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A “Dr” of highly dubious origin. Dr. Barry Burns insists that he is a master trader living in a castle. Yet, he refuses to provide even the most minimal shred of evidence that supports his claims of amazing trading successes. Perhaps day trading is not for you? The good doctor can also teach you to be a master MLM/Pyramid Hustler, selling all manner of amazing oils, potions, and elixirs guaranteed to solve all of life’s ills. A hardcore internet marketer looking to appeal to the simple, naive, and financially desperate. In my opinion, he should be avoided.

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Pros: Very good marketing. Low pressure sales pitch. Marginally useful videos on technical analysis.
Cons: Trading educator refuses to show any proof whatsoever of prior trading success. Educator also has a long and storied career as a pyramid salesman. Claims to be a PhD and prefers the title of Doctor. However, the PhD appears to be of the mail order variety.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Top Dog Trading

What is Top Dog Trading? Top Dog Trading is what I would consider to be a “legacy” trading educator. These are trading educators that have been around for at least 10 years. The owner of Top Dog Trading is a guy by the name Dr. Barry Burns. Top Dog Trading is one of the more seasoned educators on the trading educational guru scene. He can often be found giving investment advise on Online Traders Central, involved in many co-promotions with other long time trading educators, is listed as an “expert” and a “master trader” on many promotional websites like Trader Kingdom, and he even has a book titled, “Trend Trading for Dummies“. The Top Dog Trading educational package includes the following items:

Foundation Course #1: Precision Trading Cycle Tops and Bottoms $297, Foundation Course #1 and #2 Momentum and Catching the Big Moves $495 for both. In addition to the video course, Barry is also offering a $99 a month video package. The video package includes three special videos each week that give you secret insights into how the markets are currently moving in relation to the Top Dog Trading course.

On the first week of January 2016, I made several attempts to reach out to Dr. Barry Burns. Using an alias, what I really wanted to discover was whether Dr. Barry Burns is really a trader, or is he just another internet marketer selling a bunch of rehashed technical indicators to the naive and uninformed. The first and most obvious question that I had for Barry is what is his own individual trading performance? Does he have a track record? Nowhere on his website is any mention of trading performance. He simply refers to himself as an international expert trader,  master trader, or highly acclaimed expert trader . After repeated attempts to discover just how well Barry trades, he finally started ignoring my requests. Next, I used different aliases and came at him at different angles and postures. Once again, he blew me off. Finally, on February 15, I revealed myself as Emmett Moore with TradingSchools.Org and explained to him in very clear language that this review would be read by thousands of people. That he should be completely open and honest with me about his own personal trading, and to please disclose his own individual trading performance. In a nutshell, should this guy be giving investment advice to the masses?

Of course, Dr. Barry Burns simply refused to provide any performance history whatsoever. He is of the attitude that by showing me his trading results, that this is somehow illegal and that he might get into some sort of trouble. Of course, this is a pure hogwash/baloney sandwich and there is no law or rule that says that a private party cannot show another private their trading performance. It is true that he may have concerns about privacy, however he can simply redact an annualized trading account statement and screen share it with me. By viewing a redacted brokerage statement, I can go back to my audience and declare that this guy is real. But with Dr. Barry Burns, that wasn’t happening. He is of the attitude that people must simply trust him and hope that he is telling the truth. But he did assure me that he is indeed a true master trader, and that he was considering joining a trading competition so that the world can witness his greatness. He also directed me to his testimonials page where I could see with my own eyes just how emphatic his students feel about his trading.

The websites of Dr. Barry Burns

One of the things that I like to look at is the marketing tactics of a trading vendor. Some of these trading vendors have dozens of different websites offering all manner of trading wisdom. Dr. Barry Burns is certainly part of this class of promoter. Dr. Barry Burns currently maintains the following websites:,,,,,,,, HowToTrade.Org and whole host of other websites that would take three afternoons to list. In addition to the individual websites that Barry uses to promote his day trading awesomeness, he also maintains a YouTube channel which has a healthy audience, eager to hear his trading wisdom.

It appears that Dr. Barry Burns main ambition and marketing tactic is to appeal to the opportunity seeker, or the person looking to make easy money at home from a computer. At no time does he ever offer any proof that he has ever traded successfully. This appears to be all marketing magic. The more I looked at all of these trading websites, my intuition was that this guy is probably a career network marketer/pyramid hustler.

There are a lot of parallels between network marketing, pyramid marketing schemes and day trading. In fact, many of the trading educators on the scene today have a long history selling magic oils and potions from a network marketing scheme. Dr. Barry Burns is certainly no exception.

Dr. Barry Burns the network marketer

Dr. Barry Burns

As seen on CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, and lives in a Castle? Sounds like a fairy tale.

In addition to being able to teach a person how to become a full time professional day trader, Dr. Barry Burns can also can teach a person how to make big bucks at MLM or Multi Level Marketing. Some of the his websites are quite interesting:, and where Barry reveals how to earn over $100k per year, part time from home. He also claims to be multimillionaire from network marketing.

In addition to MLM websites, Dr. Barry Burns also maintains where he claims to currently earn two, six figure annual incomes working from his castle in Los Angeles Ca. Using an alias, I sent Barry an email about his various and many multi level marketing opportunities. I was really curious about his claims of living in a castle in Los Angeles. That sounded interesting and I was hoping for some proof of the castle and the multiple six figure incomes, but he simply refused my requests. Really, I just wanted to see his castle.

Dr. Barry Burns: Provider of  amazing health products

Perhaps you are not interested in Barry’s magical trading methods? Well no problem because the good doctor has a whole variety of other Dr Barry's Magic Oilamazing products that apparently can cure just about any illness. Lets take a look at some of Barry’s magical medicinal’s. Having a problem with coronary artery disease, cancer, respiratory disorders, accidental injuries, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide? Well Barry has a magical oil named SunSet that contains a special variety of roots and herbs that can help cure all of these conditions. A person can either eat the magical oil, or rub the oil into any problem areas. All problems promptly solved.

Dr. Barry's Cure AllPerhaps you need to stop the aging process? You are tired of getting older? Well Barry has a another special oil that cures this problem as well. In addition to stopping the aging clock, this special oil reduces appetite, gives you higher levels of energy, lets you sleep better, cures skin conditions, removes unwanted fat, increases muscle mass, and grows back your hair. But remember, this must be either eaten or rubbed liberally onto any problem areas.

Did you know that your body is infested with parasites? These parasites are actively stealing your life force and destroying your bodies autoimmune system. Well no longer because the good doctor has another magical oil that was extracted from the Lapacho Tree, which is found hidden deep in the ozone pure jungles of Dr. Barry's cure all oil and trading magiccentral America. The “highly advanced Inca’s used it as their primary medicine” and boy does is cure some major illnesses like regulating blood sugar levels, eliminates all pain, strengthens cellular structure, is an antibiotic, an anti microbial, and cures erectile dysfunction.

Having a problem losing weight? Don’t like to exercise? Well the good Dr. Barry Burns has yet another amazing solution for you, its called a Herbal Body Wrap. This special, secret, and proprietary blend of 27 herbs, minerals, and sea vegetation will immediately melt away those unwanted pounds, while simultaneously detoxifying the body of any unwanted toxins and free radicals. Many customers are reporting amazing results,

“After my sixth body wrap, I recently went to buy my brother some cigarettes. I am a 35-year-old mother. Besides having lost almost a size of clothes in inches, when I went to buy cigarettes recently, the guy behind the counter looked at me very closely, paused a moment, then told me that he Dr Barry Burns amazing body wrapscouldn’t sell me any cigarettes. I thought perhaps he was out of my brand. But when I inquired why, he said, “Ma’am, I can’t sell cigarettes to anyone under 18.” Then, when I assured him that I was over 18 and showed him my driver’s license, he said, “Well, all that proves to me is that you look a lot like your 35 year old sister!” Well, was I flattered! His boss finally forced him to sell me the cigarettes, because legally, he had to because of my ID, but he wasn’t happy to do it. This is the best testimonial to the changes that the Body Wraps have brought!”
C. J.

Of course, I do not expect you to simply believe what I am writing. In fact, you should do your own research. Dr. Barry Burns claims to be a 6 figure earner selling these products, you can find a complete list of these products, and many more at the Life Force International website or

Dr Barry Burns: Doctor of what?

Whenever a trading educator starts using the moniker, “Doctor or PhD” the bullshit meter starts bouncing in the red zone. In the past year of writing this blog, I have yet to find a doctor/trading educator with authentic credentials from an accredited university. However, I have found plenty of mail order PhD’s and bullshit fakers with every sort of outrageous credentials. With Dr. Barry Burns, it appears that he is PhD is of the mail order variety.

Dr. Barry Burns claims to hold a Doctorate in Hypnotherapy and is a certified Nuero Linguistic Practitioner. I was really curious about this Doctorate in Hypnotherapy and so I Google searched, in hopes of finding out what it takes to get one of these PhD’s. It turns out that anyone can get this PhD. All you need is couple of hundred dollars and a mailing address for your official looking diploma. There is no prerequisite or undergrad degree requirements. The whole degree is based upon your life experiences and self reported successes.

Personally, I find these diploma mills outrageous and egregious frauds. And I find it even more outrageous that someone like “Dr” Barry Burns calls himself a doctor and is selling magic oils that supposedly can cure just about every know ailment known to mankind. So what does all of this have to do with Dr. Barry Burns day trading educational courses?

In my opinion, looking at the big picture of Dr. Barry Burns, this guy appears to a complete and total charlatan. He claims to be a master trader and highly successful, yet he is unwilling to show any proof whatsoever. He has a long history of selling some seriously shady products in the charlatan infested MLM/Pyramid marketing industry. And, he prefers that everyone call him Doctor Barry Burns, when in reality this PhD in hypnosis is of highly dubious origin. How anyone could give this guy a nickel  for health advice, or financial advice is simply amazing.

Oh, and lets not forget that he claims to live in a Castle. A Castle in Los Angeles, Ca? This sure sounds like a fairy tale to me.

Wrapping Things Up

Thanks for reading this review. I think most of my readers certainly did not need this review in order to make an educated guess on this dude. Its obvious to me that this guy is a really creative marketer. However, the more I dug around and discovered his amazing health products, it just made me laugh and I could not resist writing about him. In the zany, wacky world of trading educators, this Barry Burns is certainly one of the more colorful characters.

Oh, and Barry, when you read this. I would be more than happy to write you a new review. But you need to provide some evidence that you actually trade. Heck, you dont even need to be very good at trading! Give me something that I can see, in a private viewing. I will gladly come back to the audience, eat humble pie, and proclaim your greatness to the world.

Well that’s it for now. Don’t forget to leave your comments below. Thanks for reading.


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