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Top Gun Options 2021 Review: Join the Simulator Squadron?
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Matthew “Whiz” Buckley of Top Gun Options wants you to fork over thousands of dollars each year to learn his “Supersonic, Military & Wall Street Proven Options Training & Trading Methodologies.” But I have a question, what is his actual long-term track record of trading? Is he really a financial success?

During the investigation of Mathew “Whiz” Buckley and Top Gun Options, we uncovered a hornet’s nest of questionable financial behavior which includes numerous recent IRS tax liens, a home foreclosure, being sued by Wells Fargo for non-payment, being sued by a customer, sued by Colonial Bank, his previous company investigated by the Florida Attorney General for consumer fraud, borrowing money from his sister to pay his bills, and ever ballooning mortgage debts. Not exactly what you would expect from someone claiming to be a financial success.

Additionally, we uncovered a plethora of questionable personal conduct including having an affair with his boss’s personal assistant, admitting under oath in a lawsuit that he suffered nearly a decade of trading losses, claiming to be a supporter of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers while simultaneously being recently arrested and jailed for driving under the influence and having his driver’s license suspended, having multiple social media accounts suspended for hate speech, attacking a Veteran online while talking about his penis size.

He currently cannot even drive his car without breathing into some sort of machine to prove he is not drunk. An absolute shitshow. Just the sort of person we all need to help us with our investments.


Absolutely nothing to recommend.

After he gets off probation, we will reevaluate.



Public fool

Childish and immature online behavior

Hypothetical trader

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Thanks for reading today’s review of Matthew “Whiz” Buckley of Top Gun Options, real name Edward Matthew Buckley.

What is Top Gun Options and what are they selling? According to the Top Gun Options website, they purport to offer “Supersonic, Military & Wall Street Proven Options Training & Trading Methodologies with Full Throttle Training.”

The website lists various products and services, which include:

  • Top Gun Options Full Throttle @ $2995 per year.
  • Joint Weekly Options and Primary Trade Briefs @ $1755 per year.
  • Solo AMZN @ $897 per year.

Each of these products is a standalone product with a unique sales angle.

Top Gun Options Full Throttle

The owner of the company, Matthew “Whiz” Buckley claims that the Full Throttle options training program is “The FASTEST way to experience Huge Profit Potential with Options.”

As a preliminary matter, whenever a trading vendor uses terminology like “FASTEST” with “Huge Profit Potential” in the very same sentence, this is the sort of language dripping with “Get Rich Quicky” lingo. Definitely a pink flag.

Further, numerous reputable studies have revealed that investors that day trade typically lose at 97% overall account performance. In addition, a recent Chicago Mercantile Exchange study also revealed that 82% of stock options expired worthless. Another pink flag.

Therefore, when anyone claims “FAST” profits from short-term options trading, you should be highly skeptical of any such “FAST” profits. Unless you are selling a course on how to “Get Rich Quicky,” then it’s entirely possible that you can experience fast profits.

Regardless, let’s give Matthew “Whiz” Buckley every benefit of the doubt, and let’s continue our review of his products and services.

The Full Throttle Program contains the Defensive Track, Offensive Track, and Max Afterburner Track. The combined price for the Full Throttle Program services is $2,995 per year.

This is quite a princely sum. If an investor were trading with an account size of $10k, then they would need to earn a profit of 30% per year — just to break even.

How difficult is it to earn +10% returns on a yearly basis? Extremely difficult. Even Warren Buffett, who is arguably the greatest investor of three generations of traders has been barely able to break 10% returns the prior 10-years. Do you believe you are a better investor than Warren Buffett?

Even the Hedge Fund Journal, which has been tracking the elites of Wall Street reports that the average hedge fund returned less than 11% annually from 2011 to 2020.

Do you believe you are much smarter than Wall Street and their army of computer scientists, data analysts, industry insiders with valuable connections, MBA’s, and finance Ph.D.’s with vast resources to gather information?

These are things you really need to consider before you get your credit card out and plunk down $3k per year for a stock options trading education.

Further, does Matthew “Whiz” Buckley even have any professional credentials that qualify him to be charging these sorts of fees? Well, according to FINRA, or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, there is no registration for any person named Matthew “Whiz” Buckley, or “Edward Matthew Buckley.” Yet, here he is on the internet offering advice on how to “get rich quicky” in the riskiest of all financial products — stock options.

Much of this reminds me of a video that I created where famed investor Charlie Munger talks about people on the internet offering naive consumers these sorts of “get rich quicky” type investment opportunities. Have a look…

Another thing that genuinely worries me about this Matthew “Whiz” Buckley is his self-proclaimed, self-promoted, and self-verified performance results. For instance, in 2020, he is claiming to have earned a combined total of $1,897,000 in profits. But are the profits he claims on his website even verifiable?

Top Gun Options track record of trades
Is this real trading?

Remember, while he is presenting these sorts of investment returns he is also offering to sell these programs for a combined price of $3k per year. So when a consumer sees these sorts of returns, he compares this to the annual price to receive these trading alerts. This is the “hook” that Mr. Buckley is using, “Spend $3k per year to potentially earn $1,897,000.”

On the surface, it looks like a great deal. Spend a few thousand bucks and become a millionaire in a year. But like all of these unlicensed financial gurus on YouTube, you have to dig deeper in hopes of discovering the truth.

Actual, Verifiable Performance for Matthew “Whiz” Buckley?

Whenever I review a social media investment guru, with little to no financial qualifications, the first thing I look for is verifiable investment performance on their publicly facing website. No, not the “Hypothetical Performance” mumbo jumbo that many of these characters plaster upon their websites.

I want actual performance figures that I can independently verify. Generally speaking, I like to see at least one year of account statements backed with a tax filing.

Why include a tax filing? Well, in my experience in writing hundreds of these reviews, many of the social media investment gurus will only show you a small snippet of verifiable information. For instance, they might send over a few months of account statements for account A, but not account B. Some of these characters have multiple accounts so it’s hard to pin them down.

A tax filing is different. A tax filing will contain the consolidated summary of all performance for an entire calendar year. This is the transparency I like to see. Anything less and I am suspicious of what might have been swept under the rug.

A review of the Top Gun Options website reveals some truly incredible performance figures. As I stated earlier, Mr. Buckley is claiming to have earned $1.89 million for 2020. However, in no place on the Top Gun Options website does it include actual, brokerage account statements for the public to verify this information.

And probably most troubling is language included in super-tiny, light-grey script overlaid upon another layer of light-gray background, way down at the bottom of his website…

Top Gun Options
Top Gun Options Terms and Conditions

Can you even read this? I have a huge monitor with perfect 20/10 eyesight and I can barely see what is contained in this “Terms and Conditions/Disclaimer” document.

But as my dear old grandmother used to say, “Always read the fine print.” And my dear old grandfather used to say, “The devil is in the details.”

Let’s take a closer look at this ridiculousness…


The language is clear, as the website clearly states Top Gun Options’s performance reporting is pure funny money. Monopoly money. In other words, it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.

I just don’t get it. How can Top Gun Options have this sort of language and expect anyone to believe a word they are saying? They want the public to fork over thousands of dollars each year and they want us to do so based on this hypothetical mumbo jumbo? It’s pure nonsense. And it should be dismissed immediately for what it really is…financial huff puff.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

One of the things that drives me absolutely bonkers about many of these social media, trading educators/advisors, is that they come up with every imaginable excuse as to why they cannot show their actual performance histories right on their website.

One of the most common excuses is that they will claim, “If I do, then this will mean I need to register with FINRA, CFTC, or the SEC, and I don’t want to break any laws.” Really? And what laws can you cite too? Please do show me any such language from any regulator that discourages being open and honest with consumers.

Here is a secret…no such law exists. In fact, if you call FINRA at 301-590-6500 (they actually take calls and answer questions) and ask if it’s illegal for a YouTube investment educator to show actual brokerage statements to the public, they will howl with laughter.

Let me repeat, there is no law whatsoever that bans a YouTube options trading educator, like Mr. Buckley from showing actual brokerage statements, or redacted tax documents that verify actual, real, investment performance right on his publicly facing website. Consumers NEED this information to make informed decisions.

I guess if I were to send a personal message to Mr. Buckley, it would be this…Matt, it’s time to knock off the simulated trading or performance nonsense on the Top Gun Options website. You need to show at least one year of actual, verifiable brokerage statements, preferably with a tax filing, to show the consuming public that you are not just another YouTube investment scammer.

And Mr. Buckley, if you are such an incredible trader as you claim, then you can upload several years of account statements to document your “Top Gun” options trading investor status. And not just a snippet here and there on YouTube. Wouldnt it be amazing to show all of this information, to be fully transparent, for all of the years you have been trading? Consumers deserve to know this Mr. Buckley.

In the absence of verifiable performance…

In the absence of verifiable performance proof from the trading vendor on their website, I am left to draft the review only with information that can be gleaned from the public realm.

What is the public realm? The public realm can be anything from anonymous postings on websites like the Better Business Bureau, Reddit, YouTube, various review websites, or forums where third parties talk about their individual experiences. But this sort of information is hard to verify, and to be fair, not always accurate.

Hint: Don’t always believe what you read on the internet. Lol.

However, there is another public realm were highly accurate information can be obtained and used to write my reviews. These would be court records in Federal and State courthouses, IRS tax liens, mortgage records, lawsuits, foreclosures, criminal records, etc. Hardly any of these sorts of public records is flattering to the subject receiving the review, but they tend to be reliable.

Once again, when the investment educator offering what appears to be a “Get Rich Quicky” product does not publicly post what I need, and what the consuming public deserves — which is verifiable proof of successful investing, over an acceptable period of time, then I have no other option than to curate information from potentially embarrassing public records.

Matthew “Whiz” Buckley certainly has plenty to share with the public.

In fact, what you are about to read next should be considered “just the tame stuff.”

A closer look at Matthew “Whiz” Buckley: Options University (the early years)

Our first recorded history of Mr. Buckley as an “investment guru” can be found with a company named Options University. We were curious about Options University, which is located in Florida, and so we checked with the Florida Attorney General. What we found was not inspiring, in fact, Options University was investigated for consumer fraud, and the principals of the company were likely questioned in the investigation. It appears that Mr. Buckley was a principal at the time of the investigation. You can find the case by contacting the Florida Attorney General and requesting Case#: L-12-31035, and a portion is embedded below in Document A.

In fact, on the Options University website, Matthew Buckley is currently listed as the Chief Strategy Officer, whatever that means. Additionally, on the Better Business Bureau website listing of Options University, Mr. Buckley is currently listed as a contact.

It appears that Mr. Buckley and Mr. Brett Fogle of Options University founded Top Gun Options around 2011 through an LLC filing. Although the actual ownership of Top Gun Options during this time is murky, at some point both Mr. Brett Fogle and Mr. Matthew Buckley were listed as “managers” of Top Gun Options.

Once again, all of this information will be revealed by simply reading the public testimony, under oath, to the Florida Attorney General’s fraud investigation. Additionally, you can find the LLC filings by contacting the Florida Secretary of State, some of which are embedded below. See Document A below.

Top Gun Options

After the consumer fraud investigation of Options University, and presumably the negative public fallout from being associated with the investigation, it appears that Matthew Buckley didn’t waste much time and continued to sell “investment education” to the public under the company name of Top Gun Options.

Using, which is a website that captures screenshots of websites throughout their histories, we can see that Matthew Buckley never mentions his time at Options University, nor the fraud investigation. However, he does spend a great deal of time talking about his incredible successes as a trader. For instance, Top Gun Options claimed to have earned 129% returns in their Urgent Trade Alerts, 68% in their Primary Live Trade Alerts, and 181% in the Weekly Options Alerts for a combined total of $175,115 in “profits.” Have a look for yourself…

But is any of this actually real trading? Once again, the ultra-tiny fine print at the bottom of the page declares, “…Since the trades have not actually been executed with capital…” this makes you really wonder if any of this is real, or just monopoly money.

Even More Troubling

Even more troubling, on the very same page, is the claim that Mr. Buckley was the “Managing Director of Strategy for PEAK6 Investments, one of the largest volatility options trading firms in the country” and “…he has been successfully trading for over 15 years…”

When I first read this, I thought to myself, hmm this guy claims to have been successfully trading for the past 15 years? This would create a supposedly successful investment history dating back to at least 1999.

Additionally, a plain reading is that he was “Managing Director of Strategy for PEAK6 Investments, one of the largest volatility options trading firms in the country” which gives the impression that he was supposedly some big yucky muck investment manager for a well known options trading company.

While it’s true that Mr. Buckley did actually work at PEAK6, his actual job duties had nothing to do with investing securities. In fact, I was contacted by a person named Brad Laidman, who actually was an investment manager at PEAK6 during the time of Mr. Buckley’s employment and he described Mr. Buckley as an “idiot” that “everyone laughed at” because his only job duties seemed to be creating “useless promotional videos.”

I searched the court records database and uncovered the full truth about Mr. Buckley’s employment at PEAK6, you can read the full deposition of Mr. Buckley embedded below. Apparently, Mr. Buckley cheated on his wife and had an affair with a lady who was the personal assistant of the owner of PEAK6.

Mr. Buckley’s employment didn’t last long after that. But still, Mr. Buckley’s feelings were hurt for being dumped on his ass by PEAK6 and so he filed a lawsuit claiming “emotional distress.” Can you imagine that? A former military guy claiming “emotional distress,” over losing his job while having sex with his boss’s personal assistant?

But Mr. Buckley did not take a smart path. He continues with his objectionably frivolous lawsuit and gets absolutely murdered in his publicly available deposition. The opposing lawyer, sensing that Mr. Buckley would try and profit from his time at PEAK6, asked him some very pointed questions about his personal trading and whether he ever traded for PEAK6.

Mr. Buckley freely admitted that in his many years of prior trading, he suffered significant losses as opposed to profit. In fact, he had only losses during an approximately ten-year period. Additionally, Mr. Buckley admitted that his job duties had absolutely nothing to do with actual trading. The full deposition is embedded below.

I guess Brad Laidman got it right, his job duties appeared to be nothing more than that of a dancing monkey. He was simply a person that gave entertainment while everyone around him was actually trading and doing something useful.

Apparently, the judge in the case was not impressed with Mr. Buckley and dismissed his case and sent him packing. Simply search for Buckley v. Peak6 Investments. Case: 110cv03901 and docket entry 97-98.

All sorts of legal problems for Matthew “Whiz” Buckley

But the PEAK6 lawsuit is just the tip of the iceberg for Matthew Buckley, the more I kept searching court databases of records, the more it kept paying off with yet more outrageous behavior of Matthew Buckley. Sort of like a broken slot machine that can’t stop feeding me juicy material to write about.

The next financial train wreck for Matthew Buckley comes in the form of a foreclosure on his personal residence. Yep, this bum couldn’t even make his mortgage payments and the bank sued to bounce him out on his butt. Of course, I don’t expect you to believe me, but you should believe Colonial Savings Bank that had to file a lawsuit against Mr. Buckley to eject this financial loser. You can find that case with a simple court records search of Colonial Savings Bank vs. E Matthew Buckley. The docket is embedded below. See Document A below.

Like every good train wreck, the boxcars just keep piling up, and you simply cannot look away. In yet another lawsuit against Mr. Matthew Buckley, he was sued yet again by Wells Fargo Bank for $53,049 because he was “broke.” Once again, I don’t expect you to believe me, just run a simple search of court records right in the local courthouse of Palm Beach, Florida, or see the third embedded document below. See Document C below.

Oh, and let’s not forget that he got sued by yet another person in New Jersey for $15k, who was actually his very own customer. This customer was pissed off. According to the complaint, he got sucked into Mr. Buckley’s patriotic mumbo jumbo about 44 combat missions. Only after signing up did he figure out that Mr. Buckley was full of BS did he attempt to cancel his subscription, but Mr. Buckley allegedly kept pushing the charge button on his credit card. Only after Mr. Buckley is threatened to be dragged into court on yet another lawsuit did he finally get the message. That’s some way to treat a paying customer, Mr. Buckley. See Document A below.

And speaking of being patriotic, most of us consider paying our taxes as part of our patriotic duty. But not Mr. Buckley — he pissed the IRS off real good. And they turned right around and made a very public whipping of Mr. Buckley by filing multiple tax liens in the very same courthouse as Wells Fargo and their $54k lawsuit. You can see these liens in the first embedded document below. See Document A below.

And it’s not like this happened 20 years ago. In fact, the IRS tax liens were recorded in Palm Beach as recently as 2018. According to the IRS, he either didn’t pay, or didn’t pay enough for the years 2014, 2015, and 2016. A trifecta! (he finally got his taxes paid December 2020)

I have a question…if this guy is such a rich and successful options trader, then why did he have his customer, banks, and the IRS suing him and trying to get their money out of this guy? It just does not add up. Something smells fishy.

Another thing that does not add up? Why is this guy so deeply in debt? For instance, according to public records that can be obtained right at the Palm Beach courthouse, you can see that Matthew Buckley took out a 1st mortgage back in 2010 for $1.2 million dollars. Fast forward to 2016 and Matthew Buckley then refinances his house for $1.3 million dollars. In six years, this supposedly highly successful options trader actually increases his mortgage balance by $100k.

Additionally, a mere six months after he refinances his house, he then borrows an additional $215k from his sister and this is added as a 2nd mortgage.

And then, just two years later, he yet again borrows $316k in another 2nd mortgage from Navy Federal Credit Union.

Now jump to May 2021…and yep, you guessed it, a new 1st mortgage for $1.433 million dollars. I don’t know about you, but this is objectively a shaky financial track record. Most people experience a decreasing mortgage debt. In 11 years, this guy’s mortgage debt has been backsliding faster than Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.

Perhaps he can use his “hypothetical money” and “simulated trading results” to pay people off? Oops, I forgot…you cannot actually pay your bills with hypothetical money. This is just pathetic and totally ridiculous.

But wait, it gets even better. Much better.

Buckley is desperate for attention

Never in the history of planet earth will you find a more desperate publicity hound than Matthew Buckley. The guy has been out of the Navy for nearly 20 years, yet you will hardly ever see him NOT wearing the Halloween costume of a fighter pilot.

Oh, it’s everything you can imagine, all sorts of ridiculous patches like “Top Gun Options Fighter Squadron.” He gets a junky old jet and flies around with a camera plastered to his face like an Instagram influencer. All the while he is filming and acting like he is dogfighting Tom Cruise and saving America from the air force of Afghanistan.

Matthew Buckley pilot
All set for Halloween! Credit: Maxim Party Supplies via Amazon

It’s the dumbest imagery imaginable that only a dope would fall for. A total pink herring. What is a red herring? A red herring is a diversionary tactic. In other words, “Don’t look at my past myriad of financial problems, my tax liens, my forclosure, the lawsuits, cheating on my wife, and most importantly any of that stuff about Hypothetical Trading Performance.”

Buckley is little more than a two-bit actor in B movies. Oops, I almost forgot to mention that he actually is a two-bit actor in B movies! In fact, you can find his acting accomplishments in what I would describe as an aviator-erotica film series titled: Pensacola Wings of Gold. Check it out for yourself, you can see Buckley running around with his shirt off and little tight shorts while a gaggle of beachgoers are wetting their lips.

Top Gun Fighter Foundation

Remember, everything this guy does has an element of self-promotion. Everything points back to Top Gun Options where potential customers are encouraged to gamble/invest their money into a simulated trading coach in the hopes it will turn into real money for them in the real market.

A perfect example would be where Buckley was “chosen” as the “most important person” by Mothers Against Drunk Driving in 2019 and 2020. Buckley got all manner of positive press and ridiculous promotion from being selected two years in a row as “very important.”

Matthew Whiz Buckley Top Gun Options
#DrunkDrivingEndsHere Source: PR News Wire

But does Buckley really give a shit about drunk driving? He claims his sister died in a drunk driving accident many years ago. If true, I sure as hell wouldn’t be driving drunk. But not our favorite fuckup, Matt Buckley, just a few weeks ago on April 7, 2021, he gets busted for doing the very thing he professes to hate — drunk driving.

And not just any drunk driving, according to the Florida Highway Patrol, he was driving nearly 100 miles per hour, fucked up drunk, stumbling all over the highway, belligerent, and acting like a complete fool. See Document B below.

But hold on, because it gets even better. Before being busted for drunk driving, Buckley donates a few bucks to the Broward County Sheriff’s Association. Buckley, as usual, made a big hoopla because the Sheriff’s association gave him a phony little badge to make him feel special.

But dumbass Buckley must have thought his phony little badge would somehow give him carte blanche to drive around Boca Raton while fucked up drunk and speeding. Seriously folks, what you are about to read next is pure comedy gold.

So, Buckley gets pulled over by the Florida Highway Patrol at 1 am while fucked up drunk and the cop asks to see his driver’s license. Buckley then hands the police officer the phony badge and says “Broward. Broward Sheriffs” while slurring.

top gun options review 2021

The cop then scratches his head and laughs at captain idiot and say’s “Sir, have you been drinking?” Buckley then giggles like a teenage girl and say’s “Noooooooooooooooo!”

I couldn’t make this stuff up, even if I tried. Sometimes fact is more outrageous than fiction. In fact, I contacted the Palm Beach jailhouse where Buckley was immediately locked up, as well as the Florida Highway Patrol for copies of the arrest video. I was pleasantly surprised when they just sent it over to my email. Have a look for yourself, this probably is the most outrageous DUI arrest video in the history of arrest videos.

It’s like something out of the TV series “COPS” and directed by a master comedian. But the brunt of the joke was all Matt Buckley. And listen to what he say’s from the back of the police car. Pure comedy gold. He says everything imaginable. He claimed he was having heart spasms (fourteen times), Hashimoto’s disease (three times) (I don’t even know what that is), accused the cop that arrested him of being the real criminal (twenty-six times), demanded that the cop turn on his lights and sirens (twenty-one times), said that he donated $250k to law enforcement (14 times), said that he donated $500k (15 times), said he flew 44 combat missions (nine times) and made a complete ass of himself 100% of the time.

Oh, and promised to sue the police officer and “make him famous.” He even gave a mock jury trial in the back of the police car and scored a criminal conviction over the officer. That’s how big of an ass this guy made of himself.

Mercifully, the officer just keeps his mouth shut and lets Buckley knowingly keep blathering directly into the camera, while in the back of the police car. Of course, Buckley gets to the jailhouse and refuses to take a breathalyzer test which results in an immediate one-year suspension of a driver’s license, but it’s believed he got into a diversion program. It’s wild, it’s crazy, it’s pure Matt Buckley. Check out his arrest report and case information in the second embedded document below.

Have a look at the arrest video below… Disclaimer: this video has been edited to remove the quiet parts, also, you can get the full version from the Florida Highway Patrol, public records request.

Wrapping things up

In all my years of writing trading reviews, this Matthew Buckley character has truly been my most enjoyable subject to write about. He is the writers’ gift that keeps on giving. I feel like all I have to do is wait because at any moment yet another Buckley train wreck is going to explode before my very eyes.

And the funny thing is that he does not see himself for what he truly is. He wants the public to only see the expertly crafted public images, TV appearances, public speaking events, promotional videos. etc. But it’s all just a bunch of fluff and hype. The truth is that Matt Buckley is really just this little character that seems to bumble from embarrassment to embarrassment, all the while trying to keep it from the public eye.

FYI, if you didn’t have the stomach to watch the entire arrest video…I created a humorous little ditty to have a bit of fun with Mr. Buckley. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading. And of course, I would love to read your opinion below.


Document A


Document B


Document C



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Concerned (@guest_6068878)
3 months ago

His facebook posts is really upsetting to me. He seems to alternate between conspiracy theories about Trump winning the election and how Covid vaccines are a control plot or something about it all being fake an d he has proof its all a fake virus. Just weird weird weird weirdo.

Robert B
Robert B (@guest_6066206)
4 months ago

This is just stunning. Just when you thought that Jason Bond was the bottom of the barrel along comes Matthew Buckley, perhaps one of the worst human beings on the planet. He is utterly pathetic. Emmett, you’ve had some doozies in the past but this is your finest expose yet. Well worth the wait.

Richard Wheelmer
Richard Wheelmer (@guest_6066090)
4 months ago

OMG. The depth of this review is amazing!!

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