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Will Karamon of Will Stock Picks, runs a live day trading room, where he proclaims to have turned $4k into $1.4 million in only 3 years. Of course, when asked to provide even the smallest morsel of proof, none can be provided. The live trading room is a complete joke, where Will dupes subscribers into believing that his Sure Trader demo account is a real account. We have seen this scam many times before. Yet another day trading wannabe looking to scam the newbies, the naive, and the financially ignorant. A waste of time. Avoid.

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Pros: Nothing to recommend.
Cons: Fake and phony trading results. Will Karamon trading on a Sure Trader simulator, claims to have turned $4k into $1.4 million in only 3 years. Complete hogwash with zero proof. A social media spam master.

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What is Will Stock Picks? WillStockPicks.com is a day trading room and day trading education company founded by Will Karaman.

The chat room service costs $47 per month and gives a person the wonderful opportunity to watch what looks like a 17 year old kid trade on a Sure Trader simulator. For a monthly fee of $97, you get the chat room and the additional feature of being able to privately chat with Will Karaman.

Thus far, TradingSchools.Org has gotten 11 requests to review this day trading chat room. 10 requests trigger an automatic review.

A quick review of the archive.org and domain research tools reveals that the website came online during the summer of 2015.

It appears that the main form of advertising and audience marketing is through a nearly non stop stream of boastful trading on StockTwits and Twitter.

The Amazing Will Karaman

Will Karamon of WillStockPicks.com claims that he turned his $4k stock trading account into $1,400,000 in only four years. Oh, and he wants to be your mentor for free! As per the StockTwits graphic included below…


During the month of May, a TradingSchools.Org reader sent over the password for the live trading room, in which he had one week remaining of the one month membership.

During the visit inside of the live trading room, it appeared to be nothing more than a Sure Trader simulator, where Will Karamon would espouse all of his worldly wisdom to the eager audience.

At no time were any live trades accurately displayed, nor was a trading DOM present, nor is there an official track record of trades. However, Will is quick to proclaim on a daily basis that he was able to yet again pull massive profits out of the stock market. The following graphic is from Profit.ly, where Will posts a supposed track record claiming that he turned his $80,000 into $136,000 in only three months.

Will Karaman Profitly

Of course, Trading Schools has already written about Profit.ly in the past. The results posted in Profit.ly are a scam infested cesspool of fake trading results.

Contacting Will Karamon

On multiple occasions we contacted Will Karamon of WillStockPicks.com and requested verification of his supposed “I turned $4k into $1,400,000 in only 3 years”, but of course, Will Karamon can supply nothing to substantiate his claims of trading success.

We also tried to verify 1st quarter 2016, supposed profit of $56k, but of course Will Karamon attempted to remain as muted as a fart in Church.

Wrapping Things Up

Will Stock PicksI attempted to keep this review as short as possible. A total 11 individuals requested that I review WillStockTrades.com (10 triggers a review), and I kept my word and got this done. This kid, Will Karamon is trading scammer that cannot provide even one morsel of evidence that he has ever turned a profit trading the stock market. Yet another punk kid trolling social media, looking for a few suckers to pay him for stock trading advice. Avoid.

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Nathan Michuad
Nathan Michuad

An obvious fraud, not even good at that!! Report this clown to the SEC.
Spammer and Twitter polluter.

Report to Twitter, shut him down


probably frontrunning his own recommendations…


Beware: Pretends that he offers a successfull signal service and a mentor program. Both don’t exist. Doesn’t react to emails. Takes subscribers fees without turning them back. Possibly frontrunning his recommendations on Penny stocks. Complete fraud.

Michelle Nguyen
Michelle Nguyen

To all who are considering paying this fraudster for his mentorship: Have a look at my twitter feed @mishtix888 to see how #WilliamConman speaks to paying members who ask him to verify that his trades are real #papertrading #havealltheinfo #makeupyourownmind These are all his own words, not mine


Hey Emmett, I would like to clear up this miss information, please get back t me so we can resolve this:

[email protected]


WIll Karaman

Lucas Eastman

This is a pretty harsh review. I’ve been trading with Will for four months- each month turning a profit. He calls out his plays on a mic and tells you what he thinks of them as he is trading them. I’ve watched him successfully trade & really don’t care if he is in fact making the trades or not since a majority of them are winning picks. Most importantly, he owns when he makes bad plays and will break down what he did wrong/ or what he did right.


Wrote a positive review wonder why it is not being posted.

This review is so far from reality it is comical. No idea where this review is coming from and I hope more people speak out against it. I want to start with saying, I am yet to be a subscriber. Why? Because I am still under the free trial period. This review obviously got under my skin, which is why I am taking the time to comment on my experience. So far I have followed the text alerts, sold when he said to sell, bought when he said to buy. I took the small losses and enjoyed the big gains.… Read more »
Stray Dog

I’m looking forward to hearing from Emmett when he receives your brokerage statements with the $6,000 profit.

Rob B

Still in trial and up $6K. Reminds me of another post of someone saying they were making tons of money and then a few days later post he lost it all.

I tell you want after being in his trading room for a few months you should have made a small fortune. I challenge you to show those brokerage statement at that time. I think I will not hold my breath.


I was thinking about joining Will Stock Picks how did it go?


4.7k a month is still much better than the supposed starting college grad salary. There are 5000 twit followers so the paid number of subscribers could be even higher. Have fun at Amy Sangster’s IP Ball 2016 exchanging stories of making millions in 2 years.


Are you still a subsriber?


at his age he should be chasing girls and experimenting with recreational drugs,
not get involved in trading/investments… trading is for adults yet almost all fail anyways. these reviews prove it!


Gosh, every year for the foreseeable future there may be a new misguided kid or two trying to be the next Timothy Sykes thanks to his “success story” and offshoots profit.ly & investiscamma. Also IP and AMG and similar.