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Rob Hoffman of Become A Better Trader proclaims to be a “25X World Champion Trader.” And he wants you to pay him up to $10,000 to learn his precious trading secrets.

Before you take out your credit card, you better understand that this “25X World Champion Trader” is little more than a seminar circuit “World Champion,” at least in my opinion.

Rob Hoffman has a long and interesting history of selling what I would describe as “get rich with day trading” courses to the retail trading masses. Third party complaints have stacked up on various review websites in an ugly tower of pain and disappointment.

In my opinion, this is a product to avoid.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Become A Better Trader with Rob Hoffman

Become A Better Trader is a day trading and swing trading educational service offered by long-time day trading guru, Robert Hoffman.

Become A Better Trader is offering the following products and services:

  • $197 per month for day trading alerts delivered via email and text alerts and video tutorials.
  • $397 per month for trading alerts, video tutorials, and a ‘live’ day trading room.
  • $997 per month for all of the above, and personal access to Rob Hoffman.
  • $10,000 for personal trade mentoring.

Become A Better Trader is occupying the following social media web properties:

According to Archive.Org, it appears that the website first appeared on the trading educational scene sometime in 2012.

Rob Hoffman: Prior Investment Educational Websites

Rob Hoffman is not new to the trading educational scene. According to, interviews with prior purchasers of his products, and data snooping tools, we have discovered various other affiliations dating back to 2001. Some of these include:

ChampionSetups.Com: A day trading educational website selling products by Rob Hoffman, as well as Thomas Wood and Hubert Senters. Both Thomas Wood and Hubert Senters received extremely negative reviews.

PowerCharting.Com: A now defunct website that was active during 2008 through 2012. The business sold a live day trading room and a “get rich quick” philosophy, in my opinion. Power Charting was called out as a being a fraud on Investimonials by multiple users. Not my opinion, the opinion of 3rd parties, posting their own opinion.

TradeTheMarkets.Com: A live day trading room by John Carter, Hubert Senters, and Rob Hoffman. Yet more negative reviews, the business was rebranded and the domain changed to

The Rob Hoffman Sales Pitch: “I am a champion trader!”

When visiting the Become A Better Trader website, the very first thing that you see is an enormous declaration that Rob Hoffman is a 25X World Champion Trader. That he has “won more domestic and international, on-site, real money trading competitions than anyone else in the world!”

Become A Better Trader

International Trading Champion?

That sure sounds impressive. Right? However, the truth is that Rob Hoffman is a trading champion of only the online seminar circuit. These “Trading Championships” are nothing but ridiculous promotional competitions.

Apparently these “Trading Competitions” are just corny staged events that take place at The Traders Expo, Money Show, or various European promotional tours.

These competitions are usually nothing more than two people trading on laptop computers for an hour. The person that wins the most, or loses the least, is crowned THE WORLD CHAMPION. It’s ridiculous and pathetic showmanship with the sole purpose of convincing the audience to purchase various the magic trading products of the “World Champion Trader.”


Jason Bond vs Rob Hoffman for the Trading Championship of the World!

Everyone that has been in the trading educational business knows that these public trading expositions are a complete and total joke, meant to convince the naive and the desperate. It’s a sideshow, a carnival act, a gimmick.

Some trading vendors have caught onto this promotional stunt and have just made up their own “World Champion Trader” competitions, where they are the only person trading and the guaranteed winner. A perfect example would be Fausto Pugliese of the popular

Fausto Pugliese claims to the 12-time world champion of a trading competition named, The World Trader Challenge. Had an entire website that acted like a personal shrine to his supposed trading greatness. Even hired a Playboy model to be his star student and spokesperson. Complete ridiculousness from a pathetic fraudster. I am not implying that Robb Hoffman is somehow perpetuating Fausto Pugliese, but it sure looks similar. Readers should make up their own mind.

Emmett Moore, the World Champion Trader

Want to know how stupid and funny these MoneyShow/Traders Expo live trading competitions? Back in 1998, I attended the Traders Expo/Money Show being held in Los Angeles, California. Yes, you guessed it…I was a vendor selling a bullshit penny stock investment.

Anyway, the Traders Expo asked me if I wanted to be part of a live trading competition that would compete with audience members and the well-known systems trader, Murrey Ruggiero. I said sure, I would give it a try.

At the beginning of the competition, I bought one contract of the pit traded SP500 contract. I had no idea what I was doing. For the next hour, I just sat there and did nothing else. At the end of the competition, the winner was announced. I had won! I was the International and National World Champion Trader! I received a cheap trophy and a green jacket. It was rediculous.

Later, after the Traders Expo seminar had ended, all of the vendors met at a suite for a cocktail. I showed up wearing my green jacket and carried my cheap little trophy. Everyone laughed.

Contacting Rob Hoffman

During the month of April 2017, I began a series of emails, inquiries, and phone conversations with Become A Better Trader. I made the usual request to write a review, and that I needed to show my audience some sort of proof that Rob Hoffman was actually trading successfully with a live real money account.

Rob refused to get on the telephone with me. Instead, he notified me via email that he once again had won yet another world championsip trading competition in Italy. That he was so incredibly busy with his sick wife and children and that he would “get back with me at a later time.”

After repeated phone calls, and yet more emails which were tracked in real-time, Rob Hoffman simply stopped answering. It took about two months of ridiculous back and forth mumbo-jumbo before I finally quit trying. The bottom line is that Rob Hoffman wanted nothing to do with verifying his personal trading performance.

Does this mean that Robb Hoffman is not trading? I don’t know. But it sure looks odd.

Complaints from TradingSchools.Org readers

Since 2015, TradingSchools.Org has received 16 requests to write a review about Rob Hoffman. Of these 16 requests, 4 persons contacted me with very similar complaints.

The most common complaint is that the live trading room is just nothing more than Rob Hoffman trading on a simulator. Making verbal “buy and sell” commands for tiny scalp trades that could never be replicated by a live trading account. As some customers became disillusioned and suspicious, they asked Rob to prove he was actually trading. He refused. So they say.

It seems that Rob’s business model is sell-sell-sell, where he leads people into the promotional pipe with the sole purpose of selling as much product as possible. The key for Rob is to keep his promotional pipe flowing with fresh faces from the seminar circuit. Pathetic.

Truth be told, nearly everyone that deals with Rob Hoffman nearly always describes him as affable, likable, entertaining, and pretty fun to be around. But they also describe a carnival-like promotor that would do too much to sell his trading product. He appears to be perfectly suited as a “day trading educator.”

Wrapping Things Up

There are a few World Champion Traders out there. Kevin Davey is actually a world champion trader. He got a great review. The performance was verified. I got tax returns and several years of brokerage statements.

And there are a few others that have world champion type trading performance, like Dean Jenkins at A guy that is little noticed, but has lots to offer.

The point is that hiring a trading educator is OK, but you need real trading performance in order to judge performance. You need verifying brokerage statements. Not a corny little trophy proclaiming ‘World Champion’ of a one-hour trading competition.

Thanks for reading. Would love to know your opinion, and read your comments below.


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