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Summary, aka Academy Of Trading And Portfolio Management, is yet another trading educator touting a fantasy lifestyle of shrimp cocktails and champagne, sports cars, private jets, helicopters, yachts, and exotic travels. The owner of the company is even claiming to be taking a rocket ship into space. Yes folks, for only $2,999 you can purchase the video lessons that reveal all of the secrets to finally become a full-time professional trader.

Unfortunately, the performance history of Anton Kreil is nowhere to found. Claims of being a multimillionaire and retiring by age 25 cannot be verified. Claims of being the top rated trader in the world while working at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Lehman Brothers appear to be an alternative reality that feeds into the typical stereotype of the millionaire trader.

And finally, why would any “World renowned, multi-millionaire super trader” opt to become a lowly trading educator, peddling video courses and $20 dollar, get rich quick seminars?

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Pros: World class marketing, and excellent salesmanship.
Cons: World class bullshit artist and probable online charlatan. No track record of trades. Claims of prior history appear to be 100% marketing mumbo-jumbo.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Institute Of Trading And Portfolio Management

(Big thanks to Vlad at for helping with the research for this review)

What is this company with the fancy sounding name? Quite simply, it’s yet another trading educational company. The company is offering a smorgasbord of trading educational products that will surely make your trading dreams come true and unlock the secrets to making millions of dollars trading stocks, futures, forex, and commodities…from a true master trader.

Let’s take a closer look at what is being offered:

  • Professional Trading Masterclass, which includes 12 months access to 28 core training videos, and 8 bonus videos of “secrets of hedge fund masters”. Cost: $2,999.
  • Professional  Forex Trading Masterclass, which includes 12 months access to 29 core training videos and several “super secrets of the billionaire traders”. Cost: $2,999

Perhaps you need a little extra help from a true master trader? No problem. Simply sign up for the 3-month trader mentoring program. Cost: $7,000. Better hurry, because space is extremely limited.

Do you like live investment seminars? Well, great news because the Institute of Trading And Portfolio Management is taking the world by storm! For only $20 you can sit anywhere, but the front row. For only $247 you can sit in the front row, very close to the trading guru, and you get to enjoy a pre-seminar lunch with a true master-trader, Mr. Anton Kreil. Hurry, because seating is extremely limited, Mr. Kreil is a man in high demand, and provides economic advice to world leaders, Central Banks, celebrities, and CEO’s of major financial institutions.

Who in the heck is Anton Kreil?

It appears that in 2010, Mr. Kreil appeared in a TV reality show titled, “Million Dollar Traders”.  Mr. Kreil appeared as one of the “trading instructors” in the show. The show claims that Anton Kreil became a millionaire trader by the age of 25. Though none of this can actually be independently verified, it is important to note that the producer of the show, and Anton Kreil were close personal friends before the production of the reality show.

A review of Anton Kreil’s biography and supposed personal history includes a charming story about he grew up dirt poor in the UK, and then he began trading at the age of 16. At the age of 20, his trading was so amazing that Goldman Sachs eagerly sought his guidance and counsel on international trading. He claims to have worked the next 4 years as an equities trader with truly marvelous success.

Word of his amazing trading abilities spread quickly throughout the world’s trading communities. At 24, he claims to have been recruited by Lehman Brothers, where he worked for 2 years, and built the “number one in the world ranked European trading operation.” He then claims that he then joined Lehman Brothers and then JP Morgan where he went on to earn millions of dollars.

When he was only 25 years old, he became disillusioned with the world of international finance. He then decided to sell everything and become an international traveller. He then travelled all over the world, in search of deeper meaning, and to discover the meaning of life. After travelling through 25 countries and interacting with “common folk” he had an epiphany. He discovered his true calling. He wanted to be a trading educator. And spread the wealth of his financial knowledge to the world. The idea of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management was born. Now, anyone could become a millionaire trader, just like Anton Kreil. All for today’s low price of only $2,999. But people should hurry because the price is increasing at any moment.

Anton Kreil Who?

At TradingSchools.Org, we have heard all of this sort of stuff before. And too many times, we have discovered that the supposed trading guru is just a charlatan looking to hustle a few thousandAnton Kreil dollars by suckering in the newbie trader for what remains of their credit card limit. With Anton Kreil, we began our investigation by contacting him directly. The number one question, is this guy really a millionaire trader? Is there any track record? If any track record of successful trading exists, he certainly was not willing to share it with TradingSchools.Org. Nor is he willing to share his supposed performance with prospective purchasers of his various trading products.

Anton Kreil

I drink champagne in Monaco. While I look at my yacht.

Anton Kreil claims to have managed one of the largest trading desks in the world, which he claims was rated number one in the world for performance. Yet no articles referencing this information exists.

Is Anton Kreil really a millionaire trader? In all honesty, nobody really knows for sure. Can we legitimise or validate any of his story regarding his work history? Yes. In fact, a prior work history of Anton Kreil can be found posted on the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. Anton Kreil is listed as an investment advisor for Goldman Sachs from 2001 – 2004, and then Lehman Brothers from 2004 – 2006, JP Morgan from 2006 – 2007.

Registered Investment Advisor=Anton Kreil=World Class Trader?

The big question that prospective consumers of Anton Kreil products need to ask themselves…if Anton Kreil is a registered investment advisor, does this also mean that he is a millionaire and a world class trader? My mother has a registered investment advisor that advises her, and has worked at JP Morgan for 20+ years. In fact, he is the Vice President of JP Morgan. One of many thousands of Vice Presidents at JP Morgan. This is the corny little secret with big banks, everyone gets a fancy title…which means very little.

Whenever a registered investment advisor starts flaunting their supposed personal wealth and spends a major portion of their day talking about their personal wealth…it all sounds so suspicious. Maybe this is why the SEC created a video to remind the general public to be wary of investment advisors that like to flaunt their amazing lifestyle:

The fantasy lifestyle of Anton Kreil

Everyone is familiar with Timothy Sykes and his rented Ferrari’s, rented mansions, rented bikini models, etc. Its what I like to call “Trader Porn”. Tim Sykes was an early pioneer of the marketing concept. Create a fantasy world of what the trading public dreams about; trading from a laptop, taking exotic vacations, driving Italian sports cars, dating bikini models, flying helicopters and private jets, bottles of champagne flowing freely, beautiful people enjoying parties and poolside retreats, private yachts. All you need is a laptop computer and the “secrets of trading” course for $4,999. has written extensively about this new class of online hustlers and charlatans. Let’s not forget Fous Alerts, Bulls On Wall Street, and Infinite-Prosperity. All fine examples of “Trader Porn”.

It seems that Anton Kreil is of the “Trader Porn” variety. His Facebook page is a testament to his supposed trading greatness and personal wealth, included are exotic Italian sports cars, beautiful women, exotic locales, champagne bubbling, a yacht, private jets, helicopters, all manner of ostentatious nonsense. Even a rocket ship. No kidding. Even pictures of a supposed rocket ship that is going to fly him to outer space. It is all a red herring. Its meant to distract from the obviousness of no track record and numerous inconsistencies. The following are a few images from this supposed fantasy lifestyle, which can all be yours for only $2,999.

What is obvious? There is no performance history for Anton Kreil. All of these shiny objects are meant to convey a virtual, fantasy world, that you too can be part of. For only a small fee, you can be part of the 1%, that does not worry about money. Instead, uses the magical trading techniques of Anton Kreil to predict where world markets are moving. It’s all a fantasy folks. And these poor people got suckered into that fantasy…complaint A, complaint B.

Wrapping Things Up

Nothing would make me happier than the supposed super trader, known as Anton Kreil to prove me wrong. Anton, when you read this, it’s going to sting. But I believe this is an accurate portrayal of you. Am not buying your bullshit about becoming a multimillionaire by age 25, neither am I buying the bullshit of building world class trading desks at JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, and Goldman Sachs. None of it adds up. Even the story of your rocket ship flying you to space appears to be pure PS. To me, you appear to be a nothing more than a common charlatan.

Thanks for reading. Thanks again to Vlad at for helping with research. Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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This review is disappointing, and my respect for this website has just collapsed into nothing. If you have listened to Anton, and got access to his Trading course you will know that what this review is trying to depict him to be is exactly the opposite of what he suggests or advices. Throughout the course there is no single moment where he attributes the lifestyle he has to his trading style or approach, and I challenge you to prove me wrong on this one. Now, if you believe that the value of a currency moves mainly because a doji has… Read more »
The article is a bit disappointing as it doesn’t really answer the question who is Anton? All I read is just guessing and feel a sense of jelousy. If you check more videos, you can see him talking with other ex GS colegues. Maybe you could send an official request to GS and ask about him. I am sure these companies would like to preserve their reputation and at least approve or reject his claims of being employed there. Now, the article is worthless without providing evidence of lie. The price is what it is. Nobody is banned from creating… Read more »

I would have to disagree with everything you said, I learned more in one video then the millions of bull shit educators out there put together.


Anton worked as a flow trader working customer orders at gs. Mainly on the uk equity desk I believe. He would have done some proprietary (i.e. Trading his own views) in the “back book” but mainly working customer orders. Lex van dam was on the uk flow desk for a while but then did prop and was profitable I believe. I don’t know if anton was profitable but I did hear he did his brains at jp Morgan.

Daniel Gally
Daniel Gally
I am suspicious of all online investment educators, but Anton is one of the best I’ve found to date. I have not paid for his course or any other educators course. I prefer the education of investing that money myself and utilizing whatever resources I can find for free. But if I had to buy one course, or go to one seminar it would probably be the ITPM. There is a lot to prove that Anton Kreil is the real deal. He has interviews with his ex comrades at GS online, he does big seminars that are widely attended by… Read more »

one more comment. for anyone wishing to join any mentorship program or ”Learn to Trade” You need to see a few things first before you even consider. 1) audited trade records. 2) guaranteed that they will mentor you for at least a year. I Guarantee you may not get even number 1.


Great review. I spotted this arrogant looking cunt on his launch video on youtube. I watched it for about 2 minutes and smelt the rat a mile off. I have posted a link for this review on his YouTube videos. ; )

a a

Check this recent vid out, it may change opinions…
Anton Kreil Annihilates Retail Brokers and “Trading Educators”

I posted a comment a while back but I still don’t see it, so I don’t know if something went wrong with the posting or it was blocked. I had done a somewhat detailed review of his forex course as one of my friends is taking it and I was following along. I won’t write a detailed review again, but I will summarize. I really think that he shouldn’t be attacked for his courses; in other words, say what you want about the man himself as I don’t know him either and cannot vouch for him, but his forex course… Read more »

I used to work on a Trade floor in London for 10 years. Yes of course fundamentals drive the market but most Traders will always use technical analysis to execute their trades. Anton is nothing but a Snake oil Trader. he even looks like a snake. Trading can NOT be taught in a 6 month or year course or whatever he offers. If you have 4-5 years minimum and plenty of money to survive then you might just have a chance,

Ben Ferrel

@Jon – was you the tea boy?

In this article you have defamed perhaps one of the EXTREMELY few legitimate trading educators out there, and certainly the most professional one. Kreil starred in the 3 episode BBC documentary series “Million Dollar Traders”, where they confirmed his investment banking career, in London, during the noughties. This review is absolutely embarrassing for your website; it literally destroys any credibility you had as a trading education reviewer. In fact, this review proves that not only most trading educators out there are charlatans, but also that you cannot even rely on education review websites either! I’m assuming the charlatan educators pay… Read more »

This is a really bad review, not well researched & full of inaccuracies. You even got the name of the company wrong in the summary. Anton argues strongly against day trading, get rich quick etc so it’s unfortunate that he’s been mentioned in that context because it’s totally the opposite to what he says or what the PTM teaches. My guess is you have not taken the course at all.


I agree he can be a bit flashy but I think you have him pegged wrongly. Watch this video where he points out his and his instructors verifiable work history.

Here you can check his register history with showing his positions held at Goldman, Lehman and JP Morgan. He is certainly no Tim Sykes.

Anton has put out on eye-opening video on the retail trading industry from the top to the bottom and exposes the behind the scenes workings of the industry that cons retail traders into daytrading scams. It was posted last week and then taken down after some legal threats he got from trading educators. He has since reposted it after consulting with lawyers and being assured there is nothing illegal in it. Hopefully it stays up. It’s 2 hours long but worth watching. I know it’s just his way of selling his own education business by discrediting others, but it’s very… Read more »

Anton is right about the brokerages and their employees, generally. They read posts on trading forums but never share any information or interact with clients or the trading community beyond posting marketing material. They have a hidden agenda and remarkable lack of transparency.

Yeah it seems the brokers don’t do a lot of marketing under their own banner. It’s the trading educators who do the marketing for them. The educators may appear to be independent operators but in reality they are the marketing arm of the brokerage industry since they get referral kickbacks and royalties from the customers they refer. It’s very well disguised because on the surface it appears as if the brokers have nothing to do with the lies and deceptive marketing and are just passively accepting the new customers that come their way. In fact they are incentivizing all the… Read more »

You hit the nail on the head. He is trying to discredit others in the industry as if he is the saviour to all who are ”Learning to trade” He’s clever to the naïve.

Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin

Watch the videos on youtube. Guys who want to become traders travel to the Caribean and learn the art of trading from Anton Kreil and his business associates. The newbie traders do not only pay for the course but have to cough up the money for the flight, the stay at the 5 star hotel, the 5 star meals and the vacation trips. The 2.999 dollar trading course is just the peak of the iceberg.

Callum King, Australia
Callum King, Australia
Hey guys. David Perlin, former MD of Goldman has joined the Institute as a senior mentor. NYC HF Guy has presented perfectly the strategy for validating any and all claims made by Anton and the Institute, for those seeking truth. By the way, if you attend a seminar you would know this, but you weasels are probably too scared to approach this organisation after trashing them, fortunately enough for me. A seminar doesn’t cost $250, they are more in the $20-$50 range…. what do you expect from covering the cost of keeping experienced professionals with proven track records in the… Read more »

For fucks sake when are people going to wake up! say you go to a seminar and pay $20-30 or whatever it is. You have just wasted that money to potentially get sucked into paying the $2–4000 or whatever the cost for the education bullshit. that’s what the seminars are for you fool, to entice the gullible idiots in like yourself.