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Rick Spears
Rick Spears (@guest_32075)
5 years ago

I haven’t found a cheaper futures broker than

My commission is less than 35 cents per trade and they answer the phones when I call!

June (@guest_11815)
6 years ago

Anyone hear of Jim Fink’s Profit Multiplier? He charges $1950.00. Claims he can make you money. Seems like the good ones listed in this site are expensive and/or need at least 20k capital?

David Tanner
David Tanner (@guest_6004)
7 years ago

I have been with DAW Trading for a while now. They are really good at getting you setup quick and they have great rates. Rob is always available to bounce ideas off of.

jim (@guest_5106)
7 years ago

Is a review on suretrader coming??

Tradeguy (@guest_5098)
7 years ago

As a foreigner (West-European), I have some trouble finding stock brokers. Etrade pulled out from servicing clients in Europe in 2013 I think, and after that several other US stock brokers did the same.

Having around 2,000 dollars as starting capital and being a European, would my only option be Suretrader? I also see that you havent done a review on Suretrader, and Ive heard from others that the broker is sketchy and not to be trusted, but they dont really come with concrete examples on why Suretrader is so negative (all they say is that offshore accounts are risky).

Whats your take on this?

June (@guest_4472)
7 years ago
Mark (@guest_4180)
7 years ago

Recently purchased ace trades

Found your review a bit discouraging

I’m Hoping you are wrong about what you say.

I’ve seen a lot of reviews on his site and a lot of the chats have the users stating they never have losing days.

Could so many be wrong ?

vartan haladjian
vartan haladjian (@guest_4157)
7 years ago

i am emailing to search for either IBs and/or companies to partner/work with. i work in IronFX, please leave a comment

thank you
vartan haladjian

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