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Steve DeWitt is back with another day trading scam. On September 2, 2016, TradingSchools.Org published a highly negative article that exposed Steve DeWitt as a complete and total fraud.

Predictably, Steve DeWitt quickly closed down the fraudulent website and scurried away, only to quickly reappear with yet another ‘get rich quick’ trading website named This latest website is part of a long and sad list of now-defunct websites and ‘get rich quick’ trading schemes.

In addition to selling a bogus live trading room, Steve DeWitt is also aggressively selling a direct investment program ranging in investment size $2k-$20k. This “investment program’ is nothing more than a pyramid scheme where new investors pay off older investors. Outrageous, illegal, fraudulent, and a ticking time bomb of regulatory nightmares.

Absolutely avoid this soulless con-artist that likes to quote bible scripture.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Your Trading Day

On September 2, 2016, TradingSchools.Org published an extremely negative review of a ‘live day trading room’ named Smart Money Room. The article was devastating. The person that owns Smart Money Room is named Steve DeWitt, a long time grifter, and con artist operating out of Illinois.

In the TradingSchools.Org original article, we highlighted several allegations of fraud which include:

  • Steve DeWitt claims to be a 15-time World Trading Champion. No record exists.
  • DeWitt claims to have written hundreds of articles regarding economics and investing for some of the world’s most prestigious financial publications. No articles or references of any articles exist.
  • DeWitt claims to be the world’s most successful and profitable trader for the past 6 years. No proof exists.
  • Over the past 15 years, a long and sad history of multiple websites promising easy riches and day trading glory. All websites and businesses are now defunct.
  • Claims to easily earn $10k to $20k per month, day trading crude oil and ES futures contracts, with a live trading account. No proof exists. No live account.
  • Multiple individuals have contacted TradingSchools.Org and have reported an astonishingly similar narrative, “A smooth talking confidence man. Convinced me into sending him thousands of dollars. He then disappears with investor funds.”
  • Claims that nearly everyone in his ‘live day trading room’ is earning a minimum of $8k per month, with some members earning upwards of $25k per month.
  • Loves to profess his “Love for the Lord” and often quotes bible scripture.

As you can read, the original review was devastating and borderline hilarious. The outrageousness of this con artist and professional grifter is on the outer limits.Steve DeWitt Your Trading Day

Predictably, after the review was published, and Steve DeWitt was outed for being a fraud and a phony…the website vanished like a fart in the wind. And of course, the email inbox of TradingSchools.Org filled up with people complaining that they had been defrauded. So what does Steve DeWitt do next? You guessed it, yet another trading website named

Your Trading Day

Your Trading Day is the same of old soup for con-artist, Steve Dewitt. Simply pay him a monthly fee of $297 and he gives you his ‘magical’ trading indicators. Then you simply log into his live day trading room and copy his trades. Easy money. Everyone is getting rich. Just copy and paste his supposed trades. All of your money troubles are now over. Of course, it all sounds so nice and easy. The following video is the most recent promotional video…

However, once people pay the monthly fee, and begin trading with a real money account, they begin to realize that something odd is happening. He is mysteriously exiting trades in which he never called an entry. Losing trades are conveniently forgotten about. The daily recap is stuffed with all sorts of ‘mystery meat’ trades that never occurred.

The reoccurring narrative from victims is that they usually stick around for 2 months before they begin to realize that the guy is a fraud and they got suckered into paying a con artist $297 per month for useless ‘trading signals’.

Steve DeWitt: The Pyramid Schemer

Of course, every good con artist needs a few extra tricks in which to scam his victims for even more money. And Steve DeWitt operates without exception. For when he is not ripping off people with his fake day trading room, he is also operating a pyramid scheme on the side. Trying to convince the poor suckers that paid him $295 per month to next invest in an outrageously fraudulent pyramid scheme named The Eight Figure Dream Lifestyle. The promo page can be found here.

The cost of The Eight Figure Dream Lifestyle pyramid scheme? Steve is accepting investments of between $2k to over $20k per person. And what exactly is The Eight Figure Dream Lifestyle selling? They have no products. Most pyramid schemes will typically have some sort of dietary supplement, cleaning supplies, skin cream or magic potion in which every is scrambling to sell down the pyramid to their parents, family, and friends. But with Steve’s ‘get rich quick’ pyramid scheme, he just said to himself, “Ah fuck it, who needs products, just sell the pyramid.” Below is a recent promotional video…

God bless you for making it through this nonsense promotional video. I felt grimy and needing a shower. But the best part is after the video when Steve DeWitt starts to talk about how his customers are making upwards of $60k to $100k per month without having to lift a finger. All you have to do is make an initial investment. And the larger the initial investment, the larger the monthly payday.

Steve DeWitt markets this pyramid scheme as a truly hands-off money making investment opportunity. Just pay him the money and he has a ‘guaranteed system’ that automatically finds new customers and fills in the area below your pyramid.

Ok Steve, what method are you using to find the next several layers of suckers to build these grand pyramids? Glad you asked. Apparently, the preferred method is by telephone autodialer and recorded promotional messaging. Example: have you ever gotten a random phone call and then answered the call, only to be greeted with a recorded message…“Congratulations, you are only 14 days away from earning an extra $10k per week on full autopilot, with no work or effort on your part, just hit number 1 now to be transferred to your free money.” The poor sucker that is stupid enough to press number 1 is transferred to a call center in the Philippines where the telemarketing agent garbles through a script in broken English…guaranteeing easy profits. The Philipino agent asks for an email address which triggers an avalanche of fraudulent email messages, follow up phone call recordings, and invitations to join Steve Dewitt for his exclusive money making webinar.

The nuttiest and most egregious aspect of this pyramid scheme is that Steve DeWitt actively and aggressively recommends that investors do any of the following methods to raise the money needed to join the pyramid scheme:

  • Liquidate IRA or 401k retirement accounts
  • Charge it to a credit card
  • Sell stocks and investments
  • Get a home equity loan
  • Get a cash advance from a Check Cashing Advance company
  • Sell stuff
  • Borrow from family and friends
  • Sell your life insurance policy
  • Borrow against the value of your car
  • Sell your piano or musical instruments

To hell with the potentially negative financial repercussions of borrowing against the value of your car, or selling a life insurance policy, or borrowing from a Check Cashing Advance company. None of that matters because once you get plugged into Steve’s amazing financial pyramid, all your money problems are officially over. Your only problem is finding enough mattresses in which to stash your cash, or a bank with a large enough vault to accept the truck-loads of $100 bills.

Avoid this professional con artist

Obviously, I am not fan of Steve DeWitt. The guy is a crook of the highest magnitude. The kind of guy that would steal your grandmother’s jewelry. One of the worst. After this review is posted, of course, he will close down Your Trading Day and reappear later with a new website. Like a herpes rash, he just flares up and reappears later, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Thanks for the many readers that have been actively tracking this con artist. Keep on his trail. When the next scam pops up, I will be back to write another delightful story.

Once again, thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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Good Citizen
Good Citizen (@guest_5060970)
4 months ago

I met Steve a few years back and my first impression was that he looked like a scummy, sleazy, up to no good dirty all.
I got creepy feelings from the word Hello.

Neil (@guest_5056678)
9 months ago

Looks like Steve Dewitt is now using the name Trevor Bloom with a new trading room called The Authentic Trader at As of today, his picture is on the homepage under “Our Team”, he’s listed as “Coach Dewitt”. In his webinar he says he is the founder and CEO and his name is Trevor Bloom. Then you see on the site that Steve Dewitt is the founder and CEO. Same story as before, he places ads on Craigslist promising a 90 minute workday to make as much money as you want trading Forex and Futures which he says is “so easy”. He claims to be doing this since 1992 and having trained over 15,000 traders … yet the website he directs you to was just registered in June 2018. Beware of The Authentic Trader.

Anon (@guest_32289)
2 years ago

I watched this guy get over 10k from a friend :((( steve ran off with the money

anonymous (@guest_31622)
3 years ago

How do we stop him and put him in jail?

Randall Behre
Randall Behre (@guest_3048104)
2 years ago
Reply to  anonymous

contact your state AG

anonymous (@guest_31208)
3 years ago

I’m embarrassed to say Steve DeWitt scammed me out of about $1500 – $2000 with his scams (I don’t remember the exact amount … it’s a possibility it could be as much as $3000). I didn’t get involved with his scams because I was greedy; I got involved because I was desperate to make money. I was (and still am) poor and I needed money to pay bills, buy food, and other living expenses. I had money saved up and I used that money on DeWitt’s schemes (obviously I didn’t know for sure at the time he was a scammer). Yes, I knew I was taking a big chance and that I might be falling for a scam, but, as I said, I was desperate. Steve DeWitt is a slick talking con man and a slick marketer. He is good at getting people (including me) to fall for his hype. Combine that fact with the fact I was desperate and it equals to me losing a fairly large sum of money (at least to me it was a large sum of money).

I don’t know how this scumbag sleeps at night. But, even more than that, I have no idea how his wife and kids can have an ounce of respect for him. He obviously doesn’t care about being a role model for his kids or a respectable husband for his wife. This creep has no soul.

Steve, if you are reading this, one day you will meet your Creator and you will have to answer for what you’ve done to people.

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_31219)
3 years ago
Reply to  anonymous

“Steve, if you are reading this, one day you will meet your Creator and you will have to answer for what you’ve done to people.” I’m pretty sure that Steve has already met his mother and his father. Spreading the word on every site that you can find about his scam will be a more effective punishment than the “when you meet your creator” line.

anonymous (@guest_31220)
3 years ago
Reply to  Stray Dog

Stray Dog, you know what I mean why I say “Creator”. And you know I was not talking about his mother and father. If you don’t believe in God or in life after death then that is your problem. We will all one day have to face up to the things we’ve done in this life. Some people, such as Steve Dewitt, will have bigger regrets than other’s when they leave this world into the next.

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_31222)
3 years ago
Reply to  anonymous

A quick assessment of the current state of the world can only lead you to believe that many of the problems are because religious beliefs. Far better to put your trust in science and what can be proven rather than 2000 year old superstitions.

GemBow (@guest_31225)
3 years ago
Reply to  anonymous

Lark’s Law: When a fundamentalist Christian becomes flustered, they inevitably threaten a speaker with eternal damnation. Demanding God punish people who don’t take them seriously.

Martins (@guest_33224)
2 years ago
Reply to  anonymous

well, this scumbag doesn’t sleep at night, he’s too busy spending your money..

AJ (@guest_3049069)
1 year ago
Reply to  anonymous

2019 Newest Scam by Steve Dewitt and David Trimble

I recently got off a series of webinars hosted by Steve DeWitt, sent to me by his ‘business partner’ David Trimble out of New Lenox, IL. After doing some digging- I think David Trimble is Steve’s new alias he is going by as well. I didn’t find Steve charismatic at all on the webinars. I actually found him truly obnoxious, hard to listen to, and frankly… didn’t come off as that intelligent. His voice is overly preachy …and just screams scumbag to me. Annoyed with myself for sitting through these bs webinars and doing some digging on both these names, I want to get the word out that he has a new scam out and calling it ‘5 Days Funding.’ They are posting all over craigslist toting this ‘life changing opportunity claiming ‘Make $5000 to $25000 weekly’

READERS BEWARE!!! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!!! He is getting desperate and looking for his next scam and this is it. He claims over and over in the ad and on the webinars that there is no money involved to buy in. This scam is utilizing YOU and YOUR reputation to scam individuals and business owners unknowingly that are looking for unsecured loans… the same old story…preying on those who are desperate and have run out of options. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS CROOK AND PUT YOUR SELF AT RISK. I’m glad I found this site and glad I can let whoever does their due diligence to stay as far away as possible from this low life scam artist. Wishing you all best wishes in your endeavors.

Copy of CL ad:

$$$ MAKE $5,000 T0 $25,000 WEEKLY $$$ (your new career)
© craigslist – Map data © OpenStreetMap
2328 E. Lincoln Hwy,
(google map)

compensation: 100% Commission
employment type: employee’s choice

YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE – We understand that the title of this posting is
bold, however, IT IS REAL!!! And know this right up front, THERE IS NO
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Several times in this message we have posted a link to a private webinar
we conducted regarding this opportunity. PLEASE WATCH THIS “BEFORE”


How long have you been looking for that perfect business opportunity, that
perfect career? Really, HOW LONG? My guess is a long friking time. So
many scams out there, so much b.s. It makes a person not believe in the
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Well, we decided to do something about it. We took control of the
situation and to date we have coached thousands of people, just like you,
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With this great business that we are going to teach you (again, COMPLETELY AT NO CHARGE), you will work from the comfort of your own home OR anywhere that has internet connection.

We do not have a lot of requirements, however, the most important one that we do have is that YOU MUST have access to the internet either through your computer, iPad, phone or through your local library or perhaps a friend or family member. If you do not have internet access please do not contact us as you will not be able to do this job.


We also require you to be: “Motivated”, “Success Oriented”, “Driven”, “YOU MUST WANT IT”. Ask yourself this question – “DO I WANT FINANCIAL SUCCESS & TIME FREEDOM?”

It is our job to take you by the hand and walk you to your future – let us help you become a huge success.

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We loan funds to small to medium size businesses and hand them the unsecured capital they need – up to and over $1 Million Dollars.

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We are not your average company “AND” this is not your average opportunity.


You will also receive an additional 2 streams of income added on to what we are already going to teach you.

CREDIT RESTORE = This is awesome. I client comes to you for a loan however their credit is a little shaky. GUESS WHAT – WE WILL HELP THEM RESTORE THEIR CREDIT AND YOU MAKE COMMISSIONS.

YES – We restore peoples credit score – GUARANTEED – to over 680 and then we get them funding. You will make $500 for each person we help with their credit and then your commissions for the loan they will receive after their credit is fixed – AWESOME!!!

Yet another stream of income is personal loans – If one of your many clients would like a personal loan, we will help them. Of course – you get paid commissions on this as well.

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Stay Thirsty,

David Trimble
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Here is the address they use for their business (aka a UPS store):
5 Days Funding or 22 Streams, LLC (both fake businesses and not incorporated)
2328 E Lincoln Hwy, Suite 132 New Lenox, IL 60451

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

AJ (@guest_3049070)
1 year ago
Reply to  AJ

Here’s his Facebook that connects the dots:


and current scam:


MikeyG (@guest_30799)
3 years ago

It seems this BS terrible person comes out with a new scam every week. JUST STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY. HE IS BAD BAD, BAD. I met him in Vegas last Oct 3/16 when he was hooked up with Todd Rampe with Academy Trading. Couple of weeks later he was gone from there and since then I am sure that he has introduced about 20 different scams promising even bigger returns than the last one. I find it hard to believe that people get so easily sucked in with the big lies and BS that he dishes out. He is going to give an account one day to His Creator as he uses God in his pitches. He must be really scrambling to get new suckers as he hates me for confronting him with his BS and yet he sent me an invitation to his inner circle tonight. His latest scam is called Legacy Life. If you don’t understand English “STAY AWAY FROM THIS BSer” you deserve to have your money lost.

Tom (@guest_30789)
3 years ago

Am I ever Thankful I found this website/article about Your Trading Day and Steve DeWitt!! I can’t Thank you enough for helping me to not become one of his victims!

I recently attended a webinar entitled, “”Make Between 285% And $1,140% In 49 Days”. It all sounded great with the new technology and everything, but I wanted to do some research on it/him, and the company. I even sent an email saying, “I was in”, and he replied with the address to send the “Cashier’s Check” to. There was an address but no company or name, –to me, that is Red Flag #1. Second, was that it took me two weeks to get to the bank for a Cashier’s Check, but, I did not hear another word from him following up. Seemed out of place to me. Then, being the inquisitive type, I decided to do a Google search for him, and that is how I ended up here, and grateful that I did!!

His website is still active and is at The address listed at the bottom is:

Your Trading Day
2328 E. Lincoln Highway #132
New Lenox, IL 60451
1 (815) 489-3054

I guess my real chuckle came when I read the website and there were testimonials on there and one was listed as “Granny”, but is written from someone who has a grasp on financial markets and trading in general!

Again, Thank you for posting this article.

Funny, I just checked me email prior to sending this comment, and guess what, here is an email I just received from him about another webinar —

Hey There:

This Wednesday night at 9pm eastern you will learn how easy it is to make
over 30% and up to 70% on your money every month passively – meaning
you do not have to do anything to make this money.

Incredible money making break-through NEVER revealed before –
until now.

Register here and invite eveytone you know –


vPowered by:

2328 E. Lincoln Highway, New Lenox, IL 60451, United States

Tom (@guest_28680)
3 years ago

I knew he was not a profitable trader when he started to sell other so called additional income making products etc…. I have never experienced such a blatant con man in my life.

Paul (@guest_28523)
3 years ago

Smart Money Room Review is a discussion about Mr. DeWitt. There was a website after he posted an advertisement in the jobs section of craigslist. Here’s the ad. ZERO SALES MAKES YOU $1-5K + WEEKLY hide this posting
compensation: PAID WEEKLY
employment type: employee’s choice
telecommuting okay
$1000 to over $5000 Per Week

*$1000 – $5000 A WEEK TO START


*We have completed over $32 million in revenue from 2013 to present and we will be doubling that number in a shorter time frame.


We have more than 600 people rocking this and looking to add more to help with all of the business coming our way.


Go here to take a closer look at this incredible opportunity:

Randall Behre
Randall Behre (@guest_3048107)
2 years ago
Reply to  Paul

he just ran this ad in Jacksonville, Fl craigs list, good thing i did some checking before sending money, thanks

JonM (@guest_28500)
3 years ago

June 2017-Steve Dewitt is a thief, a liar, and 100 % a con man. His “Trader’s Federation” that you paid over $2000 to join is nothing more than a quick guess each day-For instance-his favorite: Sell oil at —- and take a profit….or Go long the NQ anywhere around —-. That is it!!!! And there is not transferring this worthlessness to anyone else. He came out with an email a few days ago about investing $5000, getting your original $5000 back in 3-4 months, then making $2000-3000 per month for the rest of your life…..sound real? What ever dude. This guy belongs in jail. Run from him!!!!!

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_28501)
3 years ago
Reply to  JonM

Sadly, every Trading Room out there is a thief and con artist and the saddest part is even after reading this blog and all the horror stories people keep asking Emmett to review yet another trading room as if there is a this mysterious diamond in the rough that will teach you how to turn your $5,000 into a million dollars. THERE IS NO DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH, there all SCAMS!!!!!!

dtchurn (@guest_28418)
3 years ago

“The reoccurring narrative from victims is that they usually stick around for 2 months before they begin to realize that the guy is a fraud and they got suckered into paying a con artist $297 per month for useless ‘trading signals’.” -> the very definition of the “monthly churn”

gina burnett
gina burnett (@guest_28338)
3 years ago

I just got a webinar with Steve Dewitt, he is running another scam about placing ads on the internet. You can tell right away that he was a con artist, telling folks they can make 30k and more a month “simply by placing ads, then you have to buy into a “package” then mysteriously the webinar froze. Its real simple people If it sounds to good to be true it IS!!!!!!!!!

Jeff (@guest_27328)
4 years ago

I was in his room for 3 months, never made anything . The problem is he has such a high stop loss and it would take 3 small winners to get back that big loser. Another problem, is that he jacks up his contracts during trades and states to the room that he is up and now on sim but the rest of the people in his room are still down because they can’t afford to jack up 7 more contracts. He never shows true stats and you never know if he is on sim or live. His 74% winning percentage is more like 45% but still claims you can win with that percentage by having a big winner and several losers. He does try to upswell more stuff like his itech robot as well as kairos and also trying to sell his 8!figure program which is complete waste of time and money . Beware people !

Ron (@guest_27419)
4 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

You are not alone … got this try and lost a bunch of dollars … Now I am trading in my way and make profit. Run away from this charlatan.

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