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Dekmar Trades 2018 Review
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A year ago, TradingSchools.Org took a huge leap of faith and wrote a glowing review of Dekmar Trades. A little known day trading service that specialized in penny stocks.

Truth be told, I expected Sean Dekmar to quickly crash and burn. I simply could not believe that anyone could consistently earn a worthy income in a market best known for scams and scoundrels. It turns out that Sean Dekmar is an extremely skilled market operator.

We recently challenged Sean Dekmar with a tiny account in the faint hope that he could generate exceptional profits. He beat our expectations. His story is a true inspiration to aspiring day traders.

100% verified trading performance.

Thanks for reading today’s update on Sean Dekmar of Dekmar Trades

On April 5th, 2017, I wrote a review about Sean Dekmar of Dekmar Trades. I gave Sean a pretty good rating. You can read the original review here.

As many TradingSchools.Org readers are probably already aware, I am not a big fan of day trading. In particular, penny stocks day trading. In my opinion, penny stocks are pretty much a ‘hustlers paradise’ filled with scoundrels and scallywags.

Penny stocks are not investments. Not even close. They more resemble a theme park ride, where you pay a fee and get on board for some sort of ride.

The ride is usually gut-wrenching, induces vomiting, and quickly weeds out the faint-hearted. At my advanced age of 48, I am afraid I don’t have the stomach or the courage to venture into these shark-infested waters. A game best suited for the young, or the young at heart.

Sean Dekmar is young. In fact, at age 24 he is just a puppy. However, don’t let his age fool you. Through sheer willpower, an outsized portion of youthful ignorance, and a unique ‘feel’ for this specialized market…he has somehow figured out a way to earn a pretty decent living.

The August Update

After the original review was published, a large crowd of naysayers lined up proclaiming that the reported performance was probably just a ‘flash in the pan’ and that this youngster probably wouldn’t last long. That the penny stock market would do what it does best…destroy the naive hopes and dreams of the financially illiterate.

I was at the head of the line. In fact, with an August flourish of my pen, I attempted to rain on Sean’s parade. But then the unexpected happened– Sean Dekmar sent me a fresh batch of account statements from Etrade.

The results were impressive. Too impressive. I became suspicious and contacted Etrade regarding the authenticity of the supposed account statements. It turns out that my suspicious nature was misguided. The results were authentic. Etrade verified the account statements.

The end result was that I published an update titled: Dekmar Trades *Update*. You can read that updated review by clicking the link.

The 2018 Dekmar Trades Update

Well, I keep waiting for the wheels to fall off the Sean Dekmar penny stocks bandwagon. Yet the wagon continues to lurch forward. If anything, it appears to be picking up steam. And steamrolling my secret desire to witness Sean Dekmar crash and burn.

Everyone loves a crash and burn story. When you turn on the news, do they ever report on the thousands of planes that appear to defy the laws of physics and safely land? Nope. But when a plane crashes and burns, the headlines blow up and we all say to ourselves, “sure glad I wasn’t on that shitty airliner.”

In my heart, I always assumed Sean Dekmar was a shitty pilot, flying a paper airplane through a penny stock shitstorm. Eventually, a turd would catch him square in the eye, and he would be proven a mere mortal. Except it has not happened yet.

The Dekmar Trades “Shitstorm” challenge

In mid-2017, I thought to myself, how could I create a challenge to Sean Dekmar where he was 100% guaranteed to fail? And so I thought of a sneaky challenge that best personifies the best case, hopes and dreams of the newbie day trader. To take a small account, and turn the small account into a respectable monthly income.

In my experience, the vast majority of the day traders with which I interact are small account traders. The average account size is a typical $4,000 and the expectations of these rubes and newbies are to earn $10k each month. Consistently.

Trading is hard. And to turn a $4k account into a consistent $10k monthly revenue is pretty much impossible–or so I thought. But this best personifies the scenario in which nearly all rubes and newbies desperately cling. And so I told Sean: Ok Turd Pilot, let’s see if you can pull this off.

With his youthful enthusiasm, Sean accepted the challenge. I was expecting failure and a fun follow-up “crash and burn” article. What I got was something entirely different. The following are Sean Dekmar’s verified results for the challenge period.

Dekmar Trades: Sept 2017 – April 2018

  • September 2017: $1,220
  • October 2017: $6758
  • November 2017: $10,429
  • December 2017: $12,541
  • January 2018: $23,912
  • February 2018: $10,671
  • March 2018: $6,547

For the entire 7-month period, Sean Dekmar was not only profitable each and every month, but he managed to average an incredible $10k+ monthly net profit. Truly astounding. A total net profit of $72,083.

Account statements below:

Yes Sean, you proved me wrong. And my constant nitpicking about your ‘trader porn’ can be met with a resounding “fuck you naysaying TradingSchools.Org!”

However, there is one bit of ‘trader porn’ in which I truly admire. No, it’s not your new Corvette, the flying around in a fighter jet, the helicopter stunt nonsense, or the vacations with unlimited shrimp cocktail. The bit of marketing wizardry that I truly admire, and warms the heart of the even the most despicable muck racking troll is the vacation to Ireland that you gave your wonderful mother. I have included the cute video that you created which dramatizes the event…

The Keys to Success

Having observed Sean Dekmar this past year has given me a unique vantage point. I have seen him grow from a newbie with a (still) crappy website that barely functioned, into a pretty decent marketer, and a really good trader.

But really, what is the secret sauce? Is it some magical trading indicator, or some super-scanner settings, or something mystical or magical that cannot be defined? Nope.

In my opinion, the real key to Sean’s success is his work ethic. Most people are probably not aware, but this guy runs the live trading room 6-hours each day, five days a week. The entire time he is interacting with the audience. Attempting to point the audience in the correct direction. And I have watched the chat session and seen the daily happenings. It’s not easy. You get every sort of character that shows up expecting to ‘get rich’ very quickly.

It’s like herding cats. I couldn’t do it.

Another thing that nobody ever talks about…the time he spends after-hours, scanning markets and looking for that potentially juicy trade that might reveal itself the next day. And the nightly videos and the constant helping of others. I wonder when he ever sleeps.

The ugly part of writing reviews

As readers are aware, TradingSchools.Org is a review website. But we also have an income component. Yep, I am an affiliate marketer for Dekmar Trades. It sounds so dirty. But the hard cold reality is that without establishing affiliate marketing relationships, this blog simply could not survive. The income that we receive is the lifeblood that fuels the production of written content, research, and LEGAL FEES.

However, as readers are also probably aware, that getting a good review with TradingSchools.Org is not easy. The standards and vetting in which a vendor must pass are grueling and revealing. It’s not fun at all.

With that being said, I want the audience to be aware of exactly what TradingSchools.Org has profited from the relationship with Dekmar Trader. The monthly cost of the Dekmar Trades chat room and educational products is $60. Of this $60, TradingSchools.Org receives $12 per subscription. The following is a screenshot of total earnings since inception:

As you can see, TradingSchools.Org receives approximately $200 to $300 in monthly income. Why show this? It’s important that all parties are aware of this arrangement, and giving everyone full transparency lets readers know that when they purchase something from Sean Dekmar, they are actually helping TradingSchools.Org.

I am not getting rich. That’s for sure. But the revenue continues the core mission of finding the best products, and uplifting those vendors that conduct ethical business. And conversely, finding the worst (my opinion) and exposing those vendors that seek to only enrich themselves and bring harm to others.

Wrapping things up

There isn’t much else this old man can write about Sean Dekmar. He doesn’t need me much anymore. As his star skyrockets across the sky, I can only watch and admire. And enjoy what little part I played in helping to bring him up the ladder.

To say that I am not a little bit envious would be a lie. Although I do not enjoy the monetary wealth that Sean is currently enjoying, the experience of writing about Sean has been immensely rewarding. I am very proud of this young man. Enough sappy words.

Recently, Sean recorded a video that talks about his trading service, his journey, his success and failures. And most importantly, what the road to success looks like. The video is long. About one hour, but its one of the best ‘journey’ trading videos that I have witnessed.

If you are new to his service, I recommend watching it. That’s it for today. Thanks for reading and enjoy the video.


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