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The Lincoln List is a day trading educational company with a live day trading room that specializes in stock day trading.

The "real" track record of supposed day trades is pure fiction. But hey, at least the owner of the company, Doug Rumer admits it. Not too often a day trading educator tells the truth about performance.

I suspect the owner of the company probably does trade. And probably does offer some basic and useful day trading advice. But the supposed track record of trades is so far-fetched and ridiculous that only the most naive and ignorant would believe it.

Until Doug Rumer cleans up his act, and starts being real about actual trading performance, readers should be as serious as attached video.

Pros: Some useful basic information about day trading.
Cons: The track record of trades is complete and total nonsense.

Thanks for reading today’s review of The Lincoln List

What is The Lincoln List? The company is a one-man trading company, owned by Doug Rumer. The Lincoln List offers the following day trading products and services:

  • Live Day Trading Room $79.95 per month.
  • Trading As An Art DVD $99.
  • Champ Camp “How to make trading a career in less than 3 months” $999.
  • Clique Fund Access $2500.

The Lincoln List maintains the following social media profiles:

A review of reveals that The Lincoln List website originated sometime in 2010.

Trading Performance

Doug Rumer has made several claims as to profitability.

In 2013, he claims to have turned $25k into $1,700,000 in trading profits.

From mid-2010 through 2015 Doug reported the following trades on (self-reported) It appears that he went years without ever losing a single trade.

The Lincoln List

In addition, on The Lincoln List website, Doug claims that he has alerted his subscribers $1,722,631 in trading profits.

Doug also claims that since 2010, he has returned an average annual 150% return on investment.

On December 31, 2016, the attached blog post, Doug Rumer claims that his “Day Trading Account had gains of $291,270 in trading profit, or 191% account growth.” Furthermore, he claims that 90% of these profits were made shorting stocks. If true, this would be a herculean achievement. Considering that 2016, the stock market went up nearly ever single day, this claim of 90% winning trades at shorting stocks is akin to building an atomic bomb in the spare bedroom.

Doug Rumer

If any of this performance is true, then Doug Rumer has to be one of the greatest and most successful traders currently living on planet earth. With such amazing profits, it makes you wonder why anyone would be aggressively selling a day trading room for $79.95 per month.

With these types of supposed performance figures, it really isn’t a surprise that TradingSchools.Org has received over a dozen inquiries to review The Lincoln List. The vast majority of the questions that readers have been asking, “Is this performance real?”

Is the performance real?

During the month of December 2016, I reached out to Doug Rumer via email. I was very plain in describing that a review would be written, that several readers had asked about the supposed performance, and could he provide some sort of proof of the truly incredible track record of trades. To my surprise, Doug actually responded, and was quite pleasant during our conversation.

So is the performance real? No. And Doug admitted it. Truth be told, I was pretty shocked that he just came right out and said it. A Trading Schools.Org first! Pretty refreshing actually. Usually, I have to weed through multiple layers of BS, using fake names and fake email addresses to get near the truth.

So what about that track record Doug? In speaking with Doug, my sense is that he feels like “everyone else is doing it, so why shouldnt I?” That might sound like a pretty callous response, but the truth is that he is right Everyone Else Is Doing It. And since the financial regulators have largely ignored the day trading educational world, it has created this environment where people like Timothy Sykes, Bulls On Walls Street, Fous Alerts, Warrior Trading, etc….have been able to mass market with little fear of regulatory retaliation. It’s just a big fucking shit show of fraud and misrepresentation, where small time investors get the short end of the stick.

With Doug’s refreshing (tiny) bit of honesty regarding performance, I promised him that I would try and figure out someway to give him an extra star on the review.

Wrapping things up

Doug, if you are reading this. I would encourage you to dump the ridiculous performance claims. This type of marketing nonsense has worked really well in the past. But the universe has definitely shifted. The vast majority of people that are contacting me about your trading service are doing so out of comedy and humor. People are quite literally laughing at you. I feel like someone should be honest with you, and let you know that your socks are not matching. People are laughing. You can hear the laughs, Doug. But what you don’t seem to understand is that they are actually laughing at you.

Doug, I would love to come back at a later date and craft a new review. But it has to be on real numbers. And you know what? You might be surprised to learn that you can offer a trading product that allows you to be proud of what you are doing. To be able to live with yourself. You don’t need to claim millions of dollars in profits in order to build a loyal following.

Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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Omg not the lincoln… he is the last guy I had trust in 🙁 please doug just show some proof and get a 5 star review!

Rob B
I hope as you implied later when you stated, “The vast majority of the questions that readers have been asking, “Is this performance real?”” , they were joking. If not then that is the saddest part oft the article. Clean up his act. How can he do that. He can not trade profitable. Clean up his act would be to admit he is not trading and it is all a scam. Once again I do not see how in the world this scammer gets a 2 star review. Heck, maybe it is just me but when I look for a… Read more »
Joe Martin

Funny thing is – If Doug was honest with his performance he’d (assuming it was positive over the medium term) get heaps of signups and probably better quality traders who know its not a get-rich-quick pursuit… I follow Doug on various SM although have never joined up. I’m sure there’s an honest man in there – Come on Doug – be true to yourself and differentiate yourself from all the BS folk out there


I’ve been in Doug’s trading room and he can trade, I dont know about this track record but when I was there it was easy to track his progress because he called out, entries, exits, size and stops in real time..he didn’t adhere to stop though. Although he was trading well (averaged around 400-$500 a day) it was impossible to follow his trades, he traded a lot of low volume stocks with wide spreads, cheap stocks etc. He’s good at position sizing, he has wide stops and sometimes even averaged into losers..this was his strategy


“So is the performance real? No. And Doug admitted it.”

Are you having some sort of reading disability, or did you just not read Emmett’s review at all? Or are you in denial about the time and money lost in Doug’s room, and don’t want to hear the truth even when it comes from the man himself?
You’ve been had. Learn from it and move on.

Wow bud, u need to get off the yeyo and relax (maybe get laid) First off there is nothing for me to ‘learn’ and I was not ‘had’, I was in his room watching, I noticed very early on that his trades can’t be followed, however, I learned that he CAN trade and make money and I also learned some reality of trading, not the fake nonsense put out by many. Exaggerating his performance is obviously not putting him in a good light but he still has something on his side, he was making a decent amount of money daily… Read more »

While waiting for the next entertaining review from TS, was curious to see other mentions of tradingschools on other sites. imo, Sykes was one of the ‘pioneers’ of the dream of young wunderkind makes it rich quick continued to be propagated by the likes of WillStocksPicks & Infinite-Prosperity aka IP. btw, the IP shills have massively upvoted their shilling posts in the IP review comments while they thought no one was noticing. A couple of reviewing pages on Sykes with mentions of TS,
A shill site and comments probably in reaction to TS:


Has doug responded too this in anyway? Email or perhaps verified proof? If not then this should be updated too a 1 star review on yet another pos bullshit fcking trash service!

Chris Bishop
Chris Bishop
This review is a travesty. I used to go online and check out reviews of rooms in order to scrutinize them – generally believing the reviews were accurate and well researched or based on extensive experience with the room. Now i guess I know better. There is incredible irony in the accusations leveled here relative to the outlandish inaccuracy of this review. I have been in The Lincoln List trading room alongside Doug for 3+ years now. Every trade is called live (entry, size, and exit), seen on the charts that he screen shares, and cataloged in the room’s session… Read more »
Stray Dog
Chris / Doug / Shill Boy, Did you read the same review as I did? Doug admitted that his results are pure fiction. If they are not then all he had to do and can still do is to shove real proof of those results down Emmett’s throat and shut him up. All of your bluster and indignation counts for nothing without proof. The word of someone posting on a blog, who claims to have been in the room for 3 years isn’t proof of anything except that you think the audience who reads Emmett’s blog are as gullible as… Read more »
Rob B

These TR are not use to people call them out and demanding proof of their claims. Poor Doug is shaking in his pants that he wont be able to continue to con folks and make his mortgage payment. So out come Chris his brother or maybe just himself. So typical.


Another shill. Whether it’s the vendor, a partner, or family etc., sometimes they will come out and shill especially if there is a decent ongoing kool-aid monthly churning of newbs. I agree, probably can’t trade profitably , maybe not even breakeven minus. ah well, it seemed to be a good rep while it lasted, but TS leaves no stone for proof unturned. Maybe they ought to sell extra merchandise like “1% winning trader” similar to the startrek IDIC medals by Lincoln Enterprises.

Rob B
” but there is no trader more transparent in the room as trades are happening, humble, and honest as Doug” Is this a joke. He is posting a complete fake trade results. Look Shill Doug, if you are real then you are an intelligent guy. Surely you realize anyone can make up an alias lets say Chris Bishop for shits and grins and say how this TR operator is really hitting it out of the park. That is easy. What is hard is for for the TR operator to actual show any proof of his claims. I am 100%… Read more »

Hey Emmett…you are messing with the wrong person. I have been in Doug’s room for over 2 years and he is the only honest guru out there. I witness first hand every day and every month his trading prowess. Go after the real crooks you asshole.


Ari, I was also in the chat as well, anyone can alert trades… but very few can actually make money trading. I had asked him in the past for some proof as well and got ignored everytime, i still gave em the benefit of the doubt but here is emmett giving him a chance too not only show his true track record, but also gain a 5 star review and a ton of new subs.. just show the fcking proof if you are really making what you claim


ask Doug about his Bluebird bio trade last year.