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Mark Shawzin, according to the SEC and State of California, is a long time investment hustler. Some of his prior convictions included a $6.3 million insider trading scheme, acting as an unregistered investment advisor, selling unregistered investment notes, an operating as an unlicensed and unregistered Forex merchant.

Since the 1990’s, the list of complaints and violations is as sad as a Thanksgiving dinner–with no turkey.

It would appear that the only turkeys are those that were unfortunate enough to trust this guy and invest in his various failed investment schemes. A long and sad list of Forex investment schemes spanning many years.


Thanks for reading today’s  review of The Pattern Trader with Mark Shawzin.

Mark Shawzin claims to have worked for some of Wall Streets most prestigious trading firms including Merril Lynch, EF Hutton, Drexel Burnham, Oppenheimer, and Commodities Corp. In his own words, “They all wanted a piece of me.” He projects himself as some sort of Forex investment management guru. And he wants to manage your money.

But before you ‘pull the trigger’ on this so-called Forex investment guru that has claimed to turn $3k into $1.5 million in less than a year…there are a few things you should know. Let’s talk about Mark.

Much of the following information was taken from interviews and information provided by the SEC, the State of California Department of Business Oversight, Archive.Org, emails sent directly to TradingSchools.Org from past customers, and multiple review websites.

Mark Shawzin: The early days

According to the SEC, Mark Shawzin personally profited from a $6.36 million dollar insider trading scheme relating to Motel 6 stock. The SEC issued a permanent injunction against Mark and he was ordered to pay $3.2 million in illegally obtained profits.

According to Finra.Org, Mark Shawzin is not a registered investment advisor, nor are there any listed investment credentials. It would appear that whatever his prior claims of being the Vice President of Merrill Lynch, Vice President of EF Hutton, Vice President of Drexel Burnham Lambert, and Vice President of Oppenheimer are simply a figment of his overly active imagination. None of these firms, according to Finra.Org, has ever listed Mark Shawzin as Vice President.

After or during the SEC investigation of the insider trading scandal, according to the State of California Department of Business Oversight, investigators discovered that Mark was involved in yet another investment scheme with a company named Brewer Investment Group.

According to the SEC, Brewer Investment Group was charged with fraud for the sale of unregistered promissory notes. How did these investment notes perform? Not so well.

The complaint described this so-called investment as a “purely fraudulent investment” where at least 74 investors were enticed into investing $5.6 million dollars into a shell company located on the Isle of Man. Unfortunately, for those that trusted, they lost nearly everything.

Mark Shawzin: Forex Trading Riches

Truth be told, it’s hard compiling a complete list of all of the companies that Mark Shawzin has founded and then subsequently shuttered because of complaints and regulatory violations. Lets take a look a several that have mysteriously disappeared. A now defunct Forex investment scheme where investors were enticed into opening offshore and unregistered Forex trading accounts. The pitch was simple, open an account and let Mark trade your account. Things apparently did not go so well. TradingSchools.Org received 3 consumer complaints alleging “churning and burning.”

What is “churning and burning?” According to the State of California Department of Business Oversight, this is exactly the activity in which they have received consumer complaints. So what is it? Let me explain…Mark tells a wonderful story of how much investors will earn trading his Forex signals. In the past, he has promised 100% annual returns. But the catch is that the investor must open a Forex trading account with his recommended Forex brokerage.

Once the account is opened and Mark obtains trading authorization to trade on the investor’s behalf, he allegedly begins to rapidly execute trades. Why rapidly execute trades? Because Mark is receiving the following financial benefit:

  • A hidden commission on every trade that is executed.
  • A percentage of the spread of every trade. For instance, the typical spread for a Forex account is 1-4 ‘pips’. Mark was not disclosing that he was receiving a percentage of the spread. According to the State of California. This activity is illegal in the United States.
  • A 25% fee of any trading profits.

The presence of this undisclosed relationship clearly demonstrates a conflict of interest. The more trades that Mark can execute, the more he profits from commissions and ‘pip’ spreads. The State of California was not impressed and issued a Cease and Desist order.

How much has Mark Shawzin earned from various investment schemes?

It’s hard to tell. Over the years there have been many Forex investment companies that have appeared and then suspiciously disappeared. Some of these companies included: A now-defunct “Forex Asset Management Company” rife with online complaints and allegations of fraud. Yet another defunct “Private Asset Management” company that promised big Forex profits and according to multiple online complaints; failed to deliver. Yet another “Professional Forex Asset Management” company that promised 40% – 100% annual returns which failed to deliver and has been the subject of multiple online complaints. A Forex asset management company this is currently promising 10% monthly returns and a one-time, upfront fee of $7,995 for some sort of “secret trading system.” An automated Forex signal service (now defunct) that promised huge gains, but only delivered huge losses to investors.

The re-occurring pattern

In my opinion, it appears that Mark is simply moving from hustle to hustle. Making big promises of investment riches, enticing unsophisticated investors into investing, and then quickly ‘churning and burning’ for quick profits. Why else would so many companies appear and then suspiciously disappear-like a fart in the wind?

And where is the proof that he turned $3k into $1.5 million in less than a year?

Where is the proof that anyone has ever earned 10% monthly or 100% annually from his various investment schemes?

He claims that he was the Vice President of nearly every major investment company in the United States. Yet, Finra.Org has no work history or registration for this guy.

The only thing provable and absolutely factual is that Mark Shawzin has developed a murderers portfolio of SEC and State securities violations dating back to the 1990’s. Is this really someone you want to trust with your investments?

Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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Dean (@guest_5061708)
29 days ago

Mark Shawzin the scum bucket is still peddling his fraud. He claims to make a mere 2 million in a few days whilst still pushing sales tactics for a few hundred bucks. If people believe that shit, then maybe they deserve to lose their money.

Kyron (@guest_5056332)
10 months ago

Hello Mark,
This is my fourth attempt and documenting, regarding my refund for 129$. I purchased the pattern trader on 5/19/2020. I lost money on the trade Mark sent out,
Pair: XAGUSD (spot Silver) To be clear, I don’t care for the loss. It was a -13,00$ loss
Entry Order: BUY Stop @ $17.51
Stop Loss: $17.25
Take profit: $18.87
My first attempt to collect a refund was not even 5 days ago after signing up. According to the Pattern Trader, 30 days money back, no question asks. Also, Mark has stated this in many of his videos surfing around the internet.

On 5/22/2020, I received an email from Pattern Trader support – Marian (Pattern Trader Support) but she did not mention anything in my previous emails regarding my refund.
May 22, 2020, 11:00:21 PM MST
Hi there,
That’s not a problem, although it’s a shame to see you go.
I have canceled your Pattern Trader subscription.
Don’t worry, you won’t be charged again.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Pattern Trader Support
Please honor your 30 days refund policy no question asks. I would really hate to take this into legal matters over 129$.

If Mark makes 1000X in one trade, then why don’t you honor your refund policy? I am starting to feel I was scammed, and I hate feeling this way especially during these hard times with coronavirus when some unfortunate people are struggling financially.


Mark if you do not want to refund my 129$ that is fine, I will take the loss, but I feel it is my duty to share my story to as many sites as possible. Also, stop telling people 30 days money-back guarantee no question ask.

After taking a tour of the Pattern Trader, I have come to realize that hype is not what it seems to be. I can edit some numbers on photoshop to make it seem like there were my wins. etc.
If you such a GURU, why don’t you do weekly LIVE TRADES and put your money where your mouth is? Do not take our hard-earned money and sell it off as your wins. (MAIN REASON FOR A REFUND)
As a matter of fact, you can keep the 129$. The bad energy that is already attached to this situation I do not need.

I wish you all the best.

You guys need to be careful. If you can relate to this type of scam out there, please share.


Zoe (@guest_5056398)
10 months ago
Reply to  Kyron

Did you get any reply from them after you asked them to honor the 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked?

Dre (@guest_1040109)
2 years ago

Mark Shawzin is the biggest scam artist on earth. I enrolled in his class they never send me any login info, however, I did get a whole bunch of nonsense pictures about how great of a guy he is. I try to contact the email he provided about my login info I get a whole bunch of automatic replies I try asking for my refund since he stated on his website he got a 90 days refund I didn’t get any reply from him or his team I had to get my bank involved

Helen (@guest_37438)
2 years ago

I’ve been mentored through Mark Shawzin’s education program for the last year. He is honest, open and has great insight into the market. Through using his strategies I have tripled my account! I am just a normal mum from Australia, not paid by Mark. He is not a scammer.

dtchum (@guest_32926)
2 years ago

You go Mark, keep pushin, bring Emmett down! I cannot wait until you sue him, and it all comes out. Discovery will be great! Of course, it works both ways, and all your skeletons will be let out of the closet. But if you are so sure of yourself — like your comment above suggests — this should be easy, right? Hmmm, on 2nd thought somehow I don’t think your lawsuit will ever happen…

Henry (@guest_32921)
2 years ago

Yeah right. If you told me it was nice weather, I’d look out the window to check.

CARLOR (@guest_32920)
2 years ago

Here’s a recent Cease and Desist from 2016

dtchum (@guest_32927)
2 years ago
Reply to  CARLOR

I am sure the state of California has this all wrong, right Mark? In your rebuttal to Emmett, please include rebuttal of the facts in this Cease and Desist order… Nice work CARLOR

Iglo (@guest_31883)
3 years ago

My feeling is the only money this guy is making is coming from his gullible customers not his market ‘prowess’. His calls to stick with his ‘method’ for a full year must be a desparate attempt to welsh the poor souls. Obviously he knows that what he ‘predicts’ is poor random and quick churn of burnt customers would not line his pockets otherwise.

kevin (@guest_31890)
3 years ago
Reply to  Iglo

This is exactly true. He gets 1000 people to pay 5000. Thats 5 million. then gives signals that are less that par at best. A scammer. He shut down his face book page because were calling him on the BS.

Jon (@guest_31536)
3 years ago

Mark Shawzin is a deluded scam artist chancer. he lost 39% of his members money overnight and then criticises them for being pissed off. What a cunt.

Herman (@guest_31527)
3 years ago

This story of Mark Shawzin the Patterntrader on this website is realy bullshit and simply not true, he is not related to any brooker, and is a very integer person in my opinion and teaches a very reliable Trading system and risk management for all his followers all over the world, you can check this out while enjoying his free webinars and Youtube demonstrations
Ik speak from my own trading experience with him. They are very positive

kevin (@guest_31891)
3 years ago
Reply to  Herman

What is he paying you to give a recommend??

kevin (@guest_31892)
3 years ago
Reply to  Herman

It is NOT BS. Were you born on mars. Do your research brah. Its all there.

Bashar Waleed Azeez
Bashar Waleed Azeez (@guest_31400)
3 years ago

I followed the man’s strategy and made a satisfying amount of money just to be honest

Greg (@guest_31399)
3 years ago

Hard to believe this article having no feedback here in almost three months to verify any of the negative claims against Mark Shawzin. I call B.S. on these claims.

Carlor (@guest_31770)
3 years ago
Reply to  Greg

You can Google various California and s.e.c. documents to verify these claims.

Steve (@guest_31213)
3 years ago

Thanks for your legwork on this guy. Any Forex signals, indicators, and/or Robots you recommend?

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_31538)
3 years ago
Reply to  Steve

Trading Reply to Steve
@ Steve, I’ll leave it up to Emmett to decide whether he’ll allow this post with the links. I can give you some information on some EAs that I am testing in real accounts with a small amount of risk capital. Here are the links to my test accounts.

Under the “General” tab you’ll find the site where I bought the EAs. I recommend that you buy his ebook. It’s $3, obviously a teaser to drive people to his site but he has a very interesting take on risk management and he changed my mind on the subject.

Another guy who has a successful/profitable EA is Staffan at He’ll give you the EAs for free if you link a live account from ICMarkets to his introducing broker number. He gets paid from them but it doesn’t cost you anything.

I get nothing from these recommendations, just a warm feeling in my heart.

Avi (@guest_3048659)
1 year ago
Reply to  Stray Dog

“Under the “General” tab you’ll find the site where I bought the EAs. I recommend that you buy his ebook. It’s $3, obviously a teaser to drive people to his site but he has a very interesting take on risk management and he changed my mind on the subject.”

Couldn’t find the ebook. I’d appreciate some more refined directives.

Avi (@guest_3048660)
1 year ago
Reply to  Avi

I found the ebook:

Thank You! (from Homepage) /thank-you

Sean Buckingham
Sean Buckingham (@guest_3048679)
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve

What a bunch of uneducated assholes in this so-called Blog.

There are too many falsehoods and defamatory statements here
concerning Mark.
He is not Bernie Madoff, assholes, and if you beg to differ, send me an
email so we could set up a meet for a civil discussion and find how much
all of you believe your own bullshit because you are all pieces of shit.

Mark is a good man who I have made a lot of money of and I don’t use
his broker!!!

Get a life and move on, or prepare for a voyage to Neptune.

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