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Michael Ramos cannot verify any of his trades. He simply refuses to disclose whether he even has a live trading account. No trading DOM present. All trades are limit order and nearly impossible to fill with a real trading account. Michael Ramos simply talks about trading, but does not really trade.

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Pros: A nice trading conversationalist, but nothing much else to offer.
Cons: No live trading. No trading DOM present on screen. Everything is simulated mode. Michael Ramos refuses to disclose real time trading results via Ninja Trader output or account statement. Entry and exits for each trade contain no advance warning. Yet another trading room charlatan that loves to talk about trading, but does not trade.

Today’s review is Emini Volume Trader.

Emini Volume Trader is a day trading room that specializes in the emini SP500 futures contract. The room moderator and business owner is Michael Ramos, a self-described professional day trader that prior to trading was a professional concert violinist for 30 years. The day trading room has a monthly fee of $250 per month. In addition to the monthly subscription fee, Michael also uses a trading platform named Blue Water Trading Solutions at a cost of $159 each month.

The Review Period

During the week of June 21-June 27, we recorded 5 trading sessions via a trial account. Once again, during the week of July 6th through July 13, we again recorded 6 additional trading sessions. Each session was also accompanied by my assistant, Reyna, who attempted to replicate the trades that Michael Ramos was calling live in the trading room. She was using the Trade Navigator Platform, using simulator mode the entire time. Why the Trade Navigator simulator? Because Trade Navigator has one of the most accurate and realistic trading simulators on the market. For limit orders, it requires a full pass through before price can fill. This feature is by far the most accurate representation of live trading.

For the week of June 21-June 27, and July 6- July 13, Michael Ramos reported a total profit of 213 ticks. For a grand total of $2,662.50 on 50 trades. Subtract commission of $4.25 per trade, and he reported a total profit of $2450.

How did Reyna do? Reyna copied Michael Ramos trades as best she could. Keep in mind that she is located in Cebu City, Philipines and is quite a distance away. However, her internet is fast and she is very experienced at using a trading simulator. She works for me full time, watching trading videos and attempting to replicate what is happening in these trading rooms. So, how did Reyna do? Not as good. She was actually only to identify 38 trades inside of the trading room, not the 50 as per Michael. In total, her 38 trades netted out 6 ticks for a profit of $75. However, deduct commission and she actually lost $400.

Why So Much Disparity?

If you are like me, then you are probably wondering how could there be so much disparity? After reviewing several hours of the trading videos, it became painfully obvious what the problem was. The first problem is that Michael Ramos does not display a trading DOM. He simply starts shouting into the screen, “I AM IN!”. There is little to no advance warning. He simply howls out a price and everyone scrambles to get in. And to make matters worse, Michael always enters on a limit order, and not a stop order. For those of us that have been trading for a while, we know that it nearly impossible to simply enter on a limit order. However, Michael Ramos never has a problem entering on a limit order. Ever.

The second problem is that Michael Ramos would arbitrarily shout out what his stop is. “STOP 3 TICKS!” Nobody has any idea until he starts yelling and everyone starts scrambling. A few times, the price would touch the stop price, which should of triggered his exit, however, he would shout out, “NO TOUCH NO TOUCH”. Everyone else would be stopped out, and then the trade would whip back into line and Michael would shout, “PLUS 3 TICKS, IM OUT, IM OUT”. As I was watching this unfold on the screen, it started to really piss me off. I could only imagine the trading audience attempting to race in and out of trades via this unorganized shouting from the moderator.

The third, and what I feel was a huge problem is that Michael Ramos would never declare how many contracts he was trading. Sometimes he was in “A LOT” and other times he was in “A LITTLE”. It was confusing becomes sometimes the trade would immediately go his way and then he would declare, “Im out 3 ticks, im out another 4 ticks, im out another 6 ticks, now I am 80% out and letting the rest be the runners and moving the stop to break even”. No kidding folks, his trading DOM never present, no declaration of how many contracts, no nothing. Just a confusing mess of shouting and exciting talk.

After a few hours of watching Michael Ramos trade, it became painfully obvious what was happening. He was not really trading at all. He was simply talking about trading. If you look at theemini volume trader following screen shot from the live trading room, you can see that there is no trading DOM present. Nor is there a live trading account plugged into his platform. Notice how everything is simulated.

On more than one occasion, someone inside the room would ask why he is not showing his trades. He would always reply that he only likes to execute his trades on Ninja Trader, and that he just preferred the Ninja Trader platform over the Blue Water platform that we were watching. I found this odd because the Blue Wave Trading Platform has the exact same trading capabilities as Ninja Trader. A person can plug their account right into Blue Wave, and trade with a DOM on Blue Wave. But Michael was not interested in showing his supposed live trading on Ninja Trader or Blue Wave.

Digging Deeper

The whole story about using Ninja Trader for his real trading really left me feeling very uneasy. And so I contacted Michael Ramos and explained to him that I really could appreciate that he was posting his “real trades” on his website, however, I was having a difficult time replicating his results. And so I asked him, very respectfully if he could please send me over the Ninja Trader output of trades report. This report will show real and or simulated trades that are executed on Ninja Trader. He simply ignored my request. I emailed him again a few days later. Again, he refused to respond. Finally, after a third, fourth, and fifth attempt at sending Michael an email requesting confirmation of trades…he simply ignored all requests. Did he see my emails? Yes. All of my emails contain a tracking link that notifies me the exact moment an email is opened as well as deleted. After several attempts, he no longer even bothered to open my emails, he simply deleted them.

After a week of chasing Michael Ramos via email, I simply quit and went to plan B. Use a new name, new email address and a new line of questioning.

Managed Auto Trade Program

Redding Herring Logical FallacyListed on Michael Ramos website is something called the Managed Auto Trade Program. Using my fresh new identity, I contacted Michael about this program. Supposedly, with this program, Michael is offering some sort of solution where he can auto-trade your account and this will mirror his amazing results. However, when I contacted him about his program, he simply responded that this program is no longer available. Again, I attempted to question him on the particulars, such as how does this work from a technology perspective. He flat ignored any attempts at conversing about this program.

In my opinion, the Managed Auto Trade Program is something that never existed. Rather, it is a “Red Herring” designed at creating the illusion that if Michael Ramos is willing to auto trade, then his trading room must also be legit. The red herring is a distraction, its meant to create a subtle truth that relates to the legitimacy of the real target, which is the trading room. The Managed Auto-Trade program is a logical fallacy, a decoy meant to draw the readers suspicion away from the legitimacy of the trading room and towards the thin veneer of truth relating to the managed auto trade program. It’s slick for sure. But its only a cheap trick meant to confuse the naive.

About That Trading Room

Many of you reading this might be lured into thinking that they are perhaps a better trader than my assistant Reyna. But I assure you, she has executed thousands of trades via simulator, speaks flawless English, has a college degree, and probably much more experienced that most of the people reading this blog. However, sometimes a video does a better job at explaining than words themselves.

The following video is from the Emini Volume Day trading room. I would consider this video to be an excellent representation of how the trading is commenced.

If you watched this video, and if you have any experience with live trading, then you know that it is impossible to simply shout out that your limit order got filled with no delay. This is really par for course with this trading room. All of the trades are executed in such a manner. The problem with this, is that the novice trader has no idea just how difficult and delayed getting a limit order filled can be. And so the novice just smashes his face, over and over, against the cold hard reality that getting a limit order filled is seriously difficult with real trading. While Michael Ramos glides in and out with fake fat profits, the novice trader is left to struggle and stress because his trades are not getting filled. At the end of the day, the naive trader will grind his account down to a nub, and will sit at his desk feeling despondent and confused, wondering what they did wrong.

Wrapping Things Up

Michael Ramos is just another trading charlatan. There is no possible way that a person can replicate his simulated trading. Of course, Michael Ramos is going to wholeheartedly disagree with me. And he could certainly shut me up by releasing an account statement that shows that he is trading real money. But Michael Ramos wont do that. Instead, he will point to that cheesy award that he got from Dr Dean that proclaims that he is a “Trading Titan”.

Trading Titan Award

The Best Award Money Can Buy

Well, let’s dispel the myth regarding the “Trading Titans”. Firstly, anyone can be a Trading Titan. All you need is a one time set up fee of $600 and to pay a monthly fee of $200 to maintain your status as a Titan. Yep, I know that many of you reading this are now dismayed and irritated that being a Trading Titan is a pay to play review service. Which sucks. But hey, can you really blame the good doctor, he is a heck of a marketer. And all of those Phd’s, MBA’s, ABC’s, etc sure sound awesome.

And heck, getting published in Futures Truth, this is a real accomplishment! Until you find out that Futures Truth has about 74 subscribers. Funny stuff folks.

I don’t want to give Dean too hard a time. Heck, he was the inspiration for me starting the blog. He is not a bad guy. Its just that his reviews are not very thorough. No video recordings, he never asks for account statements, he doesn’t get down into the mud and get dirty. He doesn’t ask the tough questions and he is timid about calling these charlatans out. I have no qualms about digging into the BS and slinging mud, nothing gentle or gentlemanly about the way I go about these reviews. Consumers of trading products have had their asses kicked by charlatans for too long, its time someone starts calling the BS in this industry.

Hopefully, Michael Ramos reads this review and opens a real trading account. Would love to see him trade on the screen, for all to see. Instead of just talking about trading. And Michael, NO you cannot buy a good review. You need to earn it. Would love to come back and do another review, and hopefully re-write this crummy review into something positive. Well that’s it for today, another crummy review. Please don’t forget to leave your comments below. Event the haters will find that their voices are heard.


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