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FXLifeStyle is ‘trader porn’ on steroids. Images of exotic sports cars, piles of cash, screen shots of supposed winning trades, gold watches, fancy vacations, fake investor reviews…its all here. And its all nonsense.

At first glance, most folks would spot this as an obvious scam. But remarkably, TradingSchools.Org has received 12 complaints since January 1, 2017.

Somehow, someway, this clever con artist continues to fool investors typically aged 18-25.

For this Forex auto trading service, the end result is entirely predicable. He wins, and you lose.

The owner is a sad and pathetic human being that should be hunted down and treated like the animal that he is.

Thanks for reading today’s review of FXLifeStyle

What is FXLifeStyle? FXLife is a Forex educational company, also offering a trading signal service. The owner of the company is a person named Samir, and is currently living in London, England.

The company is offering the following products and services:

  • Forex educational course $129
  • Daily Forex Trading Signals $40 per month.

FXLifeStyle is currently occupying the following social media profiles:

It appears that FXLifeStyle first arrived on the Forex educational scene in late 2015.

FXLifeStyle is pure trader porn

If you took a moment to view any of the social media profiles, you will notice that nearly every image is of Samir samir of fxlifestyleflashing stacks of cash, standing next to a Ferrari, flashing a gold watch, drinking champaign, or lounging in an expensive hotel suite. Flaunting his supposed million dollar lifestyle.

Most TradingSchools.Org readers are probably already laughing at this outrageous douche bag. He embodies the very worst stereotypes of a rich and successful trader.

Many readers are wondering why TradingSchools.Org is writing about this ridiculous con artist. Why even bother?

Well, you would be surprised…TradingSchools.Org has received 12 complaints since January 1st. Truthfully, after the first couple of complaints hit my email inbox, I thought to myself–whom would be gullible enough to actually fall for such a blatant fraud?

After examining the IP addresses and emailing the victims, I discovered the following:

  • 3 victims in Australia $9,000
  • 2 victims in Southeast Asia $4,000
  • 4 victims in the United States $11,000
  • 3 victims in the United Kingdom $6,000

How the FXLifeStyle scam is executed

Several victims randomly discovered the scam through aggressive postings on ForexPeaceArmy. The remainder were introduced to the scam via clever social media marketing.fxlifestyledouchebag

The scam begins with the victim being dazzled with images of cash, expensive cars, and suggestive videos of laptop computers displaying Forex charts.

The victim then follows the primrose path to a supposed ‘real’ trading performance page that is posted here.

Once the victim is ‘hooked’, they are then required to open a Forex trading account with one of several different Forex brokers. All of the Forex broker links are affiliate links.

What readers are probably not aware is that the Forex broker typically pays $250-$500 per each newly opened account as an affiliate commission.

Additionally, the affiliate earns additional income from each trade that is executed through the affiliated Forex brokerage account.

Steady stream of random trades

Once the account is opened and ready to begin trading, the victim then receives a constant stream of trades that arefxlifestylecar ‘copy and paste’.

The victim believes that he/she is receiving excellent investment signals. But the truth is that the signals are random signals generated with the sole purpose of generating additional trading volume for the affiliate marketer.

FXLifeStyle could care less whether you win or lose. They just want you to ‘churn and burn’ your trading account into pocket change.

Yes, some folks will be winners. This is a result of random chance. If the victim is ‘lucky’ enough to begin trading the signals and actually begins earning profits, then FXLifeStyle immediately begins pitching additional trading signals (super secret signals) that can be auto-traded. But in order to gain access, the victim must deposit additional funds into the trading account.

The largest victims of the scam started with very small forex trading accounts. Once a few winning trades were executed, they were only emboldened to deposit larger and larger sums through their credit cards.

Eventually, the Forex broker begins to win and drain the account. Low and behold, the Forex broker will then offer an account bonus of 20% to 50% for any additional deposits.

The end-game is to drain the credit card of all available credit. The victim is left with nothing.

Wrapping things up

TradingSchools.Org has written about many of these Forex trading scams. Too many to recall. The connecting link is usually ‘trader porn’ or some other form of lifestyle marketing.

The victims usually fall into the same category; a young person aged 18-25 with little financial sophistication.

Thanks for reading. Sorry if I wasted your time on this one. But the complaints started to pile up, so I had to write something.


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