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Training Traders is offering a multitude of trading products, including a $50,000 apprenticeship. The only problem is that the owner, Mr. Mike Baghdady has absolutely zero trading credibility, or any prior verifiable trading success. In fact, he owes Robbins Trading, a reputable futures brokerage more than $600,000 in trading losses and recently filed bankruptcy. Not exactly the sterling resume of a self proclaimed, “Trading Champion”. Mr. Baghdady was entirely uncooperative during the process of writing this review. And refused to verify his claims that he provides training for Bank of America, Citigroup, and JPMorganChase. Completely avoid this charlatan.

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Pros: Absolutely nothing to recommend.
Cons: A proven financial loser making outrageous claims of trading success, but unwilling to provide even the most basic level of transparency. Zero proof, wild claims, completely uncooperative.

Thanks for reading today’s review of

What is Trading Traders? is a website offering an assortment of day trading courses, software, mentorship, live day trading room, and automated day trading money management services. The owner of the company is a person named Mahmoud Baghdady (aka Mike Baghdady), with a last know address out of Bronx, New York. A quick look at the website reveals that the company keeps a mailing address in Cyprus. A review of the address in Cypress business maps, reveals that there is no actual business at this location. Rather this appears to be a random address that was generated in order to perhaps collect mail or give the appearance of a physical location in Cypress. The Cyprian government keeps an official registry of businesses that can be searched and researched at the following web link, unfortunately nothing can be found regarding Trading Traders, or Mr. Baghdady. I sent an email to Mr. Baghdady requesting clarification on the Cyprian address, thus far I have received no reply. Lets now take a look at the products and services currently being offered by

Training Traders Product Offering offers the following products and services:

  • An apprentice program at $50,000 per person
  • One hour coaching call at $150 per hour
  • Professional Trading Room at $99 per month
  • Wealth Generation Course at $2,499
  • Day Trading Course at $2,499
  • Wealth Generation Software at $9,997
  • Day Trading Software at $4,997
  • Forex Day Trading Signal Service at $99 per month

With such a wide and diverse product offering, what I really wanted to know was whether Mr. Baghdady would be willing to disclose his personal trading performance, and I next reached out to Mr. Bagdady using two identities. The first identity was (The Sheep) email where I describe myself as a retired person looking to learn how to trade, and that I had money to spend. I call this “The Sheep” email because the vendor will quickly identify this person as an easy target. Sure enough, Mr. Bagdady responded quickly. I asked about his personal trading performance and he gave the following response, “I won the World Of Trading, live trading competition in Frankfurt in 2009”. I asked if he would be willing to share his trading record with his trading room, his Forex signal service, or a record of trades from his live trading room. He refused.

Next, I sent “The Lion” email, where I identify myself as Emmett Moore with and that I was looking to write a review based upon prior trading performance and trading histories. Once he discovered that a Lion was at his door, he went dead silent and refused to engage whatsoever. However, when portraying myself as “The Sheep”, he is more than willing to engage.

This exchange of messages, the lack of transparency, and the fake address in Cyprus certainly worried me. And so I decided to dig deeper and research the history of Mike Baghdady.

The Long and Sad History of Mike Baghdady

Mike Baghdady has been selling trading education for a very long time. It appears that he began with a day trading education business in 2010 named Spyglass Trading that was closed down in 2012. Next, he created another trading educational company named New Turtle Traders that was closed down in 2013. It appears that Training Traders is the latest and greatest offering of Mike Baghdady.

A simple Google search of different variations of his prior and current business reveals a wide a varied stream of innuendo, complaints and praise, and differing opinions. This was not very helpful, so I next started calling around to my broker contacts in the industry and asked if anyone had heard of Mike Baghdady. I got a major hit with Robbins Futures out of Chicago. Many people are very familiar with Robbins Futures, as they are the originators of the World Cup Trading Championships. I would consider Robbins Trading to be highly reputable.

Apparently several years ago, Mr. Baghdady blew up his trading account and left an unpaid account balance that Robbins Trading has to pay on Mike Baghdady’s behalf. Robbins Trading had nothing nice to say about Mike Bagdady and likened trusting Mr. Baghdady to “trusting a hungry pack of hyenas to provide babysitting services to a newborn baby”.

More research concludes that Mr. Baghdady filed bankruptcy in 2010 and left many people with some very large debts. Please review the following screen shots…


Training Traders Scam

Obviously, this information begs the question as to whether anyone should be paying Mr. Baghdady for financial advice. In particular, how would anyone give this person $50,000 to join his apprentice program?

In addition to Mr. Bagdady projecting himself as a expert trader with many years of experience, he also makes some pretty outrageous claims of regarding his client list. He claims that he is training traders for some of the largest institutions in the world. Have a look at the following screen shot of his supposed client list…

Trading Traders Client List

I don’t know about you, but I am having a very hard time believing that any institution, such as JPMorganChase, UBS, Bank Of America, Citibank, or Barclays Capital would entrust a person to train it traders, that is currently being actively pursued by Robbins Trading for a $600,000 trading debt.

Of course, you can attempt to ask Mr. Bagdady about this, and he will simply ignore any requests for more information. In fact, the only way to reliably reach Mr. Baghdady is to portray yourself as an elderly retiree that needs help learning how to trade, and has plenty of money to spend. Is is no wonder why so many people lose money at the game of trading? Perhaps because they are putting their trust and faith in a person that cannot even open a trading account.

Cannot open a futures trading account? Yes. Whenever a futures FCM (Futures Commodity Merchant) opens a new trading account, they first check a database for bad actors that have burned other brokers. Mr. Bagdady has absolutely zero chance of ever getting approved for a futures trading account with any United States based FCM. Perhaps this explains why he is now a trading educator. The timeline matches with the bankruptcy filing in 2010.

Wrapping Things Up

For this review, I think that it is important to note that I did offer that Mr. Baghdady the opportunity to participate in The Robot trade tracking program, but he refused to even acknowledge the request. Not surprising.

Well that’s it for today. Sorry for yet another trading educator with absolutely zero proof of any prior trading success, and long and depressing history of financial failures. Thanks for reading and do not forget to leave your comments and questions below. Even the haters and trolls will find a home here.


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I had heard of Baghdaddy years before. I couldn’t quite remember except from some junk spam email ads. I stumbled on this old thread of Baghdaddy on trade2win.
A lot of these scammers have been around a long time i.e. “legacy” vendors. Others I hope Emmett gets to someday are John Ondercin, Mark “renegade trader” Deaton, Lance Beggs, Horst, and Netpicks.

The world needs people like Mike Baghdady. Maybe? There is a bit of a moral dilemma here; On the one hand all these hyped up educational “gurus” have financially ruined a lot of individuals, but on the other hand it might be considered a necessary evil for volume and volatility in the market. If the “real trading world” was revealed and if everyone was squeaky clean – how many people would actually trade the markets? Could most of us hand on heart say that to ‘some’ extent we didn’t get lured into trading from the hype? Not that im advocating… Read more »
Rob B
Sorta the same argument is made for HFT, yet there was a stock market before that. I would say more people stay out of the market due to thinking it is a rigged system. Just think if all that bond money went to the market instead. In fact I would say you see that is the situation right now. You have some great companies paying higher dividends plus growth potential than bonds pay, yet more people invest bonds. At today’s interest rates the stock market should be much higher yet it is not and I say that is in large… Read more »
fair point Rob, perhaps you’re right. I can see how dishonesty in the market can act as a deterrent from would be traders. Perhaps the supposed 90% failure rate would decline. But i still see it as somewhat of a double-edged sword at least in terms of attracting would-be traders. Most of the serious consistent traders that i’ve talked to – albeit not a large enough sample size, have always gone through the following mechanism: Seduced by high returns and entered the trading world > Learnt a lot of useless information from false gurus > lost money > Back to… Read more »
Rob B
Ah, but this is how most people who did not inherit wealth become wealthy. Slowly building up their business or investment over a long period of time. Even Trump, who got a lot money from his dad, did not start off being a billionaire. It came over time as his buildings went up in value. Warren Buffett slowly and steadily grew his companies. But today everyone wants instant success, which 99% of the time leads to instant failure. As I have often said they would be better off playing the lottery. I Skype with other traders and let me tell… Read more »
Good point RobB. Sorry you got taken by a scam TR. The scalping oil for 4 ticks with 8 tick sl looks like something Mark Sachs has been trying to peddle. What people don’t get these days is that HFT has taken over the markets since 2009. Everything is front run so any human trades are far messier. They tout “liquidity”, but it’s not the kind of real market liquidity that used to be around before HFT. And unfortunately these are desperate times with collapsing economies, wage deflation, lying governments, so everyone is trying to find some way to make… Read more »
Rob B

That is because in this business the money is in scamming people. I have no idea how poor Emmett will make any money with honest reviews, unless he eventually writes a book exposing this industry as I have suggested.


Greg Secker from is a heavy duty scammer


Baghdady belongs to what I like to call ‘heavy duty scammers’ – meaning, they’re not after just $300 for a course, oh no, they’ll fleece you out of +$10k. You should check out Jared Martinez ‘the FX Chief’ or Greg Secker if you want to see more of the same shenanigans.

Winter Is Coming
Winter Is Coming

What an absolute scumbag Baghdady is. Of the highest order.

I despise all off the snake oil, low life’s that Emmett is digging up and exposing. But good for you Emmett! I hope exposing these bottom feeders means karma will catch up to them once and for all.

Mary Davey

Hello Mr Emmet Moore,
I tried to find a direct email for you, but there is none on the site. I would like to write a response to your review if you would kindly contact me via email.
Thank you,
Mary Davey


Other lying scammer.


Mind blowing