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Sean Kozak of Golden Zone Trading appeared on the trading educational scene in 2015. He claims to be a full-time professional day trader. Was highly promoted by Ninja Trader as a certified educational provider.

Mr. Kozak claims to be a registered Canadian securities professional, with 8+ years of earning a full-time income from day trading futures markets. However, no such registration with Canadian securities authorities exists, and under closer examination it appears that Mr. Kozak’s only prior employment included a lawn mowing business and door-to-door sales.

Complaints about Mr. Kozak have been flowing into TradingSchools.Org regarding fraudulent marketing, faked performance summaries, terrible customer support, and a software product that is pure magical fantasy.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Golden Zone Trading

What is Golden Zone Trading? The company is a day trading educational company offering a mentorship program and an assortment of ‘magical’ day trading indicators.

Golden Zone Trading is owned and operated by Sean Kozak, currently living in Canada. The business is registered in Canada as a corporation. The official corporate address and Canadian filing information can be found by clicking this link. This appears to be the home address of Sean Kozak.

Golden Zone Trading, and Sean Kozak specialize in day trading the United States futures markets.

According to Sean Kozak, he claims that he has a Canadian Securities License and has been a successful full-time trader for 8+ years. Graphic below:

Golden Zone Trading

According to Finra, and the Canadian Securities Administrators; Sean Kozak has never been registered in any capacity. Ever.

However, was able to verify that Sean Kozak does have a BA in Financial Services from Algonquin College.

Additional information regarding Sean Kozak was through his prior employer, a lawn mowing business located in Canada. Apparently, Mr. Kozak was a door to door salesman and sold lawn care and driveway sealing until 2013. And then he apparently and quite magically transformed himself into a full-time professional day trader.

Golden Zone Trading is currently occupying the following web and social media profiles:

What is Golden Zone Trading selling?

Golden Zone Trading is offering the following products and services:

  • $6,995 Mastery Program, which includes custom programmed trading indicators and a live trading room.
  • $1,995 Print Profiler trading indicator that displays order flow and volume.
  • $1,495 SD Volume Zones trading indicator that supposedly identifies Buy and Sell areas.
  • $1,495 VPC Levels trading indicator that supposedly detects the strongest areas of support and resistance.
  • $1,295 VM Divergence trading indicator which displays momentum and MACD divergence.
  • $995 Golden Fibs is a multi-time frame indicator that uses a Fibonacci component.
  • $695 Fractal Converter which converts time charts into volume or range charts.
  • $595 Bar Type Suite which converts price charts into Renko bars.

The ‘crown jewel’ of the Golden Zone trading program is the Mastery Program. Where traders are personally mentored and helped through the learning process by Sean Kozak.

Sean Kozak describes himself to potential customers as a “full-time professional day trader.” That makes a full-time income from day trading the futures markets. And that he has been trading full-time for 8+ years. However, in speaking with Mr. Kozak, he admitted that he was not actually a full-time professional trader. Rather, he admited to being a software vendor offering only educational and trading software products.

Sean Kozak claims to have been trained by CME, CBOE, and Prop trading firms. TradingSchools.Org was not able to verify this.

Contacting Sean Kozak

TradingSchools.Org reached out to Sean Kozak with our ‘two-pronged’ approach. What I like to call ‘The lion and the lamb’ outreach.

The lion outreach is where we are open and honest, and explain that TradingSchools.Org is seeking an official review. We present the marketing claims of the vendor, and then we attempt to discover if the guy is full of bullshit or the ‘real deal’. We began our inquiry in late 2016.

Specifically, we were curious about the supposed Canadian Securities License, the finance degree, affiliations with supposedly successful institutional traders, claims of being a full-time trader of 8+ years, obtaining a verifiable track record, and clarification on also being a lawn care professional.

Sean Kozak refused to respond to emails or return our telephone calls–initially. However, we were able to have a chat via Skype. During our chat, he admitted that he did not have a live trading account and was only “hypothetical trading” on a Ninja Trader simulator. But, he was working on finally opening a live trading account.

What I found refreshing was that he readily admitted that he had never successfully traded, at any time. He further admitted that he was unwilling to correspond via email because he did not want to have “any written correspondence.” In short, he was nervous and slightly paranoid. But he was also quite honest in his admission that he had never traded successfully.

Mr. Kozak requested that TradingSchools.Org delay the official review. He wanted extra time to produce verifiable results. We accommodated. Truly, we hoped for the best.

The Lamb

We waited a month for Mr. Kozak to produce results. He did not. And then we attempted the ‘lamb outreach’.

The lamb outreach is where we use an alias, and disguise ourselves as a newbie trader. A person with little knowledge, and a lot of money to spend. Sean Kozak had no problem responding to ‘the lamb’ emails.

We pressed further, in hopes of luring Kozak deeper into the trap. We tempted him with the luring prospect, that at any moment, we were about to send $6,995 for the Mastery program. But we just needed to see account statements from his supposed brokerage: Ninja Trader.

We told Mr. Kozak that we were impressed with his affiliation with Ninja Trader Brokerage. He replied that Ninja Trader had vetted him, and that becoming a Ninja Trader certified educational provider was a great honor and a testament to his trading greatness.

He also mentioned his affiliation with Jeremy Tang at Shark Indicators, a well known 3rd party software developer that specializes in Ninja Trader development.

These affiliations, and ‘name throwing’ creates a powerful dynamic. Where the prospective purchaser is warmed with the blanket of trustworthy affiliation.

Mr. Kozak also sent a very fancy looking spreadsheet of supposedly ‘real trades’. Admittedly, the spreadsheet looked very authentic and tempting. It speaks to every trader’s personal fantasy. That if we could replicate these results, then all of our money problems would be a thing of the past. That we would be able to enjoy personal freedom and never have to work a regular job again.

The spreadsheet looked so official. Similiar to the spreadsheet that Mr. Kozak is using at his other website:

Customer Complaints

During 2016, and then with a rapidly increasing crescendo, TradingSchools.Org began to receive a stream of complaints regarding Sean Kozak.

The number one complaint? That the spreadsheet of supposed trades that Mr. Kozak was using as marketing material was not a factual representation of actual trading. Specifically, that ‘mystery meat’ type trades were magically appearing as trades that Mr. Kozak had supposedly executed during the after-hours session. When nobody was watching.

One TradingSchools.Org reader was very upset and presented us with direct evidence that the spreadsheet was bogus. He included an email chain/conversation with Mr. Kozak that was extremely damning. Mr. Kozak threatened the customer with legal harassment and locking out his access to the trading tools that he had purchased from Mr. Kozak.

In total, TradingSchools.Org has received numerous complaints. Everything from “the software sucks and makes my computer freeze” to “Kozak is a complete and total fraud.”

One person, in particular, was ashamed and embarrassed that he had been suckered into recording a testimonial video for Mr. Kozak. The victim quipped, “I feel like an exploited prostitute. Kozak pimped me.”

Wrapping Things Up

Another day and yet another ‘trading guru’ is exposed as nothing more than a hypothetical trader. Held out by Ninja Trader Brokerage as a ‘certified educational provider’ and providing them with a platform to express the hyped marketing.

However, I don’t want the trading community to lose hope. It’s OK to hire an educational provider. It’s OK to find a mentor to help discover the correct path. But you need to insist that the trading educator has an actual, verifiable record of trading successfully. There are still some good people in the world.

Truth be told, we would have been more than happy to draft Mr. Kozak a positive review. We only asked for a verifiable performance window, a tiny shred of proof that he can actually earn a profit. That his magical trading indicators contain some sort of edge. Anything to avoid having to draft negative material.

But Mr. Kozak, in our opinion, took the dark path. The path of simulated trading and no verifiable demonstration of actual trading results. Unwilling to do the hard work of actually becoming a successful trader–with a live, real money trading account. Perhaps Mr. Kozak should go back to mowing lawns.

Thanks for reading. Would love to read your comments below.

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Hi my name is Alex. I became a victim of advertising these scammers. I apologize for my English-I write through a translator. I kept thinking-what happened to the webinars on the GoldenZone website? They stopped broadcasting 2 months ago! They talked about Kozak’s illness. Now everything became clear to me. I’m an ass! I do not hope to return the money, but the desire to take revenge on this scum is immense.


I have been a GZT member and have the same thoughts as I am reading.I have purchased the software for $6000.00 and no success.I have contacted sevel times if they have any updates why the charts are not working, Ninja keep on freezing and it will be always Ninja’s fault. No customer service available. I have never seen him trading live account.I just want my money back.

Rob B


Thanks for you post letting people know what a fraud GZT is. The real tick is how to get people to realize it before giving a dime to those con artist. How do we get more people to demand proof of these TR scammers claims before giving them any money? Sometimes it seems like a hopeless task as people just want to believe in the fantasy and don’t want to hear the truth.

Rob B
The funny thing is I remember fighting with GZT members not that long ago, one of them being Paul who wrote: “Sean Kozok is the real deal. Perhaps that’s why he hasn’t been reviewd on this site. I am a mastery student of his and there is no BS, I totally respect GZT and what they are bringing to the market” Where is Paul now? He even went on to say: “Open book on his accounts, All live trades, plus all losses are shown” Amazing how folks can just be suckered into believing in the fantasy world the TR… Read more »
I’m still here Rob. In the past, I fully supported GZT defended that support here. I retract all positive comments made by myself in regards to Sean Kozak and GZT. I 100% agree with Ememetts review. After removing GZT indicators from my trading platform my results improved. Not only I but also a well known pit trader purchased the software and was sucked in by Kozak’s lies. Here is an email from that person. I too bought the Mastery Program after much consideration in October of 2015. Sean is a very convincing sales person but I was cautiously optimistic. I… Read more »
Rob B


First good to see you are still alive and kicking and reading this blog. We need people like you with first hand experience with a particular vendor to come forth and tell their story to forewarn others about these corrupt vendors.

Mike M
It is pretty obvious to me after a handful of reviews that these online trading vendors are all salesmen. Common themes are they were salesmen before and decided to pick a new product to sell. They are well versed in creating the marketing needed to entice the average investor into buying their products. They definitely don’t trade live and probably don’t even have a live account. The last point is definitely the most damaging. How about they man up, take some risk and step up to the plate like an adult. These guys and gals seem to think it is… Read more »
Thank you very much for releasing this review of GZT. A while coming and I was glad to hear you had been working on and waiting for more information for the past year. GZT got away with it in the past two years being heavily shilled on the beachforum. Similar to Felton, there was always shilled kool-aid where some current new (always new they are) student of GZT “felt” Kozak was a “good” trader. Even Tang of Sharkindicators was shilling for GZT in the GZT beachforum thread recently as I’m sure many veteran readers of both this blog and beachforum… Read more »

What is this “beachforum” that you speak of?

Mike M
What a disgrace to the human race. I’m glad the shill that provided the bogus testimonial had a change of heart. Unfortunately, this just further proves that NOTHING an online vendor claims to be true is true unless verified. That doesn’t mean bs testimonials. It means verified performance by brokerage statements, nothing less. Just listen to the shill, he sounds well rehearsed. Wow that makes me so angry. If you can’t trade the market then get a job or go back to school rather than fleece retail. They put so much time into their total nonsense of bs. As for… Read more »