EZ Futures Trading *Update*

On June 21, 2018, TradingSchools.Org published a negative review of EZ Futures Trading.

A mere 72 hours later…It appears that EZ Futures Trading has packed up their wagon full of snake oil, magical trading indicators, and quickly disappeared like a fart in the wind. The website has now been scraped clean of their outrageously phony performance metrics and promises of get-rich-quick glory.

The website is now just a hollow shell of a poorly written dribble, with disjointed and disconnected sentences.

Even the supposedly “Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee” has disappeared. Whoever was clinging to this promise can now promptly flush it down the nearest toilet.

This appears to be a quick cover-up. Like an ashamed house cat that mistakenly shit on a hardwood floor. Its paws find no purchase and it desperately attempts to hide the turd with imaginary litter. Poor kitty.

Readers react

Over the weekend, several readers sent me private messages. Apparently, I had uncovered only a portion of the scam. My article referenced EZ Futures Trading, Bounce Trade, and XMA Trading. But this was only three of the recent scams. There are a few others:

Masters Of Trading

EZ ProTrading

Super Scalp Trading

Notice how all 6 websites use similar graphics, verbiage, and money back guarantee? Does this guy think we are idiots? Apparently so.

But TradingSchools.Org readers are quick to react and we caught this character pretty quickly.

I will sue you!

Of course, the owner of EZ Futures Trading wasn’t happy and has now promised to sue me in the United States Supreme Court.

In the United States Supreme Court? What a moron.

What he should do is sue me on Judge Judy. He might actually win.

Judge Judy

Readers of TradingSchools.Org are probably not aware but I have been on the Judge Judy show twice. Both times as the defendant. Let me tell you the story…

A good friend of mine was an out of work actor in San Diego, Ca. He attended a casting call and was informed that Judge Judy was looking to hire both plaintiffs and defendants.

Some readers might be shocked to read, but the Judge Judy show would often use fake ‘court cases’ as filler. In other words, if they couldn’t find any interesting cases in the small claims court system, they would magically create disputes that Judge Judy would resolve.

My good friend tried out for the part of an angry boyfriend that sued his best friend for stealing his fiancee. He sued the ‘best friend’ for emotional distress and the cost of the engagement ring. But the show needed a ‘best friend’ and fiancee stealer.

Long story short, I somehow was convinced ($500) by the show’s producers to play the part of the ‘best friend.’

My role was to play a scoundrel that betrayed the trust of his friend. Additionally, I was instructed to be “mouthy” and argumentative with Judge Judy. As you can probably imagine, Judge Judy absolutely destroyed me. My friend was awarded $2,500.

So, EZ Futures Trading…if you are reading this, and the United States Supreme Court refuses to hear your complaint, then I recommend that you immediately submit your complaint to the Judge Judy show. Your case is nearly 100% guaranteed to be picked up. Considering that I am 0-2, your chances are great! What do you have to lose?

And the best part is that if Judge Judy takes the case, they pay all of your travel expenses.

Thanks for reading.


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Jon (@guest_32635)
2 years ago

First you should have put a link to your actual case so we could watch it. But you probably only got paid $500 for due to a boring unexciting defense. Next time you are paid to be an actor in a case like this I recommend you do want I would have done and that is copy the late great Ravishing Rick Rude.

I would have worn a Rick Rude rope to court and told Judge Judy:

“Look Judge it is not my fault. His GF was sick and tired of some fat out of shape moronic sweat hog and wanted a “REAL MAN“.

Then rip off your shirt, gyrate and flex your muscles and then say, “Judge, this is what a “REAL MAN” looks like”.

Watch the video and learn!! And next time you can name your price to get on Judge Judy.

Jon (@guest_32634)
2 years ago

“sue me in the United States Supreme Court.”

Just some facts. “Original Jurisdiction” cases are rare, Unless this of national importance it has to start at the lower court more than likely District court then appealed to Circuit Court, then the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court accepts about 1% of the cases submitted to them.

If he wants to go to a court, he have better luck just challenging on the Basketball Court. LOL!

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