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Indicator Warehouse is offering a variety of very interesting and innovative trading products that work exclusively on the Ninja Trader platform. Unfortunately the “Live Trading Room” is not about live trading and more about product showcasing, in short its a daily 90 minute infomercial. Indicator Warehouse is offering a birds nest of trading systems that are not definable and testable trading systems, rather they are a series of trading set-ups. Do the trading set ups actually work? Its hard to tell. The owner and the trading room moderator simply refuse to show even the tiniest morsel of prior trading success. In short, these chef’s wont eat their own cooking.

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Pros: Innovative and interesting trading tools that work for Ninja Trader. Marketing is clean and without the usual, over hyped "get rich quick" sales promotion.
Cons: Day Trading Room is a not a real time display of trading systems, its really just a daily 90 minute infomercial. The trading systems are NOT TRADING SYSTEMS. They are trading set ups that require a high degree of individual interpretation. Owner of company, nor the trading room moderator are willing to show any sort of proof that their products produce profits. Chefs that refuse to eat their own cooking.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Indicator

What is Indicator Warehouse is a suite of trading products that are specifically designed to work with Ninja Trader. The suite of products includes the following stand alone indicators that can be purchased individually: 1-2-3 Wave Counter $397, Alert on Trend Line $297, Auto Trend Line Channel Tool $297, Bollinger Band Suite $297, Elliot Wave Indicator $297, Enhanced Pivot Points $297, MACD Crossover Alerts $297, Moving Average Cross Alerts $297, Overbought-Oversold Suite $297, Time and Sales Transaction Alert $297, Ultimate Moving Average $297, Universal Channels $297, Volume Pressure $77.

In addition to the stand alone indicators that can be purchased individually, there are also a group of separate trading products offered for sale, the developer describes these products as “System Add-ons”. The following is a list and cost for each: Day Ranger $395, Geiger Counter $495, Mean Renko Bars $249, Trade Journal Connector $77, Omni Bar Timer $297, Profit Finder $795, Trade Forecaster $395, Trade Manager $1195, Trail Blazer $795, Ultimate Support and Resistance Suite $595, Universal Dynamic EquiVolume Bars $249.

In addition to the stand alone indicators, and the “system add-ons”, there is also a suite of trading systems that include the following: Falcon Swing Trader, Eagle Trend Trader, and the Hawk Scalper that can be purchased for $2,995. In addition to this trifecta of bird themed trading systems, there is also a “hybrid” trading system named the Raptor Trading System that can be purchased for $1,995.

As you can read, this is quite a collection of trading products! The indicators are 13 in total and if purchased individually would cost a total of $8,108The stand alone “system add-ons” are 11 in total and purchased individually would cost a total of $5,537. The trading systems are 2 in total and purchased individually would cost a total of $4,990.

Initial Observation

A quick search of Archive.Org reveals that came online in late 2009. The owner of the company is named Adam Halpern. The website appears to be a sort of clearing Adam Halpernhouse of many different sorts of indicators and trading systems. In fact, I went back through the monthly logs at Archive.Org and it appears that Adam has been quite a savvy promoter of trading indicators and systems that work specifically on Ninja Trader. I attempted to culminate and curate a final list of all available indicators that Adam has been selling over the years, however its simply too vast and too complex. Many, many of these indicators and trading systems have appeared for a few months and then simply disappeared and been forgotten. It appears that Adam continually is adding and removing indicator inventory as the community of traders react to his offerings. He might have a trading system up and selling for a few months, pull it down and a few days later a new trading system pops into its place. All of this has the feel of a professional retailer that continuously is tweaking his shelf space to optimally sell the most popular items.

I would consider Adam Halpern to be a master marketer. He is very, very savvy. It is interesting to watch his marketing strategy unfold over the years. He is very subtle and very clever and clearly understands the mind of the person that consumes trading products. He very much understands that most traders never stop searching for the “holy grail” of trading products, and that traders will never, ever stop purchasing the latest and the greatest trading indicator.

One of the things that I certainly do admire about Adam is that at no time in the past, or currently, does he make any outlandish promises of profits. You will not find any fraudulent spreadsheets, no claims of making $30,000 per month, no ridiculous nonsense how a person simply buys an indicator and all of his financial problems will quickly disappear.

Does all of this mean that Adam Halpern is not the typical indicator hustler that I write about so often? Yes and No. Adam instead relies on old fashion salesmanship and has simply refused to cross the line into the realm of outrageous. However, in some instances he is quite clever in selling his product by creating a diversion away from fact, read the following snippet that was pulled from his website:

Professional traders use high speed, real-time data, and so should you.

Many “systems” and “signals” are based on historical data, and these other systems come with the U.S. Government mandated warning: “Past performance is not indicative of future performance”.

That’s a less than re-assuring warning. Who wants to deal with old data. With NinjaTrader’s DTS you work with real-time up to the second data.

If you read the above text, what exactly is Adam saying or attempting to do? In short, he is attempting to take the standard boiler plate warning that is required by the CFTC, and twist the warning into a strength by implying that his product is somehow different and the CFTC warning is not applicable. This is manipulative and very clever, it gives insight into the salesmanship of Adam. He is very good. If trading vendors were politicians, then Adam Halpern would be the equivalent of Donald Trump. Truthfully, I sort of like Donald Trump.

The Live Day Trading Room

Eric Senft CTA

During the month of December 2015, we recorded approximately 10 hours of of the live day trading room. The live day trading room is moderated by Eric Senft, a registered commodity trading advisor, a quick search of the NFA website reveals that Eric lives in Canada, has no registered complaints and appears to have a pretty clean record. However, a deeper search of his background reveals that he has been selling quite a few different trading products over the years. He appears to be a professional vendor, and not a professional trader.

The live day trading room is not really a live day trading room. During the review, we specifically looked for any definitive and accountable day trading that we could use to populate a spreadsheet, however we found the room to be a bit disjointed and hard to track. Mostly, what we really saw was a sort of live informercial of the Falcon, Eagle, Hawk and Raptor day trading systems.

The Falcon, Eagle, Hawk, and Raptor day trading systems ARE NOT TRADING SYSTEMS. Instead, they are a series of trading set ups (highly interpretive) that a person will see presented upon the trading charts. You cannot simply run a back test and check the statistical viability of this trading approach. A person must simply hope that the set ups do in fact work. We were hoping that the live day trading room would be a means of validation, however Eric quickly moves through the charts and quickly tosses out trade ideas. One of the things that I found really disappointing and irritating is that when Eric would call out a trading signal to go long or short, he always advises the audience that they should “use a stop that matches their individual risk profile”. This is basically just useless gibberish, why? Because what if a person is attempting to use a $50 stop loss, while another uses is $500 stop loss, how can we possibly track the validity of the trading signals that are being displayed on the screen?

I did reach out directly to Eric and Adam. I told them that I was definitely interested in purchasing $5,000 worth of trading systems and indicators, but what I really needed…I need to see if either of these guys have been able to turn a real, verifiable profit from these trading products. Is it really too much to ask to see if either of these guys can trade profitably? Unfortunately, neither could produce any proof that either is making a consistent income from trading. Unequivocally, the answer was NO. When pressed for proof, I was brushed off. The response was from Adam was,

I am not sure Indicator Warehouse is a good match for you.  You appear to be looking for an automated trading system.  It makes sense to ask for and expect equity curve reports and account statements for a black box system.  However our trading tools are just that…tools.

Where the rubber hits the road

The biggest problem that I have with indicator salesman/hustlers is the validation of the product that they are selling. It is easy to become distracted with fancy and exciting names like “Eagle, Hawk, Falcon, Raptor”. We see the well designed graphics and incredibly enticing wording, and admittedly it draws us in. Could this be the answer? Did we finally find the holy grail? However, we have to remain focused on the “WHY”. And the “Why” is does this stand a reasonable chance of making us money? Utimately, the product must be judged on real time performance, as it currently stands there is no proof that any single person has been able to produce consistent profits with these tools.

What I like about Adam Halpern

There are several things that I like about Adam. He is not a cut from the same clothe as so many of the indicator hustlers that I write about. He makes no bold claims or outrageous statements that his indicators can predict the future. Instead, he relies upon good old fashion salesmanship. So many vendors make bold and outrageous proclamations that consistent profits are now at hand. But Adam has chosen to simply take a different route. His route appears to be finding and developing the most interesting tools that he can possibly find within the Ninja community. And once he finds something interesting to sell, he is a master at packaging and presentation. Its a clean approach. He certainly deserves credit for deciding to not be the typical trading scumbag vendor.

So what exactly is Indicator Warehouse?

At the end of the day, Indicator Warehouse is simply selling what everyone else is selling, unproven indicators with an extra helping of marketing panache. If I could come up with only a single analogy in which to draw a comparison, it would be that Adam and Indicator Warehouse is like a candy or ice cream shop full of interesting goodies. All of his indicators are colorful and have interesting names, but we really do not know whether any of this stuff provides us any sustenance.

One of my favorite day trading educators is WatchHimTrade.Com. A nice kid that really does trade. And he really does trade profitably. Every single day, every single trade you can watch him trade with his live trading account. He is a chef that is willing to eat his own cooking. With Adam Halpern and Eric Senft, they are more than willing to serve up some exciting looking dishes, but its upsetting that neither is willing to actually eat their own cooking. If their trading indicators are so great, then why not trade them themselves? It makes perfect sense that if a person truly believes in his trading product, then he would be willing to trade it with his own money. In my gut, it just feels wrong that a trading vendor is willing to sell magic trading indicators, but simply refuses to show any proof whatsoever, from themselves or any active traders, that their product does indeed perform.

Common sense from my nephew

My nephew is a pilot and he flies the big jets all over the world. Nice kid with common sense abound. Over Christmas, we talked about the aviation industry and how every single facet in the design of a flight system must be tested and proven. Before a life is risked by taking to the air, the plane must be proofed and test piloted. The engineers have to thoroughly test the plane in every really bad designimaginable situation, and provide a back up. The test pilots then test the theory of the engineers. If everything checks out, then the plane is ready for paying customers. What amazes me is how so many people will simply throw their life savings, hopes and dreams into a magic indicator without doing any sort of testing and proving. Of course, the best proof is when the trading vendor that designs a product is willing to show in real time that his product does indeed perform, but with the guys at Indicator Warehouse, they simply refuse to fly their own plane. Yet, they have no problem letting our test their ideas with our own money. But their money? Not a chance!

My nephew asked me, “how is it possible that people look at these squiggly lines on a screen and simply bet their money without any proof?” My response to him is that he would be amazed that people do in fact spend upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a multitude of trading products…all without any proof of performance. All of this sort of brings a quote to mind by Mark Twain, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. Its what you know for sure that just ain’t so”. Many people that purchase trading products get sucked into the sales pitch, and they just know for sure that this magic trading indicator is the one that will finally deliver! And so, they gallantly board that indicator airplane (which the guy that built the plane refuses to fly himself) hoping to finally reach that magical destiny. You know that destiny, that magical place where profits jump off the screen and into our trading account. And once those profits start flowing into our trading account, then we can finally tell the bossman that he can take this job and shove it.

Unfortunately, once the person spends his $3,000 and starts eating away at his $15,000 trading account, then he starts to question whether these magic trading indicators really work. Once the trading account balance hits $10k, he starts to get worried but still he soldiers on, hoping things turn around quickly and those profits start rolling in. He starts attending the “Live Trading Room” that is moderated by Eric. He figures that he will simply copy Eric’s trades and the profits will start cranking. But then he discovers that Eric is really just running a daily infomercial, and that he is not really trading. The account balance is now down to $6k and there is no possible way that the wife can find out about this debacle. You promised her that these magic indicators would be the last that would ever be needed, but it appears that something is quite wrong. What is wrong? Quite simply, the person that purchased the magic trading indicators never took the time to “proof the concept”.

The solution is simple. Stop purchasing magic trading indicators, unless the person selling the magic trading indicators is able to irrevocably demonstrate that the magic trading indicators can make money in real time.

Wrapping Things Up

I have a few trading educators that I like. The best are the ones that demonstrate will real money. One of my favorites is that young puppy at WatchHimTrade. A young kid that demonstrates his skill on a daily basis. Does he use any magic trading indicators? No. In fact, I have been watching him trade for a few months and he keeps things so simple and his approach so basic, that I almost feel sorry that I ever felt that over-complication was somehow congruent to trading success. This is an important lesson for anyone looking to purchase a trading product…stop wasting time, effort and treasure on trading products where the vendor flat refuses to prove that their trading products actually work.

Well that’s it for today. Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

One last thing…Adam Halpern, when you read this, you are going to probably be pissed off about this review. Truth be told, I really admire your marketing efforts. You manage to sell a lot of product on nearly zero proof of concept. While your competition has gotten dirty, you have kept things really clean. Congratulations. However, the one thing that your product really needs is someone, anyone to trade it live and trade it daily. Once that happens, then I will be back to hopefully write a more positive review.

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Kal (@guest_5061331)
3 months ago

thank you!! you saved me money! i was almost close to buying the Raptor!! thanks again Sir

David (@guest_32964)
2 years ago

After a week hiatus, they are at it again, conveniently left off a $300 losing trade from Tradervue on 7/30. It really is time to change your Honesty rating!

David (@guest_32687)
2 years ago

Emmitt, Please revisit your honesty rating for IW. They are liars. Case in point: Monday June 25, 2018. On the video we watch them take a 26 point loser with 3 contracts on the NQ. However on Tradervue they conveniently left that day off! Your very tough on rating these companies so if you give a high honesty rating folks trust you. Thanks, David

David (@guest_32460)
2 years ago

Emmitt, I believe it is time for an update for Indicator Warehouse. Whatever honesty you found has all but disappeared. I watch lots of their daily videos and Erich losses money on many days and often the losses are 3 to 4 times the winning days. The dishonesty is what he posts on Tradevue. He either doesn’t include losers and/or skips days. He has used Tradervue results to show how he almost never losses money, which of course is a sham. I have sent Adam emails to “clear this up” and he responds with “I do not believe this system is for you”. It is because he is such a good marketer that you should remove the 4 star rating for honesty. Keep up the good work!

Truth Crusader
Truth Crusader (@guest_31425)
3 years ago

The other guy is ok but Adam Halpern reminds me of George Stanza, .. arrogant in his emails (doesn’t “care how good a system is” (possibly better than yours)) and, in all fairness, i had unsubbed, when was getting them i felt they/he was sending them to my personal address so ..

Truth Crusader
Truth Crusader (@guest_31456)
3 years ago
Reply to  Truth Crusader

I should add that .. in-between (even tho i had/unsubbed) the emails were still coming through; even after blocked flag ..

Dave (@guest_31322)
3 years ago

I bought the software. Plain waste of money. Over promise and again over promise.

Don Juan
Don Juan (@guest_30564)
3 years ago

Useless indicators, very overpriced. Bad service in general

FinTechDev (@guest_28533)
3 years ago

I used to be a developer for i retracted my services as i was told by Adam “paternally” No one really wins in trading we are selling pick axes to people in the gold rush, they buy one at a cheap enough price and based on numbers most of them wont ask for a refund instead they will come back to try out another one which is why we price it so… so they don’t need a refund and they keep coming back – when you boil a frog you start off with the heat slow and overtime you increase it slowly and then its too late too escape – so what he meant was you get $1500 out of them over time with $95 indicators”- i only wish i am lying.. did you see the legal notice – on his website “for entertainment purposes only”… then man is a marketing whiz and bald face liar… his so called trade coach has a bit of paper…wow.. no trade statements… i guess he’s not as bad as Matt a broker in the USA who told me once “you got to hit them as hard as you can for as much as you can before they start losing and stop spending 80% of the client accounts are dormant for futures…” Atleast NT is more in control of brokerage now – but vendors… 99% fake?

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_28536)
3 years ago
Reply to  FinTechDev

“for entertainment purposes only”

That might be the most honest disclosure I have seen . Most say hypothetical results which is a bold face lie. They are complete made up fantasy results.

dtchurn (@guest_28539)
3 years ago
Reply to  FinTechDev

Very rare to see this kind of disclosure behind the vendor curtain. Almost as rare as a retail trader actually trading for a living. Of confirms nagging suspicions. A slowly boiling frog and most don’t bother with refunds, good analogies. (not to mention most don’t report how they were duped to forums and even ts) . Did this “Matt” happen to be connected to a broker shilled on compromised fioforum? Well Matt Davio needs exposure on ts too.

Kal (@guest_5061332)
3 months ago
Reply to  FinTechDev


majormongo (@guest_9608)
4 years ago

Speaking of POS scam artists…I think Emmett takes the cake. Nice Job Emmett on this rave review of just how trustworthy and honest your endorsements are…who’d listen to a fraudulent con artist such as yourself…just idiots who can’t think for themselves.

majormongo (@guest_9606)
4 years ago
Ray Burke
Ray Burke (@guest_5885)
5 years ago

This would be a great time to “grind the old ax” for me as I worked with Adam as an affiliate for IW for almost 6 years and he let me go. Although I have never been happy how it all went down and it happened right before Christmas to boot, the gang at IW doesn’t deserve the wrap they’re getting here. One thing I’ll say about anyone from the IW team is that they don’t make promises that they cannot keep and they only guarantee the software will operate with NinjaTrader as it’s supposed to. The problem with all the folks I see here that post on this site is that they are looking for a guarantee in a business where guarantees CANNOT be made.

If you want to have a REAL conversation about how tough day trading REALLY is, please call Adam and/or Eich Senft, these guys are so “real” when it comes to day trading that if you’re wanting to become a trader you may rethink your options. They tell it exactly like it is and they won’t pull any punches.

I was so angry when Adam let me go, but the more time I spend away from “the business” and the angry people that occupy it I am thankful I am gone. Talking to negative people, angry people, and f$%^ing idiots that think you can turn $5K into $5M in one week is mentally draining. Adam, if you see this: I owe you for getting me out. I read your responses in that “only the negative seems to get attention”; that’s no way to live….at least for me.


RayBurke (@guest_5910)
5 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

It’s all good Emmett, when it come to this business I think EVERYONE will disagree ;). I appreciate what you do and I respect your opinions.


Kal (@guest_5061333)
3 months ago
Reply to  Ray Burke

thanks !!!

browsingindicatorshowrooms (@guest_5879)
5 years ago

Sometimes I wonder if there are “fan” traders who like daytrading so much they “collect” good looking indicators much like connoisseurs collect nice luxury sundries items from stores like William Sonoma where IW could be considered the WS of the indicator shop world.

Here it goes again. Another webinar today. “space is limited!”. oh really. ninja ecosystem usually takes all visitors.

robert (@guest_5624)
5 years ago

I have no idea about the systems but i actually own a few of the IW indicators and the thing I like about them is they are solid-no bugs.
I have spent a few thousand getting indicators and addons programmed and it takes a lot of time to iron out the wrinkles. IWs come ready to run out of the box..
This is a genuine comment (emmett knows me for over a year from my email address)

Question: would I but one of the expensive systems on the site? No- not without an extensive trial and even then I am doubtful ..

Adam Halpern
Adam Halpern (@guest_4636)
5 years ago

Having been doing this now for over five years and put on a few layers of thick skin, I’ve come to the conclusion there is no way to create a perfect product/service that will please everyone. What I find sad and somewhat shameful is that apparently only negative news gets any air time.

However, I find solace in hearing from customers that DO get value from what we offer. For, example, this came into my inbox today…

“Don’t listen to the nay sayers. It’s always the same story…they all want you to trade your own live accounts, but needless to say that this is impossible while moderating a trade room. Of course Erich trades in SIM, but at least he IS taking live trades, and of course not every trade works out, but that’s trading! I really learned a lot in his room, and to be honest, even the ‘simple’ DTS needs a lot of practice in order to read everything correctly and in market context, but IMHO this applies to ANY trading system or method. And of course there is ALWAYS room for personal interpretation of signals as well, and not every system or method is for everyone.

What I can say is this, I can show you a ‘proven’ track record of DTS trades within my current TST Combine [TopStep Trader], which will finally lead to a funded account or at least the participation in the Funded Trader Preparation.

There are so many trading systems and methods out there in the industry, and since I purchased a bunch of trading software and now solely using DTS from the beginning, I can state that there are a lot more systems out there which perform much worse or even not at all.”


P.S. I know you folks will think these are all fabricated comments, but THEY ARE NOT.

Reviews & Testimonials

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_4640)
5 years ago
Reply to  Adam Halpern

And what does Achim’s comment prove? Exactly what the nay sayers have been saying. You don’t trade live. You don’t have enough confidence in your own product to trade it. Where’s the verified track record? Where are Achim’s trading statements? There are simple steps to take to shut down the detractors but you refuse to take them.

Chris (@guest_4643)
5 years ago
Reply to  Stray Dog

You certainly don’t need to trade a “live” account to show you are good at trading. Chart trader or DOM is plenty sufficient. Try trading your live account and moderating a live trade room – bad idea.

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_4645)
5 years ago
Reply to  Chris

@ Chris are you seriously asking people to believe that trading sim and trading live are comparable? When real money is at stake the decision process is different and that affects your trading and the outcome. True, if you have a purely mechanical, totally non-discretionary system you’ll place a trade no matter what but that’s not what Achim is describing.

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_4646)
5 years ago
Reply to  Chris

Could you also explain how it’s possible to trade a sim account and moderate a room but not possible to trade a live account and moderate a room. Aren’t the physical processes exactly the same?

david S.
david S. (@guest_4388)
5 years ago

who in the right mind would sell indicator for $300 if it made money all day…there is no such a thing…even the vendor says it himself !! ” Unfortunately, the perfect trading vendor/service you all pursue DOES NOT exist.”
what is there to argue about?

Doug (@guest_4298)
5 years ago

A couple other things, thru massive sweat & tears I have become a successful day trader. Over time, I have reduced the amount of crap on my charts. I use a small combination of stock ninjatrader & purchased indicators. Volume, ocillation support/resistance. Less is more. I have also spent THOUSANDS of hours reviewing & tracking down legitimate free tweeters & other sources of daily commentary to give me a little insight. Its out there, but it takes a LOT of effort. Its not plug & play, its not for people who want quick cash, you have to love it.

Doug (@guest_4297)
5 years ago

Honestly, the whining that goes on about indicators people have purchased & dont like is getting absurd. I think its pretty much established that indicators do one thing, INDICATE past price movement in one fashion or another. I must say, the breadth of indicators available and the look and feel different developers can create is quite astonishing. However, the constant crying is dumb, no one forces you to buy anything. Most vendors provide some level of free trial, if they dont avoid them like the plague. As stated ad nauseum over many reviews, there are no holy grails. Trading will always require interpretation, whether using an indicator or viewing only price action, support/resistance, volume, etc. If you think shelling out thousands for an indicator will in and of itself make you succesful, your in for a rude surprise. Stop crying & take responsibility for your actions. If your unsuccessful, look in the mirror for the culprit.

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