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The Enhanced Investor is yet another trading fraud where the owner, Kevin Wan claims to earn millions of dollars in trading profits but cannot provide even a morsel of proof. Multiple instances of blatant fraud and deception were exposed. Claims to trade big blocks of stock shares, but trades are not appearing in the Time and Sales data. Is omitting trades from the “official track record” that include losses of $50,000 plus. Is actively asking subscribers for their retail brokerage accounts, so that he can trade on their behalf for a share of the profits. A complete and total douche individual operating out of a fake address.

Pros: A pro at fraud.
Cons: "Official track record" is complete nonsense. Multiple occurrences of fraud were easily uncovered. Owner of company making massive claims of success, but can provide nothing to prove trading successes. Is actively attempting to convince people to allow him to trade their brokerage accounts. Avoid!

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What is the The Enhanced Investor? The website is a trading signal provider that specializes in day trading and swing trading stocks. The business operates a live, day trading chat room that is owned and moderated by a person named Kevin Wan. The cost of the day trading chat room is $115 per month, with various options to purchase additional add on products.

Kevin describes his day trading alerts as follows, “Our alerts are backed by a mathematical algorithm that hand picks stocks in real-time which are involved in the most favorable trade set-ups, allowing us a high success rate in our trades (75%+).

It appears that Kevin Wan is quite active on StockTwits, where you can find that Kevin displays his purported daily trading results. You can also find various YouTube video’s that Kevin has created at the following address.

Trading Performance

You will not find any daily trading results posted on the Enhanced Investor website. Nor will you find any independently verifiable account statements. Instead, what you will find is that at the end of each trading day, Kevin will “self report” what he supposedly earned during the trading day. The following is a screen shot of what Kevin Wan will typically display on

Kevin Wan supposed trading results

It can take quite awhile to scroll through the individual trading results of Kevin Wan. However, to make things simple, I built a spreadsheet of his “100% verifiable” track record. The spreadsheet contains only the prior month of trading, where Kevin touts the he was able to earn $109,985 in  proven trading profits.

Daily Results
Total Profits (26 day) $109,685.00

As you can see, these results are quite amazing. In addition to his claims that he was able to earn these trading profits during the past month, Kevin Wan also claims that he was able to turn an $8,000 stock trading account into over $1,000,000 in trading profits. Kevin claims that all of this is 100% true and real money results.

Reaching out to Kevin Wan

My first attempts to contact Kevin Wan included an email that asked for verification of his amazing trading results. I politely sent out an email from TradingSchools.Org and introduced myself, explaining that I would be writing a review and that the review would be based upon whatever proof he could provide that substantiates his claims of being a millionaire trader. Unfortunately, Kevin refused to respond to my requests. Embedded within all my outgoing emails is a tracking code that gives the exact time and day that the emails are opened and read. I could see him opening the email, but no response.

Simultaneously, I reached out to Kevin using a fake name and email address. I depicted myself as a complete newbie and that I simply had to learn his trading secrets. He quickly answered my emails. He was more than helpful and encouraged me to sign up for his  trading service and immediately begin making money by simply copying his trades. In addition to his amazing claims of trading success, Kevin also offered to personally trade my  brokerage account. That I should give him my log in information for my brokerage account and he would execute the trades on my behalf. All that he asked was for a percentage of the trading profits.

Clear evidence of fraud

During the evaluation period of the Enhanced Investor, I was able to uncover very clear evidence of fraud and deception. In addition to witnessing multiple occurrences of fraud, I was also contacted by several members of his live trading room that also sent me undeniable evidence of fraud. The following is few snippets that we were able to accumulate.

The following are screen shots of Time and Sales of individual stocks that Kevin claims to have executed for big profits. Some newbie traders might not be aware, but when someone executes a stock trade, there is something called a Time and Sales tally. The Time and Sales tally shows a consolidated flow of every single trade that was executed for each share of stock. The Time and Sales cannot be manipulated, it shows the exact time a trade occurs and it includes a time stamp. So, when someone like Kevin Wan of the Enhanced Investor says that he just exited 1,000 shares of a stock at a certain price, you can very easily see the time and sales information. The following are some example where Kevin has been caught lying to the audience.

Kevin Wan fake trades

Claims to have shorted 2,000 shares at 7.38, at 11:10. Trade never actually happened.

Another fake trade…

Kev's fake SODA trade

Once again, another claim of executing a short of 2,000 shares. Time and Sales confirms fraud. Trade never occurred.

Once again, this is just a couple of screen shots that confirms that Kevin Wan is not actually trading. He is simply using a stock trading simulator, but he very sloppy in claiming these massive trades in thinly traded stocks.

More fraud in the reporting of results

In addition to Kevin Wan lying about actually trading with a real, live money trading account. He is also lying about the trades that he is reporting at the end of each trading day. We uncovered multiple occurrences of massive losses that were conveniently removed from the official track record. The following are screen shots of trades that were conveniently “lost”. The first is a $37,500 loser that he failed to report.


A $37,500 loss that was never reported.

A $37,500 loss that was never reported.

The next is another massive loser of $9,900…

Enhanced Investor Fraud

And yet another loser that was conveniently hidden away. This one is a real whopper at $48,600…

Kevin Wan Fake Trades

In my opinion, what is most outrageous is that this guy is actively attempting to convince people to let them trade their account. People look at these amazing trading results and they get taken in by the hope that their tiny brokerage account can be turned into a million dollar trading account. Its just insane that any sane minded person would simply give this guy their log in details to an actual brokerage account.

Wrapping things up

Sometimes the clues to trading scams can be ridiculously easy to spot. For instance, on the website, the official address is listed as 1517 Menlo Avenue
Menlo Park, CA, 94025. However, a quick search using Google maps reveals that no such address even exists! Its just a random address that this person pulled out of their ass.

Well that’s if for today. A quick review of yet another trading scammer that claims to earn $100,000 a month trading stocks, but can provide absolutely no proof of success. But truly the most frightening thing is that this guy is actively attempting to convince people to give him access to their brokerage account. Crazy.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below. Even the shills, trolls, fakers and haters are free to express their opinion.

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One of the most interesting facts I’m not sure you might have been aware of is that Kevin Wan and william kataman used to run this same room you reviewed together.Kevin claimed will was fake and lazy and thus we get the will stock picks scam after they broke up.But it’s just a sign that the cycle of fraud will never end as one continously spawns from the next


Can we get some REAL and significant reviews and not obscure vendor reviews that we have never heard of and are not at all big players?
TradingConceptsInc, Trading Futures in Action and are some to note.

Kevin Wan

Well, It looks like someone has a hard-on for filing bad reviews on legitimate, educational, and up and coming trade rooms. 1. I never claimed to make millions of dollars. Of course, your ignorance may have brought you to believe this due to my aggressive trading style. Yes, I have big wins, and I have big losses – it doesn’t matter to me as long as I’m winning more $ than I’m losing. 2. The days in which those losses were recorded, I HAD HUGE WINS ALSO. IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LOSS ITSELF. There have been days… Read more »

John Smith
John Smith

We hear you and assume Emmett will respond when he gets time. Main issue for me: are your subscribers making $? Are you offering a valuable service to society? If you are, would it be much add’l effort to let Emmett’s bot track you and potentially magnify your business success? At the least, can you provide the last 6 mo. of statements? Even a few thousand profit Emmett is generally willing to consider a success and worth a subscription. Or, please admit to yourself that trading is very challenging (and potentially not worthwhile) for most. Accept the sunk cost of… Read more »


i can testify that Kevin does not charge 115/mo. Emmet pulled this out of his ass!

he charges only 59/mo as Kevin stated. Also, the reviews on this website seem more and more suspicious: how boldly Emmet makes his claims about other chatrooms.

He did not post a review yet(only a comment) of MOJO day trading room, even though he admitted HE HAD a deal with mojo founder and that it is ridicoulously easy to spot fraud in mojo. Yet he still did not post a negative review on them, which makes me question the credibility of all reviews.


I’ve read Emmett extorts these people. Shady past. I tried talking to Emmett once about a service and it was clear he had NO IDEA what he was talking about! He is like a wolf in sheeps clothing!


Kevin is scammer he screwed lot of folks big time on multiple trades really don’t know he is using live or paper trading


I drove to the address listed by “Dr.” Barry Burns years ago, since it was relatively close to where I lived. It was basically a small almost empty plaza with no sign of a trading business office. I forget now, maybe there was a parcel service shop nearby. I agree, stocktwits are full of scam signal lists and supposed private funds.

Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff

Another brilliant hatchet job by Emit. Bravo, bravo.


When these guys offer to trade your account for you… I don’t get it that part. What is the point of doing that? If they don’t win, they get nothing as opposed to selling garbage people are naive enough to buy, they win 100% of the time. Why not stick to that? I guess delusion knows no bounds. I always get a kick out of the addresses you find where they either don’t exist at all or are a fast food restaurant or something.


The point of trading your account is that they can use it as the counterpart in their trades of a thinly traded stock.


‘ol ‘pump and dump’ within minutes or seconds. or they may give up live like warrior trading and Ross and count on hundreds of subscribers duped into signing up for their income and “manage” a bunch of sim accounts. I wonder which is the greater of the two swindles an actual dump to the bagholders scheme, or a slew of sim trading hosts and accounts that makes a mockery of live trading in favor of subs.


Stocktwits is littered with scammers, I have 10 pages of blocked snake oil salesmen, the one thing you’ll notice from them all is they never ever put out a live trade, in fact the people who post their trades are the people who have nothing to sell.