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The Academy Of Financial Trading is nothing more than a hastily produced, trading educational product that was created by a diploma mill. The company sells educational products on a wide range of topics and niches. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my trading educator also selling an educational product on baby nutrition. The course instructors are fictional characters with no verifiable trading experience or track record. Company claims to be the worlds greatest trading educator that has been featured on a wide variety of well known media outlets…all pure fiction.

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Pros: Absolutely zero value.
Cons: From top to bottom, one lie after another. A diploma mill looking to take advantage of the naive.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Academy Of Financial Trading, a self described world leader in trading education.

There is no live trading experience. Instead, students sign up for a tier one educational program known as the “Introduction To Financial Trading Program” at a price of $129. Next, the student would move into the stage two program known as the “Foundation Trading Program” at $650. And then finally, students would move into the final educational phase known as the “Ultimate Traders Program” at $3,350. At the end of phase 3, the website proclaims that each student will be certified as a full time professional trader.

Initial Observation

The Academy Of Financial Trading website is quite nice looking and well organized. A very clean and neat looking presentation. The course descriptions look well organized, there are a few nice videos, some fancy award emblems proclaiming that they are the best trading educator on the planet since 2012, and they proclaim to have been featured on a wide variety of well known and respectable news and education outlets. The listed news outlets and business journals include International Business Times, The London Economic, Boston Business Journal, Market Watch, CNBC, etc. However, I went to each of these websites and searched for any references to the The Academcy Of Financial Trading…none exist whatsoever. In fact, I spent over an hour scouring through these websites using all known search features, as well as automated, site wide text searching tools, there simply is nothing on any of these websites that mention the Academy Of Financial Trading. It appears that the company created this graphic to imply credibility.

Next, I became curious about the awards that boldly proclaim that the Academy Of Financial Trading has been awarded the “Best Online Trading Educator 2012, 2013, 2014, and even 2015. Have a look at these fancy awards graphics below:

Academy of Financial Trading Awards

What is amazing about this fancy graphic is that the company proclaims to be the very best trading educator for the United States, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Wow! The only problem is that these awards appear to be just simple web graphics, there is not an actual organization that have issued these awards. Its as if this company simply hired a graphic artist to design something official looking.

Another thing I find fascinating about this company is the proclaimed amount of professional traders that they have been able to produce through their trading educational program. As of July, 2015…an amazing 120,528 graduates. Considering that this trading educator has only been around since November 2012, this would mean that during the entire 31 month history of this trading educator…they are graduating 3,888 students each month. My only question, does anyone really believe this stuff?

Pure Fantasy

Of course, I had some serious questions for this self proclaimed, world famous trading university, like who are the instructors? What are their qualifications? Do they have a trading track record? And so I sent an email out requesting more information. Unfortunately, the company could not provide any substantive information on whom is actually running this organization. Just several responses like, “our traders are all world famous money managers”, and “we have assembled the worlds greatest team of internationally recognized traders”, etc. They would then refer me to the company website which contains absolutely nothing regarding who these people are. Just marketing fluff that continuously loops around and around.

Next, I asked for any sort of proof that these internationally recognized and world class traders are actually trading. The company response is that these world class traders could not release any trading information as this might release proprietary trading information, trading secrets and advanced techniques.

Digging Deeper…A Diploma Mill

As many of my readers know, I have gotten pretty good at uncovering fraud and marketing BS. One of my favorite techniques is to trace server addresses and match domain registrations. Well, it turns out that Academy Of Financial Trading is nothing more than a diploma mill. In fact, this company has a wide range of educational offerings, covering a wide swath of interests. And so, lets take a closer look at what this company is really up too. The following is a just a taster.

Trading Education Diploma

Digital Marketing Diploma

Child Nutrition Diploma

Microsoft Excel Diploma

Sales Psychology Diploma

This is just to name a few. There a wide range of different subjects and topics.

Academy Of Financial Trading

So what exactly is the Academy Of Financial Trading? Quite simply, it is nothing more than yet another savvy online marketer that has thrown together a course and is attempting to sell it for thousands of dollars. There are no real traders behind this company. There is no track record of trading success. From top to bottom, this company is nothing more than a marketing project. This company specifically targets educational niches where consumers are searching for specific solutions. They then whip together a course, as well as fictional characters that are providing the education. It is then pushed out onto the internet like a fisherman drops a net and waits for some poor fish to swim through.

The real shame about all of this is that the people that have thrown together these education courses have little regard for the financial welfare of their victim. The uneducated and unsophisticated can easily become distracted by fancy web graphics and fake video testimonials. These victims then place their financial future into the hands of these marketing charlatans. They invest their money and time into the educational product, then they begin speculating in the financial markets. The results are highly predictable.

Well that’s it for today. Thanks for reading and sorry this was yet another review of yet another worthless trading product. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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