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A day trading room that is claiming to earn over $25,000 per month and operates from a business address that is currently occupied by a chicken restaurant. Received high praise from Dr. Dean Handley where Dr. Dean claims that he turned a $5,000 account into over $50,000 in only three months. Company making wild and outrageous claims of earning over 25,000% every year for the past 5+ years. The trading room is a complete joke with absolutely zero credibility and zero transparency. No trading DOM present on screen, no trading from the charts, no official track record of trades taken, no trading statements, hindsight trading at its best. A couple of village idiots trying to score a quick buck from the naive and desperate. A complete and total waste of time.

Pros: Absolutely nothing to recommend.
Cons: Zero transparency, zero verifiable track record of trades, trading room is a complete joke with no DOM present on screen. No trading from the charts. Making wild and outrageous claims of massive monthly profits with zero losing months.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Trade The Emini, Momentum Trading Systems, and Momentum Trading Room

What is,, and All three of these websites are owned by two people that wish to only be known as Don and John. The websites all offer access to a live futures day trading room at $299 per month. There is a also a “morning report” subscription that can be purchased for $297 every quarter.

The morning report offers possible support and resistence levels and possible entry and exit points. The live day trading room typically runs 2 hours each day.

Initial Observation

The first thing that I look for is the About page. I want to see whom is running these businesses. Unfortunately, the owners of this company only describe themselves as “Professional Traders” and give no personal histories of the people running this business. All three websites, as per were founded in 2009, also in 2013, and 2011. You will notice that each website has a free 5 day trial period. I signed up for two free trial periods during the months of February 2016 and April 2016. Once you sign up for the trial, a web form revealed that the address for these businesses is listed as 791 N. HWY 77, Waxahachie, TX, 75165. A google search of this address reveals that the exact location is also the location for a business named, Chicken Express.

Trade The EminiI next called Chicken Express at this location and asked if they had ever heard of a business named Trade The Emini, Momentum Trading Systems, or Momentum Trading Room. The manager, whom is named Earl explained that he had never heard of any of these businesses.

Next, I then noticed that Dean Handley, PhD, MBA, and JD certified this trading room and described it as having “strong financial stewardship” and personally certified this trading room. In fact, Dean claims that during the 12 week period in which he observed this trading room, he was able to turn a $5,000 combination of real money account and sim account into over $50,000 in trading profits.

Of course, I dont want to give Dean too hard a time on this review, for I have also written some real stinkers as well. But just for fun, I thought I would republish Dean’s write up.

Dr Dean Review of

Surely, with all these amazing amazing accolades from Dr. Dean, I would be able to replicate the results and turn my $5,000 into over $50,000 in only 12 weeks. In fact, I was hoping to do better! Lets next take a look at the supposed, real trading performance of our favorite trading duo, Don and John. Apparently trading out of a chicken restaurant.

Supposed Real Time Results

The following is the supposed, real time and 100% verifiable trading performance of the live trading room. Please notice that these guys are claiming returns of over a 100% MONTHLY return on a $10,000 trading account.

Wow! 100% returns every month!

Wow! 100% returns every month!

Now keep in mind, that this is just the live trading room, they also offer a “morning report” subscription and are claiming real time, 100% verifiable trading performance as follows.

150% monthly returns! 100% REAL!

150% monthly returns! 100% REAL!











If you found this even remotely outrageous, then please have a complete look at the performance page of these hustlers. They claim that going back to 2011 they have a success rate of 100% each month,  and average only one or two losing days a month. In fact, using a simple compounding calculator, and entering the performance metrics that these circus clowns are claiming, then a person with an initial trading balance of $10,000 would of now grown their trading account to over $118,813,760,000 US dollars.

That’s not millions folks, we are talking about $118 billion dollars. According to Forbes (2016), the richest man in the world is Bill Gates at $75 billion and the worlds greatest investor is Warren Buffet at a meager $60 billion. I don’t know about you, but I need to contact Warren Buffet and explain to him that “Don and John” trading out of a chicken restaurant in Waxahachie, Texas, population 30,000 has a trading room that will solve the 17 trillion dollar US national debt in only 6.5 years! Whom would of thought that “Don and John” and their amazing trading room could do such so a thing?

The Trading Room Experience

At this point, most people have probably already concluded that these guys are complete and total scammers that were enabled by Dr. Dean Handley. But oh no, you must also feel my pain for having to screen record these simpletons for two weeks. I had to try and figure out exactly what these guys have been doing in that chicken restaurant all day. Well let me tell you…the trading room is a complete and total waste of time. No live trading on the charts, no trading DOM, no daily record of trades, no account statements, no accountability whatsoever. So what exactly is happening with these bozo’s inside of the live trading room? Conversation. And nothing more.

After a big move, you will get plenty of  verbal high fives and back slapping each other, and congratulations to everyone that subscribes to the trading service about yet another massively profitable day of trading. A complete and total joke and an insult to even the most intellectually challenged. Just try and send them an email asking for any sort of proof of their amazing trading exploits. No response.

Send them an email and portray yourself as a fresh faced newbie, looking to learn how to day trade? Oh my, plenty of A+ customer service. But the very moment that you ask for any sort of proof, they disappear like a fart in the wind.

On April 28, 2016 I sent out one final email, but this time I accurately portrayed myself as Emmett Moore with TradingSchools.Org. I kindly asked to write a review, and that the review would be based upon real performance that I could verify. The email contained tracking codes that notify me the instant they opened the email. I could see them opening and passing the email back and forth, but no response. I even gave them the opportunity to prove themselves by participating in The Robot trade tracking program, but once again no response. Apparently the only way you can get them to respond is to act like a complete bozo with the intelligence of a dancing monkey.

Wrapping Things Up

Well that’s if for today. Yet another couple of trading scammers looking to swindle the naive and desperate of a few hundred dollars each month. Thanks for reading and sorry this review was about yet another crappy trading vendor. Please don’t forget to leave a comment below. Even the trolls and haters will find that their voices will be heard.



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