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James Brown of JAGfx is certainly an interesting character in the Forex trading world. His entire marketing scheme is centered on selling books on Amazon. And James sells a ‘boatload’ of trading books.

These trading books are really bad. Little more than pamphlets. But Jim Brown is a good guy. And an honest person.

TradingSchools.Org audited his trading performance and found it pretty laughable, but entirely honest.

Jim Brown is an excellent example of how to conduct an ethical and honest business, and yet earn a decent living in the trading educational niche. A role model and working template for those that sell trading products and services to the general public.

Thanks for reading today’s review of JAGfx

What is JAGfx? The company is a Forex trading educational business owned and operated by Jim Brown.

Refreshingly, JAGfx has no ‘traditional’ educational courses, mentorships, indicator packages, advisory services, or any other ‘magical’ trading products.

The business is quite simple. Jim Brown of JAGfx is selling inexpensive investment books on Amazon. The JAGfx website runs in conjunction with the Amazon author store located on the Amazon bookstore page.

Jim Brown, of JAGfx is selling the following books on Amazon:

FOREX TRADING: The Basics Explained in Simple Terms (Forex, Forex for Beginners, Make Money Online, Currency Trading, Foreign Exchange, Trading Strategies, Day Trading)Trading Forex with Divergence on MT4MT4 High Probability Forex Trading MethodThe Ultimate Forex Trading Guide for Beginners: : Step by Step Guide on Building Wealth Trading on the Foreign Exchange Market For Newbies






All of Jim’s books are reasonably priced and ranges from $9.99 for Kindle versions to $23.99 for paperback versions.

Marketing Synergy

What makes Jim Brown’s marketing strategy interesting is that he relies solely on the marketing efforts of Amazon. For those of you reading this, and you also sell these types of products and services–JAGfx is an excellent template on how to sell a basic product (book) and then push this traffic to a webpage or Facebook marketing page.

How many books does Jim Brown sell on the Amazon platform? To answer this question, TradingSchools.Org used two different estimating services. The first estimating service is named AMZ Scout and they estimate that Jim Brown is currently selling an average of 562 books each month. They also estimate the total gross sales at about $11k monthly.

The second estimating service was actually recommended by world champion trader, Mr. Kevin Davey, whom also sells a very popular book on Amazon. The name of the company is TCK Publishing, and they estimate a monthly sales volume of 259 JAGfx/James Brown books sold on Amazon.

Since I know for a fact that Kevin is a lot smarter than myself, I will go with TCK @ 259 monthly units. This should put the estimated gross monthly sales at about $5k per month.

Are the JAGfx books any good?

Jim Brown is not a prolific writer. In fact, each book is little more than a pamphlet. The shortest book is 40 pages and the longest is about 60 pages. Much of the content is a chart, with a MACD indicator.

The books are easy to read. Too easy. In fact, everything within these books is tailored to the extreme neophyte. No, you will not find any cutting edge information here. There are no clearly defined trading systems with accompanying statistics.

I would describe these books as ‘LOOK AT THE CHART WITH THE MACD INDICATOR!!! IT WORKS!!!’

As many of the TradingSchools.Org readers are probably already too aware…simply staring at a chart with an indicator is a fools’ errand. The human mind is uniquely wired to believe that it is seeing something that isn’t really real. The fancy term is Patternicity.

The term I like to use is ‘Jesus Toaster.’ Where you think you are seeing the face of Jesus in your toast. But it isn’t really the face of Jesus. Or is it?

In my opinion, the real ‘magic’ of these books is that James is very folksy and non-threatening. The books convey the personality of a person that rescues abandoned kittens or has a pet rabbit. Jim looks like the guy that drives an ice cream truck or the Uncle that never forgets to send you a birthday card. And always includes a five dollar bill.

Jim Brown Actual Trading Performance

On the Amazon website as well as the JAGfx website, Jim Brown proclaims to the audience that “I am a full-time Forex Trader.”

When I read this, I assume that James is earning a full-time income from his Forex Trading. I am sure that most readers also assume the same. However, TradingSchools.Org is painfully aware that people lie. And they lie a lot. Especially when they are selling something.

During the month of April 2018, we reached out to Jim Brown in hopes of securing a review. In our email, we explained that the very core of the review is verifying performance metrics of the trading vendor.

Jim responded with a very cordial email. As a matter of fact, he sent a spreadsheet of all of his supposed trades. He uses a spreadsheet as part of his marketing and sales scheme. When persons look at the spreadsheet, they will be tempted into purchasing the comparatively inexpensive book. You can access the marketing spreadsheet by following this link.

As you can see, there are thousands of trades listed. And Jim also keeps a detailed balance and result for each of his trades. In total, it would appear that Jim has made about $2k in profits for his entire trading career.

I am not kidding you.  About $2k.

If you are like me, you are probably laughing right about now. This guy has earned about $2k in total profits for his entire trading career.

I always verify trading performance with copies of actual brokerage statements. And so, I really wondered if I should even verify the stated performance. Who really needs to see $2k? But still, I pressed forward.

Jim responded, “Well, I don’t really have a live account. But nobody really seems to mind.”

If I could give Jim Brown 6 stars for Honesty…I would! His honesty was both humorous, goofy, and totally unexpected.

About Jim Brown

Obviously, Jim Brown is an interesting character in the trading world. And so I pressed further and asked a few more questions.

It turns out that Jim is a retired police officer from Australia and sort of stumbled upon Forex trading. He needed to earn some extra money. Just like you and me, he was marched through the promotional conga line of so-called guru’s selling magical trading methods, mentorships, and all manner of trading snake oil.

Jim was living on a small pension and decided that if he really wanted to be a full-time trader, he needed to move someplace cheap. And so James moved to Danang Vietnam. A place where you can live like a king on $1k per month.

Poor Jim quickly discovered that earning a full-time income trading Forex is easier said than done. And so he had to think quick. How could he supplement his small pension? Why not whip up a book and sell it on Amazon? And so he did.

James published his first book in October 2015. And to his complete and total surprise, he has now sold thousands of copies of his original trading pamphlet (oops I mean book).

Wrapping things up

I have to give Jim Brown a lot of credit. The guy is honest. And he has built this corny trading business by being brutally honest. Sure, his trading sucks. And his books are worse. But the guy is making $5k each month selling these super-simple trading books.

James explains, “I am a full-time Forex trader.” But he never said he is earning a full-time income from his Forex trading. Instead, James has carved out his own little niche in the trading world. By selling his corny books.

Good for him.

Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to comment.

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Rui Viegas
Rui Viegas (@guest_5061453)
2 months ago

Right. I have to say that I have made US$521 in 8 working days with the method presented by him in his first book (FOREX Trading: The Basics Explained). So, it’s hard to believe that he made only US$2k. Therefore, I’ve earned 19 times the amount that I’ve paid for his book.

Boo hoo
Boo hoo (@guest_3048176)
2 years ago

Haha. Interesting that you’re actually selling his book via an affiliate link in the top right hand corner! #whosthescammer

ps. bet you remove this comment, if you even allow it.

dtchurn (@guest_3053337)
1 year ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Disappointed to hear tradingschools has an affiliate link to this Jag scammer’s books, Emmett. Your site is still the only review site with any semblance of truthful integrity, I’d say about 95% which is far and above Handley’s or Syke’s investi-scamma cess-swill, and always appreciative feedback comments are always allowed so we can call out the breakeveners such as Dekmar who still can’t trade for a living, or still express our doubts for pampered frauds like KjTrading (now annoyingly a sponsor on ET). But I wish someday tradingschools gets a carwash from the grime and dust it has collected from the morsels of affiliation with “lesser” shams for it’s lean fuel and put a proper Patreon or Paypal donation button where I’d think many newb retailers who were spared from the cons of the exposed shamshows would at least be grateful enough to aggregately contribute, and surely the FBI wouldn’t mind if it also helped with paying reparations?

btw, Handley , probably hitting a low point with his fraud mountain range of tetons, not to mention his and his wifes ownership of scam teton, TFG exposed, has recently had a tantrum (probably since trying to smokescreen divert to yet again to blaming “Alex” has failed) flailing at you and tradingchools. (

) Quite a farce, many facts and points omitted, even while tradingschools has helped the retail newb community avoid and realize the scams the most in the entire internet trading era. Let him flail uselessly into obscurity in his dilapidated kitchen trailer, no small justice for all the newbs he let fall and slip into financial losses off the slopes of his grand fraud tetons.

Palle (@guest_32737)
2 years ago

Etienne Crete from Desire to trade interviews Jim Brown.

RobR (@guest_32619)
2 years ago

Actually he does say he makes a living trading… the “About” section of his website, first sentence, last paragraph: “These days, I make a living from trading Forex”. Seems like that kills half the conclusion of this article

Jon (@guest_32620)
2 years ago
Reply to  RobR

But RobR how could that be, after all Emmett gave him 5 star for honesty. With his 2K profit in a lifetime, maybe he lives in one of those homeless tent cities in San Francisco.

RobR (@guest_32624)
2 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Of course, who doesn’t mind being conned by adorable. Like good looking murderers. So much better to find out a loved one has been shot by a hot blond.

anon (@guest_32692)
2 years ago
Reply to  RobR

haha I love the rhetoric

Tommy T
Tommy T (@guest_32562)
2 years ago

I am in Jim’s JAGfx facebook group.

The Ultimate Forex Trading Guide for Beginner, is not JIm’s so you should remove it – I know as this was mentioned in his Group a while back. Also the spreadsheet he shares only includes smaller trades based on his trading method so the Group can use it as an educational tool and NOOBs like me start off with smaller accounts so we can get the feel for live trading. He really is a genuine guy and I like that there are no upsells and how helpful he is not only in his Facebook Group but other larger ones like Trading with Rayner etc. He’s a good guy. I’ve also found his YouTube videos really helpful.

Mike (@guest_32507)
2 years ago

If the books are so bad why do they get such good reviews? Gaming the system perhaps?

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_32491)
2 years ago

I know Jim through his books and his facebook group and he’s an honest guy. He doesn’t try to sell a fantasy dream or upsell once you join his group. Sure his strategy has limitations just like any indicator based strategy but for $10 a newbie gets a workable strategy and access to community of traders. When you compare that to sites that charge $100 a month you could do a lot worse than JagFX.

Chris (@guest_32483)
2 years ago

Watch for a move from indicator hustlers to book authors!

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