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EminiMoney Review

Today’s trading review is A day trading system and day trading room owned and operated by a person named, “JC”. I am not really sure whom this person is, nowhere on the website is there a first name, last name, address, or any sort of identifying information. …

XMA Trading Review

He’s Back! Today’s review is about one of my favorite trading charlatans…David C. Lead of XMA Trading. David first broke onto the vendor scene back on May 12, 2014. With bold proclamations, he announced through Online Trader Central that for the first time ever, and for an extremely …

KJ Trading Systems

A Review Of Kevin J. Davey And KJ Trading Systems A lot of traders have not heard of Kevin Davey, or his trading systems. But, quite simply, Kevin J. Davey is one of the best traders that you have probably never heard of before. In fact, this nerdy looking …

George Mahshigian Trading Review

Trade2Live Review The following trading review includes two separate day trading systems and a stock trading advisory that were created by George Mashigian and are marketed under the web site addresses:,, and Say hello to George Mahshigian. He claims that he began trading advanced options strategies going …