Chris Terry is officially a douchebag

A douchebag is a noun. And it is defined as either:

  1. a small syringe for douching the vagina, especially as a contraceptive measure.
  2. an obnoxious or contemptible person (typically used of a man).

Some may debate whether Chris Terry is one, or the other. I say he is both.

Chris Terry is a small syringe of a man that instead of douching the vagina, has discovered it far more profitable to wiggle his syringe into the pockets of unsuspecting investors. He injects his ‘magical’ trading wisdom into the trusting open cavity of his victim and then attempts to flush out whatever financial resources maybe desperately clinging.

Chris Terry is a financial douchebag. He is also an obnoxious and contemptible person with a sour attitude and a shitty lawyer with the brains of a retarded squirrel.

Am I being too harsh? Apparently, the CFTC or the Commodity Futures Trading Commission agrees and has officially shut down his outrageously fraudulent and phony ‘trading educational business’ and Forex trading signal service. You can read the September 14, 2018, CFTC court document here.

Many readers might be confused about Chris Terry. Wondering why I am being so hard on this character? The truth is that Chris has been a litigious nightmare for me. I originally discovered his scam in early 2017 and proceeded to give his financial bacteria the proper exposure it desperately needed.

After fielding many complaints from victims and pestering the hell out of the CFTC, we finally got this bozo shut down. If you visit, you will see that his website is currently offline.

However, don’t be fooled into believing this con man has been officially retired by the CFTC. His other website is still active:

Curious about Everything you ever wanted to know about this financial fraud and phony can be found by reading the original review that I published on July 7, 2017.

In a nutshell, Chris Terry likes to fill up convention halls with hundreds of financially desperate people and then publicly proclaim that he is, “a master trader who’s made hundreds of millions in the financial markets.”

iMarketsLive 2018 Review

FX Signals Live: Chris Terry in a room full of suckers. Sad.

Of course, he wants to spoon feed his financial snake oil down the throats of all of these poor suckers…for only a small monthly fee of $200-$500 per month.

All you need to do is attend his live trading room and simply copy and paste his supposedly winning trades. In a magical instant, you are also going to be earning millions of dollars each year. All of your financial troubles are a thing of the past.

As the promotional material explains, “all you need is a laptop, a $500 Forex account, the indicators, and copy and paste Chris Terry trades.”

Can’t sit at your computer and copy and paste Chris Terry’s trades because you have a job plucking feathers at a chicken factory? No problem! Simply link your Forex trading account with his signal platform and your trades will be automatically mirrored.

It all sounded so easy and simple. Except it wasn’t. The inbox at TradingSchools.Org began receiving a steady stream of regurgitated financial vomit from people that lost all of their money. Like a cruise ship that served up a batch of rotten oysters, it was an ugly scene.

All I could do was encourage the victims to register their complaints with the CFTC, which many did. Thankfully, the CFTC took notice of the cluster of complaints, and my relentless whining about Chris Terry and they finally took action.

Wrapping things up

One thing I know about con artists. They won’t quit until you put them into a concrete box. As a former con artist myself, the State and Federal securities regulators never bothered me much. They simply did not have the authority to imprison me, only fine and sanction me. A con man doesn’t worry about fines and sanctions, he simply packs up his wagon full of snake oil and moves to the next town.

The only thing that eventually worked on me was a 33-month Federal prison sentence. Time alone in a concrete box exudes a truly unique and original perspective.

Unfortunately, for Chris Terry, it appears that the only way to ‘help’ reform this character is a prison sentence. Time will tell if the justice system finally catches up with this guy.

Thanks for reading.



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