell people when to get out after you add. Youtube video reviews are not 100% correct .

joseph (@guest_1039513)
2 years ago

i learned their method and mythology is all about swing break when stochastic is above zero then its buy mode and they do use indicator like MACD and Fibonnaci. They use all kinds of multiple time frame as well. Winning percentage is not good unless you double your contract when market go against you and you have to get out break even if you are lucky. Rick never post loosing trades because he thinks its not a official trade call. Lot of time he says “its little aggressive but you can try take it” and if that trade win he will post on Youtube but if its bad then he won’t mention it on youtube.

Nadina S
Nadina S (@guest_38321)
2 years ago

To “former student”: What a load of cobblers. You could be Sam himself for all we know. No evidence or proof from you or him. Just a rant on how great you both are. So full of general trading wisdom. Why dont you get a job as a trading psychologist? Dont worry noone will ask for proof that you can trade. I have given this guy Sam Goldberg a lot of money for nothing and I want to sue too.
To “lets sue” : I have only just come accross your post from September 18. I will contact yoh shortly.

nadina@ doctors.org.uk

dtchurn (@guest_4055362)
1 year ago
Reply to  Nadina S

Hi Nadina, sorry to hear you got taken by this site too. Agreed, “former student” is probably “Sam” or “Rick” , or one of their friend or family actors in the trading room like many of these shamshow rooms do. This shill post and the other shills on the top of these comments are probably themselves again, despicable. It seems the more bold ones or also former felons like Amico come out more in the comments to bs and excuse more, but end up doing the same thing again a few years later on their new site. (or psycho clowns like Ken Klownfool who try to pretend they don’t have a history of scamming and more past scam sites than “renegade” Mark Deaton, one the longest series of repeated “farts lost in the wind” ever, now trying to be like DavidAdams trying to ingratiate themselves into the comments simultaneously spam ading their worthless stool products like they already do on elitetrader; they are some of the worst) , I came across their site where now they want personal info and phone number etc. just for a trial. Thankfully this review and Emmett’s research helped me stop from even signing up for a trial. And shamefully, I had been taken before by a similar site that is now gone “like a fart in the wind”. But they did almost the exact same things. And the front page of the site just looks too appealing to newbs. I suggest tradingschools should have an easy to see list view of all the reviews kind of what ninaecocess used to do. Except showing the name of the sham, and how many stars, and number of comments as a link to them.

former student
former student (@guest_36763)
2 years ago

As a former student of Sam, I need to say something in Sam’s defense and other mentors’ defense.

To Emmett: Emmett every thing that I write here is the truth. Being honest is at my core beliefs. I understand that you take all posts seriously and that you also expect evidence in return for validity. I was enrolled in Sam’s Room and paid. I can send you documents which will show this. Similar to Amazon’s Reviewers, (Verified Purchase). I am writing all of this, only on your site, and once, because you have a broader audience, different from Big Mike, and lastly, because I like my privacy. I have read about your personal experience of being a trader on your site, which was fascinating. I also understand, why you do what you do.

To Everyone: Becoming and remaining a Trader is the hardest and the most complex profession out there. It is rewarding and it will transform you. The process and the journey will change your life. Take a moment and think hard… Why did you chose this? You already know. You are different than the rest. You had a calling and you wanted to take that leap, because you are confident, you believe in yourself, and you don’t give up until you reach your goal. Not everyone comes here, or stays here, as you might have discovered.

Hey, you know what’s harder than trading successfully? Teaching others how to trade successfully. Think about it. Explaining ‘something’ to another person, that thinks completely different from you is easy, right? Do your friends understand what you do when you tell them you trade? How about your family? Can you explain how you made money, being Short, when the market crashed? Do they understand you? … Remember…, we are here because we are different, but ‘we’, as traders, do have a common language, character, and personality. We can all agree that learning to trade is a time consuming ordeal, that demands many sacrifices, and there are no short-cuts. Trading to make a living is even harder, not to mention extremely unforgiving. So now, think about all those mentors, that are trying to convey, to you, to the best of their abilities, what works for them, so that you can be successful as well; you, who is completely different and unique, and may have a completely different, yet correct, understanding of how Shorting the market works. Crazy right?

Your trading career is like a jigsaw puzzle. Every one of us has a different number of pieces to their end product. Some puzzles are 4 pieces, other puzzles are 400 pieces. Some mentors fill in all the pieces, some puzzles require many mentors. Some mentors choose to teach for a price, some mentors choose to tax monthly, some leave you the choice. What do you want? What works for you? Where do you want to go? Do you want to be a trader or just mimic others and not have a clue what happened. What do you want? … Now, how do you select a mentor or a method? Simple. Ask questions. Ask many questions and listen. What resonates with you? What are you missing? What pieces do you still need? The mentors today are just trying to pass the torch and bridge the divide. Nothing has changed. Its all there, all the clues, ask and connect the dots. You will find what you are looking for. … So, keep on going, if you really want this. It’s completely attainable, and you know it. And remember why you are here, because nothing in life that’s easy, is worthwhile.

To Sam: Sam, thank you for everything. I truly mean it. I understand what you were doing, now. You filled in many pieces, others I had to fill in myself, and with the help of books, websites, and other people. I’m sorry for blaming you for my own faults. I finally have my house in order. I hope you are content, and all is well, and I hope that people find this, and even if they don’t… Hey, like you said, “Everyone is where they want to be.” I know you are. I am. btw hb

lets Sue
lets Sue (@guest_33285)
2 years ago

I have been a callroom client and in the mentoring room. I wasted over 10k. I’m embarrassed and have to deal with my spouse bringing it up all the time. The results published on the recap videos are lies, the winning percentages are lies, everything is a lie.

I started in the call room and I lost money. I would send them my charts and I was told “you did this wrong, you didn’t get out fast enough, you got greedy” and they would use that as a chance to say “if you knew the system you would have done better. You would have known how long to stay…” so like an idiot I joined the mentoring room. More losses followed. I had to pay the monthly fee after I paid the mentoring fee which seemed like bullshit but they already had my money (you have to wire it to them). I have tried everything they have suggested or taught and I was still a 50% trader at best.

They got me, don’t let them get you. They prey on your want to be successful and then when you aren’t successful they chastise you. There is nothing proprietary either, they have you download other peoples indicators. I moved on and found a company that shows results (Futures Trading Coach will not show you their results). If I could go back in time I would have seen the red flags like No actual statement posted proving their claims, I would have done more research on Sam and Rick…… I am pretty sure I have found Ricks actual name (screen shot from a video I recorded, I got lucky) as I believe Richard Mazur is an alias.

I have spent some money talking to an attorney and the SEC. The SEC said I would probably be better off suing and then bringing the evidence found during discovery to them for legal action. My attorney thinks its worth a shot. Please tell us your story at:


If you have any video or audio of phantom calls, Sam speaking his BS, them giving winning percentages (SEC is most interested in these) please forward. I have a 100 or so examples but the more we have the better.

Thank you

lets Sue
lets Sue (@guest_33287)
2 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Hi Emmett,

I should have stated that we started with the CFTC and they advised us to also contact the SEC about certain things we were claiming. They each handle specific parts of different complaints and the videos I am hoping for are more towards the SEC part but, the CFTC gave us great advice and direction as well. The more people I can have corroborate our position the easier it will be for them and the more likely they will proceed with an “aggressive” investigation.

Thank you your forum

Nadina S
Nadina S (@guest_5056211)
1 year ago
Reply to  lets Sue

I submitted a complaint too.

Dan (@guest_31703)
3 years ago

I also took a trial of this scam con artist at work. Speaks vague nonsense, says he got filled out of the blue without warning (hope you did too!), claims a profit and you had no chance to do or understand anything. It’s a joke, a con, a scam. This guy is a fraud.

put in the work
put in the work (@guest_31146)
3 years ago

I have been a member of this room…. complete Bullshit. Moderator wont shut the fuck up about non sense, makes very vague calls and then says things like “it could go up or it could go down” “be careful with this trade” or my favorite “get out now”….. then 20 seconds later after it is going in the direction he called “start taking profits”. They will not show you results, a DOM, mark the screen, screen trade or be accountable in any way shape or form. The moderator also gets pissed off when you questions him and threatens you.

The wrap up videos will say “I called a short in the CL at 52.50 and it was a 38 tick winner’ What the wrap up video doesn’t tell you is the call actually went something like this “If the candle closes red here you could go short around 52.50” candle then closes and you hear “alright be careful here, it could go up from here too, if you are nervous about this trade get out, it should go down but you never know…. The moderator creates doubt with every trade, he covers his bases so he is never technically wrong. He say things like “be careful its near the high of the day, or this could go up or down from here, or this market has already ran a good distance it could be too tired to follow through” its all vague. There is never a case where he says “Get in Short in the Cl at 52.50 when this candle closes, set a 10 tick loss and a 10 tick target” IT NEVER HAPPENS. They take credit for the entire run of a direction even though they told you to get out.

The moderator does many things that make you want to tie a rock to your neck and jump off a cruise ship. His non stop talking about stuff he has no real grasp of, singing and non stop coughing, snorting, voice clearing…. he is a hot fucking mess of a dumpster fire. Sitting though that for 2 hours they should have to pay me 300.00 per month.

I have been a member of a few rooms…… this was the absolute worse one and the most expensive.

jjsrader (@guest_31150)
3 years ago

Snorting for sure! It is a hot mess of a room indeed. Pure mish-mash wishy wash. Your review is spot on & probably the best review of this room I have ever seen.

My favorite is ‘get out’ and ‘if you are nervous get out’ etc…

Ben (@guest_30890)
3 years ago

Wow, I like this site and dont like it all at the same time. Let me explain. While this review from the site owner could not be more wrong (at least now i see the initial review was over 2 years ago), I am glad i saw it. I also like how he allows comments. If it were not for the positive comments i never would have given futures trading coach a chance. I went to the trial and got to see 25 hours of trades for completely free during the trial. It is 10 days now. I saw the moderator call over 40 trades with one maybe two losing trades and it was amazing. I promptly signed up. This is the real deal and one other said. So thank you very much like i said. I do not agree with the site review but maybe it was just a bad time when the review was done and it was over 3 years ago so maybe things changed. I honestly dont know. It did take me a good 2-3 days to get in swing with how the trades were called and stuff but i am moving forward and not looking back. I have been trying to trade for almost 8 years and have been in dozens of rooms and nothing compares. For free if anyone is looking to be a Wow, I like this site and dont like it all at the same time. Let me explain. While this review from the site owner could not be more wrong (at least now i see the initial review was over 2 years ago), I am glad i saw it. I also like how he allows comments. If it were not for the positive comments i never would have given futures trading coach a chance. I went to the trial and got to see 25 hours of trades for completely free during the trial. It is 10 days now. I saw the moderator call over 40 trades with one maybe two losing trades and it was amazing. I promptly signed up. This is the real deal and one other said. So thank you very much like i said. I do not agree with the site review but maybe it was just a bad time when the review was done and it was over 3 years ago so maybe things changed. I honestly dont know. It did take me a good 2-3 days to get in swing with how the trades were called and stuff but i am moving forward and not looking back. I have been trying to trade for almost 8 years and have been in dozens of rooms and nothing compares. For free if anyone is looking to be a trader i would suggest checking it out you have nothing to loose to see in real time for yourself. Thanks for this tradingschool site it helped me finally discover i can really do this trading thing and thanks to futures trading coach!!

majormongo (@guest_9613)
4 years ago

Speaking of POS scam artists…I think Emmett takes the cake. Nice Job Emmett on this rave review of just how trustworthy and honest your endorsements are…who’d listen to a fraudulent con artist such as yourself…just idiots who can’t think for themselves.


Tom Sullivan
Tom Sullivan (@guest_30473)
3 years ago
Reply to  majormongo

I heard that!

Greg (@guest_8800)
4 years ago

Guys, I am not here to speak for either Sam nor Rick! I took the 5 day trial about a year ago. Joined in with the method 2 month later. Trading ever since. This is not for everybody. Stop whining! Start learning!
Rick and Sam are two very unusual guys, they are not easy to like. But I don’t need to. I liked what is saw and that was enough for me.
Do you believe anybody will give you his/her experience for free. NOT! Don’t join with them if it’s not to your liking. Go elsewhere to learn, they have enough students as it is. πŸ™‚
And I won’t share anything! Why? Because I don’t need to.
Happy trading!

Scott (@guest_7415)
5 years ago

I joined with Sam a few years ago and found him to be honest and trustworthy. His method is solid and works most of the time like he says. It did seem odd that he did not show his trades and I questioned him and Rick about that. “Where’s the proof” ? Can I see a trade log…a DOM… anything ?
I can see where people would be suspect about Sam because of that but I’m sure he has his reasons.
They said it shouldn’t matter…just trade the method. I definitely got frustrated with that but pressed on with the room. I was with him for about a year on and off. Went to Rick’s room then back with Sam.
I remember him saying that it takes about four years to really get control of my emotions and to be discipline with my trades. He’s so right about that. After the 1st year I couldn’t see myself paying the monthly fee for three more years so I figured I’d do the rest on my own. And knowing that I didn’t depend on trading for my income…that will come later.
You have to be so patient with this business or you will be sorry ! He is also right about him making you the best trader -YOU- can be.
I have no regrets about signing up with him or leaving after one year. I am stubborn about doing things on my own and I just needed someone to get me started. Sam was it.

sam (@guest_7490)
5 years ago
Reply to  Scott

This reminds me of Larry Levin’s tirade of fake testimonials on trade2win. There were like a hundred people obviously made up posters by their sales team saying they improved their trading. http://www.trade2win.com/boards/educational-resources/54572-larry-levin-secrets-traders-4.html#post1056622 As you can see, more people continued to fall for this scam because they didn’t catch this review. https://futures.io/vendors-product-reviews/33765-sam-goldberg-futurestradingcoach-com.html ; How much money are dupes going to lose paying 3k to 6k for various “mentors” and hundreds per month on expensive rooms before they wake up from the dream-inducing kool-aid of these scams?

Scott (@guest_7520)
5 years ago
Reply to  sam

I am definitely NOT part of Sam’s sales team. And haven’t been in touch with him since…only to wish him a happy birthday.
But as I put in more and more screen time trading, I am realizing that it is possible to succeed at this. It is unfortunate that the people interested in trading end up seeking out a mentor because they become frustrated and impatient and end up forking over 3k to 6k. When all they have to do is find they’re own method, how ever long it takes.
These mentors know that most people want to be making money in one to three months when it takes years to learn ANY trade. That’s how they are preying on the dupes as you put it.
I would advise anyone who wants to join a mentor…if you are counting on trading to be your sole source of income out of the gate….forget it !!
Trade on SIM in the morning before you go to your real job. Do that until you find YOUR method . Dip your toe in with real money you can afford to lose. I used some of Sam’s method and added a lot of my own. I now realize I could have just found it all on my own but as I said in the post earlier…I don’t regret signing up (with money I could afford to lose)because It helped me continue my quest to have a second career after I retire from machining.
There is a lot of Kool -Aid out there. Do this on your own !! Take your time. And then take some more.

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_7521)
5 years ago
Reply to  Scott

Yes, trading is difficult and you better be prepared to spend a lot and I mean a lot of time to be successful. This is a full time job Plus.

But I have to comment on this remark, because most trading rooms are teaching complete non sense and it does not matter if you study 10 hours or you spend 100,000 hours, you will never be able to trade the methods they teach profitably and that is the problem.

And worst they and their shills will tell you, you just need to spend a little more time. This has 2 effects. First, it makes you think the fault is not that the TR educator is teaching complete nonsense, but it is your fault therefore you continue to spend money on the TR’s nonsense teaching and do not post negative feedback. Some TR are so bold as to sell you one course and then say the reason you are not successful is you have not taken their advance course. So the basic course you took is a joke, but now you are suppose to pay more for the advance course. BTW that is a true story from a trading educator.

The more I write and remember about past experience with some of the these educators the angrier I get.

And BTW I just Skyped with a trader I had not talked to in a long time and he was depressed about how he just could not trade profitable as his educator taught. And I assured him the problem was not with him and to get that educator to show any real proof, I am talking brokerage statements, that they can even trade the non sense method they teach profitably.

This whole industry is one big con game.

Scott (@guest_7625)
5 years ago
Reply to  Rob B

They also can cover they’re butts by asking the struggling trader to “send me your trades and we can go over them” They say…we’ll I told you..it doesn’t work all the time. Only 75 to 80 percent of the time.
You would have had to pull the trigger on every qualified set up. VERY difficult to do when you’ve just lost .Very common that the first year goes like this. By that time they have your sign up fee and a years worth of monthly fees. And you feel like a failure and your still not profitable like you thought you’d be by now. So you bail.
That’s why 93 percent fail in the first six months let alone one year. ALL of these mentors know this.
It’s very difficult to follow along in a trading room. You can’t have any distractions when you trade.That’s why they don’t show you they’re REAL trading chart or DOM because they’re not trading if they are talking and answering comments from other traders.
Trade alone…with the door closed !

sam (@guest_7672)
4 years ago
Reply to  Scott

Good points. And I tend to think it’s even more fraudulent how these trading room hosts perpetrate. I think they don’t even have a live account, maybe haven’t had one for years or as long as they had the trading room. I was in a room for a month where I mentioned in the chat room of which I seemed to be the only real member , that “luckily it was sim”. The host misunderstood me and quickly reacted “yes i’ts all sim!, but…” , where I had actually meant luckily I had been on sim following their calls in the room so far. What a scam.

Scott (@guest_7691)
4 years ago
Reply to  sam

On the subject of SIM trading….look how well we ALL do in SIM…it’s no wonder that they don’t trade their live account while they’re running the rooms.

Adron Wood
Adron Wood (@guest_4670)
5 years ago

I just wanted to post my experience with Sam and Rick since I have been in contact with them for over 2 years now.
First of all they are not scammers, they are the real deal. I have spent many months in Ricks room taking his calls and they are definitely right at least 80% of the time. I have my own logging business so I am not able to consistently trade since I am out in the woods most days. When things get slow though, I try to get back in the room. Rick has always been very helpful with my questions. Anyone who takes the free 5 day trial will be able to see that they have a winning method.

I also went ahead and paid for the mentoring with Sam. He spent around 5 or 6 hours with me on the phone to teach me the method. Unfortunately I was not able to stay in his mentoring room, again because of my business (I have contractual obligations) so I have put the learning on hold for now until I can step away from my company. Sam’s method works, there is no denying it.

Lee (@guest_4548)
5 years ago

I was in the trial room with Rick on Friday 8th January 2016. At first I thought it was bogus. It seemed like I was the only one there but he kept talking to people that I can’t see nor hear. He was there talking and answering questions….making calls and cancelling them s&p 500…sniffing a lot (sounds like taking Coke)…it was long and tedious to the point where I was about to say f this. Then he made 3 calls to sell… I ignored the first two…then I entered the third one which was to sell  corinahomer720.50…he then said to take profit from first two and add at 1928…I took my profit at 1927…I didn’t add at 1928…then we said goobye at noon…he doesn’t trade afternoon… He made 3 definite calls and they were all right…the S&P 500 then went up to 1942 in the afternoon which was a resistance from what I was taught ( not by Rick I learnt nothing from him so far) and I shorted all the way 1910… I made bank all by myself and also with Rick…I don’t understand his method of making those 3 calls but they were accurate… 100%….maybe it is too early for me to make a reply but I will do a follow up on monday

Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor (@guest_3969)
5 years ago

I have noticed that Rick mentioned Collective 2.
Emmet are you aware of the record there, and if so, would such a record be proof enough for you?
I will not give the link, but just pose the question.
I see a successful record, in fact the sharpe ratio was over 10 until a C2 bug caused a a drawdown of around 13 % percent I believe

Steve (@guest_3568)
5 years ago

Thank you so much Emmett for doing these reviews!!

I have ALWAYS wondered about Sam and his operation; Someone who makes such ridiculous statements (i.e. there is no better trading system, he does opposite of 95% traders, etc etc) is either completely clueless about trading, complete narcissist or probably both.

Rick and Sam, just post your records and show your trades already if you are so hot. All the other legit guys are doing it – why can’t you.

great work Emmett!

Henrich (@guest_2994)
5 years ago

I see picture of Sam G with the short hair, on the thumbnail to this page, is that Rick in the upper right corner with the bouncy curly hair…he look like someone cool I could hang out and hit the bong with.

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Rick (@guest_3030)
5 years ago
Reply to  Henrich


That is I — sure we can do that and also make lots of winning trades together πŸ™‚

Henrich (@guest_3080)
5 years ago
Reply to  Rick

Awesome Rick, i knew that you were cool! Let’s spark one up, make some trades and get risk free!

Brian (@guest_2908)
5 years ago


I entered the trial this week and still have one more day to go. My first trade I made a mistake and got stopped out. But even counting two trades I made a mistake understanding what Rick was saying. Even with the mistake I achieved a 75% win ratio. I on 8 out of 12 with those mistakes.

Of course, I’m trading in a sim account and would gladly share. If you email me directly,

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