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These three trading products are the super trifecta of trading puffery and nonsense. A $5,000 trading product that is absolutely guaranteed to lose money. Deceptive, fraudulent marketing.

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Pros: Excellent sales presentation.
Cons: $5,000 upfront cost. No trial. No actual trades. No verification. Systems are a total fraud and guaranteed to lose consumer money. Slick salesperson will relentlessly call and pitch product over phone.

Trade2Live Review

The following trading review includes two separate day trading systems and a stock trading advisory that were created by George Mashigian and are marketed under the web site addresses:,, and

Goerge MahshigianSay hello to George Mahshigian. He claims that he began trading advanced options strategies going back to the 1970’s, from there worked as a margin clerk and then a floor broker. Eventually he started his own futures brokerage and then sold the brokerage in 2011 to focus on selling trading products. A causal search on Google turns up a host of different websites, products, and trading systems that George has promoted over the years.

Currently, George’s main product appears to be a fully automated scalping system that trades the emini SP500 futures, under the web address of Trade2Live.Com. This same site also links out to,, and

A Complaint About Oil Scalper

Oil Scalper Logo And ReviewDuring the fall of 2014, I received a email from a client that was upset with the OilScalper.Com product. Oil scalper is a trading system that was accompanied with the live trading room and moderator. TheGeorge Mahshigian trading room would execute the trade live and and customer could watch the system perform in live, real time market conditions. Before purchasing the system and trade room access, the customer was given a table (as shown on the right) that outlined the performance of the trading system and that the actual trading room performance was closely aligned to the system.

However, the customer began to realize very quickly that he could not copy the trades of the system or the moderator. The problem was that the system used a limit order for entry and a limit order for exit. Too many times to count, the system would show entry and exit signals with a profit. However, the student, and many other students could not copy the trades. This was very frustrating because the system would enter and exit, while the students would enter and could not exit. On some trades, the students realized losses of over $1,000 while the strategy was showing a profit of $100. You can imagine the frustration of the students as they had just spent several thousand dollars for a trading system, and now are suffering additional thousands of dollars of trading losses because the system was designed with that fatal flaw that could not be detected until traded in a live market.

This really is not that surprising. The Oil futures market is a thin market. The chance of a random order being filled at the limit price is rare. Purchasers of the system should not of purchased the system outright for thousands of dollars, they should of demanded a monthly subscription in order to test the system. Shame on your if you purchased the system. Shame on George for selling the system, for he knew if would not perform in real market conditions.

If you now visit, you will receive the following message that Oil Scalper system and trading room is now closed. Shocking!

Scalping Emini Review

Scalping Emini Review George MahshigianThe next product that we are going to be taking a closer look at is another automated scalper trading strategy sold by George Mahshigian. This strategy is titled Scalping Emini and also has its own marketing and promotion website located at The strategy has a cost of $4500 per year, and there is a one time set up fee of $520. The system attempts to scalp the emini SP500 for quick profits.

Limit Order Entry and Limit Order Exit

Looking closer at this system, we can see that this system also requires a limit order into a trade and a limit order to exit the trade. This is the exact same problem with the Oil Scalper System. Using a limit order to enter and to exit is pure nonsense. In fact, I have been trading the ES futures contract for 10 years, and have executed an average of 3000 trades each year, and getting a limit order entry is extremely difficult. Of course, some of you reading this will simply not believe, and want to believe that the system is going to perform. And so I would simply ask you to call your broker and ask them about any system that users a limit order to enter or exit any trade. Also, you can test this yourself by simply attempting to enter and exit a trade for only a single tick profit. Watch in horror as your order just sits there, unfilled…and then the market starts moving against you. And then you are forced to liquidate at the market for a loss.

Regardless, some folks are just hard headed and want to believe. What can these folks do? Well, for starters, if you really want to purchase this system, then ask them for a single month subscription and attempt to execute the system. Of course, they will not offer a single month subscription. You must outright purchase the system for $5k.

One Final Test

I called George. I asked him if he trades his own system. He deflected the question and said that he has hundreds of people that trade his system, and that they are making money. But I asked him again, George are you trading your own system? More slippery talking ensued. And then I said, George the bottom line, can you show me an account statement showing that are trading this system? Show my anything! Anything at all to substantiate what you are claiming on your website? Finally he admitted the truth…he does not trade his systems.

Scalping Emini Review


Are Consumers This Gullible?

Apparently George does pretty well selling this stuff. If you call his 800 number, you will be met with a very slick talking salesperson that is very good at diverting your attention away from the truth, and the truth is simple…this is yet another scam trading product.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for another depressing read. Please leave your comments below. And If you have had any experience with George, please reach out and leave a message.


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kev (@guest_8794)
4 years ago

Actually, the correct site is called

yoyo (@guest_26997)
4 years ago
Reply to  kev

I join the free trial on all his titan rooms and I can say that if you are making money trading why in the world will you open a trading and education room, with all the hard work of selling and holding hands, I see that most of the rooms don’t make money that why they teach, I had been trading for 30 years and I know that a lot of traders are good analyst of the market but can not is like real fight is not the same that training is very emotional and that where most traders fail, they can not deal with that side of trading…that why the teach, they know the who to but they can not perform in real life….I don’t care if is a famous book writer or a guru , he can not make a living trading . be honest with your self and think very hard , will you open a room if you are making money trading. all of them are annalists of the market that not real trading.

kev (@guest_8793)
4 years ago

Please do a review on
Rick Ackerman is the owner.

Niles (@guest_2846)
5 years ago

Well, another unhappy trader here, chiming in about George. During a trial, if you maximize the trading room window, you can plainly see the Tradestation status as SIM. George is not trading his own system. He makes his money from the trading room, not from the markets.

Gyu-Sang (@guest_29117)
3 years ago
Reply to  Niles

Okay this comment is a little fishy too. Emmet clearly says at the first, there is no trial. Now this guy says there is a trial? But even if the trading is done on a simulator, you should still be able to see if the system makes money or not. If you see it loses, then why would any buy the program??? Emmet something seems amiss here. Either there is a trial and you don’t get to see the program in action (win or lose money) or there is a trial and you get to preview the possible results if you buy it. I really cannot see ANYONE paying $4,500 without being very sure they will make profits, unless they are a total newb. Somehow this makes no sense to me. Someone is lying here.

Rodolfo Espino
Rodolfo Espino (@guest_1781)
5 years ago

Oh man, not the Scalping Emini ? I was thinking about subscribing to the HFT indicator for $49 x mo. It looks like a good indicator on videos.
Why is Dr. Handley ranking Mahshigian as a Trade Titan? I don’t understand.
What’s going on Emmett….?

Tamer (@guest_404)
6 years ago

I lost $6000 because of this scammer with his old Momentum and Reversion strategies on
He gave a free one week trial for the ES Scalper on his own VPS and the performance was of course horrible and then they forgot that I’m running the trial

Gyu-Sang (@guest_29116)
3 years ago
Reply to  Tamer

Just a simple observation, but if you got a one week trial and lost money, why did you buy the program and then lose more? Sounds like a fishy comment to me. Next, unless this is an EA, why would you be trading on his VPS??? I smell a troll with an axe to grind here, not an actual customer.

arnold (@guest_231)
6 years ago

iam very sorry Emmet
may god bless you and your family

arnold (@guest_225)
6 years ago

how are you Emmett
whats new on your list of trading rooms

Russ (@guest_229)
6 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Very sorry to hear of this news, Emmet.. May he Rest in Peace.


Chris (@guest_280)
6 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Painless passing?

Chis (@guest_104)
6 years ago

This guy is one of the TOP 13 traders or from more than 600 trading rooms Dean Handley visit in last 5 years. I knew from other information that Dean Handley has his hidden agenda when he picked up these guys and this review confirmed it to me.
More info here:!who/c4nz

Chis (@guest_129)
6 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

I was in a room when Dean visited it. I don’t know what he did in other rooms but in this one (which has published database log of trades for participants and all entries and exits are marked on the charts) he wasn’t all the time in the room. He based his review on logs and market charts and asking people (who could privately speak with him) if the trades are those marked. So this implies he does not record full time what happens in the rooms.
Because of this I suppose he may be cheted or admit to be cheted because he endorsed for a long period of time the Jaguar Trading Room (Ed Abreu) who in the end prove to be a big con with false Ninja Control Center screen capture
(see the thread in BigMike forum about this)

Arnold (@guest_187)
6 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

So out of the list of the 13 best trading rooms which ones do you recommend

Chris (@guest_271)
6 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Hi Emmett,

Could you expand on this please:

“Plus he has a commercial interest where he is reselling signals from other rooms.”

I have not seen where he is doing that. I only know about his consulting which is done through:!subscribe/c1tsl

He claims:

” During this time, I have not received a penny of compensation nor are my recommendations monetized”.

which seems contrary to your comment.

Like you I have my doubts about what he claims to have done however.


4 trading rooms a day.

1000s of real trades placed by him whilst doing 4 rooms a day!!!!

claims to have crossed checked to the sites claimed performance yet some of them (most) do NOT have a published full track record so what was he checking against.

claims that his benchmark has gone from a room that can achieve 50K pa to $150K pa after he applies his “optimization” on the top rooms.
based on trading say the top 3, would one really be listing sites with no published track record as being in the top 1% if one was making 450K pa from trading the best Trading Room trades???????

I sure know I would not.


Chris (@guest_274)
6 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore


I have not seen where he is reselling signals.

Do you have a link?

Like you I have my doubts about what he claims to have done especially since many of the sites do not publish a complete and detailed track record so he cannot verify something that does not exist in the first place 🙂

I agree with your comments

Matthew (@guest_2461)
5 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

I now begin to doubt Dr Dean Handley’s review of the trade rooms, as I paid for the Global Trade Room ( but quited after 3 month’s paper trading and attending nearly all the live webinars and trade rooms.

My paper trading account was in the red, not to mention the fee paid to Globle Trade Room. While the live trade rooms, the modulator traded sim money, but they lost more than they won, and I heard no student were making money, except one that they promoted all the time. But no statements were shown to support their claim.

Trades were called, but not documented, and when the head trader had a winning trade, he would show a screen window showing the profits, but then he immediately removed the screen. If he lost, he would not show the screen, of course. I guess he could be trading on both sides, and show us the right ones while hiding the losing ones, but I was not sure, just a guess.

There were 3 trade rooms, one for NY, one in US for after market, one in UK (modulated by a British trader in HK) for Europe, he talks a lot and teach a lot, but his sim trades were mostly losers.

The US room was not profitable either.

But now Dean recommends this trade room, and says its trades are profitable! I begin to doubt his reviews, and wonder how he records the trades and claim it to be profitable, while we as paid subscribers were losing.
I have read some other reviews about Dean, their comments are similiar to mine, just the rooms are different.
Maybe we should take a different view to such reviews.

Gyu-Sang (@guest_29118)
3 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Your initial words on GM seams a little unfair considering what you just said now. Would the right and fair thing be to revise your words and be less critical and defaming? Just a thought. I’ve read all the comments here as I do my Due Diligence on GM. There only seems to be a very small number of people on the internet, that I have found so fair, with anything negative to say about George Mahshigian. Even giants like Whole Foods get people calling them names and such, so it would seem, if George has been in the teaching industry with many products and is a fraud as you say, then I should be able to find many people saying that, but there just aren’t. And some of these comments on your site seem a little fishy at best. I’m thinking there may be more to your bad review than meets the eye. So with this comment above, it might be that a revision of the original review is done? Just a thought.

Osikani (@guest_5071)
5 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

You denigrate Limit orders in an absolute fashion, as if they can never be filled. That is not quite true.

I trade often with limit orders for entries, and I implement a very simple system to avoid the trades that run away from my entry. The logic is simple: if I do not get my entry and the price trades through the target, it means that the trade is over and I was not on board, so I cancel the sitting order. After all the trade had an entry and a target. Price was at the entry and has reached the target. That means that the trade is over, so if my entry left me out, I do not need to get into a trade that is already over.

Does this mean that I miss some trades? Sure, but I always say that “trades are like buses; there will be another along soon enough.” I am never anxious to get into the market. The market takes our money often enough. No need for us to be anxious to help it fleece us.

Jack (@guest_6312)
5 years ago
Reply to  Chis

I think there are too many failed traders on too many chat rooms who are looking for the easy way out. You are probably one of them. As far as I know, Dean provides at least a starting point as to how to evaluate a trading room, no other person in this shady trading industry does this. The rule is that the louder someone screams about their own results, the worse they are as a trader (the same rule applies for those who constantly complain). In this business, if you can’t take responsibility for your own actions, you are dead. I am not affiliated with any room or any service and have been trading profitably for a while. I’ve developed my own methodology over time after much trial and error (which is in fact a mix of 2 rooms that Dean recommended – one of which is Ed’s training). At the end of the day, it does you no good to complain about everybody else, and the faster you can take responsibility for your own trading, evaluate, and measure your trades, the better off you will be. Good luck.

JBofficial (@guest_6745)
4 years ago
Reply to  Jack

I was a member of that JaguarClub almost from day one with Ed while he was moderating for YTR and Bluewave. I do not remember any Emmett Moore> from what i saw few traders could emulate his accuracy or trading style. There was no mechanical go dot or ‘system’ other than supply and demand, volume and momentum. He used the super trend to help make things simpler, but advised against blindly following it. When all that BMF shit happened, I read through it. Tough to agree with most of it since he still trades to this day, and has a private following. He had already announced he was retiring, then that BMF stuff hit. That was the clincher because many members wanted their money back, even though they got many hours of direct coaching from him. Regardless of what he ‘sold’, his accuracy in tape reading and order flow was impressive, but not duplicate-able without lots and lots of screen time – which most were not willing to do. One thing he did tell everyone,, 8 out of 10 will not be able to trade, no matter what they do. I took this to heart, and while I still watch charts and read order flow, I have been in an automated broker managed system for years now, and doing well. Striker has some good ones for those who are part of that overwhelming majority who cannot do this. BTW, blaming others for your mistakes is not the way to move forward. I found this website because I was looking for info on George Mahshigian emini es scalper. The trial was impressive, and many trades – over 50% – were limits where price moved beyond entry and exit. Not sure if that will pan out real time, but it was good to see that price went past both ends most of the time. I think he was trying to debunk that to the tick limit illusion that has cropped up on the forums everywhere. Bottom line, take this business with a grain of salt, both for the whiners and the supporters. Give it x number of years or x amount of dollars. Then call it a day and let those 2% give it a try. Don’t let anyone else steal your dream. Places like this are good to get both sides of a story, but do not base your decision based on them. I suggest u check things out for yourself. The only real test is your hands on trial and error. One man’s poison is another man’s protein drink. Good luck!

Chris (@guest_270)
6 years ago
Reply to  Chis

HI Chis,

I would like to discuss the hidden agenda with you. I also have my suspicions but they are unconfirmed.

My email is:

Otherwise feel free to post your comments here.

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