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Summary has no track record, no list of trades taken inside of the live trading room, no track record of text trades. Zero transparency. Sarah Potter claims to be a full time professional trader, yet she is unwilling to provide her audience or TradingSchools.Org with any proof whatsoever. Multiple readers of the TradingSchools.Org blog have complained about the lack of transparency. CanSheTrade? Nobody really knows. After contacting Sarah Potter multiple times, requesting a track record, she simply refused to engage. She appears to have a very basic understanding of financial markets, and is offering a series of courses and materials for the extreme newbie trader. Avoid.

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Pros: Useful information for newbie traders.
Cons: No track record of any success. Owner of company refuses to disclose personal trading performance, will not publish a track record, has zero transparency inside of the live trading room. She is very nice, until you request proof of any personal trading success...then she turns icy. Another wannabe trading guru that claims to make a full time trading, but cannot provide her audience even the most minimal amount of evidence of success. Avoid.

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What is SheCanTrade.Com? SheCanTrade is a live, options and futures day trading room that is moderated by Sarah Potter. The live day trading service has three levels: (1) $119 per month for trades via text, (2) $197 per month for text trades and to watch live screen trading, (3) $497 per month per month for text trades, live screen trading, and personalized conversations with Sarah.

In addition to these interactive trading options, Sarah also sells a wide range of indicators and informational videos that include the following:

  • Trend Indicators: $497 to $997
  • Trading Indexes and ETF’s: 4 hour video $497
  • Futures Trading: 4 hour video $497
  • Trading Options Consistently: 6 hour video $597
  • Trading At The Money: 3 hour video $497
  • Options Trading For Profit: 13 hour video $797
  • Options Foundations: 3 hour video $397
  • How I Use Charts To Trade: 4 hour video $149
  • Options On Futures: 3 hour video $397
  • Debit Spreads: 2 hour video $397
  • Maximizing Your Success Trading Puts and Calls: 2 hour video $197-$397
  • Sarah’s Essential Options Trading Strategies For Volatile Markets: 2 hour video $97

About Sarah Potter and SheCanTrade.Com

A quick review on Archive.Org on SheCanTrade.Com shows that the website started in 2013. The earlier versions of the website are pretty basic and start off as a sort of blog where Sarah simply talks about the markets. However, as you watch the website change over time, you can see the transition from blogger to full-blown “Trading Guru”. It appears that in 2014, she published her first book, “How You Can Trade Like A Pro” with Kindle versions available for about $15 per copy. In my opinion, the book was written as a sort of launch pad for her various promotional products and services.

It appears that prior to her current venture as a trading educator, she actually was an educator. On the older versions of her websites, she claims to have a bachelors degree in education and a masters degree in education. Both are common for school teachers.

Inquiries from TradingSchools.Org readers

Since approximately November 2015 I have received 10+ inquiries to review Sarah Potter and SheCanTrade.Com. The messages that I received were varied. Most individuals simply made a request for a general review. A couple of messages were more poignant, one gentleman, in particular, had written to tell me that Sarah Potter refuses to publish a track record of any sort, and that no live trading can be verified inside of the live trading room. Another had written to tell me that he had purchased the book and felt that the information regarding credit spreads was a disaster waiting to happen. That if a person executes a credit spread, they run the risk of virtually unlimited loss if the market experiences a “fat tail” event. Yet another person complained that he had asked Sarah to provide account statements that verified her claims of being a “full-time professional trader” and she flat refused his request and proceeded to ignore him.

Truth be told, when folks sit down to write to me directly, it’s usually to complain. Hardly anyone ever writes to tell me how wonderful a trading service or trading educator is performing. With so much negative bias, it’s important that I speak with the trading educator one on one and cover all of these issues.

Reaching out to Sarah Potter

On March 2, 2015 I reached out to Sarah Potter and was very direct in telling her that I was with TradingSchools.Org and that I would be writing a review of her trading service. She was pretty excited to be interviewed and have a review written. She had written to me, “I’m honored that you want to review SheCanTrade.”

Everything started off okay. I sent her a list off all of the companies that I had written positive reviews about. The list is not very long. But as I explained to her, every single one of the companies on this list were 100% able to verify actual trading performance. I explained that the vast, vast majority of trading educators were just failed traders that along the journey morphed into trading educators, simply because they could not make the cut as a live trader. That I needed to verify her claims of being a full-time professional trader, and that it was important that she reinforces and legitimize her claims (Page one of her website) of…

Real Trades, Real Money, Real Simple – Consistently Growing Your Wealth

A membership to the Shecantrade Live Trading Room provides real time access to consistent options trades. Members benefit from watching professional options traders place live trades in their real accounts. You will learn the ins and outs of options trading in an inclusive and friendly atmosphere.

In my opinion, the above quote is crystal clear. She claims to make live trades in real trading accounts, using real money. However, the moment I asked for proof of this live trading, using real money in real trading accounts, she turned as icy as Jack Nicholson in The Shining. She simply shut down and refused to engage with me. I sent emails directly to her, and inside of these emails are tracking cookies that time stamp when the emails are opened and read. In real time, I could see her opening my emails, but she simply refused to engage with me further. Apparently, providing any sort of proof that “She Can Trade” is entirely off limits.

Perhaps Sarah is afraid that some malicious hacker might be able to reverse engineer her redacted account statements, that would prove that SheCanActuallyTrade. Perhaps publishing her TradeStation account is just too much information for the public to consume. Maybe the trades are so good that they will incite a Justin Bieber like response for the trading community. All of these new fans will flock to her website and it will crash because of the demand. That would be terrible.

A tale of two options trading educators

Trading educators like Sarah Potter drive me nuts. On the surface, they are so darn nice and sweet, but the very moment that a person asks for any sort of proof that they have ever traded profitably, then they just callously blow you off. They immediately know that their cover has been blown, that a truth seeker is right in their grill and refuses to go away, that the person that they project does not match the person that they truly are. That this whole trading educational thing is just a way to make a buck off of the greater fool. They perpetuate the failure that is so persistent in the business of trading.

Many people get into the trading game and they quickly fall for people like Sarah simply because she wrote a book, and she sounds smart. They automatically will correlate these markers as a sign of success.  That “if a person writes a book about trading, then they most likely know about trading”, however, if a person takes a closer look at the universe of trading books for sale on Amazon, you will be amazed at the thousands upon thousands of so-called experts all claiming to be full-time traders. It’s amazing what people will believe.

Let’s compare a person like Sarah Potter with a person like Kevin Kleinman at WatchHimTrade.Com.  You can read my original review here. Kevin is like Sarah, they both trade options. But the big difference is that Kevin is ultra mega, ultra super transparent. Every single one of his trades is on full display, inside of his trading room. And every single week, Kevin posts his actual account statements directly from TradeStation Securities. No BS, no games, no claiming that SheCanTrade but actually displaying that HeCanActuallyTrade. The winning, the losing, its all there. As a matter of fact, it is so damn refreshing that since I have written that review, a near constant stream of positive emails continues to hit my inbox. No problems whatsoever.

If you give Kevin a try, make sure that give a shout that Emmett said nice things about him. It’s important that people like Kevin, and the rest of the guys that I write positive reviews about are aware that honesty and transparency is appreciated. Truthfully, I feel sorry for the educators that are transparent and are willing to be open and honest, they have to fight the massive wave of fakes and frauds that hold themselves out to be professional traders, but are nothing of the sort.

Conversations with brokers

One of the great things about writing reviews about trading educators is the outreach that I have received from individual stocks, options, and futures brokers. In particular, the futures brokers give me an amazing insight into what I should be writing about. As well as stories of what actual professional traders do, how they conduct themselves, and the money that they earn. One of the most common questions that I ask is whether 95% of traders actually fail. I can concur that after speaking with many, many brokers…the real number is more like 80-85% failure rate. One retired broker actually showed me a spreadsheet of thousands of closed accounts and showed me some amazing statistics on survival rates.

One of the most common questions that I ask is why do 4 out of 5 traders fail? The most common answer is that new people are introduced to the trading business by more experienced traders that have only displayed traits of failure. That people buy books, and courses, and systems from failed traders. The flawed knowledge is handed down like a venereal disease, the failure just spreads and spreads from trader to trader. That newbies latch onto failed traders selling education and they are doomed to have relative performance similar as the failed educator. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If you want to be a brain surgeon, you should probably be learning from someone that has actually performed successful brain surgery. However, most people lower the bar so low, or are so greedy or gullible that they simply read a website and trust in the goodness of mankind. Sorry folks, when it comes to most trading educators, they give Bernie Madoff a good name.

Unfortunately, as most brokers have told me, that when people place their trust in other failed traders, they do themselves treble damage. Much more than just the cost of the education, loss of time, trading losses, they ultimately have to UNLEARN the flawed knowledge. And everyone knows that it is entirely more difficult to break the cycle of flawed knowledge than it is to introduce knowledge based upon verifiable facts. Just ask poor Copernicus, the renaissance mathematician and astronomer that formulated the model that the sun was at the center of the universe, and not the earth. The Pope was so horrified by his writings that they tossed the poor guy into prison. Many, many years after his death, his theories were proven and able to take root.

Wrapping things up

In my opinion, much of what we are seeing in today’s modern technical analysis movement is very similar to what we witnessed during the dark ages…during the high period of Alchemy. Its amazing to me when I read about the numerous universities that sprang up in medieval Europe that promised to teach students how to turn common elements into gold. For roughly one thousands years, after the fall of Rome, its seems that humanity simply lost its way. Embraced pseudoscience and the charlatans ran amok. Technical analysis of stocks and commodities has only been around since roughly 1985…the charlatans and alchemists, armed with a personal computer are firmly in control of the message. But every day, I wake up and attempt to slowly drain the swamp of fortune tellers, wizards, and magic unicorns.

Oh, and Sarah Potter when you read this, I would highly recommend that you sign up for “The Robot“. This way people can witness whether you are the genuine article and not just another trading guru with zero proof of success. Sarah Potter the trading wizard, sure sounds like Harry Potter, another amazing wizard that never was.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments below.


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