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Steve Primo professes huge returns on all his trading products. Amazingly profitable trading indicators and systems that have earned massive returns with very little effort. In fact, if you have a trading problem, rest assured that Steve has something to sell you that will fix the problem. With nearly 40 products for sale and a menu of nearly $50,000, there is not much left to the imagination.

The only problem is that Steve refuses to verify anything. No account summaries, no statements, no monthly profit and loss for anything, he even refuses to verify the existence of a trading account.

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Pros: Steve Primo is a genuinely nice guy on the telephone. He gives a great presentation and is fun to talk to. He is a wonderful salesman. The only problem is that he shares the same problem with many other trading guru's, and that problem is that they refuse to verify anything. However, I have to give Steve Primo and his sales assistant a lot of credit for being ultra persistent. Not a day goes by that I don't receive an email with yet another "featured product".
Cons: A menu of trading products that resemble a Chinese restaurant. You will look at this massive menu of multiple thousand dollar products and squirm with indecision. Although its fun reading about how much money one will make, of course nothing can be substantiated or proven in any way. Steve simply refuses to verify anything.

Steve Primo: Pro Trader and Specialist

Today’s review will be covering Steve Primo and both of the websites that he currently maintains: and

Who is Steve Primo? On his websites, Steve Primo claims to be a 38 year market professional that worked on the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange in San Francisco, where he also operated as a market maker in over 10 stocks. He explains that in 1994, he left the floor of the exchange to teach his secrets and proprietary methods to both beginner and advanced traders throughout the world.

Looking on, you can see that Steve began actively selling trading products back in 2009. As the years

Emini College $5,000

passed, Steve then began adding more and more trading products. In fact, there are now so many products for sale that I had a difficult time cataloging each product. Everything from $5000 super courses, to $500 indicators, to $2,500 dollar breakout indicators, $10,000 forex mentor program, etc, the list is long…over 40 products for sale. If a person were to purchase everything that Steve has for sale, they better have about $50,000 in spending cash. Everything imaginable is for sale. The secrets of the trading universe await those with enough money to spend.

However, after digging through Steve Primo’s websites, the one thing that you will never find is any sort of trading record. Nothing regarding performance ┬áis posted or published. There is nothing to substantiate what Steve claims are the secrets to the markets. How is anyone to place a value on anything that Steve is selling when Steve does not provide an account of his own personal trading? It astonishes me that anyone would send him any money for any of his products, when not a single of his claims can be even be subtly proved. So, what did I do next? Well, I emailed Steve and requested a phone call.

Before I got on the phone with Steve, I had to go through a nice salesperson that acted as Steve’s agent. And he was really nice to me. I address my concerns and said that I would like to purchase $5k worth of trading products, but that I just needed to verify that Steve actually trades. I was very cordial and non adversarial, I just explained that I have been burned in the past and that before I give him $5k, that I needed to verify the existence of an actual trading account. After going around and around and not getting anywhere, I even told the sales agent that did not even care about performance, that I just needed to verify that Steve actually trades. As nice and slippery as the salesperson kept pushing me to the close, I would not allow myself to become too distracted on my goal of verifying that Steve actually trades. All the while, during our multiple conversations, I kept tantalizingly holding out the prospect of my $5,000 and how I badly I wanted to spend it.

Finally, after a couple of weeks of sales calls, the salesperson agreed that I should have a conversation with Steve on the telephone. However, since Steve Primo is in such high demand, that I could not call him and that I could not have Steve Primo’s phone number. The salesman explained, “surely you must understand that many would like such personal access, but Steve’s methods will only be entitled to the very few that would not be willing to disclose any information and that my trading profits should be directed to only socially positive endeavors, that with wealth comes responsibility”. I agree. And next I waited for my call from Steve.

Steve finally called me. But the number was blocked and anonymous. Once I knew that I had Steve on the phone, I then recorded the conversation and requested I immediately call him back, and that I just needed his phone number. He refused. He said that he would call me back when I was not busy. I found this whole thing odd. He wanted me to send him $5,000 and to trust him, yet he could not even trust me enough with his phone number. Regardless, I awaited my call back.

The next day, my phone again ringed from an anonymous phone number. It was Steve. I introduced myself and professed that I was very impressed and felt a lot of privilege at being able to speak with such a seasoned market professional. And to be completely honest, Steve Primo was a really nice guy on the phone. We had a few laughs and he was genuinely warm. However, I kept interupting our conversation and directed the conversation back to my original request…I need to proof that Steve trades. Unfortunately, as nice as Steve was on the phone, he simply refused to verify any sort of performance for his many different trading strategies. I even told him that I would gladly spend $5,000, but I just need to verify the existence of a trading account. He simply would not do it. He had 5000 different excuses and admittedly all of the excuses were pretty clever and well rehearsed.

At the end of our conversation, which ended amicably, I asked him very frankly, Steve do people really send you thousands of dollars for your trading products on just a hope and a wish, and never actually verify that you trade? He responded, “All the time”. We both shared a good laugh and hung up.

Everyone is entitled to ones opinions. I cannot give you an honest opinion of Steve Primo’s trading products since I have no way of even verifying that Steve is actually trading. If you have read any of my blog posts, then you can read about some of the amazing lengths that trading promoters will go to create diversionary smoke screens to hide the obvious…which is that they are not actually trading.

On a side note, I really have to give Steve Primo some credit on marketing savvy and persistence. Once I gave a sniff that I was ready to spend, I was really courted and made to feel special. Another thing about Steve is that he is a prolific email marketer. Once he has your email, then you can expect a something to arrive just about every single day of the week. Of course, the message is always the same…its one of those 40 different trading products and how well it performed today etc. Steve is probably not much of a trader, but he is a pretty good salesman, and actually a pretty nice guy to speak with on the phone.

Thanks for reading. Sorry that this post did not uncover the latest and greatest trading product. Have to sift through a lot of coal to find the not so often diamond. Please leave your comments below.

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Fred C
Fred C (@guest_5057093)
7 months ago

If I have a proven trading indicator that wins almost all the time and has a great equity curve the first thing I’m going to do is sell it to the public even at 3 or 4 grand! Why bother?! Just trade your indicators, clean up and rule the world. The only way I pay for one of these indicators is if they follow my winning and losing trades and I pay them out of the profits. I would be happy to do that and it should only take a few weeks to pay back the initial investment! The whole premise is skewed. Watch a thousand youtube videos on trading, take a basic support resistance and candlestick price action course put something together and strive for a 60% win rate with a win loss ratio of 2:1. That is the best I think anyone can do and with enough time, effort, money management and emotional control it may be possible to achieve those results. Lets get an honest salesman out there with realistic results and a system designed to succeed. Good luck!!!

jeffrey (@guest_32567)
2 years ago

Why don’t you just try his strategy on a demo account??? He shows you what the strategy is on youtube. If you test it out for ur self that’s better proof it works right?? I have try it and they work. Just use a demo account.

Truth Crusader
Truth Crusader (@guest_31428)
3 years ago

The worst thing he said traders can do is pick tops ‘n bottoms..well the RSi does just that ..

No not the exact low/hi but ..

Bobby Coon
Bobby Coon (@guest_28042)
4 years ago

Let us see Steven Primo’s real brokerage trading statements. If he makes money overall ,then his methods are legit.If he loses money overall ,than he is a fraud.

Nigtha (@guest_12587)
4 years ago

Is Strategy #4 for Forex or Stocks?
I have Strategy #6 (RSI) but you don’t really get a lot of trades with those.

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

Billy Holliday
Billy Holliday (@guest_8432)
4 years ago

If you use the 50sma and the 15 ema,you basically have 2 of the major indicators Steve Primo uses.The 15 ema is very close to the Pet D and all you need is the strategies(enter,exit,stop loss). That is a lot cheaper than spending thousands of dollars on something that Primo does not even trade himself.

Robby (@guest_9538)
4 years ago
Reply to  Billy Holliday

Emmett and everyone thanks for sharing. I’ll be checking back periodically to
see any new posts and results.

Carlos R Gonzalez Weins
Carlos R Gonzalez Weins (@guest_7425)
4 years ago

Ok, Trading is hard, indeed it is very hard. Having said that when it comes to Steve’s techniques and I do not care for the PED or any other software indicator however if your are using the different techniques he offers on Pro traders strategies I encourage you to learn more than just how price behaves above and below the 50 SMA. Even Steve mentions it very briefly in his presentations that structure is a key component. I encourage everyone here to learn just about everything that involves, candlestick patterns, price action techniques, supply and demand using trend lines and different time frames especially the ones that conventional Forex online courses do not offer such as spotting key levels in the monthly, 3 and 6 month charts. The foundation of a complete trading strategy is to acquire the skills set to read order flow by using Price action as well Supply and Demand techniques. These two involves more components than just what their title implies but they are the pillars of a solid and consistent trading plan. Like anything in life there are some solid forex online courses out there and others that are not worth the investment. A good advanced mindset course is also key to become a successful trader.

Markus (@guest_7407)
4 years ago

What a surprise!!! But I made following expirience with his strategies no. 4 and no. 5 I purchased. This both strategies gave me more trust in the futures markets and I made greatfull profit during several months. OK, I’m a carefully trader. I’m a Swiss commodity expert and I’m convinced, that his strategies can be a very good “red-line” to trading. Regarding audited performance and all this stuff, I have to make my own expirience with all the “pain” that trading offers every day.
I wish you all the best and happy trading.

Nick G
Nick G (@guest_5755)
5 years ago

It seemed suspicious about the phone conversation ending with Steve and Emmit when they both laughed at the end.That was like Steve was saying ,yea all these people that are paying thousands of dollars for my trading techniques are suckers because I do not even know if the techniques make money long term because I do not trade real money with them.

Nick G
Nick G (@guest_5753)
5 years ago

Very high priced. Is anyone out there making consistent income from strategy#4 with the PetD?

Dhakal (@guest_4907)
5 years ago

I have not yet used his strategy myself in trading, however, it is very simple and high probability with minimum risk. I watched almost all of his videos which was available online, and came to conclusion that the principle which he is teaching is very good to get consistent result in market. However, there is no any guarantee for any thing. I like it.

john (@guest_4897)
5 years ago

I got the password for the training today so my previous comment should be deleted. Usually when you purchase something online you get a confirmation sent to your email address.I only paid 37.00 US which was over 50.00 CDN So I won’t complain. He gives good advice and for a beginner it will help you. I believe Steve is trying to help people become better traders. In my opinion he has some good ideas that will help the average trader. I am giving 4 stars because i didn’t have to spend much money.

john (@guest_4857)
5 years ago

I bought the 37.00 webinar special and did not get anything. Not even a digital receipt in my email. I tried to chat with a person on the website and wouldn’t you know it they went offline when I asked what is happening with my order. Personally I would not buy anything from this company.

Luke (@guest_4790)
5 years ago

To anyone who is interested;

I have the full forex course as well as the PET-D.

I would like to sell them for a fraction of the purchase price.

Peter JY
Peter JY (@guest_5047)
5 years ago
Reply to  Luke

Hi Luke, I’m interested to buy , how much you like to sell ?

Bryan (@guest_5329)
5 years ago
Reply to  Peter JY

Hi Peter,

Sorry for the late reply.

I’m looking for $500

Mark (@guest_7445)
4 years ago
Reply to  Luke

Hi Luke,

I would be Interested in buying the Full Forex Course with PET-D (if the price is right) let me know please.

Skype: mark.s867

Jimmy Romano
Jimmy Romano (@guest_26502)
4 years ago
Reply to  Luke

hi Guest. Do you still have the courses? let me know plis.

Tom (@guest_3842)
5 years ago

Another nice job.
Its really great you keep pumping these out.

Lisa (@guest_3836)
5 years ago

Very helpful review. I just watched a webinar on the PET-D. I wasn’t sure whether I would purchase or not and now I know I will pass.


J Producer
J Producer (@guest_2293)
5 years ago

Steve’s educational stuff is OK. You can get three hours for $37 – not bad.
Someone reverse-engineered his PET-D indicator, and found it to be an 8EMA and 15EMA crossover technique. Just program that into your charts and look at it as just another indicator. (Shorter average above longer is positive, reverse is negative)
His other thing is the 50SMA average – go long above, short below.
He had a few other techniques, not so sure they are any good.

Penelope (@guest_3350)
5 years ago
Reply to  J Producer

Thank you J Producer for letting us know about the PET-D indicator that someone reverse-engineered. He sells that for a couple thousand – which I wasn’t planning on spending. Now that I know what it is, I can use it with Strategy #4 , which I did just buy. Haven’t started trading with it yet, but I’d be happy to report back once I have some results to share.

John (@guest_5342)
5 years ago
Reply to  Penelope

Penelope, lets us know if you have any luck with the Strategy #4 course. Its not a bad price if it works?

nick (@guest_3860)
5 years ago
Reply to  J Producer

I KNEW they were ma crossovers and ive been trading for 2 months. Wheres my 50k lol. Thanks for that tidbit.

linda (@guest_4714)
5 years ago
Reply to  J Producer

J Producer, thank you for the insights! What do you mean by” Shorter average above longer is positive, reverse is negative”. I do not quite understand. Please help. Thank you. I just started practice trading. I was thinking about joining his course until I saw this post. But his youtube videos are pretty helpful and I am practicing on 50SMA (go long above, short below) now. It seems helpful. Thank you!

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