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David Becket of Coherent Vibrations owns a futures day trading room and educational program with a nearly flawless track record of winning trades. Unfortunately, none of the supposed trades could be verified.

Vendor appears to be displaying a pattern of dishonest marketing, faked trading videos, chicanery, and clever wordplay. David Becket is also part of the Todd Mitchell group of trading products. Todd is a long-time trading hustler with over 20 years of selling magic trading indicators and get rich quick trading systems. Avoid.

Pros: Clever marketing.
Cons: New age mumbo jumbo philosophy, unproven technical analysis, no track record, reported trades are mythical nonsense.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Coherent Vibrations

What is Coherent Vibrations? The company is a day trading educational company owned and operated by David Becket. The cost of the day trading educational program is as follows:

  • Levels L1, L2, L3 – Training & Trading Room Only with Moderation – $999
  • Level L4 Training Key Base Component & Trading Room Only with Moderation   –  $1899
  • Level L5 Training Advanced Footprints, Moderation & One-On-One 2X Week Lifetime  –  $3799

To David Beckets credit, he does offer an 80% money back guarantee. However, this is only applicable for purchases of the $3,799 educational plan. In addition, it is important to note that in order to trigger the refund, the customer must pass a rigorous 7-steps refund process. This process seems nearly impossible to complete.

For instance, one of the 7-steps includes a “Jeopardy” like game show quality where the individual must complete several one-on-one questions and answers sessions, in which all quizzes and questions must be answered correctly. No exceptions.

In addition, the person must also submit a daily journal that describes each trade in minute detail, and each trade must conform to the “Business Plan and Acid Test.” No trades can be taken unless it is part of the pre-approved business plan. If any trades are taken outside of the “Business Plan and or Acid Test” then person is subject to immediate disqualification.

The person must also complete the “Acid Test” a minimum of three times during a 6-month period. David does not go into much detail into what exactly is the “Acid Test” is, but it sure sounds painful. Only after completing this obstacle course of obfuscation, over a minimum of 6-months, they can apply for an 80% refund.

In my opinion, the refund policy is reminiscent of the obstacle course from the popular Japanese game show, Takeshi’s Castle.

Why bother with David Becket?

Some readers might be questioning why TradingSchools.Org is writing about what appears to be an obscure trading educator, stranded in the hinterlands of nearly zero web traffic and nearly zero public interest. Truth be told, I wondered if writing about David Becket was worth the time. However, over the past several months a steady trickle of complaints began hitting the inbox. After speaking with several individuals, it appears that David Becket is actually part of Trading Concepts.

For those unaware, Trading Concepts is a long, long, very long time hustler of all things day-trading related. The owner of the company Todd Mitchell has been selling magical trading indicators, in various derivations, for well over 20 years. It seems that every couple of years, Todd takes his tired, old trading ingredients and repackages them as something new and fantastic. Todd Mitchell is the Taco Bell of the trading world. The same old ingredients,

Todd Mitchell is the Taco Bell of the trading world. The same old ingredients, mish-mashed into something that looks fresh and interesting. But yet, the ingredients are all the same. Like the Gordita, the Gordita Crunch, Nacho Supreme X3 Cheesy Taco, Power-Bowl Nacho Supreme, Cheesy Master Taco, Griddled Burrito, Cool Ranch Doritos Taco Supreme, Cheesy Meat Roll Up, Triple Double Crunch Wrap, Fiery Doritos Locos Supreme. The list is long and will be forever changing.

But again, the one constant is that the ingredients are the same, of little nutritional value, and can often be described at “mystery meat and synthetic cheese“. This is the essential Todd Mitchell. And David Becket is simply another “mystery meat and synthetic cheese” output of Todd Mitchel and Trading Concepts.

Trading Room and Track Record

David Becket keeps a supposed track record of trades on his YouTube channel. These are primarily promotional video’s that purport a truly amazing track record of winning trades. In fact, on the YouTube channel, we cannot find a single losing day.

It is important to note that David is very careful not to create a freeway billboard banner that proclaims his trading greatness. He is clever and subtle. He begins his videos with the usual disclaimers, and then quickly transitions into a supposed list of trades that he supposedly executed on his Ninja Trader platform. However, it’s all recorded jibber jabber of post-market replay. All carefully selected clips of how well he did, and plenty of supposed performance numbers from “thriving students.”

From a regulatory perspective, if David proclaims that his trades are real and authentic, he knows that he is opening his g-string underwear up to CFTC regulators. And so to get around this, he creates videos of outrageous performance records that he supposedly received from “Student graduates.” One has to wonder whom these mystery graduate students are, and if the amazing performance is just a clever way to introducing “actual” performance, without actually disclosing personal trading records. The following video is a prime example. Notice how he introduces the trades as “distinct opportunities” and “many people profited from.” Lots of clever linguistics.

More Clever Marketing

In addition to the never ending stream of winning trades on video, David Becket is also clever with email marketing. Once on the marketing list, you will begin receiving screen shots of supposed, post-market trading performance. You can find hundreds of these screen clips by accessing David Beckets image repository located at the attached page. Over 850 screen clippings of supposed, real-time trading performance, and yet a losing day is more difficult to find than Bigfoot in a porn video. (Please don’t Google ‘Bigfoot in a porn video’)

Am I calling David Becket a fraud? No. But I believe that if he is going to make such outrageous claims of trading success, then he should be able to verify his performance. In the 3-day trial period, we certainly did not witness any live trading what-so-ever. No live DOM on the screen, no trading from the charts, no clearly marked trades, no account statements. Everything is verbal, suggestive, after the fact, and third party references like “John and Bob are reporting in the chat box a positive trade. Good job John and Bob.”

Contacting David Becket: the Lion and the Sheep method

I love emailing trading vendors and asking questions. The best responses are when I use the “sheep” method of correspondence. This is when I email the vendor and describe myself as a poor lost soul, completely new to day trading and desperate to learn the secrets of success. Invariably, trading vendors cannot resist a plump sheep for the taking. They open up and talk. And tell me that success is close at hand. That if I invest my money, and diligently learn how the magical trading indicators work, then success is as attainable as a venereal disease in Bangkok. David sure thought I was an anonymous plump sheep. That I should practice proper meditation and align myself with the positive vibrations of the new age philosophy. Sort of like being stuck in a presentation at the local Church of Scientology.

By far, the least effective emails that I send to trading vendors is the “Lion” email. Where I candidly introduce myself as Emmett Moore with and that I write reviews and would love to conduct an interview. I am friendly and non-accusatory in the email. But I let the vendor know that verifying real-time performance is a big part of the review. I also tell them that hardly anyone receives a negative review if they consent to questions. This is true. If they consent and are open, if I don’t like the product, there is very little chance that a negative review is written. I inform the vendor of the things I that I like, and the things I don’t like. Ask that they make some changes, and I will touch bases in a few months.

The truth is that I have too much negative material. And if a vendor is willing to openly talk, then there is a high likelihood that they are aware of the product’s faults and strengths, and are committed to offering a better product. Some vendors truly believe that their product is awesome but in my opinion its a waste of time. Hardly ever do I write about these scenarios.

But when a vendor responds to the “Sheep” email and yet hides from the “Lion” email, this is a red flag that something shady is taking place. All of my emails are embedded with tracking links. And I can watch in real time as they open, forward, and print the emails. David Becket has no problem opening and responding to the “Sheep” email. David Becket refuses to respond to the “Lion” email. And believe me, I sent David multiple messages from and so he knows that a crappy review is going to be published.

Wrapping Things Up

Vendors like David Becket at Coherent Vibrations can easily obtain a positive review. By simply being honest, open and transparent. By showing a redacted account statement, which violates no laws, and does not violate his privacy.

Heck, I would even be willing to draft a new and positive review if David were to trade with a simulated DOM present on the screen. Some sort of mechanism that shows the audience that he can execute, even if the execution is a “video game mode.” Something. Anything. Just build a damn track record.

That’s if for today. Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to leave a comment. And if you have ever purchased a product from Todd Mitchell, and I know many readers have, then please leave your opinion below.


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