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This is now the 3rd review about Dean Jenkins of Follow Me Trades.

As usual, the service continues to deliver excellent results, and most importantly HAPPY CUSTOMER FEEDBACK.

With a bit of a twist, this review covers various topics, including a video review of Dean and myself talking about Vantage Point Software. This video is contained at the bottom of the page.

I would consider the topic regarding the legitimacy of Vantage Point Software to be a bit controversial. I gave it terrible review. At the other end of the spectrum, Dean gives Vantage Point Software a very enthusiastic recommendation.

Readers should decide for themselves.


Good user feedback

Subscribers can actually “follow the trades”

Multiple years of positive performance


Not for those “looking for excitement”

Dean uses Vantage Point Software. I am conflicted about its legitimacy.


Comments Rating 3.67 (15 reviews)

Thanks for reading today’s 2019 update of Follow Me Trades.

This certainly is not my first time writing about Follow Me Trades. In fact, my first review was back in 2016. You can read that review here. In short, the overall rating was excellent. At that time, what I enjoyed most about this trading service was the transparency of the live trading results.

follow me trades performance

Dean Jenkins, the owner of the Follow Me Trades was very gracious and gave me a true insiders view of exactly what he does, and how he does it. Dean lives off his trading results. He truly “eats what he kills.”

However, it seems like whenever I draft a positive review, the trading educator’s performance quickly tanks. It’s embarrassing for me. I take these reviews very serious. Honest people buy stuff based on my opinion. As a result, I hardly ever write a favorable rating.

The follow-up review of Follow Me Trades

With quite a bit of nail-biting and personal worry, I watched how Dean performed over the next year.

In 2017, I drafted yet another review of Follow Me Trades. At that point, I had plenty of actual user feedback, and had participated extensively in Dean’s products and services.

Whenever you draft a review, there is a point where you must “let the ship sail” and hope it returns in good shape. From the user feedback collected over the following year, it was pretty obvious that folks were happy. The received personal emails and blog comments also confirmed what I suspected…that Dean Jenkins is a ‘good guy.’

But let’s also be honest, there were also some folks that were not happy. And they emailed me. They let me know why. However, even the people that were not happy — actually had nice things to say about Dean. In my opinion, Dean’s “No Questions Asked Refund Policy” was the reason.

Yet another reason why folks were not happy is that typically, they wanted more “action” or “excitement.” Dean Jenkins is probably the least flashy person I know. He doesn’t offer the day trading pornography we typically view on YouTube and web ads.

If you are expecting private jets, bikini models, expensive sports cars, and photos of exotic vacations on Instagram…you should look elsewhere.

Regardless, Dean kept churning along. Like a trusty old Toyota that belonged to your mother, he just kept running smoothly. And so, I drafted yet another positive review of Dean in 2017.

The 2019 Review of Follow Me Trades

Well here we are — it’s 2019. Do readers really want another slobbering review of Follow Me Trades? Not really. Its been over a year since my last review, so I thought I would try something a bit different.

And, in the process, introduce a bit of controversy. Let me explain…

About 6 months ago, Dean reached out to me with a “secret” and he “had something he wanted to share.” Whenever someone tells me they have a “secret” and they “want to share”… I get worried. But coming from the least exciting person that I know, it obviously could not be too exciting.

And so, Dean gets on a Skype call with me, and I thought to myself what this secret must be, like “Dean went to a strip club” or “Dean had a double helping of ice cream after dinner” or “Dean forgot to open the door for a lady.” Truly, that’s how nice this guy is.

Anyway, Dean says to me in a sheepish tone, “Emmett, you got one of your reviews wrong.”

He then goes onto say, “You wrote a negative review about Vantage Point software. That review is bad.” I then asked why? Dean then explained that while my review, pertaining to the slimy marketing was correct, that the actual product was quite good.

Truth be told, this was not the only highly successful trader that contacted me about the Vantage Point software review. In fact, Larry Williams also said, “your review is bullshit.”

Personally,  I thought the Vantage Point review was amazing. I beat the hell out of them. I giggle every time I read it. Every flaw I could possibly find was ridiculed and lampooned to the maximum effect.

However, Dean is one of the most honest folks in the trading educational business. And he kept after me about Vantage Point. That I had to “make it right.”

Vantage Point, Dean Jenkins, and a new review.

After a few months of ‘back and forth’ with Dean, we decided to do something a bit different.

The following is a ‘video review’ of Dean and myself talking about trading, and Dean gives his thoughts and opinions of the Vantage Point software. Nope, I am not going to write a glowing review of Vantage Point Software. Instead, readers should spend some extra time speaking with Dean personally about its potential uses.

In the meantime, readers can simply watch our back and forth, and make up their own minds. Thanks for reading. And thanks for watching.


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