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Jay Wireman of Day Trading The Futures is a longtime indicator hustler that got bounced from both NinjaTrader Ecosystem and Dr. Dean Handley.

The live day trading room is a complete and total waste of time. No track record, no accountability, no account statements, no live trading DOM on screen. Zero transparency. Does this guy even have a live trading account? Probably not.

A list of online complaints spanning nearly 10 years. All remarkably similar and sad to read. Red flags left and right. Avoid like a herpes blister.

Pros: Nothing to recommend.
Cons: Longtime indicator hustler with a long history of complaints. Zero transparency. No track record. No live trading.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Day Trading The Futures

What is Day Trading The Futures? The company is a day trading educational company offering a suite of trading indicators, a live day trading room, and an e-book titled “Day Trading Minutes After News Methodology.” The prices of these products are as follows:

  • Live day trading room at $250 per month.
  • JaySignal indicator lease at $150 per month.
  • Day Trading Minutes After News Methodology e-book $297

The owner of Day Trading The Futures is a person named Jay Wireman, most likely living in Ocala, Florida.

Day  Trading The Futures occupies the following websites and social media sites:

As recently as November 2016, Jason Wireman was an advertiser and presenter at the Las Vegas Traders Expo. What is the Traders Expo? It is sort of swap meet or flea market for trading educators looking to sell trading products directly to the retail trading community.

Prior to the November 2016 Online Traders Expo, TradingSchools.Org had received 7 requests to review ‘Day Trading The Futures’. Immediately after the November 2016 Online Traders Expo, TradingSchools.Org immediately received an additional 18 requests to review ‘Day Trading The Futures’.

During the months of December 2016 through February 2017, TradingSchools.Org began researching and investigating ‘Day Trading The Futures’ and Jason Wireman.

Current and former website histories

As per, it appears that first appeared on the day trading educational scene sometime in 2009. About one year later, an additional website named was added to the promotional stable.

An examination of both website histories revealed that Day Trading The Futures was used as a general promotional website, while the Symmetry Indicators website was used specifically as a feeder website that was prominently promoted by the Ninja Trader Ecosystem as well as Dr. Dean Handley.

At one point, Dr. Dean Handley had awarded Jason Wireman the much ballyhooed “Top 5  Futures Trading Room” award and an article was promoted at Futures Truth magazine. However, after a flood of complaints alleging fraud and fake trading, Dr. Dean removed his endorsement. I don’t want to give Dr. Dean too hard a time over this, I have also been fooled by several vendors that appeared to be legit, only later I discovered they were frauds and phonies.

Later in early 2016, Jason Wireman and his websites were booted from the Ninja Trader Ecosystem because of a flood of complaints and serious allegations. I reached out to Ninja Trader and asked for comment, they explained that they were diligently attempting to weed out the fraud and fake trading websites, and when complaints began to arrive regarding Jason Wireman…they promptly removed all promotional material. The following is a link that Ninja Trader used to promote Jason Wireman.

Complaints from customers

Over the past two years, TradingSchools.Org has received 5 specific and well-detailed complaints regarding Day Trading The Futures and Symmetry Indicators. The complaints are remarkably similar. The victims came into contact with Jason Wireman and his companies through either Ninja Trader or Dr. Dean. They were drawn into the trap through the elicit endorsements of credible industry influencers and then proceeded to purchase various ‘magical trading indicators and live day trading room’.

Their results were disastrous. One victim described spending over $2,000 for trading indicators and spent over 4 months in the trading room, only to lose an additional $24,000 in trading losses. All victims had a combined loss of nearly $80,000 in educational fee’s, software fee’s, and trading losses.

Complaints from the ‘blogoshpere’

In addition to complaints received directly at TradingSchools.Org, there are also various complaints posted on several trading websites. “If you see anything from a guy named Jay Wireman stay away. He has been selling a system called “monster day trades” and now he is trying to open a room for a new system using point and figure – the monthly fee is $500. I sat in on a trial and he is a total snake oil salesman. There are some gurus that really help people but this guy is a crook.” -dated May 2008 “After the trial I know for sure he is scammer – only shows wins and glosses over all losing trades. He changed the setup a bunch of times over two weeks – oh well, at least it only cost me time. He wants to charge $500 per month – total joke. Advice is stay away from his stuff.” -dated March 2009 “This person promised me a refund in writing! To date I just get a runaround, This deal is a scam, as you know he has had many complaints and charge backs! This internet rip-off needs to be stopped! He has never done anything he has promised! There are several complaints about him all over the internet! I just want my money back as promised! Don’t do business with this person!! -dated September 2008

Inside the “Live Trading Room”

TradingSchools.Org participated in the “live trading room” for a total of three days. We diligently attempted to replicate what Jason Wireman was teaching to the trading room participants. Unfortunately, all trading advice is given as generalities and shadow suggestions. A common theme was “I am scaling in here”, if the trade continued to move in the direction that Jason has predicted, he would say “I am scaling out a unit and letting the others run”.

But at no time did we ever see a live trading DOM present on the screen. Everything is presented in broad generalities and obscure shades of gray. If he made a trade call correctly, he was quick to proclaim his trading greatness. But the losing trades were forgotten as quickly as a fart in the wind.

There is no record of trades. No spreadsheet of supposed calls within the live trading room, nor are there any account statements posted to verify if any live trading was ever actually happening. However, several hours after live trading sessions, we noticed a disturbing pattern emerge. On the video archive page of Day Trading The Futures, a video recording would emerge of supposed winning trades. 

However, these recordings are nothing more than Ninja Trader Market Replay. In other words, all of the videos are created after the market session, and they certainly did not match what we had witnessed inside of the live trading room.

In my opinion, the videos are meant as nothing more than marketing propaganda. They give the impression that a live trade was recorded in a live trading environment, but its nothing more than a video recording with a suggestional overlay. Highly disingenuous. Borderline fraudulent.

Day Trading The Futures Live Trading Room

Verification of trading results ignored

TradingSchools.Org made several attempts, using various alias names to verify the personal trading performance of Jason Wireman. Unfortunately, none could be provided. The company flat refused to cooperate, or even respond. Does Jason Wireman even have a live trading account? In my opinion, he does not. It appears that he is simply providing a day trading room with a few indicators on a Ninja Trader platform, and providing commentary to the naive.

Am I calling him a fraud and a charlatan? No. But for nearly 10 years, this guy has accumulated quite a few complaints and none of it looks good.

Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to leave a comment below.

And Jason Wireman, when you read this…I would love to write you a new review. A positive review. But it needs to be based upon evidence of success, or at least an attempt at trading with a live trading account.

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Desert Trader
Desert Trader (@guest_31448)
3 years ago

I did the free trial about a year ago, and my experience was that his “system” was virtually impossible to execute in an actual, fast-moving market. Now that I understand that he actually had plenty of time to “reconstruct” the supposed trades later in the day, I don’t feel like such a “dummy” for having not been able to “keep up”. Btw, his explanation of leaving Ninja, when I heard him at the Fall 2016 Vegas Trader circus – uh, Expo – was that “they were not doing a good job of protecting my copyrighted software from hackers (or something to that effect). Anyway, I fortunately was too put off by the fast-moving and over-complicated “indicators” to actually sign up for the trading room, and now quite glad I didn’t – and I no longer feel like I was a “dummy” for not being able to “keep up”; just a “dummy” for not passing his booth by w/o a further listen.

Brian P
Brian P (@guest_26953)
4 years ago

Yeah, I tried him for awhile several years ago. Everything always pointed out as winners after the fact.

“I don’t want to give Dr. Dean too hard a time over this, I have also been fooled by several vendors that appeared to be legit, only later I discovered they were frauds and phonies.”

Seriously Emmett? Not give Dean a hard time? The scammer kicking out the scammer? Dean is the fox ‘guarding’ the henhouse. 🙂

dtchurn (@guest_26836)
4 years ago

Typical sham points reiterated and covered well in this review. However no doubt about it, the site is a typical model of a nt shamshow of a charlatan vendor. Ninja trying to hedge and save some face as tradingschools gets more public awareness, by select banning a few egregious vendors who can’t or lazily don’t bother hiding their stink well enough to look halfway respectable as a dream selling shammy vendor.

Mick Finley
Mick Finley (@guest_26800)
4 years ago

Emmett, your comments about this bloke are completly spot-on. His “system’ is a perfect repainter which is why it looks “can’t miss” on replay. Live data is a disaster for Jason. Take a free trial if you must but remember you were warned!

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_26780)
4 years ago

Ah, so depressing. You are bringing up repressed memories. As I have admitted many times I was the fool once and as part of that journey I went to his room a long time ago for a month. Emmett for your Pros if you had written anything except, “Nothing to recommend”, I would been on here blasting you.

Jay is the master of the con artist circus. Something to truly watch; at least once. When I was in the room he just verbally called out trades and no matter what the trade did, no matter how much money you lost, he came back on and said how much money the trade made. One of the oddness of his room was that he would actually leave the mic during the trade and only come back on to announce how great the trade was. Brilliant scam move as he did not have to make any statements during the trade, but could hindsight pick whatever xit he wanted. And when you tried to call him out on the little chat box, he would berate you. Truly the most rude of all the vendors I have dealt with. And man did he have his shills in line to say how you were smoking something as they hit it out of the park on a trade that clearly lost money. I remember being in shock how everyone else could have made money on that trade. That is before I saw the light and realize this industry is nothing but one big con.

This is one of the slimmest character I have come across in this industry and the investigators should lock up for good. He makes Al Brooks and the rest of the small time scammers look like angles IMHO. I rate him in my top 5 biggest Day Trading Con Artist of them All.

Amarant (@guest_26786)
4 years ago
Reply to  Rob B

He sounds more like a street hustler turned trading scammer. The best (con)fidence men and smalltie scammers are far more subtle and thus more dangerous.

toto (@guest_26778)
4 years ago

Same old same old..100% of these Vendors are Slime… Trading from home is fools gold…whole system is rigged lool

Brad (@guest_30312)
3 years ago
Reply to  toto

Jay uses Renko bars and then later shows where he would have made trades. He treats these bars like they are 1-minute bars, where as 10 – 20 bars may have painted in a second. They are useless for trading in real-time. Yet Jay dissects chart patterns from these bars – like they were tradable.

Their customer service is done by Jerel and he is appalling. He asked me for screen shots when one of his indicators wouldn’t work, how do I know what’s wrong with his default settings? I just took screen shots of them.

This is what he wrote back:

Jerel’s email:

“You’re killing me.
What do the screenshots represent? Do you think with 100’s and 100’s of traders, that I fully remember anything besides you had an issue and could not explain well enough for me, so I asked for a screenshot?
Now you send screenshots with no explanation days or a day later, but 200 emails later for me.
This is what 100 traders every week of my life do to me. A little help please.
How about now giving me the screenshots with a small explanation what the issue is.
Thank You.

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