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BluSignalSystems appears to be an elaborate penny stock ‘pump and dump’ scheme.

The software is essentially a vending machine that serves a constant stream of trading recommendations of highly dubious penny stock companies. If you are looking to invest in a goldmine on Miami Beach, this is right up your alley.

The company is also affiliated with two unregistered and unlicensed money management firms using fake addresses and fake staff.

Additionally, the company is maintaining and actively promoting several different penny stock websites pushing highly dubious investments.

This appears to be nothing more than a penny stock ‘pump n dump’ scam operation. Avoid.

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What is BluSignalSystems? The company is purporting to have developed three trading systems named: BluFractal, BluNueral, and BluQuant.

The company claims that BluFractal “utilizes fractal geometry and mathematics to accurately ascertain the direction of any tradeable security.”

The company claims that BluNueral “employs a neural network approach for interpreting investment data flows to determine Buy Zones and Sell Zones of tradeable securities.”

The company claims that BluQuant is “A long-only proprietary system that selects from Large-Cap stocks and ETFs to provide specific and detailed real-time Buy and Sell signals for intermediate-term investing.”

The cost of the service ranges from $97 per month to $197 per month.

Performance of BluSignalsSystems

We reached out to BluSignalSystems in hopes of verifying the official track record of these supposed hi-tech trading systems.

The company informed us that no official track record existed. Instead, they recommended that we sign up for a free trial.

We next signed up for a free trial and discovered that BluSignalSystems began making recommendations to purchase highly suspect penny stocks.

Essentially, the platform is a vending machine that recommends that users purchase thinly traded OTC or Over The Counter Penny Stocks.

If you are not already aware, Penny Stocks are not investments. They are mainly pump and dump investment schemes where investors are given an amazing story about a gold mine in Florida, or a ‘secret’ oil well in Montana.

Normally, penny stock scams are pumped through online chat rooms, mass mailings, or email spamming. However, the SEC has gotten more aggressive about stopping the promotional mechanisms of these scams.

It appears that BluSignalSystems is employing a clever mechanism in which to pump worthless penny stocks.

Finally, and with a ridiculous twist or marketing BS…the company has a listed address inside of the New York Stock Exchange. Who would believe such a thing?

Additional Red Flags

There are additional red flags. The server address of BluSignalsSystems also is housing two unregistered and unlicensed money management companies.

The first company is named: Lindsey & Company Advisors, a so-called money management company where the ‘advisors’ will help you manage your money, as well as help you make specific investment decisions. However, the owner of the company (Dee Menzies) nor Lindsey Company are listed in any capacity with Finra.Org.

The images of the ‘investment advisors’ all appear to be stock photos.

The second investment company is named Poligon. This is yet another unregistered ‘investment advisor’ offering remarkably similar products and services as Lindsey & Company.

The company will also soon be offering a mobile version of the BluSignalsSystems which is named WealthMax.

The WealthMax application will be a free downloadable application that will also, presumably act as a vending machine for penny stock recommendations.

Through social media, the WealthMax application is currently being highly promoted as a ‘business opportunity’ for “aggressive marketers looking to earn 6 figure commissions.” We signed up, essentially they are looking for promoters that will be paid a by-product of the sales from the penny stocks recommendations. It is really clever.

Penny Stocks Promotional Channels

The company also maintains several highly suspect penny stocks promotional channels. Essentially, these are ‘pump and dump’ promotional sites that hope to entice gullible investors into investing in worthless companies. The following are a few of the promotional channels:

Wrapping Things Up

Recapping what we know:

  1. BluSignalSystems appears to be a recommendation portal or a sort of vending machine that recommends highly suspect penny stocks.
  2. BluSignalSystems is sharing the address of two fake money management companies: Polygon and Lindsey Advisors.
  3. The company is also actively promoting eight different penny stock “pump and dump” websites listed above.

The big picture is that this appears to be a generic penny stock “pump and dump” scheme. The radical new angle is that the company is pushing a web application named BluSignalSystems, as well a downloadable Android or Apple app that is essentially acting as a vending machine that is offering specific recommendations to purchase worthless penny stocks.

It’s clever. It’s cute. And it’s also a death trap for the financially gullible and outright ignorant. Avoid.

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