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A chat room where friends can congregate and talk. But not a serious trading environment. No real trading or stewardship. Nice people running the room, but very poor traders.

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Pros: Entertaining chat. Cheap price. Talkative and fun loving people running the chat room.
Cons: No real trading. No guidance on trades given. No verified trades. Only trades viewed were made on simulator. No track record. No reason for getting into trades other than gut feeling. No clearly given entries exits or stops on trades. Nice people, but terrible group of traders that should not be taken seriously.

What Is A Night Scalper?

Night Scalper ReviewThe following is a review of the Night Scalper Trading Room ( This trading room is run by Bill Costrarides and the monthly cost is $67. The “About Us” link on their website states that Bill, also know as “The Greek” has been trading since 1997 and is a pioneer in electronic trading methods. Bill makes a lot of bold claims on his website regarding his ability to trade the night market in the emini SP500 futures. We dug in deeper, asked some questions, and made several consecutive days of Camtasia screen recordings.

The First Thing We Noticed

The very first thing I noticed is that Bill does not offer a free trial to the trading room. However, the cost is only $67 per month. So, I took the plunge and jumped in. After entrance into the trading room, we noticed that the trading room is not really a night trading room. Instead, its a series of rooms trading a few different products during a wide range of hours. For example: (ALL TIMES CENTRAL STANDARD)

  1. Scalping the ES Futures from 5:00 PM – 3:00 AM, which covers ten full hours.
  2. Russell and Nasdaq emini futures 5:00 AM – 7:00 AM, which cover two hours.
  3. Futures Analysis And Trading 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM, which cover two hours.
  4. Indices 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM, which covers 1.5 hours.

Different people are moderating each of these trading rooms. To be honest, after several days of observing, we are not sure who the actual moderators were supposed to be. There was a lot of chatter and at times extremely confusing.  The moderator in the night room did not give clear instruction, trading DOM, entry points, etc. One gets the sense that the rooms act more as a social community for people who like to chat.

What About Night Trading?

Isn’t this trading room supposed to be about night trading the ES futures, from a seasoned professional trader, who gives entry and exit signals? Unfortunately, this never happened (during the review). There would be tempting snippets of information about a trade that might happen, or could happen, but mostly whatever orders were posted in the chat room were far away from the market price. On our screen recordings, we simply could not find any discernible and actionable information to trade upon.

What About The Russell and Nasdaq?

This portion of the room was actually moderated, but not by Bill “The Greek”. Instead, another gentleman gave market signals on the ES. This person did have a DOM on the screen, however, the DOM was in simulator mode. In addition to the moderator giving signals on a simulator, the moderator had no rhyme or reason on any particular trade. He would state that he is getting long here at the market, and few minutes later “after we got a few sheckels”, he would state that we were now flat. Sometimes he would enter the order on the simulator, and sometimes he would just talk his way through a new trade without ever using the simulator.

The trades that he did call in the trading room, via the simulator, came without using any stop points, exit points or profit targets. He was just flying by the seat of his pants and commenting on what he was seeing. For anyone trading with a real money account, he did not give us any clear instruction which caused a lot of confusion. As a matter of fact, it became obvious quickly that the moderator did not seem to have much experience. This is pretty dispointing stuff for someone like myself, who is expecting to learn and make trades.

What About The Futures Analysis And Indices Sessions?

Once again, this was just more of a social atmosphere than any real trading. Neither entry points, exits or, trades were given. After recording several of these sessions, I pretty much just sat at my desk…frustrated that I had to waste my time. What was the point of listing all of these services on his website, and not actually providing the service? Nothing made any sense.

Video Does Not Lie

At the end of the week, we collected over 50 hours of live trading sessions. This was actually 40 more hours than was needed to determine that value of the Night Scalper trading room. Not one live trade on a DOM was ever called. Yes, we did see trades executed on a simulator. But even these trades were pointless and not real. There were also no reasons given for entry or exit, other than the moderator stating the feeling the market would move in one direction or the other direction. There is no statistical validation to any of the trades, leading “us” to believe everything was done on a gut feeling.

Still We Could Be Wrong

It is possible that I am wrong, and that real trading is actually happening. Therefore, we asked for a bit more proof. We emailed Ivan, who is allegedly a customer service reprasentative and asked him if he could provide a list of the trades that each moderator had been calling in the trading room. Ivan responded that the moderators do not keep any records of the trades that are called in the live trading room. When asked if any actual account statements could be provided, we never received a reply.

Not The Worst

At the end of the day, this is not the worst trading room that we have reviewed. The worst are the rooms that enter on a limit order and exit on a limit order. These rooms can easily fake entry by calling out limit orders, quickly exiting for profits on limit orders, while the room participants are left chasing the market. Attempting to fill limit orders that cannot be filled. These trading rooms where the fraud is more difficult to detect are the worst because your losses will mount, while the moderator will always win. And so, with the Night Scalper room we were quickly able to weed them out as just a group of amateurs trying to get paid $67 a month to act like traders.

Looking For A Chat Room?

The positive is that the moderators were quite entertaining and friendly. The atmosphere is more of that of friends coming together and making some trades, and having a good time. These are not serious professionals. This is a group of nice folks trying to do the right thing, while having a good time in a chat room. The moderators in the Night Scalper chat room are the quintessential retail trader types, not real professionals that are trading for pay a mortgage.

Thanks for reading. And once again, your opinion really matters, so please comment below. Also, if you think that this room has made improvements, or if you believe I got this review wrong…please reach out. I would be more than happy to revisit this room and look for value.



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