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Adrian Manz, online trading guru, claims to have profited 110 out of prior 112 months. An amazing monthly win rate of 98%, yet will not provide any proof that substantiate these amazing claims of success. Multiple attempts to verify trading performance were ignored. Live trading room is devoid of a verifiable track record of trades. Poor online reputation with multiple complaints filed.

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Pros: Received good user comments regarding published books. Probably a good source of information for the basics of trading.
Cons: Received poor user comments regarding live trading services. Claims a nearly unbelievable win rate of 98% winning months, yet cannot provide or will not provide any proof.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Trader Insight

What is Trader Insight? Trader insight is a trading educational company that offers several downloadable trading educational courses, as well as several live trading services. The website is owned and managed by Adrian Manz. A quick review of reveals that Adrian has been offering trading educational products since about 2006.

Thus far, Trading Schools has received 20+ requests to review the Trader Insight products and services. Since March 1st, 2015 the Trading Schools blog has received a steady stream of inputs from 6 different purchasers of Adrian Manz books and live trading products.

The following is a list of all currently available video courses and books:

  • Stock Trading Like A Pro Video Course $300
  • Income Trading Academy Course $7,500
  • Trading Opening Gaps Course $99
  • The One Hour Trader $399
  • Stock Trading 101 course $125
  • Stock Trading 201 course $175
  • Four separate hard cover books ranging from $35-$59 each

The following is a list of “live” trading services:

  • First Hour Trading Pit $97 per month
  • Trade The News $149 per month
  • Around The Horn $197 per month
  • Nasdaq Scalper $97 per month
  • Daily Income Trader $695 quarterly
  • Forgotten Profits by Tim Biggam $49 monthly
  • Rapid Retirement System by Tim Biggam $1,497 annual

Zero Track Record

A review of the Trader Insight website reveals that there is no published track record of trades for any of the services. However, Adrian Manz claims the following,

We’ve done all the tedious research to find good set ups and potentially profitable trades so that you don’t have to. And you’ll be learning from someone who profited a record 110 out of the last 112 months.

On February 19 2016, Trading Schools sent an email to Adrian Manz informing him that we would be writing a thorough review of the live trading services. With particular interest in on verifying his claims of profiting at a monthly rate of 98% winners. No response.

Once again, on April 28 2016 Trading Schools sent an email to Adrian Manz requesting information on his claims of profiting at a monthly rate of 98% winners. No response.

On both occasions, using tracking links contained within the body of the email messages, I could confirm that someone was opening the messages. However, at no time did Adrian Manz respond to my requests to verify his claims of winning 110 out of 112 months.

However, using an anonymous email that was created, I sent the standard “sheep” email requesting more information on his live trading services. I received prompt responses from “The Sheep” email. What is a sheep email? A sheep email is a message that portrays myself a newbie trader looking to learn how to trade, that I have little experience, and I need help.

Am I implicitly implying that Adrian Manz is a fraud? No. However, I find it awfully suspicious that he is not willing to verify performance claims to a company that specializes in trading reviews. I find is equally suspicious that he is more than willing to help what many would consider to a be a “sheep”. Of course, this is just my opinion.

In my opinion, if I had profited 110 out of the past 112 months with my trading, I would be more than happy to verify this information. Mr. Manz is obviously selling quite an assortment of trading products, with such a stellar track record of trades, it only makes sense to be open and honest about trading results. Perhaps the claims of 120 months of profitability is simply not true.

Live Trading Room

During the month of May, a reader of the Trading Schools blog contacted me and asked if I could give my opinion of the live trading room. The reader had subscribed to the live trading service, and was gracious enough to allow me a few days admittance. After only a single day, I had enough. At no time did I see a live trading DOM on the screen, nor was there any record of trades. Sure, there were suggestions of trades, and there were conversations about certain set ups, but there was no actionable advice.

The hallmark of a good trading room is complete transparency and a complete and verifiable track record. In my opinion, I found Adrian Manz trading room to be severely lacking both.

Are the various trading room products scams? In all honesty, there is no way of really knowing. Since nobody is keeping score and keeping good records, then how can this service be evaluated? I expressed this opinion in the trading room, however my request for a track record was ignored.

In my opinion, Adrian Manz needs to accompany his trading products with a fill sheet directly from his brokerage. With such a massive amount of live trading product offerings, and suggestions, it is nearly impossible for Adrian not to show a winner on occasion. But is he really even live trading with his own advice?

Online Reputation

A quick Google search revealed several complaints listed on various websites. The following is a customer that purchased the “Around The Horn Pattern Scan” product. This product proclaimed to include a 60 day money back guarantee. The customer was not happy and wanted his money back. As per the complaint, Adrian Manz simply ignored the person and pocketed his money.

Another online complaint filed on Rip Off Report also claimed that the Adrian Manz, Passive Income Trader program marketed the following claim, “I turned
 a $12,822 account into $3.8 million in just 8 months”.  However, after participating in the program, he was not able to achieve any success whatsoever.

In addition to the Trader Insight website, it appears that Adrian Manz also has several other affiliated websites that he is using for marketing purposes. These include a website titled, Daily Momentum Traders and Straddle Traders Pro Reviews. Both the Momentum Traders and Straddle Trader Pro products have been removed. It appears that Adrian is keen on creating ever newer products with names like Momentum Trader Service, Straddle Traders Pro Service, etc.

Do these negative reviews and various online complaints mean that his services are a scam? Considering that Adrian has been selling trading products for nearly a decade, we can expect at least some complaints. But I find it worrisome that so many products seem to be appearing and disappearing over the life of the business.

I also find it especially troublesome that Adrian refuses to publish any sort of verifiable track record of trades.

Wrapping things up

Another day, and yet another review of a “trading guru” that either cannot, or will not verify claims of trading success. Perhaps after Mr. Manz reads this review, he will be compelled to respond. Be compelled to publish trading records that verify his claims of winning 98% months.

I dont know about you, but if I were able to generate profits 98% of the time, I sure as heck would not be selling trading courses. I would be out enjoying myself and spending all of those massive profits.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments below. And if you have every purchased any of Adrian Manz products or services, your opinion would be greatly appreciated.



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Joe (@guest_30642)
3 years ago

I always check for track records, no track record, no refund record, just flashes a red light to me. I do better just using my provider graphs. Tip, almost everything on the Internet using the word free is a scam. Never offer a credit card number to pay postage on a FREE SAMPLE or product of any kind.

sam (@guest_7762)
4 years ago

They can’t show any proof of “110 months out of 112” profitability because there is no record. There’s probably even no sim trading. I recall reading about some old vendor staff saying all they did was open receipts and checks for subs and products while there was trading going on. Good to see this scam exposed. I’d had “Dr. Adrian Manz” spam email years ago for a long time before I closed that dummy email used to peruse vendors because it was getting full of daily spam mail. It just popped in my head of that scam room host who draws a bunch of colored lines on his chart to grab and move later in his “live trading” videos where there he only talks about the charts. In some aspects, Manz’ legacy operation is worse as it’s been around longer than WT and relative newcomer scams post 2009 “market recovery” and has survived not showing any records at all and relatively little backlash or ripoff reporting.

italiansharp (@guest_7745)
4 years ago

just another scammer in the trading industry..that tells you that trading from home is almost impossible. All these scamming vendors are failed traders themselves. But they know there are beginning,naive dreamers like they were once and so they go after them once they failed.

sam (@guest_7763)
4 years ago
Reply to  italiansharp

Pretty much. Like in the review, if a trader was making 98% p/l consistently why the heck would they even do trading sites and products. It’s every new retailers dream to be racking it in and most of these vendors are past retailers who actually lost and never learned to trade so in turn they rationalize selling the dream to others even though it’s a scam. Mark Sach’s review where he mentioned blaming and wasting money on scam vendors and useless trading “education” years earlier comes to mind. There are probably a few retailers banking it, but it’s probably like competitive sports where only the top % can even make a living at it.

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_7770)
4 years ago
Reply to  italiansharp

It is not where you trade at that is the problem; it is how you trade. If you are running a robot you can even rent a server right next to the exchange.

The problem is you have trading room operators who only goal is too make money, so they sell people complete non sense, because that is what most want to hear. Most of these people have little to no capital and are clueless about money and return on money and think day trading is some miracle whereby they will be able to make insane returns and quit their day job.

How many of these rooms teach something along the lines of:

You too can make a living using 500 to 1 leverage trading a highly volatile instrument like CL by micro scalping it for a few tick and take many trades a day every day rain or shine. And do it with an 80% win rate and a straight up equity curve. And on top of that make a $1000 salary a day.

Seriously the odds of you getting hit by lightening are better than that happening, yet that is what they teach. Why because this is what the underfunded trader wants to believe in and needs to hear. I call it the fantasy world of trading. As I have said many times most people rather lose money trading the fantasy world than have a chance to make money trading the real world.

They do not want to hear trading is about return on your investment just like every other investment. They do not want to hear they actually need to be properly funded and the only people that should be trading CL is GS and other large investors who are funded to do such. They do not want to hear no way in hell they are going to have a straight up equity curve and take home a salary every day. They certainly do not want to hear about drawdowns or realistic returns you can make. After all if you only have a $5000 account do you want to hear you might be able to make a 30% return busting your ass for 40+ hours a week (trading, studying, preparing, and documenting). That is $1500 a year for that.

And worst the trading rooms want you to believe nothing is related to each other and yet everything is related. The amount you risk is related to the drawdowns you will have which is also related to the return you will make. So take big risk, prepare for big drawdowns and probably blow your account. Take smaller risk you get smaller returns. Everything interacts and that is why you cannot make the insane returns they promise.

Bottom line is trade properly and yes one can trade profitable from home. Trade the non sense way taught by TR and I say Good Luck My Friend.

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_7734)
4 years ago

I think you’ve made an error in your review Emmett. I believe the correct claim is “I turned
 a $3.8 million account into $12,822 in just 8 months”.

Chris (@guest_32143)
3 years ago
Reply to  Stray Dog


30-Apr-18 7-12-44 PM.png
Rob B
Rob B (@guest_7731)
4 years ago

Man just think of people saving their entire life to retire. Gosh I can just wait until I am 64 years 4 months and then enact the Passive Income Trader program whereby, “I turned
 a $12,822 account into $3.8 million in just 8 months”. Gosh Emmett what is there not to love about that. I believe!! You and your wanting proof. You are spoiling everything!!!!

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