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The Academy Of Financial Trading is nothing more than a hastily produced, trading educational product that was created by a diploma mill. The company sells educational products on a wide range of topics and niches. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my trading educator also selling an educational product on baby nutrition. The course instructors are fictional characters with no verifiable trading experience or track record. Company claims to be the worlds greatest trading educator that has been featured on a wide variety of well known media outlets…all pure fiction.

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Pros: Absolutely zero value.
Cons: From top to bottom, one lie after another. A diploma mill looking to take advantage of the naive.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Academy Of Financial Trading, a self described world leader in trading education.

There is no live trading experience. Instead, students sign up for a tier one educational program known as the “Introduction To Financial Trading Program” at a price of $129. Next, the student would move into the stage two program known as the “Foundation Trading Program” at $650. And then finally, students would move into the final educational phase known as the “Ultimate Traders Program” at $3,350. At the end of phase 3, the website proclaims that each student will be certified as a full time professional trader.

Initial Observation

The Academy Of Financial Trading website is quite nice looking and well organized. A very clean and neat looking presentation. The course descriptions look well organized, there are a few nice videos, some fancy award emblems proclaiming that they are the best trading educator on the planet since 2012, and they proclaim to have been featured on a wide variety of well known and respectable news and education outlets. The listed news outlets and business journals include International Business Times, The London Economic, Boston Business Journal, Market Watch, CNBC, etc. However, I went to each of these websites and searched for any references to the The Academcy Of Financial Trading…none exist whatsoever. In fact, I spent over an hour scouring through these websites using all known search features, as well as automated, site wide text searching tools, there simply is nothing on any of these websites that mention the Academy Of Financial Trading. It appears that the company created this graphic to imply credibility.

Next, I became curious about the awards that boldly proclaim that the Academy Of Financial Trading has been awarded the “Best Online Trading Educator 2012, 2013, 2014, and even 2015. Have a look at these fancy awards graphics below:

Academy of Financial Trading Awards

What is amazing about this fancy graphic is that the company proclaims to be the very best trading educator for the United States, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Wow! The only problem is that these awards appear to be just simple web graphics, there is not an actual organization that have issued these awards. Its as if this company simply hired a graphic artist to design something official looking.

Another thing I find fascinating about this company is the proclaimed amount of professional traders that they have been able to produce through their trading educational program. As of July, 2015…an amazing 120,528 graduates. Considering that this trading educator has only been around since November 2012, this would mean that during the entire 31 month history of this trading educator…they are graduating 3,888 students each month. My only question, does anyone really believe this stuff?

Pure Fantasy

Of course, I had some serious questions for this self proclaimed, world famous trading university, like who are the instructors? What are their qualifications? Do they have a trading track record? And so I sent an email out requesting more information. Unfortunately, the company could not provide any substantive information on whom is actually running this organization. Just several responses like, “our traders are all world famous money managers”, and “we have assembled the worlds greatest team of internationally recognized traders”, etc. They would then refer me to the company website which contains absolutely nothing regarding who these people are. Just marketing fluff that continuously loops around and around.

Next, I asked for any sort of proof that these internationally recognized and world class traders are actually trading. The company response is that these world class traders could not release any trading information as this might release proprietary trading information, trading secrets and advanced techniques.

Digging Deeper…A Diploma Mill

As many of my readers know, I have gotten pretty good at uncovering fraud and marketing BS. One of my favorite techniques is to trace server addresses and match domain registrations. Well, it turns out that Academy Of Financial Trading is nothing more than a diploma mill. In fact, this company has a wide range of educational offerings, covering a wide swath of interests. And so, lets take a closer look at what this company is really up too. The following is a just a taster.

Trading Education Diploma

Digital Marketing Diploma

Child Nutrition Diploma

Microsoft Excel Diploma

Sales Psychology Diploma

This is just to name a few. There a wide range of different subjects and topics.

Academy Of Financial Trading

So what exactly is the Academy Of Financial Trading? Quite simply, it is nothing more than yet another savvy online marketer that has thrown together a course and is attempting to sell it for thousands of dollars. There are no real traders behind this company. There is no track record of trading success. From top to bottom, this company is nothing more than a marketing project. This company specifically targets educational niches where consumers are searching for specific solutions. They then whip together a course, as well as fictional characters that are providing the education. It is then pushed out onto the internet like a fisherman drops a net and waits for some poor fish to swim through.

The real shame about all of this is that the people that have thrown together these education courses have little regard for the financial welfare of their victim. The uneducated and unsophisticated can easily become distracted by fancy web graphics and fake video testimonials. These victims then place their financial future into the hands of these marketing charlatans. They invest their money and time into the educational product, then they begin speculating in the financial markets. The results are highly predictable.

Well that’s it for today. Thanks for reading and sorry this was yet another review of yet another worthless trading product. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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Oliver (@guest_38736)
2 years ago

I don’t know anything about the “featured in” stuff but the course is accredited as a CPD course. A quote from the Shaw Academy who run the course:

“All courses at Shaw Academy are independently accredited by an internationally recognized body for CPD purposes. Courses are also accredited by the CPD Certification Service, which is an independent body that ensures qualifications are in line with the most current professional standards.” (

CPD accreditation generally denotes professionalism and high standards of quality.

john (@guest_39018)
2 years ago
Reply to  Oliver

The CPD (Continuous Professional Development) is not a qualification.

Professionals such as accountants maintain their existing qualifications by having to do 25 hours (a year) of additional learning related to their industry.

There is no financial body related to online trading that would require CPD hours. (You would need to be qualified as a trader to do it anyway – and this does not exist)

They are basically trying to put some credibility on their course by saying its CPD certified which is pathetic, dis-honest and embarrassing

As a company they previously were sending their clients to a broker (they owned that they did not disclose) where they were making money when the client lost money. What does that tell you about the education.

Maybe it’s KARMA that they are in examinership now!!!!

They also set up an alternative company called “Live Financial Academy” to hid all of the bad review here. Same content, same people.

I wonder if their investors they owe money to, know about it.


John (@guest_38733)
2 years ago

They have just entered examinership under the Shaw Academy Group. They owe 5.7 million euro to somebody who wants their money back.

Mr S Oduntan
Mr S Oduntan (@guest_33248)
2 years ago

Is there any FX trading educator out there that teaches something useful?

Paulo (@guest_31131)
3 years ago

i joined the program and found it to be educational but was disappointed when i realised that it was all recorded not live like they advertise. i did enrol in the UTP and paid 89.85 pounds but have not heard of them for last 3 months, try to contact them and directs you to a answering machine, today got a email from them with this: Subscription to utp_sub_8985_gbp_month_3_trial_0
which i did not authorise.
they are complete scammers be aware

Steve S
Steve S (@guest_30801)
3 years ago

I joined the Foundation program 2 years ago, but at the time, chose not to move ahead to the Ultimate Trading Programme. But a few months ago, they offered a lifetime membership for 90% off, or $105. US. I am in the final two weeks of the Ultimate Program, and I would say it is worth at least that much money. They seem to really focus on protecting your capital, and using 1% stop losses, then tighten the potential losses even further, as you buy into more markets. They also have their own indicator, a little bit similar to the Stochastics indicator.

In the months ahead, I will have to see how it goes. You can still lose a lot of money in the stock market during after market hours. That 1% or similar stop loss won’t do you any good if the stock opens the next day at 10% below the close on the day before.

Moses (@guest_27573)
4 years ago

I have been part of this company for a few months now and I can say they are one of the best and most legitimate online trading academies out there. I did the foundation course and the ultimate traders course and they were nothing but professional even till after the end of the course. Their diplomas are recognized by few financial institutions in the EU and if you want to know they themselves will ask you if you are interested and will direct you to them. The reason why the recommend a broker for you is because they had received reports of some of their students being scammed by false brokers hence they do research on a broker ensure it is trust worth before they tell their students about it. They no longer use pip index or ETX but AvTrade is now their new partner. However they always strongly recommend first that students look for their own brokers and also give information on how to test a broker and ensure they are legitimate. I have seen a lot of false information being given here especially from people who have not even taken part in the courses. Do your research and legitimize it before you go on speaking things you are not even sure about. They are a business just like any other of course thy will have to advertise to you their products, if you are interested well and good go and buy if not just move on.—recognising-a-bubble-2015-03-10-5203348


Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_27581)
4 years ago
Reply to  Moses

The marketwatch piece is a paid “soft advertisement” meaning that the article is by the Academy of Financial Trading and run as if it is the words of a 3rd party. This article is about risk management and only says that the academy teaches risk management. Likewise, despite the impressive sounding name, Global Banking and Finance Review is just an online rag that sells advertising space dressed up as financial content. Wikipedia, really! A self editing online “encyclopedia” where the content can be written by anyone, that’s your source! – From their own site “Quora connects you to everything you want to know about. Quora aims to be the easiest place to write new content and share content from the web” so another site where the content is written by anyone not an objective 3rd party reviewer. Linkedin – the same. Please name the financial institutions that recognize the qualifications issued by Academy of Financial Trading. Don’t fall for this BS.

Daithi (@guest_27789)
4 years ago
Reply to  Stray Dog

The diploma they promote for this is called the NCFE. NCFE is a registered charity not a university or college. you pay them the fee and they give any organisation one regardless of content. It’s a joke

Daithi (@guest_28274)
3 years ago
Reply to  Moses

Moses comment above “The reason why they recommend a broker for you is because they had received reports of some of their students being scammed by false brokers”

Are you retarded Moses or an employee of this company? Have you read all the comments here?


They recommend other brokers now because they were exposed here as to what they were doing. Teaching their clients to trade..sending them to their own brokerage (which was not disclosed TO CLIENTS THAT they owned IT) and pocketed the money when those same clients lost.




Tim (@guest_27054)
4 years ago

Academy Of Financial Trading, is it a scam? Not really! But you do have to know what you are paying for and never pay the full price because you can always find a discount somewhere. The Academy Of Financial Trading is really Shaw Academy and yes, this is sort of hidden. Shaw Academy is run by educators in Dublin, Ireland and there courses are not internationally recognized. It’s not an out and out scam because Shaw Academy is a legitimate company that saw a gap in the educational market.

The introduction course to Financial Trading was always sold to me as an introduction course and always with a warning not to trade in a live account. It did however give me the basic’s of trading CFD’s. How to start to formulate financial strategies, ECT. The course never stated you would become a great trader and it’s objective is the give you the basics so you could become a part-time trader. The course instructor many times instructed you will need to do a lot more work, and spend time using a demo account, more research, before making that first ‘real’ trade.

Look, you have to weigh up things. Fancy graphics and BS aside The Academy Of Financial Trading gives you an introduction to trading, nothign more, nothing less.

Daithi (@guest_26821)
4 years ago

Mistake below: It’s actually called Live Financial Academy

under the domain:

To the Owners: Hiding your bad review history is not as easy as you think.

Daithi (@guest_26817)
4 years ago

They have just re-named their trading educational company to…

Live Financial Trading offers the same courses delivered by the same people from the same location as academyft and their sister company shaw academy.

Groupon are flogging their intro course for about $10 under this new brand to continue to hook in the complete naive beginners and so the cycle continues.

Fucking people over is a way of life for this filth.

Menno (@guest_26582)
4 years ago

I did their introductory course some time ago. Really cheap, almost free. Of course the follow up courses cost way more. They have so called live sessions with this “Adrian” fellow, but on asking live questions, Adrian never seems to be the one who answers, as questions are answered by what I suspect are just “call centre type” employees who sit by and answer questions based on a recording. I asked them to get Adrian to acknowledge my name somewhere in his speech and answer me personally to verify that it was not a recording. I did this for several days & never once did Adrian divert from his so called live seminar. HaHa, probably a bunch of geeks sitting around playing computer games while published recording runs as so called live seminar.

Dave (@guest_12407)
4 years ago

If you lost money through PIP INDEX after being referred their by SHAW ACADEMY or ACADEMYFT contact your lawyer to instigate legal action against whichever company that referred you AND SUE THEM to recover your losses.


The owners of all three companies are James Egan and Adrian Murphy

Donal (@guest_11443)
4 years ago

They have done a deal with the broker ETX and seem to be transferring all their clients their now.

Not sure whether all the bad press they got from about their own brokerage pop index were they got a cut of the client losses or the regulatory in the U.K. Forced them to stop the obvious conflict of interest.

Regardless of the reason ETX is just another broker that makes money from client losses.

The do the same deals with partners/affiliates that refer them ..they give them a cut of the losses.

Looks like not much has changed then..academyft still fucking over their clients.

Educating them on how to trade (if you can call it that) and then making money on the back of their losses.

Fucking over people is a way of life for these low life’s.

dylan (@guest_11491)
4 years ago
Reply to  Donal

Their brokerage PipIndex is closed down now and no longer taking customers.

The scam of calling their brokerage an STP (Straight through processing) has finally caught up with them.

The reality was they were a middle man for a market maker who split the client losses with them.

This is endemic in the industry. Brokers pretending to be on your side when in fact they need you to lose all your money for them to be profitable.

These guys were worst than most as they feed their own brokerage (pipindex) from their own educational company (academyft/shaw academy) and pretended their was no connection until it was exposed by this website.

Greed, arrogance and hubris failed in this instance but it took 3 years to put a nail in their coffin.

Due to their non disclosure of the connection between the two companies and the fact they made serious money on client losses while at the same time supposedly educating them I would say that these same clients could sue academyft/shaw academy to recover said losses.

Maria (@guest_10913)
4 years ago

I think I agree with your opinion. I was the one, who purchased the Trading Foundation Program for only $ 11 (Cdn) and got involved. I liked the way the course was outlined and conducted. I do have quite good financial knowledge, but not really the on line trading knowledge. The course introduced me to the concept of the on line trading platform, and it was good.

To actually get involved more and pay more, I don’t think so. The UTP might be just additional explanation to their trading method, to the way they select possibly profitable trades. As with everything else, buyers, please beware!!!!!

Honest (@guest_9583)
4 years ago

Guess what, I received the ‘Foundation Trading Course’ at a zero price. Yes, you heard that right, no money at all, absolutely FREE !! I immediately joined their academy via a promotional mail and now, I have Successfully completed that course of 8 classes 🙂 And now, they are offering me the ‘UTP’ course for a huge discount (90 Euros).

Though not free this time, I was fully convinced (kind of hurried) to join the course as I, along with the other students are given with only 11 days to avail the discount. Also, because the quality of their Foundation course was too good, so I was preparing to go for the UTP course ! But destiny seems to have other plans; before making the purchase, for the last 2 hours or so, I was looking about reviews of ShawAcademy on Quora and other possible sites through Google, and got this page with such a huge no. of comments.

Going through all of them, and other sources as well, I can conclude that – “Shaw Academy, Academy of Financial Trading and the Pipindex; all 3 of these belong to the same group of owners, who, in turn, use the ‘Newbies’ like me to first train, and then hiding the ‘Conflict of Interest’ concept, fool us and we get trapped further in their web.”

PS: If you want to enroll in Shaw Academy’s courses, join them for LEARNING PURPOSE ONLY; that too for either free courses or if they are giving it for a meager amount. And NEVER GO FOR MONETARY TRADING AT ALL !!!

Rodrigo (@guest_9512)
4 years ago


Sin título.png
Van (@guest_9077)
4 years ago

I took both the Foundation and UTP courses. I consider myself reasonably intelligent, so it caused me great shame to have been dazzled by this glistening turd.

They make promises in class that they never intend to honor. And, later, when you ask pointed questions they ignore you.

I followed their strategy well into several trends, accumulating nice profits and ignoring traditional “get the hell out” signals, only to watch my profits evaporate and turn into losses. You will not make money by following their system, because you are not supposed to. And you need considerable experience to be able to bend it to your advantage.

Use some of your money to buy a book of matches and use them to burn the rest. You will do better than giving it to them, and you will feel better about yourself.

Dion (@guest_8107)
4 years ago

The AFT is an interesting one, they are essentially selling the Turtle Trading course with a few changes here and there. Is this bad I will let you be the judge of this. I think its one made for equities more than Forex. My demo account did make a little bit but lost a lot, but when i did equities it was okay, less loses. I think it would be nice for them to be honest but who would be in this game. I am now learning a new strategy for forex. Maybe i will come back to this one when i want to do equities.

Pete (@guest_8128)
4 years ago
Reply to  Dion

The turtle trading strategy is a long term trend based system.

When you have choppy range bound markets and use this approach you will have many losses.

It’s like death by a thousand cuts until a trend eventually develops on something and you happen to be on that specific instrument at that specific time.

Good Luck with that.

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