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Toni Turner is a creature of the Traders Expo and Money Show investment circus. For the past 18 years, she has appeared dozens of times.

Her bestselling book on day trading has now sold over 100k copies. Is it any good? Not really.

Is Toni Turner an honest presenter? Absolutely. She doesn’t make any bold promises of investment glory and is really measured in her marketing approach. She more relies upon charm and excellent communication skills.

Not a world class investor. But is offering the basics in an ethical manner.

An OK starting point for the “Trading For Newbies” type individual.

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Toni Turner is long time trading educator. According to Archive.Org, she has been selling all manner of investment advice since about 2001. Sometimes I refer to an investment educator as an old dinosaur, which I define as anyone selling investment advice for 15+ years.

But if I were to reference Toni Turner as an old dinosaur, I would surely offend every grandmother on the planet. If there is one lesson that I have learned the hard way, don’t ever offend a grandmother. And never describe a woman as old.

Regardless, Toni has been shilling books, webinars, seminars, trading indicators, advisory services, mentoring, investment hand holding, and pretty much every possible product across the entire spectrum for nearly 20 years.

According to a public record check, her base of operations is from a modest condominium located in Sarasota, Florida.

Toni Turner has no professional accreditations or investment advisor registrations with Finra, or the National Futures Association. According to national financial registry databases, Toni Turner simply does not exist.

Toni Turner: a deeper look

When writing a review about an investment educator, one of the first things I ask is “what did they do before they were an investment educator?” Did they hold a job in the investments industry? Are they licensed in any capacity? Do they have any sort of verifiable private or public track record that I can share with my audience?

After an exhaustive search of Toni Turner, pre-2001 investment guru era…it appears that Toni was simply a writer and professional marketer.

In about 2001, she just popped up, out of thin air and declared to the world that she was some sort of world-class investor.

It appears her marketing strategy is narrowly focused. She is quite simply a creature of the Traders Expo and Money Show investment seminar circus. We went back over the past 17 years of these investment circuses and it appears that Toni has been a presenter of nearly 50 of these shows! This is incredible considering that to be a speaker at one of these shows, you would need to spend between $5k and $12k per show.

I would estimate her advertising spend at these clown shows to be about $250k–which is an incredible number. With this in mind, she has to be selling a massive amount of educational products to support such a large ad spend.

What is Toni Turner selling?

A better question would be…what is Toni Turner not selling? She has a product for nearly every imaginable demographic and genre.

The list of products goes on and on and on. How to swing trade, how to day trade, how to long-term invest, how to scalp trade, how to trend trade, how to use volume, etc. All priced in the sweet spot between $100 – $500.

In addition, she is offering Tony’s Market Club: Discover How To Leverage The Secret Strategies And Expertise Of An Experienced Professional Trader To Help You Achieve The Ideal Trading Lifestyle priced at $97 per month.

Toni Turner Investment Books

Toni Turner is a busy publisher and hard working writer of investment books. Beginning in the year 2000, she published her first book: A Beginners Guide to Day Trading Online.

A Beginner's Guide To Day Trading Online

At the time she published her first book, it was really the ‘sweet spot’ for selling anything related to day trading. Many readers are probably not aware, but in the year 2000, there was a massive tech bubble that was created by day traders. When Toni’s book hit the scene, it was lightning in a bottle. According to recent promotional materials, the book has now sold well over 100k copies.

With such a smashing success, she has followed up the original book with a 2nd edition that was published in 2007.

A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading Online (2nd edition)

If an author is selling a lot of books, what should they do next? Write more books!!!

Make Money Trading: How to Build a Winning Trading Business with foreword by Toni TurnerShort-Term Trading in the New Stock MarketInvest to Win: Earn & Keep Profits in Bull & Bear Markets with the GainsMaster Approach






How many books does Toni Turner currently sell each month? According to Amazon Analytics Tool, which estimates the total sales volume for books sold only on Amazon, Toni Turner is currently selling roughly 500+ investment books each month.

Total gross monthly revenue for her books comes in around $6k – $7k. Excellent money, in my opinion.

Are Toni Turner books any good?

During the month of April 2018, TradingSchools.Org purchased the 2nd edition of A Beginners Guide To Daytrading Online.

What we really wanted to know is whether the book contained any groundbreaking material regarding day trading. First let me say, the book is well written. Toni is an excellent writer. The book has a nice flow and is packed with a tremendous amount of the basics.

She does a great job analogizing and creating compelling comparisons to real life events. For instance, chapter 12: Love Your Losses, They’re a Trader’s Best Friend, she weaves her story from fantastical headlines like “Seven Suicide Scenes” and “How Not to Catch a Falling Knife.”

Toni is an excellent writer. She is almost too good. As I read these wonderful tales of day trading glory, I kept wondering if she was just a clever writer that was simply writing clever sentences. Simply giving extremely generalized advice that is contained in 99% or related books? I believe so. But the difference is that she is a top-tier storyteller. She is a pro at ‘dressing up’ the mundane.

But does Toni Turner even day trade? Does she even invest at all?

Contacting Toni Turner

During the month of May 2018, TradingSchools.Org reached out to Toni Turner with a few questions. We used a pseudonym. We wanted to know if she had any sort of verifiable track record of day trading? Considering that she has sold over 100k copies of her book, she should be considered an expert.

To our surprise, she emailed us and replied, “I don’t really day trade much.” She next commented that nearly everyone that day trades will lose all of their money within the first year, and that if you break even “you are doing extremely well”.

Wow, what a surprise. I was expecting something like: “I make massive profits each month” but what I got was a brutally honest response.

She continued to describe her own investment results as someone that earns “10% – 20% annually, sometimes more and sometimes less.”

Once again, totally surprised. Usually, the educator proclaims 10,000% annual returns! Her response was entirely believable. No reason to ask for ‘proof’.

She finished off our conversation with “please remember to trade only with money you can afford to lose until you become a more experienced trader.”

As I read and reread our email exchanges, I couldn’t help but think I was receiving advice from a sage old grandma. (I did not call Toni an old grandma!)

Wrapping things up

I really tried to come up with a negative narrative for Toni Turner. Writing shitty stories about investment gurus is something I enjoy. But Toni didn’t give me much negative material to write about.

Toni is a world-class communicator. A world-class salesperson. She might have missed her calling as a politician. That’s how good she is at sounding authentic.

As far as her various investment products and services, it’s probably OK for the newbie and generalist. She certainly is not in the business of hurting anyone. Nor does she offer products and services that would lead anyone into financial peril.

Toni Turner is sort of like a McDonald’s hamburger. The ingredients are stupid simple, but she does a great job of selling the pickles, the secret sauce, the uninspiring American cheese, etc.

Toni Turner is basically selling financial fast food with a side of good ethics. You can eat it for quick nourishment, but you cannot eat it forever. It won’t lead you to the pinnacle of financial health. But its tasty enough.

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